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Chapter Ten Cont.

She sat up in bed, startled by the dream. She assumed that it was another dream about the same girl from all of her dreams so far. This Fira girl. Whoever she was. Ember still toyed with the possibility that Fira was her mother.

By looking out the window, Ember saw that it was still quite dark, far from morning. She walked out to the balcony, and sat in the swinging chair for two. She had brought out a sweater, because of the chilly night air. She pulled it closer to her, and played with fire until she was warm again.

She knew she would not be able to get back to sleep easily. She decided to take a late night flight, and jumped off the balcony, over the railing, making her flame disk before she hit the ground, and soaring up, high into the sky. She did loops, turns and went all around. She let the fire completely consume her, and soared inside of a ball of fire.

At the balcony Pyro, who had woken up too, was watching the bright flame dart around in the air from a distance. He felt a longing to be with it, with the person in it, and the feeling overcame him.

Ember felt his presence on the balcony, and soared toward him. When she reached the balcony, she opened the sphere of flame for him to step in, and held out her hand to him. He stepped up, and did not let go of her hand. He held it, and held her, as they soared this way and that. They did not speak; they just held each other, and when they got back to the balcony, they sat on the swinging chair for two, and she finally fell asleep again. It reminded Pyro of when they had watched the sunset on that tree branch over the beach. But the branch had broken, interrupting their moment together.

Since he had first seen her in the forest the day they fought, he had felt a strange pull toward her. Like he had to be with her to be happy. It was strange, in a way. When she had fallen he was terrified, and was hoping for dear life that she would be fine. When he caught her, and held her in his arms, he had felt the pull even stronger, and had resisted the urge to tell her there and then that she made something inside him go “click.” He had an idea that she would have run away, and he would have never seen her again. And he was gladder than anything that she felt the same way for him, and hoped that they could stay like this forever. Just the two of them, in the open air of the forest near the mountains. He had no idea why he felt so drawn to her, except that she was perfect.

He carefully picked her up and carried her to her bed. The covers were already pulled back, from when she had gotten up. He laid her down as he had when they came here, and pulled the covers back over her.

She slept quietly, with a few sighs as she dreamed of who knew what. Pyro carefully went back out to the balcony, and stood at the railing for a while. He could now see the first colors of morning creeping into the sky from the direction of the beach, so did not bother trying to get back to sleep. He watched the sun come up, and when it got too bright for him to keep watching, he went inside.

He went into his closet, and took out a pair of jeans and a black turtleneck and a dark red zip-up vest. He got a pair of white socks and went to a shoe rack where he picked out a pair of sneakers that were red and white. He carried these to his bed, which was untidy and wrinkled, and set them down. He went to his bathroom, and took a short shower, to wash his hair. When he got out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his mid section, he changed into the cloths that waited on his bed. They felt good, and were very comfy, compared to the old, worn out shirt and pants he had been wearing.

He quietly walked into Ember’s room to see if she was still asleep, and when he saw her bed, he froze.

Ember had woken up with a slight jolt, a few moments after Pyro left her room. It was still dark, and she remembered that she was supposed to meet Fang at the waterfall in the mountains. She could see just a bit of color in the sky, but knew that she should get dressed and leave soon. She walked to her closet, and flipped the light switch.

She walked strait toward the shirt she had found the day before that she had liked so much. She also got out a black tank top to go underneath it, because it had a very low V-neck. She found the skirt that matched it, and slipped it on, after taking off the pants she had been wearing for pajamas. She took off the tank top she wore, and put on the black one. She slipped the shirt on over it, and studied herself in the large fold down mirror.

Bed head. She walked to a smaller mirror in the wall, with a vanity desk underneath it. She sifted through the drawers until she found a brush. She pulled it through her hair a few times, and looked at herself in satisfaction.

She walked to the shoe wall, and picked out a simple pair of flip-flops with an orange pattern on them. She slipped them onto her feet, and went to the jewelry case. She looked in marvel at all the necklaces. She tried to pick. Then one caught her eye. It was a white gold chain with a pendant of the same brilliant orange stone as the other necklace, and had white gold swirling around it. She thought she’d wear it, since the gold one seemed too special.

She took it out of the case, and clasped it around her neck.

She was ready. She walked out of the closet, and went to the balcony. But Pyro was still there, so she would have to go the long way, through the front door. She didn’t want Pyro to know she was going to see Fang. She remembered that Fang had told her that she should go alone, and knew Pyro would not want her to go alone. She went to the door of her room, and turned one last time to look out the glass doors and could just see Pyro’s back. She watched him for a minute and turned to leave. The last thing she saw before she turned was Pyro turning to go to his own room.

She went down the flights of stairs to the bottom floor. She opened the front door, and stepped out.

She made a flame disk and stepped onto it. She guided it toward the clearing in the mountains. When she got there, she could see a faint glow. When she got closer to it, she found that it was Fang.

I take it that Pyro knows nothing of this?

No. I knew he wouldn’t want me to go alone. So I just didn’t tell him.

Good. You were right to come alone. No other people should see what I’m about to show you.

She followed him to the edge of the pool, where the two fish swam around each other, seeming to keep some kind of balance. Somehow they had gotten from the pool near her clearing in the forest to this pool. She marveled over it, wondering how it had happened.

She bent her knees and dipped her hand into the water. She twirled it between them, feeling the coolness on her skin. She knew that water put out fire, and that she should not feel the happiness and comfort that she felt when it licked her skin. Fire and water. They were opposites, and supposed to rival each other. In a way, she felt a rivalry toward the water, but she also could feel a sense of friendship toward it.

She turned to Fang.

So what is it that I need to see?

Follow me, or ride on my back.

She hopped on Fang, remembering all the times she had done it when she was little. She was happy to remember this part of her past, because it was a joyful memory.

Fang flew for an hour. He carried her to the tallest mountain in the land. When he reached the top of it, she felt a bit light headed.

Hold on, this may get a bit bumpy.


He went into a dive bomb and spiraled down the slope on the other side, and Ember held on, grasping his spiky scales in her hands, pulling herself closer, as she did before, when she was little.

When he slowed and leveled out, she looked around and saw a huge forested valley surrounded on all sides by the tallest mountains there were on the island-country of Flaria. There was a large lake on one side with a waterfall crashing down into it. She could see that on some of the walls of the mountains were caves. The largest one was directly on the other side of the valley.

Where are we? She asked.


As she looked around her, dragons of all sizes and colors came out from the forest, flying toward them. The smallest one was about half the size of Fang, and the largest was about the same size as Fang.

