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Post Reply the crying video with subs!
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09

ennecruzin wrote:

Animelover156 wrote:

but didn't yuto cry at the end too?

ahh didnt know have you seen any video of yuto-san crying too? well that's the only video i've seen the four of them don't know bout yuto-san .. please tell me if you've seen any ne.. i like yuto also!! ~ ahh is he the one who pinched yamachan's cheek while he was crying? HAHA~ i guess it was him maybe because they're really close friends :D

yeaa when all four of them were making their speeches at the end they cut off the part when yuto was really starting to break down they should have keeped of filming just a little more x3 I think the one who pinched yamada's cheek was the girl that was Taki Yuko because you see the sleves that she wears when she pinches his cheek but am not sure? xD
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