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24 / F / The world that ne...
Posted 12/21/09 , edited 12/21/09

Aww mann u noe rite? Hankyung wanna terminate his contract w/ SM? =(
He did that!!! Its so sudden n like a BomB! SM is trying to solve this dispute =(
Arghhhh wish he wont end up like YooJaeSu =(
Stay in Suju no matter what Beijing Fried Rice =(
2009 is seriously a bad year for kpop =(
N our magnae kyuhyun bashed by elfs for support SM =(

Haiz... back to the Q
first o.O
second :O
third x.x
i cant imagine that seriously XD
i'll ask him y he do that ^^
hahaa maybe i'll end up heartbroken =X

Okay~! here is the Q s2
will u boycott suju like wat hottest did?
Posted 12/21/09 , edited 12/21/09

Yeah.. found out about mister Beijing Fried Rice after i pOsted this.
I can't let it happeeeen!! TT__TT
and yeaah.. I commented a lOt on allkpop.
I think Kyuhyun was uhh trying to say Hannie was ungrateful? TT__TT
I swear, SME is so suspicous now.

and LOL.. okei.. what if he was drunk? XD

uhh.. OF COURSE I WON;T! I love them but WTF?
I'm not those types of fans... I guess I just need to love em till the end :]

here's the questiOn...
What would you do if SUJU decided to split?
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24 / F / The world that ne...
Posted 12/22/09 , edited 12/23/09

Really? i seldom post comment XD but if there is less comments posted in particular article, i'll rush to sign in n post a comment 'LOL cool' or 'cool =D'

I'd expected artists from SM include suju, shinee, snsd would get into this kind of trouble when tvxq was facing it.
Hope the others wont hav to face it in the future =(

OM T^T i wont let this happen...
But if they'd decided to n no turning back...
I'll support them T^T
Seeing them still active as an artist is enough for me =(
Eeteuk oppa once said he'll introduce himself as 'Im supoh juni-or's eeteuk' no matter wat T^T
Aish hope they wont split up~

Q : Wat would u do if u play an online game n meet a boy n u two hav a good time together but someday u found out he is actually a member of suju~! ?
Posted 12/23/09 , edited 12/23/09

Maan , this might sound random but it's really getting harder and harder to spOiler the previOus stuff.. puahaha xD
And yeah.. I kindda thought of it tOo.. I mean.. IF DBSK hada prOb with SM, what abOut the others, right? :[
And yeaah.. I actually suppOrt Hannie.. I would've dissOlved my cOntract with SM because of their rules or if I was in his place...
Aww at Eeteuk <33 NOW, THAT'S OUR LEADER! <33 And they wOn't split... :]

A : OMG!! There was sOme part of me that wanted that tO happen sO uhh I wanna buy STARCRAFT now XD puahaha..
No really, It'd be shOcking at first.. I mean.. I WOULDN'T BELiEVE HIM AT FIRST! haha.. Proof needs to be shOwn like he webcams himself or sumthing. puahaha.. The first SuJu member that came intO my mind when I read ur Q. was KYUHYUUN~~ <3 haha

Q: What would you do if U were and internet idOl that is persOnally lOved by mOst members of Suju and the kOrean music industry and get invited tO gO tO Star King (of course, TeukAcademy will be there xD ) ? [Sorry stupid question.. I didn't eat anything today]
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24 / F / The world that ne...
Posted 12/23/09 , edited 12/24/09
Alright~! A new beginning~! (?) ROFL

Hhaahaha junsu once said he played an online game n met a person. He told that person that he is xiah junsu n that person replied him if u r xiah then im bae yongjoon loL

LOL kyuhyun n kibum r gamerz XD

WOW i would be too happy XDDD
first i would ask for a kiss on the cheek from eeteuk or eunhyuk like wat the others did == LOL
then i would request for their autographs~! Weeeee~!

wat would u do if u study in the same uni as one of the suju member n one day u c him walking passes u?
Posted 12/24/09 , edited 12/24/09

Puahaha.. i gOt a new idea about this.. we quote but delete everything last said,. get me?:)) puahaha

and puahaha.. I wouldn't believe it 2, right?.. i mean.. If I had guts, i'd do that too.
YAH, IF U'RE _____ then i'm JESSiCA frOm SNSD >___> xD
and yeaah.. Heechul plays starcraft alOng with kyu sometimes, tOo :]

and puahaha.. OVER-KISSiNG for EunTeuk <3 haha.. they almOSt kiss EVERY GUEST <3
and awwiezx.. autOgraphs.. :]

PUAHAHA.. same university?.. isn't that like impOssible *is tooo yoooung T_T* but yeah.. whatever. I'll stare at him? maybe walk up to him and ask if he really is the suju member and uhh.. simply ask for an autograph ^^