The one that stood out most was a huge red dragon. It looked a lot like Fang, but visibly older and a bit larger. It was the largest, and probably one of the oldest dragons there.

The huge red dragon flew up to Fang, and she could here in her head, so she has come. We were afraid it was just a rumor. Several dragons said they could see flames in the distance at night, but I wasn’t sure if we should get our hopes up or not.

She could here murmurs in the crowd of dragons too.

She’s back!
Look, there she is!
I can’t believe it, it must be a joke.
But I thought she wouldn’t be allowed back!

The last one took her by surprise most and came from a small golden dragon. But another dragon shoved its shoulder to silence it.

What’s going on, Fang? She asked, looking at the back of his head, right to where his eyes were on the front side.

Ember, this is the Valley of Dragons. These are all the dragons on the island. This one is my father, Flamewing, he said, gesturing with his front leg to the huge red dragon. He is an elder here, and respected greatly. He was leader before me, until I was old enough to take over.

A pale orange dragon stepped out from the crowd. It was a bit smaller than Flamewing, but just a bit larger that Fang.

And this is my mother, Sunscale. She raised me, and I recall that you were like a daughter to her. I brought you here many times when you were little, and mother watched you grow up, getting more fond of you every day.

The orange dragon mother stepped up to her, and nuzzled her arm.

Welcome back, Ember. When I heard of your return, I was hoping so much that it really was you. Fang tells the truth. You are like a daughter to me.

As she and Fang told her these things, the memories flowed into her. She remembered a time when she was very little, and she was curled in a ball with Fang, and Sunscale wrapped her wing around them both, keeping them warm. She had been trapped there during a rainstorm, and could not fly herself back home, and Fang was still too small to ride. Ember had spent the night there, and had eaten wild bird meat, cooked by Sunscale’s fire.

As Ember looked around at all the dragons, she realized that none but Fang and his parents were red or orange. Some were green, some blue. A few were a creamy white color, and some were deep black, like Pyro’s hair. Some were a few pale purple and a few with a pinkish scales.

As she looked at each dragon in turn, she remembered the friendship she felt toward him or her when she was young. She realized that she had had many friends before she woke up on the beach, and that she had many right now. All the dragons were smiling at her, and she could hear the happiness in their voices as they spoke.

Fang got in front of the group of dragons and spoke.

Ember has come back! It is no lie, and no joke! We must celebrate the return of the Queen of the humans and friend to all dragons! We will hold a feast tonight! Get the preparations started, and keep your bellies empty!

The group of dragons cheered, and started chanting.

Ember, Ember, Ember!

All Ember could do was stand and smile. She was too stunned after learning that she knew over 50 dragons, and most of them were hundreds of years older than her. Fang was one of the youngest, she realized, looking at the others.

One by one, the dragons came up to her and said how happy they were to see her again. And as they did this, she remembered their names and some of the things they had done together before. When the little golden dragon came to her, she remembered that his name was Yellowscale.

Hello, Ember! I’ve missed you like crazy! I’m so happy you’re back!

Another, larger golden dragon flew up. It was the one who had nudged Yellowscale when he had remarked on Ember’s return. She remembered that this beautiful dragon, a bit younger than Fang, was Goldenwing.

As Yellowscale spoke Ember remembered when he was hatched. She had been there, and had held the baby dragon, then only the size of her fist. He was the youngest of the dragons, being 10 years old. Goldenwing was one of the youngest of the dragons, being 2 years younger than Fang. Goldenwing had been a very good friend to Ember, and she remembered the times she, Fang and Goldenwing had flown across the sky.

She turned to Goldenwing.

I’m glad to be back, although I’m not quite sure where I’ve been…

Goldenwing only looked at her sympathetically for a moment, and then moved away to make room for the next dragon.

For an hour or so, Ember only listened to dragons tell her what she’d missed, and how they had missed her, and Ember said a kind but confused “thank you” to each in turn.

After she had talked to each dragon, she remembered that Pyro didn’t know she was gone.

Fang, I should probably be back to Pyro soon, or he’ll go berserk and probably tear the whole forest apart looking for me.

Okay, Ember. Go find him. But be back here tonight for the feast!

When should I come back tonight? And can I please bring Pyro? He deserves to know, and I think he’ll keep me in his sight after this.

Be here before the sun sinks half way to the horizon. And you may bring Pyro if you wish, but make sure he is prepared for it. Remember what happened when he met me?


Goodbye for now, Ember.

Goodbye Fang, I’ll be back later.

She hopped on a fresh flame disk, and headed back to the palace, with the sun rising to the top of the sky.

Chapter 11

Pyro saw Ember’s bed, empty, and wondered if she was on the balcony.

He walked slowly to the doors, and looked out. She was not there, and he decided to search the house. She could be in the kitchen, making some pancakes, or in the library reading. Or maybe the training room…

He went to the library door and opened it, looking around. He didn’t see Ember, so he closed it. He went on to the training room, and opened that door too. He walked through the room, around trees and bushes. She was not in there, so he went out and toward the garden room.

He found that she was not in there either, and went on to look in all of the rooms on the third floor. She was not in any of them, so he checked all the second floor rooms as well. She was nowhere on the upper levels of the house, and he ran down the last flight of stairs to see if she was in the kitchen. His hopes were up, thinking that she was in it, making pancakes for them. She made great spaghetti, and her pancakes would probably be better. He walked into the kitchen and said, “How about some panca-” but when he saw the room empty, he ran out and looked in all of the rooms on the first floor. They were all empty, and she was nowhere to be seen.

He ran up to Ember’s room. He paced the room three times and sat down on her bed with a thump. Did the wall swallow her up again? Is she trapped? He started to bang on the wall next to the bed and screamed, “Ember! Are you in there? Did the wall swallow you like last time? Ember!”

There was no answer, so he thumped back down onto the bed. He wanted to know where Ember was and wanted to be sure she was safe. But he couldn’t be sure of that if he could not find her. She was alone out there somewhere, and he had to find her.

He went out to the balcony, in a last attempt to find out if she was close. He shouted, as loud as he could, “EMBER!”

But there was no reply but his echo, and he sank into the swinging chair for two, a swinging loveseat, thinking of the awful things that could be happening to the person who should have been sitting next to him.

Eventually he worried himself to sleep, and stayed like that for an hour and a half. When he woke, the sun was almost at it’s highest in the sky, and Ember stood leaning over the balcony railing, looking out over the mountains.

