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Chapter 13 Cont.

They landed in the Valley, and the dragons gathered to see the newcomer.

He stood, stunned by the sight. The colors gathering in his eyes were too much. He shied away, but Ember reached out a reassuring hand, and took his in hers. He smiled weakly, and Ember heard Fang say, see, I told you.

So he’s a bit nervous. I was too when you took me here two days ago, I just had a bit more control over it.

Fang called out to the dragons.

“Pyro has decided to meet you all! Make him feel welcome!” It looks like he needs it, he added to all who could hear him.

Immediately, dragons flocked forward to see him.

“Welcome Pyro!”
“Please feel free to visit my cave!”
“We have waited to meet you!”

A group of three adolescent dragons, though almost the same size as Pyro, came up gasping and said “Ember told us all about you! She said that you caught her when she fell, and that she really liked you from the beginning!” They laughed, and Ember blushed.

Feeling a burst of courage, he bent down to whisper something to them, and they burst out laughing.

What did he say?

He said that you couldn’t help it because he’s so magnetic
, they said, unable to contain their laughs.

She laughed, and Pyro walked over saying, “What’s so funny?”

“You, I guess,”

All this time, the tiger had been playing with the youngest of the dragons. He was gentle, but he sent them both rolling in different directions as they played.

Pyro was starting to feel more comfortable around the dragons, and Ember felt happy to know that the people she cared about most were finally becoming friends.

The welcoming of Pyro went almost the same as Ember’s had. Except the dragons had all known her, but they knew nothing of Pyro except what Ember had told them. But they seemed to love the idea of meeting more humans.

Soon, Fang called Ember and Pyro to the large cave, which was empty. Goldenwing followed, and the tiger kept at Pyro’s side.

“We need to talk,” said Fang.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Ember, beginning to worry.

“Well, it’s not exactly a bad thing, if we do things right…” murmured Goldenwing.

“Tell me, what’s going on?”

“The land of Flaria is in danger,” said Fang.

“Whatever threat there is, as this land’s Queen, I will fight it.”

“And I will fight at her side.” Said Pyro, caught in the moment, and remembering the spear he had seen in the city.

The tiger roared.

“You cannot fight him, though. He is too strong.”

“Who is?”

Both dragons were silent for a while. “Surtas” A single word, but it sent a million sensations to Ember.

Images of burning buildings came to her mind. Of crying children, and of desperate cries ringing through the night air. Then all was calm, and she was in a clearing in the woods.

“Surtas said that if we didn’t give him what he wants, we will all regret it,” said the girl from her dreams with short hair. It was maybe two or three years after the last scene, and her hair was grown out, but the look in her eyes and the fierce emotion in her expression told her that it was the same girl. Adam, identified by his messy, dark hair and dark eyes sat next to her on the ground.

“What will you do?”

“We don’t know… Mom says we must try to solve the problem peacefully, and I agree. But dad says we should fight.” She looked down at her hands, which held a half-made circlet of wildflowers gathered from the woods. “I don’t want anymore people to die,” a single tear rolled down her cheek, and the look of despair in Adams eyes was unbearable.

Then, Ember was back in the cave. She gasped for air, and held Pyro’s arm for support.

“Ember? What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” He frantically looked into her eyes, seeing only blank confusion.

“Hm…? Oh, I’m fine…” she seemed to remember where she was, and stood straight.

We should talk later. Meet us in the waterfall clearing at moon-high tonight, said Fang.

Yes, was all she replied, still a bit shaken by the vision.

“We should probably get back to the palace,” suggested Pyro.

“Good idea. We can talk later.” Agreed Fang.

Pyro led Ember out of the cave, and said, “Can you control a flame disk?”

Slightly offended, Ember replied, “Of coarse! I’m just a bit shaken, that’s all. No need to worry. A little rest, and I’ll be fine.”

She made a flame disk with no problem at all, and lifted them into the air. This felt so natural to her that it was hard to believe that she had awoken less than ten days ago on the beach, knowing nothing but her name.

She carried them across the landscape at amazing speeds, and arrived at the palace, letting Pyro and the tiger off before turning a flip in the air and releasing her control of the flames at the right time to complete the flip and land on her feet on the balcony.

“Cool,” said Pyro.

“I’ll never be afraid of heights again!” She said cheerfully. “As long as I know that if I ever fall, I can just summon fire to save me.”

“And don’t forget that I’ll always be watching out for you when you fall,” replied Pyro affectionately.

“Yes, that too,” she said, smiling as she slipped into the swinging loveseat.

The sun was still lowering in the sky, and it was still some time before sunset.

“What should we do?” Asked Ember.

“We could go shopping,” suggested Pyro, thinking again of the spear.

“Hm… why, is there something you have your eye on?” She asked, as if she had read his mind.

He described the spear and she was up in a second or two.

“Well, let’s go get it,” she said. “We can pay the owner for it when they get back from wherever they are…” she paused. “And for all the food you two ate,” she said, casting a playful glance at Pyro and the tiger at his side.

She made yet another flame disk and they headed toward the city.

She landed in front of the store, guided by directions from Pyro. She walked in behind Pyro, who went to the back of the store. But something in the corner caught her eye. It was a sword with a black leather bound hilt and a red gem at the end. The blade was a silver color, but looked like something much stronger. It was long and slender, and slightly curved. She picked it up, and something felt right about it. The way her hand gripped the hilt, the sound the blade made as it sliced through the air, it all seemed right. Maybe she was also a master swordswoman before she lost her memory.

