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Vongola Rings

All 7 Vongola RingsThe Vongola Rings are priceless, and powerful Vongola treasures, and part of the Tri-ni-sette. The types of Flames emitted by rings are named after these rings. Sky for orange, Storm for red, Rain for blue, Cloud for purple, Lightning for green, Sun for yellow, and Mist for indigo.
Vongola Rings are used to signify the leader of every generation of the Vongola and the six people most suited to be his or her guardians. The Boss is always a natural born Sky type. It is even said that the ways that these guardians are chosen sometimes relate to their relationships with one another, such as the Cloud sometimes being a catalyst for the Storm

Family Members
Note those listed here are everyone in Tsuna's Family/core Vongola revealed to possess this Flame type, thusly, characters may be named more than once.
Storm Vongola MembersHayato Gokudera

Rain Vongola MembersTakeshi Yamamoto
Superbi Squalo
Lal Mirch
Hayato Gokudera

Sun Vongola MembersRyohei Sasagawa
Shoichi Irie
Hayato Gokudera

Cloud Vongola Members
Kyoya Hibari
Lal Mirch
Hayato Gokudera

Lightning Vongola Members
Levi A Than
Hayato Gokudera

Mist Vongola Members
Mukuro Rokudo
Chrome Dokuro
Lal Mirch

Sky Vongola Members
Tsunayoshi Sawada

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Box Weapons
Box Weapons are small, hand-held cubes that hold tremendous power and weapons within them, which are released by the Dying Will Flame of the user. For the weapon to be released, the right type of ring, flame, and box must be matched up (i.e. Storm ring, storm flame, and storm box weapon) The higher the rank of the ring, and the more pure the flame, the more powerful the weapon will be. The original generation of box weapons consisted of 343 different animals, but a new wave of weapons were created afterward by three scientists: Verde of the Arcobaleno, Innocenti, and Arms-Dealer Koenig. Of the three, only Koenig remains alive, and continues to create newer box weapons. The affects of the weapon match the flame's characteristics, but may be utilized differently depending the weapon itself
Sky Box Weapons
Sky box weapons are unique in that they are very delicate and must be opened and commanded in a very specific way which has yet to be explained. Dino states that sky box weapons are especially delicate, and can't be opened without being careful.
Leone di Cielo (Sky Lion): Originally a Lion, when Xanxus is angered and displays his battle wounds from the 9th Vongola Boss, it obtains stripes, turning it into the Ligre Tempesta Di Cielo (Sky Storm Liger), and also exhibits traits of the Tigre Tempesta. Its main means of defense appears to be petrifying other box weapons by roaring with the sky's Harmony characteristic. Olgert has stated that a harmony attack of this type is exceedingly rare. It also attacks enemies through its roars, which destroys them with Degeneration. The combination of two atributes is possible by combining two kinds of sky flames together. The sky flames released from the ring carry the property of Harmony, but Xanxus's own Flame of Wrath hold characteristics of Degeneration, creating a box weapon with two flame properties. Used by Xanxus of the Varia, who named his weapon Bester.
Sky Vongola Box: An orange specialized box weapon given to Tsuna by his future self to combat the Millefiore. He was unable to control the box when he released it and it attacked him. The form it took when it was released was not its true form, as Tsuna improperly released it. The creature contained within the Vongola Sky Box, when released properly, is a small lion whose mane is made of the orange sky flames and is wearing either a helmet or a visor.
Cavallo di Cielo (Sky Horse): A large, domesticated horse covered in orange flames. Its true abilities remain unknown. Used by Dino 10 years in the future.
Storm Box Weapons
Dark Scythe A long scythe covered in storm flames, which releases a curved storm blade when swung. Used by Nosaru and Tazaru of the Black Spell.
Spikes Red spikes made of storm flames form on the users back and pierce whatever is behind them. Used by Tazaru of the Black Spell.
Dark Slicer Three spinning disks that follow their targets until they hit. Their speed increases by absorbing the enemy's flame until their speed is 1.5 times faster than the target. They are designed to never hit the user. Used by Tazaru of the Black Spell.
Flame Arrow A cannon strapped to the users left arm with a skull's face and a barrel aimed out of the skull's mouth. Another skull is on the rear end of the cannon, where ammo is inserted, which can be real bullets or even dynamite. The cannon's main attack is a burst of pure storm flames, but can also utilize special missiles when mixed with other types of flames. It's most powerful attack is Flame Thunder, which is a mix of storm and lightning flames in a strong burst. The cannon can issue instruction in Italian by spelling words in dying will flames. If no bullets or ammo is loaded, the cannon releases a burst of air that extinguishes dying will flames. Used by Gokudera & is a part of the Sistema C.A.I.
Scorpione di Tempesta (Storm Scorpions) Several red scorpions that fire streams of storm flames from their tails. They can cling to walls and easily destroy walls. Used by Biancci.