“Ember! Where have you been?! I was worried sick about you!” Pyro jumped up from the swinging loveseat, and dashed to her side.

“I’ve just been out, it’s okay. And besides, Fang was with me, and even if he wasn’t, I can take care of myself. I did it for two days before I met you in the forest.” She smiled at him.

“But where were you?”

“I was in the valley of the dragons,” her eyes danced as she said this, and a new spark lit her face like the sun lights the sky. “And we’re going back!” Pyro’s jaw dropped. “Yes, you are coming too. They are throwing a feast to welcome me back, and they said you could come too.”

He did not look pleased. “You should have told me where you were going! I searched the whole house for you, and thought the wall in your room had swallowed you again!” Ember smiled and tried to suppress a laugh. “It’s not funny! I was worried, and it’s not fun to worry that much.”

Ember’s smile faded instantly, and was replaced with a frown. “Oh, so now you’re the king of worry?” She walked to the edge of the balcony. “You have no idea. To not know your past and be weighed down by the fact that you can control fire is nothing to worry about at all!” She looked over the edge again. “I constantly worry, Pyro. I worry about everything. What my past was like. Weather I just started a fire or not. If these wonderful powers are only temporary, if they’ll be gone the next time I wake up,” she looked sad for one moment, “what kind of dreams I’ll have.” Her expression changed back to anger. The weirdest thing was, she did not know why she was so angry. She could not explain it.

She said no more before jumping off the railing and falling to only a foot off the ground before making a flame disk, and landing on it with a graceful thud. She flew off shouting, “You have NO idea!” without looking back at Pyro. Her mind was a jumble of things, and she needed to be alone to sort them out. She felt that she needed to get away from everything.

Pyro stood, stunned, as Ember flew off toward the mountains. The instant her smile had turned into a frown, he had known he made a mistake. And by the look of things, he had made a big mistake.

For the second time that day, he flopped down onto the swinging loveseat, wishing the girl with the fire in her eye was there with him.

Unable to sit alone on the chair any longer, he got up and walked to his bathroom. He looked in the mirror, and noticed quite a bit of stubble on his chin.

He looked through the cabinet on the wall to the side of the mirror, and found a razor. Somehow remembering something, he filled the sink with warm water, and took out a bottle of shaving cream that he found in the cabinet.

He smeared some of it on his chin, and slowly, carefully, ran the blade across it. He dipped the razor in the water to clean it, and inspected the partial shave in the mirror. The part of his chin that had no white foamy stuff on it was clean and free of stubble. He worked his way around his face, slowly shaving off a bit at a time and cleaning the blade between strokes.

There was only one spot left, small enough to get done with one pass of the razor. He passed it over the stubbly, foamy part of his face, and a sharp pain shot through his chin.

He swore, and put the blade down. The cut was tiny, and only bled a bit. He grabbed a tissue and dabbed the cut, until it stopped bleeding.

He resolved to get better at shaving before too much time passed. But now would not be the time. He had to think of some way to apologize to Ember.

He went to the training room, and sat down on the little bench at the side of the path. Again he was stabbed with a pang of loneliness, so he stood back up and paced the room. Flowers won’t be enough, but they will probably help. I should prepare something to say, he resolved. I should explain exactly why I was worried, and tell her that I understand why she got upset, because I was being an idiot, and that she was completely right, and oh, then I could give her a hug, and if she doesn’t run away yelling, that will be a good sign, I think, oh I hope it will…

And on, and on, and on, in the same fashion. By the time the sun began its slow descent after its peak, he knew what he would do, if Ember ever returned to him. And by that time, he was starving, having not eaten anything all day.

He went down to the kitchen, and fixed up a sandwich, which was about the only thing he knew how to make. He gulped that down, and made another, because he was so hungry. After that, he picked out a nice, juicy apple from the refrigerator, and bit into it. The taste was delicious, but his concern for Ember made it bitter and dry in his mouth. He walked back up to his room and fell asleep, hoping that Ember would forgive him.

He hadn’t even considered the fact that she’d over-reacted at all.

As Ember flew off toward the valley of the dragons, she felt horrible. She was still angry with Pyro for being so selfish and not thinking of what she experienced, and also for thinking she was in so much danger that she could not handle it herself. But she did not want to yell at Pyro. She decided to just not talk to him at all, because right now, if she did, she would most likely yell.

As she came to her clearing with the waterfall pool in the mountains, she landed and sat on a rock near the pond. She had plenty of time before she had to be at the Valley. She would spend some time in the wilderness for a while, as she had only a few days ago.

She looked into the pond and saw that the two fish were swimming on opposite sides of the pond. The mostly orange one swam on the side with the waterfall, the water churning and throwing it about. The dark red one was swimming alone in the slight ripples of the other side of the pond, near the rock Ember sat on at the moment.

She watched the two fish swim separately; so different from the way they swam before, around and around each other in the center of the pond.

Ember got up and paced the clearing. Should she go straight to the Valley and spill out her problems to Fang and the other dragons, or keep to herself, and wait a bit before going to the Valley? And she would have to change her clothes. What she was wearing was not exactly feast-appropriate.

Ember jumped onto a fresh flame disk, and soared to the beach where she had woken up. She landed within an hour of taking off from the mountain clearing, and when she did, she was hungry. She had had something to eat at the Valley of the Dragons, but it had been small. She would just find the berry bushes from a few days ago, and have a few, just enough to satisfy her stomach until the feast. She walked up the dunes, and when she came to the field, stood for a while, taking in it’s beauty all over again.

She continued on to the forest, and found the largest of the berry bushes she had found earlier. She picked a small handful and popped them into her mouth one at a time. As she ate them, she walked. She walked past the trees and bushes she had wondered through on the first day, when she had first awoken. A small songbird landed on a branch nearby, and sang it’s afternoon song to her. The sound filled her heart like a balloon, and she listened for a long time, until the bird stopped and flew away.

After the songbird left, she looked up into the sky, and saw that the sun was almost a quarter of the way down in they sky, and she should get going soon. She flew back to the palace on her disk, but only to change. She landed on the balcony, and looked into her room before entering, in case Pyro was in there. But he wasn’t, and she snuck in to the door to her closet.

She went to the rack with the dresses, and picked out a dress that went to about a foot above her feet. The dress was dark red, and had three-quarter sleeves that flowed over her arms.

She picked out a nice pair of high-heeled sandals. They laced up her legs to just below her knees, and were the same color as the dress.