She put it back in its sheath and strapped it to her waist.

At that moment, Pyro came back to her holding a long, dark wood spear that had a strong tip and an agile look to it.

“Wow, that is a nice spear!”

“I know,” he looked back down at it, as if he couldn’t believe it.

“See what I found?” She said, tipping her hip so the sword shone in a shaft of fading light shining through the store window.

“Nice!” He whistled.

They walked out of the store, and Ember walked to the nearest clothes shop. She squealed, and left Pro and the tiger standing in the middle of the street, wondering how to pass the time.

They decided to sit on a bench that was within sight of the clothes store. Pyro twiddled his thumbs, and the tiger chased some bugs that crawled underneath a nearby rock.

Meanwhile, Ember looked through racks, searching for the perfect shirt to go with the jeans she had already picked out.

She found one that was a pale red color, and had a halter-top. She tried the two on together, and loved the result. She studied herself in the small mirror, and couldn’t help being conscious of what Pyro would think about it. She pushed it to the back of her mind, focusing on what she thought of it.

She turned this way and that, and when she was convinced that she had to have it, she took it off, putting on her own clothes, and walked out of the dressing room and headed for the counter. She read the price tags, and got a piece of paper from a drawer behind the front desk. With a pen, she wrote, “I.O.U.” and put it on the counter, after signing her name. She would pay the owners whenever they decided to come back from where ever they were.

She walked out of the store to see Pyro lying half-asleep on the bench. The tiger was lounging in the fading sun not too far off.

She walked up, and a mischievous idea popped itself into her head.

She tiptoed over to him, and before he realized she was there, she tickled his nose with a feather she found on the ground.

He jerked up, and a huge sneeze escaped his mouth.

“You’re back,” he said, smiling. He rubbed his nose, adding, “but you didn’t have to make me sneeze like that.”

“I just couldn’t help it,” she smiled, and they headed down the street to look in the windows of the shops.

By thee time the sun was almost covered by the surrounding hills, Ember said, “let’s get back home. We can have a nice, warm meal when we get there.”

Pyro quickly agreed, at the thought of a good meal. They jumped onto a new flame disk, and soared to the Palace.

When they arrived, the tiger needed to go to the field again to use up the energy that still burned in him.

Ember and Pyro stood leaning on the balcony, and watched as the tiger stalked an animal in the grass. Ember realized that he could get his own meat this way. As Ember looked into the sunset, she remembered what Fang and Goldenwing had said about Surtas. Worry suddenly filled her heart like a balloon.

“I wonder what Fang and Goldenwing meant when they said that this Surtas person was too strong. Do you think he has some secret weapon of some kind?”

Pyro laughed a little. “Whatever he has or is, he won’t stand a chance. Not against us.”

Ember’s face darkened. “I don’t want you to get hurt, Pyro.”

“As long as I can be there to help you, I’ll fight 'til my last breath.” He replied, looking her in the eyes. Both his and hers danced.

“That’s just it,” she looked down. “I know you will fight with all your strength. That’s what worries me. If you died trying to protect me, I wouldn’t be able to go on living…”


“I don’t want to lose you, Pyro. You mean too much to me, and if I lost that, there would be nothing left. I can’t remember anything right now except a few small things, and with my earliest memory being when I woke up on the beach, it’s like I’ve known you most of my life, as far as time is concerned.”

“Don’t worry…” he paused for a moment, as if unsure about what to say. “As long as you are right beside me, I’ll always have enough strength to keep going.”

She looked down, and didn’t reply. Tears rolled down her cheek, and Pyro hugged her, and didn’t let go until her cheeks were dry again.

With a huge sigh, Ember said, “well, should we go eat something?” She smiled up at Pyro, glad for the comfort.

“Yeah. The only thing I love more than your cooking is you.” He said with a wink.

They walked out through her room, and as Ember passed her bedside table, she stroked the jewel sphere, as if she needed to touch it again.

They went down to the kitchen and Ember prepared a meal of homemade cheeseburgers, the way she thought her father would have made for her, if she could remember.

They ate in almost silence. When they were done, they took the plates and silverware into the kitchen.

She retreated into her room to change into her nightclothes, and Pyro went to his, hoping that the tiger hadn’t beaten him to the bed again.

He got into his room, and found the bed empty. He went to his own bathroom to brush his teeth, and changed into red pajamas. Meanwhile, Ember had let the tiger back up from the field. He walked back to the main room.

The tiger was sprawled on the bed, snoring like an old man.

He sighed, and opened the door to the balcony. He stood at the edge for a moment, looking over to the mountains. Something about them seemed to call to him that night, but he pushed it down and headed for Ember’s room.

He opened the door to Ember’s room, and she looked up. She had been reading a book she had obviously found in the library. “Is he taking up the whole bed again?”


She scooted over and patted the spot beside her. One more night next to her.

She got up as he sat down, and said, “You go ahead and sleep, I’m going to read for a bit. I’ll go to the library, and come back when I’m done.”

“If you’re sure…”

There was a look in her eyes, like she was nowhere close to sleep. Like she still had every last spark of fire in her, and nothing could calm them. He worried for a second and then, remembering what happened the last time he worried too much, decided not to mention it.