Uri A leopard cub with very little physical power and often fails to listen to its owner. When treated with the Sun flames' activation properties, Uri grows into a gigantic leopard with flaming wheels on its shoulders. Its physical strength is dramatically increased, to the point that it can fight on par with Gamma's Nero Volpi. Its true name could be Leopardo Tempesta (Storm Leopard). Used by Gokudera, and a part of the Sistema C.A.I.
Flying Carpet A floating carpet that suspends the user in midair by generating storm flames. Used by Baishana.
Serpe Tempesta (Storm Serpent) A giant snake, identified as a Tsuchinoko by Gokudera, that grows by feeding on the box weapons of others. As its size increases, so does its power accordingly. Its scales are covered in storm flames, and damage anything that touches them. It has been stated that it is a relatively new box weapon created by Box-Maker Koenig. Used by Baishana of the White Spell.
Cervo Volante Tempesta bel Otto (Eight Storm Stag Beetles) Stag beetles with storm flames covering their mandibles. They move in random patterns at high speeds, making it difficult to hit or avoid them. Used by Baishana.
Sistema C.A.I. or Cambio Arma Istantaneo (Instantaneous Armament Change System) A complex puzzle of four storm boxes, four rain boxes, two lightning boxes, two sun boxes, and four cloud boxes. Only one who can utilize all five of these types of dying will flames can use this weapon, the only one being Gokudera. The main structure is a set of four bone rings that can shield the user from attacks or capture enemy box weapons. The storm flames of the bone rings are lightly covered in rain flames, which neutralize the initial part of the attack. Of the sixteen boxes, there are four skull rings for each of the other dying will flames, Uri, and Flame Arrow. The main method of attack of burst of dying will flame or missile projectiles that have two kinds of flames. The strength of these combination is the instantaneous change from one weapon to another. The most powerful attack is the combination of Storm and Lightning flames into a concentrated burst called Flame Thunder. Gamma believes this to be an invention of Innocenti, because of its flashiness.
Visone Tempesta (Storm Mink) A small mink whose fur generates storm flames which degenerates anything that touches it. It moves that blinding speeds, making it nigh impossible to avoid its deadly attack. It can also produce a flame shield by rapidly rotating its tail.
Throne Rasiel of the White Spell sits upon a thrown that is suspended in air by storm dying will flames that protrude from the chair legs.
Pipistrello Tempesta (Storm Bats) Several bats that use faint storm flames as the basis for echolocation. When the storm flames reflect off of an object, 80% of the original output stays with the object, and degenerates it.
Tigre Tempesta (Storm Tiger) A box weapon mentioned by Olgert, it is supposedly a tiger box weapon with degeneration characteristics. Xanxus's Liger Tempesta Di Cielo carries the same stripes and storm characteristics as this box weapon.
Talpa Tempesta (Storm Mole): A box weapon mentioned by Spanner, which can apparently burrow through the ground for excavation purposes and carries degeneration properties. This may also imply that Spanner has a Storm atribute flame.