She swapped the necklace she wore for the gold-swirled one. She looked in the jewelry case and took out a pair of orange stone earrings that had little gold swirls around them, almost like the pendant she wore.

She brushed her hair and left it loose, and inspected herself in the fold down mirrors. She was ready, and stepped out of the closet, making sure Pyro wasn’t in the room again before rushing to the balcony to leave.

When she got there, Pyro was rubbing his eyes in sleepiness as he leaned on the railing.

She tried to turn back into the room, but he had turned just in time to see her dress swishing through the doors. She ran to the hallway, and down the stairs.

Pyro ran after her, calling her name the whole way, pleading for her to stop and listen.

By the time he reached the front door, Ember was soaring away, the dark red dress flowing behind her in the wind.

He dropped the orange rose he had been holding; the one he had held constantly since he had went to sleep, to give to Ember if she came back. He left it, wilting on the doorstep, and walked down the front path to the gate, his spirits as low as they could ever be. He stood staring at nothing for a while, before slowly walking into the city.

Ember cried as she flew away.

She had not missed seeing the orange rose as she ran through the house. When she got to the bottom of the stairs, she looked up to see how far away Pyro was. She had just seen the rose in his hands before turning again to run.

But she was late already, for the sun was just about halfway down in the sky, and she had an hour to go before she got to the Valley of Dragons. She flew as fast as she could, and would hopefully make it in time. Pyro would understand why she had run. But hwy had she felt like she had to avoid him? She didn't understand.

She wiped her eyes with a thread of fire, drying them without getting her dress or hand wet with tears.

When she returned to the Valley of the Dragons, she saw all of them gathered around a large tree. It looked like it could be hundreds of years old, or more. Fang, Sunscale, and Flamewing hovered above it, with Fang at the front.

As she neared them, dragons turned their heads to see her. Many had surprised looks on their faces, and Ember grew self-conscious.

Where is Pyro? Asked Fang as Ember came to stand next to him.

She did not reply at first, just looked at the ground with a look of sadness mixed with anger. He didn’t come. Was all she said.

I see. Was all he replied, seeming to understand that she did not want to talk about it.

He turned to the rest of the dragons and said in a mighty mind-voice that would have been heard all around the large Valley, Let the feast commence!

All of the dragons flew up, and Ember followed them. She stuck close to Fang, and soon Goldenwing joined her. They made their way to the largest of the cliffs on the side of the mountain. She peered in, and saw more food than she could ever imagine lined up neatly on tables as long as the hallways in the palace house. There was bird, fish, red meat, some cooked to perfection, some not cooked at all (the dragons didn’t normally cook their meat), and all kinds of grains, roots, fruits and vegetables.

Ember landed on the stones, and saw that the walls were lit with candles. And there were many of them on the table as well. Fang beckoned for her to come forward, to where he stood at the end of the table. She hesitantly stepped forward and stood next to him.

Queen Ember has returned to Flaria, and has returned to her home at the palace. We honor her tonight with this feast, for all the good she has done us in the past, and for the good she will do in the future. There was a pause, as the other dragons looked expectantly at Fang. We may eat!

Flamewing and Sunscale came forward to Ember, and each touched their noses to her shoulder. Then they tilted their heads toward the food, as if she should eat first. She walked up to the table and took one of the two plates from the table. The other one was no doubt for Pyro, and Ember felt a pang of sorrow. She put a chunk of the cooked meat on it, along with some warm, sweet smelling bread, butter, some kind of vegetable casserole, and a berry pudding that was red, blue and purple. She turned to the dragons, and felt an urge to say, Dig in! The dragons smiled, and some laughed. They walked to the table to get their share of the feast.

For a while, Ember ate and talked with the dragons. They all spoke of the times she had visited the Valley when she was small with Fang. She usually came on his back, they said, because the height of the mountains surrounding the Valley were too steep for her to fly over them herself with fire. She tried it once, and Fang had to catch her in midair because she ran out of breath in the upper atmosphere and fell. When she had gotten older, she was able to handle the height, and could fly there herself.

When everyone had eaten, and they were all talking to each other, exchanging news and complimenting Ember on her dress, Fang got in front of them all again, and beckoned for her to come again.

Ember, on behalf of the dragons, I present you with this, he said, holding out a small object. Please accept it and keep it safe, as it is a precious treasure to any person.

What is it?
Ember held the almost spherical ball. It was a kind of reddish-orange color, and had what looked like tiny red jewels all around it. It was heavy for it’s size, and was shiny under the jewels.

You will see soon enough. Fang turned to the crowd of dragons and said, So does she accept it?

Yes, of coarse I accept it. It’s beautiful. She stroked the smooth surface, which looked like painted metal with glass over it, tracing the tiny gems that seemed to be sprinkled on.

The crowd of dragons cheered, and chanted, Ember, Ember, Ember!

By this time, the sun was setting, and Ember had to leave. She said goodbye to all the dragons in front of the group, to save time. But she said a separate goodbye to Fang, Sunscale, Flamewing, and Goldenwing as she hovered on her flame disk at the edge of the Valley.

She headed to the city, back to her palace. She did not want to encounter Pyro again, afraid of what she might say or do this time. She made her way toward her home, cradling the small round treasure in her arms like an egg.

Pyro sulked through the abandoned city alone. He was in despair, having screwed things up with Ember. Without her, he had no life at all.

He had been heartbroken when Ember had not stopped and listened to him. He loved her so much, and wanted her to be happy. He had been hoping that she would have forgiven him and they could be together again, but if she would be happier without him, he would respect her wish. It would break his heart, but if it made her happy, he would do it.

As he walked past a store that looked as if it had once sold craft items, he noticed that it still had some items in the windows, as if time had just stopped and everything was just on hold.

He walked into the store and browsed half-heartedly. There were pencils, paper, and lots of paints. There were stamps, ink, and notebooks with elaborate covers in all different colors. He picked up one that was a bright red-orange. He tucked it into his jacket pocket, and went to the side of the shop with pens. He picked out a plain black ink pen, and tucked it in with the notebook. He’d pay later.

He walked out of the store, and headed down the lonely, darkening street. He passed several stores before coming to a weapons shop, by the look of it. He stepped in, and looked around. He found many bows, swords, and daggers. There were a few staffs and some battle-axes. When he got to the back of the store, he found an elaborately engraved spear. The head was made of some kind of strong metal, and looked to be very powerful indeed. There were brown feathers on the other end, connected by a leather string wrapped around the butt of the spear. He liked the look of it, but would not take it. He left it on its stand in the back of the store.