She left the room and headed for the library, and he drifted into sleep.

Ember closed the door behind her quietly. Technically she hadn’t lied. She had done a bit of reading in the library, but she hadn’t gone to bed when she was done. She had stowed a change of clothes in the library in case this had happened. She changed silently and slipped out unnoticed. She was positive that Pyro was asleep. She was at the front door now, standing on the doorstep. She made a flame disk and flew to her meeting spot with Fang and Goldenwing.

She flew at a leisurely pace, which was still fast for her. She soared above trees and mountains, until she came to the little waterfall clearing in the mountains.

How are you?

I’m good, Fang, and you?

Goldenwing and I are good-

But we need to talk,
finished Goldenwing.


Ember could not keep her questions to herself. Who is Surtas? And why is he so strong? What’s going on, Fang?

That is what we shall discuss. Surtas is the king of a distant country across the sea. A while ago, he vowed to control this land. But two stood in his way.
He paused and, seeming to read Ember’s thoughts, said, please do not interrupt until I have finished. He continued. Surtas declared war because he wanted something he could not have. Something that only three had. And now only one. When he was denied what he coveted, he launched an attack, and nearly won. But the two who got in his way had a plan. They agreed to give him what he wanted, but only if three conditions were met. He readily agreed, so desperate for what he wanted. The first and least difficult condition was to leave and never return to the Kingdom of Flaria meaning harm to the land or people. He met that term only days after the negotiation. The second, a bit more difficult, was to restore all damage he had done to Flaria. After a few months, that condition was met, paid for by Surtas in full.

After a long moment of silence, Ember said, and the third condition of the agreement?

The third condition was to take a willing wife from Flaria, to rule beside him in his country and keep him from turning his back on the agreement once he got what he wanted. If his wife thought what he did was wrong and told him to stop, he had to obey. But the wife could not make him stop doing something that meant giving up what he had gotten from the agreement or changes in his lands or peoples. Only Surtas and a chosen few know it, and I am one of the chosen.

If only a few know it, and Flaria seems to be empty, can’t Surtas just take what he wants and destroy what he doesn’t? And who said he’d actually listen to his wife? He could have killed her on the honeymoon night!

That is where you are wrong, Ember. A deep magic binds the contract, and it was signed in blood. If he decides to do what you just said, his newfound leadership, and what he so reverently wanted of Flaria, would be stripped from him, and he would be cast into eternal servitude in the underworld.

Well, from what I hear about this man, I am very sorry for his wife!

The third condition has not been met. And if it isn’t met within three months of now, he will be cast into servitude anyway.

Ember stared in amazement. But there is no one in the Kingdome of Flaria to marry!

There was a silence again. There is you. Said Goldenwing, looking down. And we don't know that you and Pyro are the only ones left in Flaria...

Me? But I will not marry him! I don’t even know him! And I haven’t seen anyone but Pyro and the dragons in this country!

He is here. Believe me, he is. He just hides like the coward he is. At the moment, he means no harm to the land, which is why he can be on the island. He has found a loophole in the contract. He can come at any time as long as he does not mean the land or people harm at the moment. He can conveniently change his mind when he gets here, and will be just fine.

she stammered, frantically looking for words. But, my heart is already taken, she said quietly.

We know, and that is why everything will be fine! Goldenwing was trying to be cheerful.

What was it that Surta wanted so badly? Asked Ember after a moment.

Fang took a breath. That, I cannot tell you. I am bound to be silent. I cannot go any further into this matter than I already have. But I can safely say that this started well before your time.

But there is so much I don’t know yet!

And this is all you will know. I cannot say more.
With that, he lifted his wings, and flew off, leaving Ember to stare at Goldenwing in disbelief.

You must understand that he gave his word that he would not speak any more of this. His honor is at stake, and a dragon’s honor is what defines him. She paused. I have to go, and you should get some sleep. Just wait three months, and it’ll all be over, and everything will be back to normal. You may even get your memories back. And with that, she too flew off.

Ember sat on her favorite rock to ponder what Fang had told her.

After not too long, she got up and flew home, to get some sleep so that Pyro would not notice she had been out.

She arrived home, and went into the library to change back into her nightclothes. She slipped into her room, as quietly as she could. She tiptoed to her bed, where Pyro was sleeping peacefully. She slipped into bed on the side opposite Pyro, careful not to disturb him. Fortunately, he slept like a rock, and did not wake. She made herself comfortable, and after a bit, drifted into a fitful sleep.

Chapter 14

A girl with short gray hair sat alone on a swing. She looked about 13 years old. She had a sad and distant look in her eyes, which were gray. She dangled with no meaning, no rhythm, just letting the wind carry her on her swing. Ember sat on a swing next to her.

“You’re sad too, aren’t you?” Asked the girl.

Ember was amazed that this dream child could speak to her.

“In a way,” she replied, not knowing what else to say.


“Well, some people I know are in danger,”

“You too?” Asked the girl.

“Who are you? You are the same girl I’ve had dreams about, aren’t you?” It came out without her thinking. She remembered one of her first dreams. The diary... “Are you Fira?”

“Yes,” was all the girl said, before fading into the background. Ember was left alone, to dangle meaninglessly on her swing.

Ember woke up with a start, still puzzled by her dream.