Q: What would you do if you go to korea alone and get lost and into an accident.. u lose ur memOry about where u're from but u know the music u like and stuff and blah blah then u get adopted by this lady with her last name PARK :] ? *u've seen her pic and all that stuff now* .. u gO tO her address and knock on their door and u hear a BILLiON footsteps,.. like a STAMPEDE :] when the door opens u see The Suju members along with Mrs. Park ^__^ She never tol u she was also PARK JUNGSOO's mom ^^
[once again, sori weird question... I still haven't eaten and it's 2 Pee Em XDD
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24 / F / The world that ne...
Posted 12/25/09 , edited 12/26/09

JeN_15 wrote:

LOL y i nvr think of that ! Nice suggestion sis XD

Hahaa nice question~ My imagination can go wild once again XD

Hahahaa that would make me go insane XD
Imagine im in the same dorm with suju
I still remember my idols rite?
So i'll ask his mom to help me to request for permission to stay with suju before i remember everything.
If cant, i'll stay with his mom n visit them every single day XD
N yeah if i've recovered, I'll juz pretend like i dont

So wat would u do if someone ask u to do a CF for a certain thing n later on u found out ur partners in this CF is Super Junior? XD
Posted 12/26/09 , edited 12/26/09

Puahaha.. Imaginations are meant to gO wild, yOh <3
and thankksss XDD
And yeaah.. U remember them but u really don't remember much about SNSD
and uhh.. they were like on VACATiON ? let's just put that in.. and sO they lived in Mrs. Park's house ^^ so u literally live with them ^^
and ouuuhh xD NAUGHTYY~~ XDD But yeah, since when was pretending realy bad? XD

AND WWWWWWOAAAAAH!! I'd naturally dO a CF even if I didn't knOw whO I'd dO it with but WOOOWW.. I'd probably SCREAAM first. And I'd ask the make-up artist to put extra foundation or powder sO no one would notice if I BLUSH xDD DAAYUUM <33 xDD hahaha

okei sO this is the questiOn... What would you do if (YOU'RE STILL LIVING IN MRS. PARK's HOUSE) .. It's kinda late and Teuk's mom isn't there and your favorite member thinks everyones asleep and brings a GIRL home. [He didn't want to bring her but the girl forced him to]... and u prObably know what the girl wants to come next. O_O U're awake and u panic.. what else would u do!? :)) puahaha

[MY IMAGiNATiON is WiLD 2 xD haha]
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24 / F / The world that ne...
Posted 12/26/09 , edited 12/27/09

LOL SNSD XD u dislike them too rite? or maybe i could say... anti ^^

U noe wat? Actually i like them slowly as the time passes... But today the entertainment section of our newspaper says one of the reasons that Hankyung wan to terminate his contract is that SNSD members like to tease him... Hankyung once dyed his hair blonde n u noe wat they said abt him? 'Oppa do u think u'll become a korean if u dyed ur hair blonde?' Wow this is seriously BOOM~ I noe not all the SNSD members r like that, but still... Wat a Girls Generation... They r actually represent US the teens with that name... They done those unmoral actions but we dont... Well maybe all the Sones r blind? Or they r blind-folded by their sexy figures... *legs* *psf* Well... Maybe... Juz maybe their grand-grand-grandparents were from China... N now they r teasing chinese? Maybe im wrong. The end. Peace out.

Hahaha cool~ Wats dayuum btw? o.O XD

He dont like that girl rite? I'll quickly go infront of her n say u better leave now or else... hehe... i'll call their manager to settle this. Before she leave, i'll tell her not to disturb him anymore or i'll put her name n pic in the net XP to let everyone noe she is a baddie XD

Q: *Continue to previous Q* Wat would u do if fishy n u hav some nice scene like dancing or hugging or even more XD kissing? XD
Posted 12/27/09 , edited 12/27/09

PUAHAHAHA :)) I'm not really a fan nor am I an anti XD But yeah, they can be rude. But I seriously like TaeYeon and Jessica! :[
OMG.. Can that be real?.. But tO think of it that way, DID HANNiE say it?.. W8, knOwing Mr. Beijing Fried Rice, ... Will he be that upset?... Well yeah he will but? O___O Maaan, that was really mean >_< Not all of them are like that but maybe their 'JOKiNG around time' is tOo much especially when they might hurt someone's feelings. Hope it isn't true, though. And yeaah.. I mean hOw can they be teens at their age now?.. Acting young and cute (which they actually can be/ are) might not just fit them anymore. I mean, SeoHyun and Yoona are the only teens left. the rest are 20+ -__- And yeaah, it's all stated in HISTORY, yoh. They're of the same race yet why discriminate Chinese/China cuz yOu're Korean/from Korea? >___> Maybe WE'RE WRONG but at least we had something to discuss about :)) haha. PEACE <3 :]