He left the store and headed further into the city. By now, it was almost dark, and he was beginning to get very hungry.

He walked on, looking for a place with preserved food. He found what looked like a supermarket, and headed in. He looked at the signs above the isles, and eventually found some jerky. He grabbed a handful of the packaged meat and headed back to the door.

When he got out of the store, he went to his right, where he could see a park with benches and decided to go and eat the food there. He walked to a bench at the side of a path, and sat. He took out the jerky and took a bite. It didn’t taste as good as Ember’s spaghetti, but it would do.

He tried not to think about her, knowing that she would not want to speak to him. He didn’t even know what he had done so wrong to make her run away from him. She hadn’t even run when they had first met, and had been complete strangers. She knew him more than ever now, and she had run. He could not understand it. No matter what he did though, he could not stop thinking of her.

Something in the corner of his eye caught his attention. He swore he had just seen a flash of orange. He thought of Ember’s hair, and for a second, he thought it was her. The orange disappeared, and he got up to follow it, hoping with everything he had that it was her.

The flash of orange had gone behind a bush, and when he got there, he saw something that took his breath away.

Before him, stood a large tiger. Its orange and black striped fur glowed in the fading sun, and it looked at Pyro with gleaming dark amber eyes.

“Nice kitty…” he stammered, terrified that he would die then and there. The tiger crouched, and Pyro started shaking furiously.

The great cat leaped.

Pyro covered his face, shut his eyes, and crouched low to the ground.

The tiger pinned him down to the ground, and lunged at his face.

Pyro screamed, but instead of pain, he felt a wet, sticky warmth. So this is what it’s like to be dead, he thought grimly. He opened his eyes and saw the tiger’s great pink tongue right in front of his nose.

Pyro laughed, giddy at the fact that he was still alive. The tiger was about twice his size, and was heavy on him. The tiger licked and licked him, as if it had been anticipating Pyro’s arrival. Either that, or it was making sure he tasted good. Pyro tried to sit up, and the tiger immediately let him up, sat next to him, and started to lick its tail. Pyro stared in astonishment at the big cat, acting like a kitten. He got up, to go back to his bench and the jerky he had left there in his hopes of finding Ember behind the bush. The tiger followed him silently, staying right at his left side.

When he sat down on the bench, the tiger jumped up next to him and sat.

Pyro found it uncomfortable to eat with the orange cat staring at him with its dark eyes.

“Um… could you by any chance stop staring? I can’t eat…” he felt stupid for talking to the tiger, but to his surprise, when he finished speaking, the tiger faced forward, instead of at him. This somehow made Pyro more uneasy.

He stared ahead of him, unable to eat. The tiger looked questioningly at him. He tried to smile, and when all he could manage was a half smile, the tiger nuzzled his cheek, making him stiffen like a rock.

He got up to walk. The tiger followed at his side, looking ahead, a look of seriousness on its face if a tiger ever looked serious.

Pyro walked around the park, realizing that the tiger was more of a guard dog than a wild beast. It never left his side. He eventually got used to it, and walked more casually, looking down at the huge cat with a look of fascination.

He ate a bit of jerky, and even fed a piece to the tiger. It gulped it down hungrily, and Pyro decided to go back to the store and get the rest of the jerky from the shelf. He had a feeling he would need it. There was no way a cat the size of the tiger would eat less than he did.

He sat down in the grass, and the tiger sat in his lap, somewhat painfully for Pyro, underneath the weight of the cat. It licked his face affectionately, and he could not suppress a laugh. He stroked its orange fur, and it purred loudly, and rested its head on its paws. It was dark by now, and he lay his head down on the soft yet cold grass, and gazed into the sky. Stars shown in it, and he gazed for a long time. He could tell that the tiger had fallen asleep, by the soft rise and fall of it’s heavy back. And the snores.

He fell asleep wishing, not for the first time, for a fire to warm his aching heart and limbs.

Chapter Twelve

Ember woke the next morning, and remembered the events of the previous day. She slowly heaved herself up out of her warm bed, and stood in the chilly room. The fireplace was empty, except for the ashes left over from the fire that had been in it the day before. Yesterday, when she had woken up, Pyro had built the fire already, and the room was warm and toasty. She felt a pang of guilt. Pyro had not been in the house last night when she had returned, and she had gone to sleep wondering if he was safe.

She absentmindedly lit a fit in the fireplace to warm the room. This fire would not need to be remade.

She still felt no regret for being mad at him, but hadn’t meant for him to go off like that. She would just let him come back on his own if he wanted. If he didn’t, oh well. He hadn’t had any right to tell her what she should and shouldn’t have done.

She walked to the bathroom, and took a bath. She then walked slowly to the closet, and put on some jeans and a simple red top. She walked out to the balcony, and gazed over the field to the forest, and the mountains just beyond.

She heard a swish of wings and turned to see Fang and Goldenwing hovering to her left.

Hello Ember! Nice to see you again. Wonderful day, isn’t it? It was Goldenwing who spoke, in her ever-joyful voice.

Hello Goldenwing, hello Fang. How are you both?

We are fine, but you do not look it.
Replied Fang.

Oh, I’m fine, I just didn’t get back till late because I took a long rout home through the forest…

Oh, where is Pyro? I still haven’t gotten to… meet him…
Goldenwing’s voice faltered.

Oh, he left…


Oh, Fang, it’s okay, it really is.

No, it’s not okay.

I don’t want to go find him. If he doesn’t want to stay here, it’s his decision to make.

Goldenwing and Fang exchanged a look of doubt and concern.

Well, we just wanted to see how you were. Are sure about this?

Yes, I’m sure.

The two dragons flew off, and Ember turned to go into her room to look at the treasure the dragons had given her. She held the sphere-like object in her palms, and stroked the sides yet again.

As she turned it in her hands in the new morning sunlight, the orange material had a glint of red in it. The colors flashed at her eyes, and the gems that seemed to be dusted onto it sent millions of tiny rainbows to her cheeks and onto the balcony below her feet.

She went back into the room and sat down on the couch. Even after over an hour, the room hadn’t seemed to warm up. She got up and went to the door and closed it behind her as she walked to the stairs. She went down the three flights to the bottom floor, and headed for the kitchen to make some eggs for breakfast. She got out three of the oval shaped white eggs, and cracked each into a bowl she had gotten out of the cupboard. She mixed the three yolks with a bit of cream, until it was a smooth looking off yellow color. She got out a small frying pan and poured the mixture into it, turning the heat on the cook top up and placing the pan onto the nearest burner.