So she knew who Fira was, but she still didn’t know who she was. Now that Ember had gotten a good look at her, she was more certain than ever that they were somehow related. She could really be my mother…

The thought chilled her to the bone.

She looked around the room, and found that Pyro had already gotten up.

She walked to her closet and changed into something comfortable for the day, putting her pajamas in the hamper.

Then she walked out to the balcony.

She leaned on the edge as she often did, letting all her senses absorb the land around her. The sounds of the birds in the trees, the whistle of the wind, even the faint smell of the sea, drifting from across the forest. She closed her eyes, and just listened. The sounds of the land filled her senses, and she was calmed by it. For a long time, she lay in a state of utter tranquility.

It crashed into itself when the tiger landed on her with a sloppy lick.

“Good morning to you, too!”

The tiger reared up, and bounced near the edge of the balcony. Ember made a flame disk and let it hover close to the tiger, who jumped on. It rose over the edge, and sailed smoothly to the grass below. He jumped off and ran at full speed through the field.

“He’s got way too much energy in him,” came a voice from behind her.

She turned to see Pyro in a black button up long sleeved shirt with jeans. The top few buttons were loose, showing a red t-shirt underneath, and the long sleeves were rolled up a bit. His jet-black hair fell over his eyes, which were shining in the morning sun. Ember felt a sudden burst of heat wash over her face, but pushed it away. She could control the heat of the fire, but not the heat of her own feelings?

“I don’t know… I like energy,” she teased. She pulled herself closer to him.

“Energy is fine,” he replied, wrapping his arms around his waist. “He just has to learn how to control it.”

He flopped onto the swinging loveseat, pulling Ember down with him. She leaned her head on his should and said, “how about a fly?”

“Sounds great!”

She made a flame disk, and they left, leaving the tiger to frolic on his own. They first flew over the mountains, toward the beach where Ember had woken up. After two hours or so, they arrived at their destination, and landed smoothly on the sand. She sat in the sand, and Pyro sat next to her. They watched the waves’ constant motion up and down the beach. Soon, they got hungry.

“Should we head back so we can eat something?” Ember asked, looking over at Pyro.

“Why not?”

They got up, and Ember thought she felt the wind pick up for a second or two, but dismissed it. They climbed aboard a fresh flame disk and soared away.

Once they were in the air, Ember was sure the wind had picked up. She slowed to a stop, and felt her hair being whipped around her face. She looked ahead of her, and the sky was clear. Then she looked behind her, and to her horror, saw nearly black clouds creeping toward them on the horizon.

“We’d better hurry, if we want to be home before that thing hits,” she said, picking up the pace. She felt a peculiar charge through the air. This storm would be bad.

By the time they were almost half way home, over an unexplored forest, the clouds were right above them, and it was ominously dark. It rained, heavily. But she kept the disk up. It wasn’t hard. For some reason, her flames did not extinguish in water.

But after a few minutes, the disk got thinner and thinner, but Ember felt no weaker than normal. Knowing what would come, she tried to lower them to safety, but was too late. They were 30 or so feet in the air still, and her disk collapsed.

They fell through the rain, grasping for each other’s hands.

They landed with a thud on the hard forest ground. Ember had hit a few trees on the way, knocking her hand out of his, but Pyro landed beside her in a clearing. She felt no broken bones, but knew she would have a ton of bruises as souvenirs of the fall.

She lay motionless for a moment, but got up slowly, groaning with pain. At least she could stand.

She limped over to Pyro, who lay not five feet away on the ground, unmoving. She knelt beside him, looking for his pulse. To her relief, she found a faint one. His eyes flickered open, and he groaned. Her eyes left his face, to search his body. The black shirt he wore had a dark stain on the arm. She carefully unbuttoned the shirt, taking it off so she could get a look at the wound. He groaned again as she lifted his arm, and she was careful not to move it. She suspected that he had broken it.

She was right. When the shirt was off, she could see clearly that it was broken. The rain washed away the blood from a deep gash in his arm. She could see other things, and had to hold back what was in her stomach.

He started to shiver, and Ember made a fire beside him to keep him warm. But nothing happened. She was as strong as ever, just a bit hurt and hungry. Why were her powers not working?

Lightning played around them, and thunder rumbled across the forest.

She desperately tried to make a flame, to no avail. Her worst nightmares were coming true.

She jumped as a bolt of lightning hit the ground 10 feet away. She covered her ears, but not in time. The boom was deafening, and her ears rung.

“Pyro! Don’t move your arm, okay?” Quickly she explained what was happening, and about her powers. “You don’t think I’ve lost them for good?"

“No,” he murmured. He was in such pain, and all she could think about was if her powers were gone. She was ashamed of herself.

She got up, and walking to the center of the clearing, stood in silence. They were doomed. They would surely be struck by lightning. And if not, she could not get them home now.

And at that moment, time seemed to freeze. She felt an odd electric charge go through her, and looked up. A lightning bolt was headed straight for Pyro!

It inched down, seeming to want to torture Ember every inch. She had to do something, but there was no way she could reach him in time to push him out of the way.

“PYRO!!!” She screamed at the top of her voice. She raised her arms, without knowing why. She called to the lightning. “Take me!” She screamed, “not him,” as if it would change its path.