It's the prOlOnged prOnOunciatiOn of 'DAMN' :] XDD
And yeah, He doesn't like the girl.. and WOOO~ nice gOinnggg~~ <3 xDD

A: OMG OMG OMG OMG!! KYAAAAAAAAHH~~ Well the dancing and hugging part is much mOre uhh BELiEVEABLE so yeaaah :)) I'd BLUSH harder, scream on the inside and uhh keep SMiLiNG from time to time but if my role was to NOT smile, I'd try my best not to smile and just let my heartbeat do all the work XD About kissing?.. Seriously, would you think the directOr would seriously let that fish kiss a girl 10 years younger than him? -__- xDD

Q: What would you do if your bestfriend-oppa (who is a member of suju) got you to be a trainee with SM.E and under some weird circumstances, you end up being trained and living in a dorm with some memers of SJ & SNSD? :)) <== No connectiOn tO SJ much but yeah xDD haha
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24 / F / The world that ne...
Posted 12/27/09 , edited 12/28/09

Im wrong so sorry... xD SM juz clarified that all the rumors r fake. But i dont noe y i got the feeling that those r real. Well maybe coz they'd been rude n disrespectful to their sunbaenims in the past years. I like taeyeon n sooyoung but not Jessica. Sry sis xD Hahaa yoona is like older than some of the members that r actually older than her. XD

LOL i didnt think of that~ Or maybe the ELF might kill u LOL juz kidding xD

Hahaa cool~! I'll take alot of pic with them ^^ I'll cook for them ^^ I'll do watever they wan! loL nah...

Q: Wat would u do if Dream Team cast come to ur school to film?
Posted 12/28/09 , edited 12/28/09

LOL.. i knOw , right?.. i read about the clarifications last night befOre gOin tO bed :] and lol.. Why not Ice princess Sica? puahaha. I can't believe I even like her, though but yeaah. i love her vOice :] Cute yet pOwerful ^^ and LOL.. yeaah.. Yoona can seem older sometimes :)) But wOw at their magnae, SeoHyun <3 xD She's so quiet and mature :]

PUAHAHA :)) If they kill me, I wouldn't mind. I'm an ELF too and plus, I even had a CF with Hae <33 puahahaha =)) LMAO! I feel crazy now. XD

Ouhh.. like wOoahh.. cOok fOr them, huh? :] niiice~ XDD haha

A: OMG OMG OMG! If that happened, I'd like SCREAM a lot <3 :)) take pictures and like upload them here straight away.. No, I'd take videOs! I wouldn't mind if my teacher confiscated my phone cuz of it.. Puahaha :)) JUST PLEASE LET ME TAKE PICTURES OF/WiTH THEM! puahahaha =)) (I sound more crazy now XDD )

---- is thinking of a Questionn... -__-
Q: Okei sO this is it. What would you do if u were forced to choose your personal 'F4' from Suju? Those F4 will be uhh.. A new SUBGROUP. so u have to choose wisely~ SUPER JUNiOR F4! :)) puahaha (btw, this has no relation to 'What would you' but just tell me who will be WHO and why?" xD I'd of course pic Hae as Jun Pyo (though he'd fit JiHoo) and Hyuk as Jihoo XD Min ans Yi Jeong and Yesung as wOobin xD
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24 / F / The world that ne...
Posted 12/29/09 , edited 12/29/09

Hahhaaa~ Nice subgroup xD

I'd choose those u didnt choose x)
Wookie as Junpyo~! (He kinda fits xD Imagine he is angry or acting cute~)
Kyu as Jihoo~! (Hahhaa aww sugar-like kyu~)
Kibum as Kimbum... loL as Yijung~! (Their smiles r alike =D)
Siwon as Woobin~! (Hahaah gentleman but has a mafia background xD)
*Im lacking of idea on 'wat would u do' so lets juz break the rule? loL~

Q: Which would u choose? Fishy's self-made cake or $50? xD
Posted 12/29/09 , edited 12/29/09

LOL.. great chOices but .. wOoo~~ I think Kyu'd be a better Jun pyO =)) puahahaha xD
and LOL... I knOw, right?.. If only we knew a mod to change the rules xDD

A: FISHY'S SELF-MADE CAKE <3 that's priceless , maan.. I'd even want it even if it was the worst cake, If it had pOison or something.. Just not MOLDS ^__^ XD puahaha

Q : What would you choose to be... Super Junior's dorm or The members' beds? :]

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24 / F / The world that ne...
Posted 12/30/09 , edited 12/31/09

loL molds >.< XD

suju's dorm~! =D
hahahaa coz i can c their daily activities ^^
n hear wat they talk about loL
stalker xD

Q: Which suju member would u wanna be if u hav a chance to change ur identity with? XD
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