Storm Vongola Box A red specialized box weapon given to Gokudera by his future self to combat the Millefiore. Its animal is Uri.
Rain Box Weapons
Rondine di Pioggia (Rain Swallow) A swallow covered in rain flames that can create a wave of blue flames in front of an attack or even create a heavy rainfall for concealment purposes. Used by Yamamoto.
Water The box releases a surge of water that can be used for defensive purposes by creating a barrier. Used by Yamamoto.
Riding Crop A melee weapon in the form of a horse jockey's whip, or riding crop[2], covered in blue rain flames. Used by Glo Xinia of the White Spell.
Gufo di Pioggia (Rain Owl) A snowy owl covered in blue flames. It can create a tidal wave that extinguishes other dying will flames and cancel special attacks such as illusions. Originally used by Glo Xinia of the White Spell, but is now used by Chrome Dukurou with her Mist Flames.
Kraken di Pioggia (Rain Giant Squid) A gigantic squid named after the mythical beast of the ocean, and in in which only its arms have been seen. It strikes and entangles enemies with its ten arms, which can be covered in twisters fused with rain flames. Used by Glo Xinia of the White Spell.
Squalo Grande Pioggia (Heavy Rain Shark) A massive great white shark covered in blue flames, that can swim through the air and easily charges through everything in its path. Used by Squalo of the Varia.
Pellicano di Pioggia (Rain Pelican) A large pelican that releases a surge of water to quell other flames, which can also be used as a strong defensive shield. Used by Butler Olgert of the White Spell.
Elefante Forte Pioggia (Heavy Rain Elephant) An enormous elephant covered in blue flames that can expel a jet of water to extinguish other flames. The elephant is large enough to stomp three people at once with one foot, an attack called Martello Della Terra (Ground Hammer). This attack can also be used with more than one Elefante, making it even more powerful. Another box can be used to create Elefante Triplice (Triple Elephant). All three together have enough power in a frontal charge to demolish an entire castle. Used by Butler Olgert of the White Spell.
Delfino di Pioggia (Rain Dolphin): A dolphin that is capable of receiving telepathic instructions from Basil. It is capable of releasing blades of rain flame, called Dolphin Edge, from its fins that are meant to tranquilize its opponent from the inside.

Rain Vongola Box: A blue specialized box weapon given to Yamamoto by his future self to combat the Millefiore. It appears to be an Akita that carries extra swords on its back.
Sun Box Weapons
Scalpel By using the Sun's activation property, the scalpel rapidly increases the rate of healing, to the point that cuts and wounds heal after only several seconds. A side effect is that the area is itchy afterward. Used by Ryohei.
Ragno Ciel Sereno (Clear Sky Spiders or Sun Spiders) Unactivated box weapons that are shot into the bodies of enemies, and are "activated" by the user. The tiny spider eggs will grow, hatch, and then burst out of the enemy's body. These same spiders can create a wall of spider webs to block one's movements. Used by Gingerbread of the White Spell.
Kangaryuu (Way of Honor) A female, battle-scarred Kangaroo that creates weapons covered in sun flames, and releases them from her pouch. The box weapon itself is a backup-type support box, but it also has an impressive amount of power itself. Used by Ryohei.
Sereno (Clear Sky or Sun) Gloves Boxing gloves charged with sun flames by Kangaryuu, giving them high-speed healing abilities. This rapid healing make them impervious to the degenerating storm flames. Used by Ryohei.
Melone Base The entire Millifiore Japanese Base is a box weapon that is activated by sun flames. Each of the rooms are box shaped and there are empty slots with no rooms. In a specified room, Irie Shouichi is able to move the boxes around, manipulating the base as he sees fit. The basis for this box weapon appears to be a group of giant Venus Flytraps which are actually moving the boxes.
Rope A long rope covered in sun flames wraps around the target and can not be broken unless the user does it himself or is broken by a stronger flame.
Peacock of Serenity A peacock whose tail is covered in sun flames. When the tail is spread out wide, those close to it will rapidly heal, however their hair and nails will also grow quickly. Used by Lussuria of the Varia.
Sun Vongola Box A yellow specialized box weapon given to Ryohei by his future self to combat the Millefiore. The animal is Kangaryuu but with what appears to be twin cannons on it's back.
Lightning Box Weapons
Shot Plasma Eight billiard balls connected to one another with lightning flames.Their movements are near impossible to read and impossible to dodge completely, even for Hibari in the Future. Using the lightning flames, they can encase enemies in structures of electrical flames, such as the Electric Tower. Used by Gamma of the Black Spell.
Elettro Volpi (Electro Foxes) Two foxes covered in lightning flames, they can be used as solid shields or electrocute everything in between themselves. Their initial forms are actually incomplete, and their full potential is released by another box, upon which they become Nero Volpi (Black Foxes). In their new form, their power becomes multitudes greater, and can generate enough electricity to fill an entire room. Used by Gamma of the Black Spell.
Turbine Shoulder Armor Large shoulder pads with three turbines on each shoulder. After charging the turbines with lightning flames, the flame are released at once, and create a massive explosion upon impact. Used by Dendro Chilum of the White Spell
Lancia Elettrica (Electric Lance) A large lance covered in lightning flames; with the green flames' solidifying property, there is almost nothing this lance cannot pierce. Used by Dendro Chilum.
Elettro Cinghiale (Electro Boar) A lightning attribute boar with five times the penetration power of Lancia Elletrica. Its two horns together are called the Doppio Corno Lancia (Double Horn Lance). The user can also ride the boar's back and carry the Lancia Ellectrica to create the Triplo Corno Lancia (Triple Horn Lance). Used by Dendro Chilum.
Torpedine Fulmine (Lightning Torpedo both the electric ray and the underwater projectile explosive) - A lightning-type electric ray that carries pikes on its back and can attach to the user back. Together, the ray can fly the user and itself at incredible speeds. The pikes can separate from the ray and use Super Levi Volta (Volt) which strikes multiple enemies with lightning bolts. Used by Levi A Than of the Varia.
Lightning Vongola Box A green specialized box weapon given to Lambo by his future self to combat the Millefiore. It is later revealed when Gokudera is tutoring him and Ryohei that it is a lightning bull.
Mist Box Weapons
Parachute & Balloon Floats in the air using a mist flame like a small hot-air balloon, warns the user when an enemy is approaching. Used by Lal Mirch.