Time sped up again, and she expected to see the lightning hit Pyro, but instead she felt a shock so large it knocked her down. Her vision faded into blackness, and she could hear a faint voice calling her name. “Ember!” but it too faded away to nothing.

She stood in a white forest. Trees and trunks were shining white and seemed to be made of crystal, and when she looked up at the sky, her head jerked back down at the brightness.

She looked around the white forest. There was no one there. Pyro was gone, and the forest had changed.

'Where am I?'

'Nowhere,' replied a voice in her head. It sounded strangely like her own. Like the little voice in your head that tells you what is right and what is wrong. Only louder and more distinct.

'Who’s that?'

'It’s you.'

'But I’m right here!'

'You are here too.'

'Are you my conscience?'


'Why won’t you answer me directly? Why won’t you show yourself?'

'I don’t fell like it right now. Maybe later when you’re ready.'

'Why am I not ready now?'

'I cannot answer that.'

'Why not?'


'Will you at least tell me what happened? Is Pyro okay? Am I going to be okay?'

'You will be fine. Pyro is fine, other than the broken arm. But I cannot tell you what happened. Or what will become of you. I have to go now.'

'Wait! Tell me what I need to do!'

'Only you can decide that.'

The voice faded and the last few words were barely audible.

Ember looked around. A burst of color among the white captured her gaze.

She turned to see a huge bird. Its wings were aflame, and its feathers were orange and red. It was as tall as Ember when it stood, and the wingspan was huge. The bird faded away, and Ember closed her eyes.

After he had fallen, Pyro lay still.

His arm hurt like nothing he could ever imagine. He tried to move it. But his body didn’t have enough strength to do it. He tried to open his eyes, but the effort hurt. He closed them again.

He heard a rustle behind him and Ember limped toward him. He tried to say, “hello,” but nothing came from his lips.

She knelt next to him, and checked him for a pulse. He painfully opened his eyes, and tried to smile but could not. She looked into his eyes, but then searched his body for wounds. She seemed to notice something wrong with his arm, and started to take off his shirt.

When she lifted his arm, pain shot through it like lightning. He wanted to scream, but all he could do was groan. She seemed to avoid it after that. When his shirt was off, he could see a look of pain on her face.

Suddenly he was cold. Ember fiddled with something, but he couldn’t see what it was. She must have made a fire, he thought, for he was warm within seconds.

She told him what had happened, and when she told him about not being able to make a fire, he was puzzled, because he had warmed up. His strength was slowly returning, and he managed to murmur an answer to one of her questions.

Suddenly she got up walked to the center of the small clearing. She stood for a while, and then Pyro felt a strange current go through his spine. He sensed something coming, and looked up. He saw the lightning bolt come toward him. And in a split second so many things happened.

He heard Ember call his name. He saw the lightning seem to change course and his gaze followed its path. Strait to Ember.

Terror seized him, and with every bit of energy he had, he got up. But he was too late. The boom deafened him, but he limped to Ember’s side, gritting his teeth in pain as his arm dangled at his side. He collapsed next to her limp body, and dragged himself to her.

Sobs welled in his eyes. He cried out in pain, both physical and emotional. He had just found her, and now she was gone. How could this be right? How could fate bring them together just to be torn apart like this?

He leaned over her body, sobbing, for a long time. With the very last bit of his energy, he took her hand in his and held it tight. Then he drifted into darkness.

When Ember opened her eyes again, she could not move. She was on her back, and the sky was gray, but no rain fell on her. She tried to turn her head, only just managing. The grass around her was charred, and the air had a charged feel. The smell of rain was heavy.

She felt a weight on her arm, and looked to it.

Pyro lay unconscious next to her, a look of utter desperation on his face.

He must have thought I died. She thought. Why hadn’t I? Surely no one could have survive a bolt of lightning like that…

She let her head fall onto the ground with a light thud, and waited a bit for her strength to return. It did quickly, and she was able to lift Pyro off of her and sit up. She laid his head on her lap and stroked his hair lightly. When he woke up, he’d see her and be so happy. She took advantage of his unconsciousness to set the bone in his broken arm. She must have been trained in first aid, for she knew what to do. She reached to her left and got a large stick for a makeshift splint. She tore up Pyro’s black shirt and used the strips to wrap his arm. It was a shame, because the shirt had looked so good on him. She’d have to make sure he had more like it.

She was lucky he had been asleep while she set the bone, because had he been awake, the pain would have been enough to put him down again. When his arm was done, she made sure he had no more cuts or gashes. Everything seemed to be fine except a few scratches here and there.

She sat there for a long time, just stroking his hair and waiting for him to wake up.

When he did, he looked up into her eyes, and said weakly, “Am I dead?”

“No, Pyro.”

“But you’re here, and you died when the lightning hit you,” a look of confusion came over his face.

“I’m not dead either. I was just unconscious. And so were you.”

“Is it really you?” He sounded desperate.

“Yes.” She leaned over and hugged him and didn’t let go for a long time.

“Don’t ever scare me like that again, Ember”

After explaining what had happened, Ember tried to make a flame disk. It failed again, and she was distressed. Her powers had been a part of her, and if they were gone now, she didn’t know what she would do.

“It’s okay, Ember. I bet you just need to rest a bit and you’ll be back to normal.”

“I hope you’re right.”

She looked around. Pyro was able to stand now, which was a great thing because they would have to walk home now. She couldn’t make a disk like she would have liked, so the only other option was walking.