She used a fork to scrape off bits of egg at a time, and by the time it was done, she had a pan full of scrambled eggs.

She walked to the table in the dining room, and sat down at the end to eat.

Pyro woke up and the first thing he saw was the tiger’s orange fur in his face. He nearly choked on it and sat up. The great cat rolled onto its back, exposing it belly. It stretched so that the tips of its four paws were nearly 15 feet apart. When it was finished, it curled in a ball beside Pyro, and purred so loud it could have shaken a mountain.

Pyro rubbed its belly, and the purr grew into a rumble of pleasure.

The tiger rolled back onto its stomach and sat up as Pyro stood up. He looked over at its eyes, which were at about the same level as his shoulder. They sparkled a deep black, darker than the darkest nights without stars or moon, inside a beautiful amber.

“Shall we find something to eat?” He asked.

The tiger roared in reply, and Pyro took it as a “yes” and headed back to the super market-like store. The tiger followed at his side, matching his every move.

When he walked into the store, he went first to the fresh meat section. The meat seemed to still be fresh, or there would have been bugs of all kinds swarming the area. He decided that there must be some spell on the freezer to keep it fresh no matter how much time passed, like in the fridge at the Palace…

He walked behind the counter and peered through a door on the wall. It was the freezer where they kept the extra meat.

“Well, which would you like?”

The tiger jumped over the counter with one smooth leap, and landed right in the middle of the space. It walked into the large freezer, and stood next to a large deer-looking body hanging from the ceiling.

“If you say so,” said Pyro half to himself. He found some plastic gloves and got a stepladder. He took it to where the tiger stood, and used a pair of handy scissors to cut the rope that held the animal. “You’re carrying that, right?” When the tiger just started to tear into the meat, he said, “You eat that here, I’ll be back in a bit,” and headed out of the freezer.

Pyro went to the isle with bread, and picked out a loaf of bread in a bag. He wandered the store until he had added to the bread some raspberry jam, chunky peanut better, and a jug of cold milk. He found a small pack of plastic knives, forks and spoons, and took out one of the knives.

He took his booty back to where the tiger was just finishing its meal.

He made himself the only thing he knew how to make; a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He bit into it, thinking he would much rather be eating spaghetti, and as he thought about the noodles and tomato sauce that Ember put together so wonderfully, a pain like a piercing arrow struck his chest.

He put down the sandwich and sighed. The tiger seemed to notice his sadness, and mrowed in a sympathetic manner and nudged Pyro’s shoulder with its forehead.

Pyro lifted his hand to pet the tiger’s head, saying “Good bo- … gir-” his hand dropped. “Say, are you a girl tiger?” He asked.

The reply was a furious sounding growl. “Then you’re a boy tiger…”” he managed.

The tiger purred loudly, and Pyro knew that the tiger was a boy. Looking closer at the tiger, he was surprised that he had never realized it was a guy.

“Good boy, then”, he said, petting him once again. “What do you say we get out of here and walk around?”

They walked out of the store together, and headed for another shop. Pyro wanted to look around for interesting things. They stepped into the next shop, which had very odd things in it. There were things like pickled chicken feet, toasted frog legs, and fried newts. After a few seconds, he walked out of the store feeling sick.

After a while of walking, Pyro decided to lie down. They had come to a small field on the outskirts of town.

He slept and dreamed of a flame. If flickered weakly, but after a bit, it burst with life, and consumed him. He struggled, not wanting to get burned, but it didn’t hurt him. It’s a dream, that’s why I’m not feeling pain. He stood, surrounded by the flame.

Ember sat on the swinging love seat, gazing out over the forest and mountains beyond. The sun was at its highest, signaling time for lunch. But Ember didn’t have an appetite.

Goldenwing flew up and Ember greeted her happily.

Hey, Goldenwing! I’ve been so bored. There’s nothing to do.

Why don’t we go for a fly?

That sounds great!

Ember made a flame disk and jumped on as Goldenwing beat her strong wings and started flying toward the mountains. They flew for an hour or so, and passed over the city after fifteen minutes or so. When they landed, they were in the waterfall clearing. Ember had been there many a time, and she walked to the pool with the two fish. The two fish were still swimming separately, and when Goldenwing gazed into the water, her eyes took on a sad looking sparkle.

What’s wrong Goldenwing?

Oh, nothing. I’m just worried about Fang.

Why? What happened?

Well, when we returned to the Valley, Fang spoke with his parents. I could sense the tension in the air, but they had blocked their conversation from me. I felt helpless watching them, silently. Then, Fang seemed really angry. He flew off alone, and I tried to follow him, but he told me to go away. So I came to you hoping we could do something together, like we used to.

Why would Fang be mad?

I don’t know… but I’m worried.

Ember sat down on the same rock she had sat on the past two days.

She looked into the small eyes of the red fish, and heard a rustle in the bushes.


Pyro woke up only half an hour after falling asleep.

The tiger was sitting, listening and scenting intently, as if waiting for something to come and try to attack.

All of a sudden, he got up and ran across the field they were in.

“Wait, where are you going?” Yelled Pyro to the cat. He just turned around and roared at him.

Pyro ran after the tiger, and once he was within 10 feet of him, the tiger ran ahead of him. Pyro followed for half an hour, and the city was behind them by now. The mountains loomed ahead of them, and soon Pyro was running up a steep slope to catch the tiger.

Under different circumstances, he would have let the cat run, and not have cared. But at the time, the tiger was the only comfort he had in the lonely city. He didn’t want him to leave him alone, and after the tiger had been so loyal and companionable, Pyro had grown attached to him. He followed him up the mountains, and through valleys, breathing heavily. The tiger stopped once they were up and down two mountains. It lay down for a bit, and Pyro lay down with him, breathing hard. After fifteen minutes or so, the tiger got up again and started running. It turned around and jumped up, spinning in the air.

Oh, he’s playing. He must really like running…

Pyro felt a flash of heat as he started running again, and thought he had been running too much. But he kept running, keeping up with the tiger. After only fifteen minutes more, the tiger burst through some bushes into a clearing. The sound of rushing water met Pyro’s ears, and he saw the waterfall. He knew where he was. It was the clearing that ember had landed in after their “battle”. He walked slowly over to the pond and sat on the nearest rock, breathing hard.

He looked into the water, and was surprised to see the two fish swimming alone. The orange one swam closer to the waterfall, in the turbulent water, and the red one swam nearer the center. He did not know that they had been swimming further away the day before, when Ember had been there. The red one had edged closer to the center since she was there.