Owl After Chrome defeated Glo Xinia, she took possession of his sub-box weapon, which now carries mist flames instead of rain flames.
Spettrale Nudiblanc (Spectral Sea Slugs) Several dozen slugs that create illusions in the room they are occupying. These illusions are real because of the mist flames' construction property. They also act as weapons themselves by self-destructing upon contact.
Illusion Sword Genkishi's most powerful sword and the strongest mist-type sword. The sword is able to instantly construct multiple copies of itself and attack simultaneously.
Armatura (Weaponry of War, lit [Suit of] Armor) In the same league as the Illusion sword, it covers the user in armor similar to a Medieval Knight, and amplifies the user's illusions. When combined with the power of the Hell ring, the user takes the form of a skull-faced knight with no limbs connecting the seemingly floating armor. According to Genkishi, the true power of the ring is an illusion of skeletons expelled from the skull knight's mouth. These skeletons take the appearance of the enemy's loved ones and attck him, in an attempt to break down the user's mind or keep him from moving. Genkishi can also lie that the illusions are tied to the lives of their real counterparts if the enemy has no knowledge of their whereabouts. However, the illusions are susceptible to attacks like the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition, since they are made of mist flames.
Fran's Box Weapon Fran has yet to reveal his personal box weapon because he feels the need to make a cool pose before opening it, and the frog hat he is forced to wear prevents him from raising his arms.
Mist Vongola Box An Indigo specialized box weapon given to Chrome by her future self to combat the Millefiore. The animal is Chrome's owl but with armor on it's wings
Cloud Box Weapons
Centipedes Long centipedes that extend, constrict, and even pierce enemies, and can seemingly absorb dying will flames due to the cloud flames around them. Used by Lal Mirch.
Cloud Hedgehog A small hedgehog that immediately spins in a straight line upon release. By absorbing other dying will flames, the spikes on its back grow to create a Globe of Needles. Enemies can be trapped inside the globe, which quickly burns whatever oxygen is necessary to breathe. It can only be broken from the inside by applying a flame of a higher purity. There are multiple boxes of this animal; a maximum of three. The hedgehog can also create small portions of the globe as foot steps for ascending or shields against enemy attacks. A new form, called Globe of Needles: Reversed, requires using three rings at once on one box. Its difficult to pull it off without breaking the box. But if successful, the hedgehog grows, pushing all other box weapons outside, and leaving any living organisms inside. The walls of the Globe are covered in spikes, and the flames quickly burn any remaining oxygen. This method of fighting is meant to make up for Hibari's lack of rings that can withstand his enormous flame.
Tonfas Hibari in the future keeps his tonfas in a box weapon. They are now covered in cloud flames and still hold all of their predecessor's hidden weapons, as well as some new ones.
"Demon" Bear A bear box weapon that is speculated to be of the cloud-type. It was eaten by the Serpente Tempesta before its abilities were revealed. Used by Nigella of the Black Spell.
Whip Iris uses a cloud-type whip on her Death Stalk Squad, causing their muscles and ligaments to grow. This greatly increases their muscle mass, physical strength, and can stretch their limbs to inhuman lengths.

Cloud Vongola Box A purple specialized box weapon given to Hibari by his future self to combat the Millefiore. The animal is an advanced version of Hibari's Cloud Hedgehogs.