“Do you know where we are?” He asked.

Now that Ember thought about it, she didn’t. “No,” she replied simply.

“Hm… that’s a bit of a problem, isn’t it?”


“We could just wait for somebody to come get us,” suggested Pyro. “Maybe Fang will know something is wrong when he comes to the palace and we’re not there. He’s probably looking for us now.”

It was a sensible idea, and Ember knew it. But something inside her wanted to move around, and she didn’t know why.

“Okay,” she agreed, to the protest of that spark inside her. “But I need to move around, do something… and I’m hungry.”

“Me too! I miss the kitchen!” Complained Pyro.

“You stay here, and I’ll go see if I can find some berries,” she paused, “like the old times,” and smiled, since the “old times” were a few days ago. “If Fang does turn up, tell him I’ll be back soon and to wait for me. If I find Fang along the way, I’ll tell him where you are and have him go to you.”

“Sounds good,” he replied.

“Shouldn’t be long.”

“Okay. I’ll be here when you return.” He said it as though he had a choice.

She headed through the woods, looking for something edible. She found a small bush of blackberries after not too long, but there were not enough for both her and Pyro. There weren’t even enough for just Pyro.

She picked what was there and moved on. Soon she found two more bushed that were larger that the last one, and had enough to take back with her.

She headed back to where Pyro was. She had a good sense of direction, and knew which way to go. But she could not recognize anything enough to tell her where they were.

When she got back to the clearing, he was lying down in the grass. The sun now shone, but it was sinking. She divided the berries in her hand and handed him half. They ate them, both missing the kitchen now.

When they were done, Ember badly missed her bath tub too. Her body ached, and she needed to sit in the tub and soak the pain away. All she had now was charred grass.

When the sun was low and the sky was red, Ember heard a faint sound of wings.

Fang dropped down, and Goldenwing landed soon after him. She rushed to Ember and nearly toppled her over, wrapping her in her giant wings.

Oh, Ember! We were so worried! What happened? Are you alright? Do you need anything?

Um… could I have my body back, please?

she let Ember go, who hugged her around the neck.

“Thanks for coming,” she said.

“After that storm, we checked on you at the palace. Only, you weren’t there. So we searched for you, and only just now found you. Luckily your ability to communicate with us through your inner voice helped us track you down.” Fang explained in his deep voice.

“That storm came so fast! We were heading home when we saw it first, and halfway there when it hit,” Ember paused for a moment, remembering the fall. “For some reason, I can’t control or produce fire anymore…”

Fang looked at her sympathetically. “You have not lost the power, Ember. It used to happen all the time when those big storms came. Just something natural. It will ware off in a few hours or so.” He did something that resembled smiling. “You’ll get used to it, don’t worry. You may even be able to control it when it happens again. You’ll just have to learn how again.” The peace of mind this brought Ember took such a weight off her shoulders that all she could do was smile.

“Can you take us home? If I can’t fly us home it would take weeks to get there.”

“Of coarse! Ember, you ride on my back, and Pyro can ride on Fang,” replied Goldenwing.

Pyro looked a shade paler at the thought, but quickly agreed to it. He’d just have to get used to it. Better now than never.

Ember got onto Goldenwing, as Pyro scrambled onto Fang. When they were all ready, they took off together. After a few minutes, Ember asked Goldenwing a question.

How did you find us?

We mainly searched every foot of the country until we found you. But as Fang said, the fact that you can use your inner voice helped out. We tried to tap into our surroundings and search for your mind. We can do that, you know.

Well, I’m glad of it! If I were stuck there for much longer, I would surely have gone mad. I really need a warm bath.

Well, you can have it soon. It should take no longer than an hour to get you back home.


They flew on, and when they got home, it was dark.

Ember and Pyro jumped off at the balcony, and the tiger got up by climbing on Fang’s back up to the balcony.

When the tiger jumped off, he ran to Pyro, smothering him in licks, and nearly breaking his other arm. But he must have known Pyro’s arm was broken, because he avoided touching it as much as was possible.

Ember went to her room to her tub, and filled it with hot, bubbling water. She stayed in there for a log time, until the water got cool. She dried and went to the closet to change. In his own room, Pyro decided it would be too hard to change with the makeshift splint, and went straight to bed.

When the tiger came into his room that night not too long after Pyro had, instead of sprawling out on the bed, he curled up on the floor next to it. Pyro fell asleep and the tiger did soon after, making sure Pyro was comfortable before letting himself sleep.

Ember emerged from her closet and flopped into her bed. She blew out the candle on her bedside table and stroked the jewel oval again. It had become a routine to stroke it before bed and when she woke up.

She settled into the pillows on her bed and drifted into a dreamless sleep.

Ember awoke to a soft clicking noise. When she didn’t hear it again, she shooed it away from her thoughts. She lay in bed, allowing herself to wake up fully before she got up.

When she did get up, after stroking the jewel, she walked to the balcony, and into Pyro’s room. His arm needed a better splint and cast.

With a jolt of memory, she tried a small flame in her hand. It appeared.

Her powers were back to normal, which was a good thing. Maybe she could do something to help Pyro’s arm heal quicker. She had a strange feeling that she could.