Pyro sat and regained his breath, watching the fish.

He felt a wave of pain pass over him, and began to cry.

The tiger had been chasing a butterfly, but when he heard Pyro’s soft crying, he turned and bounded strait to him, nudging him with his cheek.

“I can’t live without her. She hates me, and it’s all because I was too worried to realize she would be able to take care of herself. What kind of world is it where loving someone too much will only make them hate you?” He asked the tiger through tears growing into sobs. He hugged the tiger’s neck tightly, and buried his head in his fur.

With his head still buried, he whispered into the warm fur, “I would give anything for her to want me back,” and he sighed after a long while of sobbing. The tiger just licked his hair back, away from his wet eyes.

Ember knelt on the soft earth and watched the clearing intently. A Huge tiger bounded into the clearing and began pouncing on a butterfly. The tiger’s eyes were pitch black with a rim of amber, and its fur golden orange and black. She watched it pounce and pounce, acting just like a cub on its first day out of the den. She stifled a laugh, not wanting to startle it.

A few seconds later, something ran into the clearing from the bushes the tiger had bounded through. Ember stared at that thing, not daring to say a word. She watched as Pyro walked into the clearing, and sat on the same rock she had been sitting on only minutes before, and was surprised to see him look so miserable. He was wearing the same cloths he had worn when she had seen him last, and they were wrinkled and had mud on them. It looked as if he had run quite a lot to get here, for he was breathing harder than normal, and sweat soaked his shirt.

What amazed her the most was when he started to cry. She had never seen him cry, and didn’t think it possible. He always acted so bulletproof. She was also surprised to see the tiger forgot all about the butterfly it had been so intently chasing and go to him, nudging his cheek with its cheek.

And when he started to talk, her heart went out for him. The show of emotion had startled her, but this just went strait to her heart.

What pain he must be in, said Goldenwing to Ember. It looks as if he does want to come home.

, she replied, still staring at the scene in front of them.

Pyro stopped crying, and just sat there, burying his head into the tiger’s orange fur, hugging its neck for comfort. He was truly miserable, she realized. She stepped out of the bushes, and the tiger’s eyes shifted to her, but it did not do anything to suggest that it was confused or surprised that she was there. It looked at her as if it had known she was there the whole time.

Then Pyro whispered something to the tiger that Ember could only just hear, but she heard it nonetheless. She silently knelt beside him and hugged him lightly.

“You don’t have to do anything for that. I already do want you back. I always did.”

Pyro sobbed and felt a warmth and a pressure on his right shoulder and left side. He imagined Ember hugging him once more, and believed he could here her saying, “You don’t have to do anything for that. I already do want you back. I always did,” and he thought, Oh no, I’m hearing things now. But he realized that the warmth he felt was real, and the voice he had heard was actually Ember’s.

He turned to look at her, half expecting to see nothing, and when he saw her eyes dancing at him, his heart lit up, and he hugged her so hard that she gasped for air.

“I thought you hated me!” He said, bewildered. “I thought you didn’t want to see me ever again, so I lived in the city for a few days!”

“I never wanted you gone,” she soothed. “I guess all the pressure of my life so far became too much for me, and I overreacted. I’m so sorry.” She hugged him hard. “I thought you didn’t want to live in the palace anymore… it was so boring there without you,” she teased, tears coming to her eyes.

“What, was there nothing to do without me?” He replied.

“Nothing but making scrambled eggs and sitting, staring at nothing.”

“All I had to eat in the city was jerky and PB and J sandwiches. I missed your cooking so much,” he laughed, and hugged her harder, then held her shoulders at arm length so he could look into her eyes again. “And I missed your eyes. I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” she replied and pulled him closer to her for a big hug.

They looked into the pond, and the two fish were swimming toward each other to swim in a sort of dance together again.

All the while, Goldenwing looked out at the clearing with satisfaction. She had done her job. Her eyes met the tiger’s for a brief moment, and he seemed to wink.

Chapter Thirteen

Ember said goodbye to Goldenwing, thanking her for the company. She flew back to the palace, and Goldenwing flew to The Valley of the Dragons, where she met Fang in the Large Cave.

So, how did your end go? He asked.

Very well, she said. Very well indeed, she added with a hint of laughter in her voice.

Good. They are meant for each other. They should always be together. They will have to be for what lies ahead.

Goldenwing flinched at the thought that his words put into her head.

By the time Ember and Pyro got home, the sun was low in the sky, because they had flown through the city, and gotten another big chunk of meat for the tiger. Pyro wouldn’t let him go back to the city alone, and Ember agreed happily after a lick or two from the great cat.

As Ember landed the enlarged flame disk on the balcony, the tiger jumped off, ran into Pyro’s room, and jumped onto his bed, curling into a ball and falling fast asleep within two minutes. Pyro would have done the same thing if Ember hadn’t been there, and about to cook him something nice. He was still exhausted from the run to the clearing, but wanted to spend as much time as he could with her. He stepped off the disk and Ember led him through her room, down the stairs and to the dinning room.

“You wait here,” she told him, leading him to a chair. He sat obediently.

She went into the kitchen and decided to make steak. She got two lean slabs of the beef and a pan. She cooked them with herbs and other seasoning things. She put them on two plates and carried them out to the table. Pyro saw them, and his mouth began to water. She would be able to repay him hopefully, with food. She owed him a lifetime of good food and happiness for the pain she’d caused him.

“You both look beautiful,” he said to her.

“Ha ha. Now eat this. It’ll make you feel a lot better,” she said, placing one of the plates in front of him, and the other in front of her seat. “Even if it is beautiful,” she joked.

“This tastes better than it looks, and it looked great to begin with,” he said through a mouthful of steak.

“Well, I did make it, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did.” He said.

They ate the steaks, and when they were done, went back up to Ember’s room. Ember noticed that it was once again warm and toasty, and felt that she knew why now. She smiled inwardly, and they sat on the couch together, just talking and staring into the fire.

After a while, Pyro got up to go to bed. Ember did the same, heading to her closet to change into her pajamas. She picked out a pair of simple red-orange pajamas that had pants and a button-up long sleeved shirt. She walked into the bathroom, and brushed her teeth and hair, before climbing into her bed and turning off the light.

A few minutes later, Pyro sheepishly knocked on the glass doors that led to the balcony. She got up, made a tiny flame in her hand to light the way, and walked over to open them.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“He snores…” he replied, taking her to his room, where the tiger was snoring very loudly indeed, sprawled on Pyro’s bed, leaving only a little room for anyone else. You would think it was his room, not Pyro’s.