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Dying Will Flame
The Dying Will flame is the basis for Tsunayoshi Sawada "resurrected" strength in the beginning of the series, but over time becomes a more crucial part to the story, and in the future, all combatants use their own flame to fight one another. It is highly suggested that different flames are within one's bloodline, so a type of flame could be shared and/or inherited within one's family.



The Explanation
Flame AttributesThere are seven different flames that match the title of Guardians of the Vongola Famiglia: Sky, Storm, Rain, Sun, Cloud, Lightning, and Mist. Each flame is identified by one of the colors of the rainbow and possesses a unique characteristic. Dying Will flames are the source of power used to activate the Box Weapons in the Future time period, and can cover weapons, like swords, to strengthen and reinforce them. Reborn explain it's a overly dense version of aura. However, unlike aura, the dying will flame is a real flame that can melt, burn, and even burn up the oxygen in the air. A dying will flame is super condensed energy, unlike any aura. The purer the flame is the more powerful it is and the greater it demonstrates its

Colour: Orange
Characteristic: Harmony
Purpose: "The sky; one that colours and engulfs everything"
Known Users: Tsuna, Byakuran, Dino, Xanxus, Uni, Uni's mother, All previous Vongola Bosses
Sky Flame Description: Those who possess sky flames are exceedingly rare, and possibly the most powerful people in the world. The characteristic of harmony is said to maintain the balance between the other flames, and contains neither contradiction nor conflict. Unlike the rain flames, the sky flames do not extinguish other flames but instead calms the box weapons and controls it in a way. The sky flames are able to utilize any type of weapon box, although not as effectively as the proper flame. The sky flame is the most mysterious, for example Xanxus was able to use the flame generated from a sky ring and the Flame of Wrath from his body to give birth to a hybrid box weapon with characteristics of both sky flames and storm flames. It appears that there is a relationship between the ranking of the person and their type of flame, every sky flame user has also been a mafia boss or boss candidate.
Appearance: The Sky Flame seems to have an orange centre for the flame, then a pale orange for the outer spiking, that of which is similar in appearance to Rain Flames, with largish oscillating spikes.

Colour: Red
Characteristic: Degeneration
Purpose: "The wind; one that fiercely blows away everything"
Known Users: Gokudera, Nosaru, Tazaru, Baishana, Belphegor, Spanner, Rasiel, Xanxus, Ipin's master
Description: Anything that touches storm flames begins to break down and corrode, even other flames. These flames are highly offensive.
Appearance: The Storm Flame appears to be almost opaque in appearance. With a red at the centre, then an inner area of a very pale red-white, and an outer spiking of deep red colouring. In the manga, the ends of the flames are distinctively dark.

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Colour: Blue
Characteristic: Tranquility
Purpose: "The rain; one that washes away everything"
Known Users: Yamamoto, Glo Xinia, Squalo, Basil, Lal Mirch, Colonnello, Gokudera, Olgert, Bluebell
Description: These flames weaken other flames and attacks such as illusions, rendering them almost completely ineffective. The stronger the flames, the weaker the enemy's attacks become.
Appearance: The Rain Flame appears to have sparkles of some type running through it. It is more or less opaque, and has a dark blue at the centre while the outer part of the flame is a pale light blue with large, oscillating spikes.

Colour: yellow
Characteristic: Activation
Purpose: "The sun; one that illuminates the sky"
Known Users: Ryohei, Shoichi Irie, Lussuria, Gingerbread, Reborn, Gokudera
Description: Sun flames initiate processes and speed them up at an incredible rate. Difficult to use offensively, the activation can be used effectively for healing purposes.
Appearance: Sun Flames have a constant yellow colouring throughout the whole flame, and circular "shines" of light emanating from it as well.

Colour: green
Characteristic: Solidification
Purpose: "The lightning; one that harshly strikes everything"
Known Users: Lambo, Gamma, Levi A Than, Gokudera, Verde, Dendro Chilum
Description: These flames are the most solid flames and carry the same properties of electricity. They can be used as shield against even physical attacks and create electrical weapon.
Appearance: Lightning Flames have the appearance of Lightning. The center in an off-white green, and the extremely sharp "spikes" of Flame are a neon dark green in color. They have a tendency to form round shapes with the sharper part flailing around.