She walked to his bed, and saw he was still asleep. The tiger was stirring a bit, and would wake up soon. She smiled to herself, and returned to the balcony to wait for them to wake up. She looked over the edge as she normally did, and after a few minutes sat in the swinging loveseat. The tiger emerged first from the room, and Ember let him into the field to roam and do his business.

She swung for a bit, and when Pyro came out of his room, yawning hugely, she crossed over to him and said, “I need to take a better look at your arm. And I need to put it in a cast and better splint. It may hurt.”

“Hm?” He replied sleepily. “Oh, my arm… okay.”

She led him to his bathroom, and told him to sit on a stool, which she put next to the counter. He sat, and she left the room to get supplies. She arrived again with bandages, a proper splint, and other such things.

She carefully unwrapped the torn shirt from his arm and removed the stick. Pyro winced a bit, but nothing too bad yet. Ember inspected the gash, which seemed to be healing well already. The bone hadn’t moved from where she had set it, which was good, because it would mean less pain for him.

She concentrated her powers on the bone. She willed it to fuse together. She could see it in her mind, and somehow thought it actually happened; she imagined the fire of life working its magic. Next, she focused on the flesh. She imagined it healing rapidly, and could see it actually happening. Pyro looked at his arm with fascination.

“It doesn’t hurt as much any more.”

“Try moving your fingers,” she experimented.

He wiggled his fingers, with ease.

“Now try your wrist.”

His wrist moved, and Pyro smiled. No pain at all.

“Elbow now.”

He bent his arm two or three times, and was convinced he was cured.

“It’s all better!” He stood up, but Ember looked him in the eye.

“Don’t over-use it. The bone is still weak, and if you bang it too hard, it’ll break again. And if it breaks again, you won’t be as lucky.” She said solemnly.

“Does that mean no training?”

“No training.” She saw the disappointment in his eyes, and added, “for a little while.”

His head drooped, but he looked up, smiling. “At least we’re both alive,” he said.

“Yup. You’re no use dead,” she teased.

“Well, neither are you.” Pyro tried to sound teasing, but had trouble hiding his true feelings. It was hard to joke about death when Ember had come so close to it yesterday.

“I’m going to the library to read up, okay?”

“Got it. I’ll come with you. Find some good adventure books to keep me occupied.”

They headed for the library, and when they got there, Pyro searched for a book to read while Ember picked up the book she had read two nights ago. She was almost done with it, and had to finish. Her curiosity was too much for her, and she had to hold herself back from reading the last page before she finished.

Cleo picked up the scroll. The runes on it were too scratched off to read, but she could make out one word. Death. She hastily put it down, turning to her companion.
“I’ve found it. It has to be it,” she said showing him the scroll.
“Yes, I believe it is.”
She rolled it up and tucked it into her pocke-

That spark inside her distracted her. She got up and paced the room. She could not stay still. She needed some air.

“I’m going to read on the balcony,” she told Pyro. “I need some air…” she trailed off.

“Um, okay,” replied Pyro, looking over the covers of the book he had found.

She walked to the balcony, with her book in hand, and sat down on the swinging loveseat to read.

She rolled it up and tucked it into her pocket, stowing it for the return journey.
They had found what they had searched so long for, and now all they had to do was get out alive.
They stepped out of the chamber and were met by a horde of m-

The thing inside Ember was still restless, and she could not concentrate long enough on her story to get anywhere.

She made a flame disk and soared away from the balcony. She had to get whatever it was out of her. She lifted off the ground and slowly flew in circles. When her body was still restless, she made a small flame in her hand.

She looked at the flame and saw something odd. It had a little charge going through it. It looked like purple lightning. She made the flame bigger, and the lightning got bigger with it. She felt the same thrill that she had felt the first time she “played” with fire.

She let the fire die down a bit, but tried to keep the lightning going. It worked, a little to her surprise. She hadn’t expected to be able to control it at all, let alone right away. She did the exact same thing she had done with the fire, making it do this and that.

She got a wild idea, and hovered to the ground. She made another disk, but this time out of pure lightning. She moved it around with ease, as if it were fire. As if she had done this all her life.

Maybe I have had this power all along. Maybe it just took a lightning strike to get me powered again, she thought with a smile. She was learning new things about herself all the time.

She hopped on the disk, and energy shot through her like lightning. She moved forward, but far faster than she had ever gone, which was fast already. She was at the waterfall clearing in two minutes, which had taken at least thirty on fire.

Wait till Pyro gets on this thing. He won’t know what hit him!

She returned to the balcony, and sat down on the loveseat. To her pleasure, the spark inside her had been satisfied, and she could concentrate on the story.

They stepped out of the chamber and were met by a horde of mummy cheetahs.
“Run!” screamed Cleo. She and Mark ran down the corridor, as fast as they could.
After only a few strides, Cleo’s foot tapped a loosened stone, and she was flung upwards. Before she realized what had happened, she was upside down.
She had been trapped. She should have known that there would be booby traps. But she had been foolish.
“Mark, take the scroll and run!” She said, tossing him the ancient paper through a hole in the net.
“I’m not leaving you here!” He said matter-of-factly. He unsheathed his sward and fought like the devil. He moved with more speed and skill than Cleo had ever seen in him. She watched, unable to help, but couldn’t help but admire him more.
By the time the mummy cheetahs were all turned to dust, he had a few cuts, and some of them looked worse than they actually were, or so she hoped. He sliced open her trap, and she fell into his arms.
He clumsily put her down, sternly saying, “We should get out of here…”
“Yes,” she said quietly. “But let me look at those wounds,” she said, reaching for a bad looking gash on his arm.
“They’re nothing,” he said, “we should get out of here before anything else comes to pay us a visit.”
He walked down the corridor, leaving Cleo to watch dumbly as he checked for traps. She wished he would let her be closer, bu-

“Ooh, a mushy love scene! But he didn’t have the guts to tell her he loves her!”