“That’s not a problem. Come on,” she said, taking him back to her room.

She climbed back into bed, and watched as Pyro shyly got in on the other side.

“Good night,” she said, extinguishing the flame in her hand.

“Good night,” he said, kissing her on the cheek before falling into a deep sleep.

Ember fell asleep soon after, and had another dream.

This time, in her dream, she seemed to skip the hallway scene, and was in the room right away.

She watched as two of the children from her previous dreams sat in the center, looking at papers of some sort. It was the boy and the girl with short hair.

She walked closer to them. She peered over the boy’s head, past his dark looking hair, to the papers they held. They seemed to be a bit older than they had been in the other dreams, but not by much. Maybe 8 or 9 years old.

It looked to Ember like homework. They peered at papers with different math problems on them. 3 x 5=? 3 x 6=? And so on. The children laughed as they spoke.

“I can’t believe this is all the homework I get!” said the girl.

“I know. When I had that teacher, I got way more than this, and it was way harder. Maybe she got soft,” replied the boy.

“Or maybe she likes us more than you,” joked the girl.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone likes you more than me…” the boy looked sad for a moment.

The girls look softened, and she looked distressed. “Oh, Adam… I didn’t mean it like that,” she hugged the boy. “Are you going to help me with this, or what?” She joked.

“Ah, if you really need it. It seems to me like you know this stuff perfectly well,” he smiled, cheered by the fact that they were talking about other things.

“Well, maybe I don’t need help… but oh well! We can still talk.”

“You got that right,”

“And we can fight!” The girl had a glint of something in her eyes.

“Oh yeah!”

They got up and began to tickle each other, until they were both rolling on the ground, laughing and gasping for breath.

Ember woke up to the sound of Pyro’s soft breathing. The sun was half way up in the sky already, but she would not wake Pyro yet. He had been exhausted last night, and he needed the sleep. She got up, and walked to the balcony.

She gazed out at the forest as she had done many times lately.

A scratching sound behind her startled her, and she turned to see the tiger pawing at the door. She opened it for him, and he began to pace the balcony at a fast pace.

“What’s wrong, boy?”

He looked up at her, and then at the field.

She understood, just by looking into his eyes. He needed to use the little tiger’s room.

“Jump on,” she said, creating a flame disk and jumping on, making it large enough for him to get on.

He happily jumped on, but looked back at her room, where Pyro slept, and hesitated.

“He’s fine, just sleeping,” she said, understanding his concern.

She lowered the disk, and as soon as they were low enough for the tiger to safely leap down, he did.

He ran through the grass, and found a suitable spot to make his dirt.

Ember walked through the field as well, and picked some wildflowers to take back to her room. After not too long, the tiger pounced on her, and they rolled in the grass.

When they stopped rolling, he licked her face, and she laughed, wiping the slobber off. The tiger was clearly enjoying himself.

Then, seeming confused, he jumped off from her, and ran in a circle. Then a square. Then he ran straight at Ember, and veered off just before crashing into her again. She laughed at his odd behavior. She decided it was just because he was exited.

Pyro woke up, and realized that he was alone in Ember’s room.

Her got up and went to the balcony to see if Ember had already gotten up and went there.

When he got there, he peered over the railing at the field. He saw the tiger stalking a butterfly in the grass below, and Ember picking flowers.

Jump on her! Lick her face, he thought with a laugh. It would be something fun to see.

To his surprise, the tiger stopped what he was doing, and raced toward Ember. He jumped, landed, and they were both sent tumbling. He licked her face when they stopped, and Pyro was stunned.

Run in a circle, he thought. The tiger ran in a circle.

When he thought, run in a square, he ran in a square.

If you can hear me, run to Ember, he experimented.

The tiger ran strait to her. Wait, don’t run into her! He thought franticly as he neared her. The tiger immediately veered to the left, running toward Pyro. He stood at the wall of the house, and Ember made a flame disk and flew to him, seeing Pyro. She lifted him up to the balcony, and as soon as they got high enough, he jumped on Pyro.

He licked his face, as he had done Ember.

“Ah! Quit it!” He said, laughing. The tiger got up, and stood by his side.

“He really likes you,” said Ember, looking at the tiger fondly. “And he’s so cute!” She scratched his chin delightedly.

Then, Goldenwing and Fang flew up, and were delighted to see Ember and Pyro.

“So we finally meet, Pyro!” said Goldenwing, in her strong yet feminine and ever-cheerful voice.

“This must be Goldenwing!” Said Pyro, looking amazed at the sight of the two dragons. “Ember’s told me so much of you.”

“And me of you!” She winked at Ember.

Ember smiled, glad that one of her best friends was meeting Pyro. Fang had met him already, but the rest of the dragons hadn’t. “Hey, what do you say we go to the Valley and let everyone else meet him,” she suggested.

“Sounds good,” said Pyro, gulping at the thought of all the dragons he would meet.

“Can we take him?” Asked Ember, gesturing to the tiger.

“Of coarse. Any friend of yours is a friend of ours.” Said Fang. His deep voice shook the deck. For that reason, he preferred not to use his voice, and instead used his inner voice.

Ember’s dream played through her mind over and over again. So the boy’s name is Adam. But what about the girl with the shorter hair? She had the feeling that that one was Fira. And the other one, the one that had been climbing the tree? She recalled the diary in the room. Maybe Katrina?

When they arrived, she had more questions than ever that could not be answered easily.

Fang, Goldenwing? She asked.


Do either of you know who Adam is? Or Fira?

The dragons exchanged looks, both looking puzzled.

No, said Goldenwing. Why do you ask?

Well, I had a dream… a lot of dreams actually… there was a boy, and two girls in some of them. And in others, it was just the boy and one of the girls. Do you know who they could be?

Dragons don’t normally mix with humans. Most of them are afraid of us,
explained Fang.

How could someone be afraid of you?

Well, he seems to be
, said Goldenwing, her eyes shifting to Pyro.

True, laughed Ember.

“Here we are!” Said Goldenwing. “You might want to cover your ears.”

Fang let out a deafening roar. He was calling the dragons together to meet Pyro.

They landed in the Valley, and the dragons gathered to see the newcomer.

He stood, stunned by the sight. The colors gathering in his eyes were too much. He shied away, but Ember reached out a reassuring hand, and took his in hers. He smiled weakly, and Ember heard Fang say, see, I told you.

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