Colour: Purple
Characteristic: Propagation
Purpose: "The floating cloud; one that cannot be caught and goes its own way"
Known Users: Hibari, Lal Mirch, Iris Yoka, Skull, Gokudera, Kikyo
Description: Cloud flames and cloud flame-based weapons absorb other flames to grow in size, and can even cause phenomenal growth in human beings if their bodies are altered.
Appearance: These have a dark purple at the center, and a pale light purple for the rest of the flame. And unlike Rain Flames, which have sharp oscillating spikes, Cloud Flames have small rounds of flame instead of points

Colour: Indigo
Characteristic: Construction
Purpose: "The illusion; one that cannot be captured"
Known Users: Mukuro, Chrome Dokuro, Genkishi, Lal Mirch, Viper, Fran
Description: Mist flames are capable of generating illusions and constructing them into real, solid objects. This method was first seen when Chrome created real illusions of Mukuro, Ken, and Chikusa.
Appearance: Mist flames have an off-white indigo for the majority of the flame, and a gradually darkening indigo for the rest of the flame deepening outward.
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La Famiglia Millefiore is the most powerful Mafia family in the World 10-years later. A world where Vongola HQ is destroyed, and Tsuna appears to be dead.The Millefiore Family is made up of two parts black spell and white spell which came from two families. Black Spell came from the Famiglia Mare, and White Spell came from the Famiglia Jesso.
History and Goals
The Millefiore Family is the Mafia family that is engaged in battle against the Vongola Family in the future. The Millefiore is a result of the merging of two separate Mafia families: the up-and-coming Gesso Family led by Byakuran, and the family with as much history as the Vongola, the Giglio Nero led by Uni. They are organized into two groups to distinguish their old families, which are then further separated into 18 different squads, each named for a plant or flower.[1] Those originally from the Giglio Nero are the Black Spell and have the tendency to engage in direct combat, while those from the Gesso are the White Spell and specialize in cunning battle tactics. There appears to be animosity between members of the White Spell and the Black Spell, resulting in a lack of communication and sabotage by individual squads. Their organization also possesses the Mare Rings, a set of seven rings on par with the Vongola Rings originally belonging solely to the Giglio Nero.
The Seventeen Captains
There are 17 Millefiore captains in charge of Millefiore. Only 7 captains out of them have the highest level of ring, which is called the Mare Ring. The Mare Rings have equally the same power as the Vongola Rings which makes them roughly on the same level. Like the Vongola Rings, the Mare Rings have come from the Tri-ni-set. Not including the Sky, those with the six Mare Rings are known as the Six Funeral Wreaths.
White Spell

Squad 0 Captain & Family's Boss Byakuran, holder of the Sky Mare Ring

Squad 2 Rosa (Rose) Captain Shoichi Irie
Squad 7 "The White Massacre" Baishana
Squad 8 Glicine (Wisteria) Captain Glo Xinia
Squad 8 Glicine (Wisteria) Vice-Captain Gingerbread the "Magician's Doll"
Squad 12 "The Enchanted Flower" Iris Yoka & The Deathstalk Squad
Black Spell

Squad 1 Captain Uni
"Phantom Knight" Genkishi
Squad 3 Aphelandra Captain "Electric" Gamma
Squad 3 Tazaru
Squad 3 Nosaru
Squad 9 "Demon Bear User" Nigella Beabankul

Spanner & Strau Mosca Squad
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Tsuna's family is a part of the Vongola Family, which hold the 10th generation boss and his family and friends.
Boss and The Six Guardians
Sky, Storm, Rain, Cloud, Lightning, Mist, SunCalled so due to their responsibly of the Vongola Rings they wear, having won the right to be members of the Vongola Family in the contest againt the Varia. It is said that whenever the family runs into trouble, the guardians will arrive to save them. The guardians are represented by 6 weather phenomena that appear in the Sky. They are, Rain, Storm, Cloud, Sun, Mist, and Lightning. The Vongola Rings may have come from the Tri-ni-set
Tsunayoshi Sawada - Sky Vongola Boss
Hayato Gokudera - Guardian of Storm
Takeshi Yamamoto - Guardian of Rain
Ryohei Sasagawa - Guardian of Sun
Kyoya Hibari - Guardian of Cloud
Lambo (Bovino Family) - Guardian of Lightning
Chrome Dokuro (Mukuro Rokudo) - Guardian of Mist
Varia - Lead by Xanxus
CEDEF - Lead by Iemitsu Sawada
Foundation - Lead by Kyoya Hibari
Allied Famiglias
Despite being an powerful mafia family, the Vongolas are unique then others in that they have no qualms in accepting other mafia family as their friends and allies.

Chiavorone Family
Tomaso Family

Bovino Family

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