My Memory is the Key: Part 4
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May 24 {{ Surtas? OH NO! Cont. }}

Chapter 13 Cont.

They landed in the Valley, and the dragons gathered to see the newcomer.

He stood, stunned by the sight. The colors gathering in his eyes were too much. He shied away, but Ember reached out a reassuring hand, and took his in hers. He smiled weakly, and Ember heard Fang say, see, I told you.

So he’s a bit nervous. I was too when you took me here two days ago, I just had a bit more control over it.

Fang called out to the dragons.

“Pyro has decided to meet you all! Make him feel welcome!” It looks like he needs it, he added to all who could hear him.

Immediately, dragons flocked forward to see him.

“Welcome Pyro!”
“Please feel free to visit my cave!”
“We have waited to meet you!”

A group of three adolescent dragons, though almost the same size as Pyro, came up gasping and said “Ember told us all about you! She said that you caught her when she fell, and that she really liked you from the beginning!” They laughed, and Ember blushed.

Feeling a burst of courage, he bent down to whisper something to them, and they burst out laughing.

What did he say?

He said that you couldn’t help it because he’s so magnetic
, they said, unable to contain their laughs.

She laughed, and Pyro walked over saying, “What’s so funny?”

“You, I guess,”

All this time, the tiger had been playing with the youngest of the dragons. He was gentle, but he sent them both rolling in different directions as they played.

Pyro was starting to feel more comfortable around the dragons, and Ember felt happy to know that the people she cared about most were finally becoming friends.

The welcoming of Pyro went almost the same as Ember’s had. Except the dragons had all known her, but they knew nothing of Pyro except what Ember had told them. But they seemed to love the idea of meeting more humans.

Soon, Fang called Ember and Pyro to the large cave, which was empty. Goldenwing followed, and the tiger kept at Pyro’s side.

“We need to talk,” said Fang.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Ember, beginning to worry.

“Well, it’s not exactly a bad thing, if we do things right…” murmured Goldenwing.

“Tell me, what’s going on?”

“The land of Flaria is in danger,” said Fang.

“Whatever threat there is, as this land’s Queen, I will fight it.”

“And I will fight at her side.” Said Pyro, caught in the moment, and remembering the spear he had seen in the city.

The tiger roared.

“You cannot fight him, though. He is too strong.”

“Who is?”

Both dragons were silent for a while. “Surtas” A single word, but it sent a million sensations to Ember.

Images of burning buildings came to her mind. Of crying children, and of desperate cries ringing through the night air. Then all was calm, and she was in a clearing in the woods.

“Surtas said that if we didn’t give him what he wants, we will all regret it,” said the girl from her dreams with short hair. It was maybe two or three years after the last scene, and her hair was grown out, but the look in her eyes and the fierce emotion in her expression told her that it was the same girl. Adam, identified by his messy, dark hair and dark eyes sat next to her on the ground.

“What will you do?”

“We don’t know… Mom says we must try to solve the problem peacefully, and I agree. But dad says we should fight.” She looked down at her hands, which held a half-made circlet of wildflowers gathered from the woods. “I don’t want anymore people to die,” a single tear rolled down her cheek, and the look of despair in Adams eyes was unbearable.

Then, Ember was back in the cave. She gasped for air, and held Pyro’s arm for support.

“Ember? What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” He frantically looked into her eyes, seeing only blank confusion.

“Hm…? Oh, I’m fine…” she seemed to remember where she was, and stood straight.

We should talk later. Meet us in the waterfall clearing at moon-high tonight, said Fang.

Yes, was all she replied, still a bit shaken by the vision.

“We should probably get back to the palace,” suggested Pyro.

“Good idea. We can talk later.” Agreed Fang.

Pyro led Ember out of the cave, and said, “Can you control a flame disk?”

Slightly offended, Ember replied, “Of coarse! I’m just a bit shaken, that’s all. No need to worry. A little rest, and I’ll be fine.”

She made a flame disk with no problem at all, and lifted them into the air. This felt so natural to her that it was hard to believe that she had awoken less than ten days ago on the beach, knowing nothing but her name.

She carried them across the landscape at amazing speeds, and arrived at the palace, letting Pyro and the tiger off before turning a flip in the air and releasing her control of the flames at the right time to complete the flip and land on her feet on the balcony.

“Cool,” said Pyro.

“I’ll never be afraid of heights again!” She said cheerfully. “As long as I know that if I ever fall, I can just summon fire to save me.”

“And don’t forget that I’ll always be watching out for you when you fall,” replied Pyro affectionately.

“Yes, that too,” she said, smiling as she slipped into the swinging loveseat.

The sun was still lowering in the sky, and it was still some time before sunset.

“What should we do?” Asked Ember.

“We could go shopping,” suggested Pyro, thinking again of the spear.

“Hm… why, is there something you have your eye on?” She asked, as if she had read his mind.

He described the spear and she was up in a second or two.

“Well, let’s go get it,” she said. “We can pay the owner for it when they get back from wherever they are…” she paused. “And for all the food you two ate,” she said, casting a playful glance at Pyro and the tiger at his side.

She made yet another flame disk and they headed toward the city.

She landed in front of the store, guided by directions from Pyro. She walked in behind Pyro, who went to the back of the store. But something in the corner caught her eye. It was a sword with a black leather bound hilt and a red gem at the end. The blade was a silver color, but looked like something much stronger. It was long and slender, and slightly curved. She picked it up, and something felt right about it. The way her hand gripped the hilt, the sound the blade made as it sliced through the air, it all seemed right. Maybe she was also a master swordswoman before she lost her memory.

She put it back in its sheath and strapped it to her waist.

At that moment, Pyro came back to her holding a long, dark wood spear that had a strong tip and an agile look to it.

“Wow, that is a nice spear!”

“I know,” he looked back down at it, as if he couldn’t believe it.

“See what I found?” She said, tipping her hip so the sword shone in a shaft of fading light shining through the store window.

“Nice!” He whistled.

They walked out of the store, and Ember walked to the nearest clothes shop. She squealed, and left Pro and the tiger standing in the middle of the street, wondering how to pass the time.

They decided to sit on a bench that was within sight of the clothes store. Pyro twiddled his thumbs, and the tiger chased some bugs that crawled underneath a nearby rock.

Meanwhile, Ember looked through racks, searching for the perfect shirt to go with the jeans she had already picked out.

She found one that was a pale red color, and had a halter-top. She tried the two on together, and loved the result. She studied herself in the small mirror, and couldn’t help being conscious of what Pyro would think about it. She pushed it to the back of her mind, focusing on what she thought of it.

She turned this way and that, and when she was convinced that she had to have it, she took it off, putting on her own clothes, and walked out of the dressing room and headed for the counter. She read the price tags, and got a piece of paper from a drawer behind the front desk. With a pen, she wrote, “I.O.U.” and put it on the counter, after signing her name. She would pay the owners whenever they decided to come back from where ever they were.

She walked out of the store to see Pyro lying half-asleep on the bench. The tiger was lounging in the fading sun not too far off.
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