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Posted 5/22/09 , edited 5/22/09
Things I learned from watching Madlax:

• If you meet a spacy girl who obsesses over red shoes, she may be your other half

• Whatever you do, don't piss off a maid

• Cocktail dress beats body armor

• Conficker's got nothing on Elda Taluta

• The best defense against grenade attack is to shoot them in mid-air

• Do not try to steal a girl's picture book in her sleep -- she will kill you

• If you found the "door of truth", and a creepy little girl warns you not to enter... it's probably a good idea to turn back

• Don't be alarmed if you see a maid running around in a battle field, she may just be taking a shortcut home from grocery shopping

• When you hire a hot chick mercenary to assassinate yourself, she'll visit you the night before and show you a good time

• Naming your child as day-of-the-week might not be a good idea -- he may grow up to become a couch potato who's glued to the TV screens all day long

• Real mercenaries aren't afraid of dancing merrily in front of an obsessed opponent who's blasting away with an automatic weapon

• Real mercenaries aren't embarrassed about fighting while naked

I hope everyone else has some "lessons learned" to share as well
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