Pyro stood over her shoulder, reading her own book behind her back. He was smiling.

Ember looked up at him, smiling also, but a bit annoyed. She had just settled down, and she was at the climax of the story. Would she have to wait forever to get to the end? But she saw his long, black hair hanging over his red eyes, with that smile of his that she couldn’t resist.
She nearly melted, but kept her cool.

“Yes, the ‘mushy love scene’ if that’s what you call it. I prefer to say ‘the moment that makes all the trouble worth it.’”

“You say tomato, I say tomado.” He tipped his head to the side and smiled again.

“Hey, Pyro. You want to see a new trick?”

“Sure,” he replied, his smile broadening.

“Just watch.”

Ember put out her hand and produced a small ball of lightning.

He stood speechless and stunned.

She made it do this and that again, and said, “Now watch this.”

She made the lightning disk and before Pyro could blink away his shock, she was gone.

She reappeared in less than 10 seconds, and landed smoothly on the balcony.

“Guess where I just was.”

“Uuuhh…” Pyro was lost for words.

“The other side of the forest.”

His eyes widened, and he stared in amazement.

“How on earth…?”

“You remember the lightning bolt, right?”

His face darkened. “All the time…”

“Well, the reason it didn’t hit you was because I controlled it and channeled it to the ground. But at the time I was doing it from instinct, and didn’t know what I was doing, exactly. And it took so much energy that I fainted. If it had been a smaller bolt, I would have just been dizzy for a while, I think. Apparently I can control lightning as well as fire.” She remembered that diary entry that said Fira’s sister, Mina, could control lightning.

He began to understand, and his look of confusion ebbed. “Hm… so now you have twice as much energy as before?”

“I guess so.”

He realized he was still standing, and sat on the loveseat.

“Wow,” was all he could say.

“I know,” she replied, sitting down next to him. “We should go tell Fang and Goldenwing. I think they might be able to help me understand this.”

“Okay, but can we go on fire? I don’t think I’m ready to go that fast…”

She smiled and made a flame disk. “How about we wean you off it. I’ll increase speed slowly, and you won’t even know we’re on lightning until you look down and see which disk you’re on. And if you think you need to, just hold onto me,” she said, with a knowing smile. He smiled, seeming to like the idea.

They started off as the fastest flame speed she could muster, which Pyro had gotten used to long ago. She gradually increased her speed by adding a bit of lightning and taking out a bit of fire from the disk. Pyro did notice the increasing speed, but seemed to get used to it quickly. He still held onto her waist though. She smiled inwardly.

They were at the valley of the dragons in a fraction of the time it would normally have taken. She converted to flame disk, and they slowed down. She flew over the mountain, and slowly descended into the valley.

Goldenwing flew in to greet them; Ember could see that she was glad to see her back to normal.

“Have you both recovered well?” She asked.

“I think maybe too well,” replied Ember, looking at Goldenwing in a curious way. Something was troubling her, Ember could tell.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Let’s go get Fang; he should hear this too.”

Chapter 15

Having been summoned, Fang flew into the large cave, where Ember, Pyro and Goldenwing waited.

“What’s happened?” Though most in the room could use inner speech, he felt it rude to speak when one could not hear.

“I don’t know. Ember wouldn’t say anything more until you were here too,” said Goldenwing, a look of concern all over her face.

“I’ll explain it all, don’t worry,” said Ember, who sat on a large rock.

“What happened?” Asked Fang patiently.

“Okay, so when we were in the clearing, I was struck by lightning. You may know this already, although I don’t remember explaining in detail what happened in that storm. But the odd thing is,” she paused, searching for words to describe what had happened to her. “I woke up this morning, and my powers were back to normal as you said. But they were…” She wrinkled her face, still not knowing how to say it. After a while of thinking, she said, “too normal, enough to be abnormal… if that’s possible.”

“What do you mean by abnormal?” Asked Goldenwing anxiously.

“I mean, I was feeling restless, so I made a flame disk, and when I made a small flame in my hand it was edged with lightning,” she explained. “I can control lightning as well as fire,” she concluded.

The looks of worry and concern on Fang and Goldenwing were replaced with relief, and Ember realized that they had known about this.

You knew I could do this, didn’t you? She was angry that her supposed best friend since birth hadn’t told her something as important as this.

Fang’s look of relief was soon replaced with concern again, and he said, Ember, don’t be mad. We cannot help you remember. You were meant to do it on your own. If we helped you, it would be like making it light at night so it would be like daytime. You have to do this on your own. He tried to explain why he and Goldenwing hadn’t said anything before.

What else do you know about me that you’re keeping from me?

Ember, please understand!
Goldenwing was despairing at the thought that Ember was angry with her. Fang is right. You have to remember things on your own. Any other way would be wrong.

You know everything, don’t you? You knew my parents, my friends; my whole life, you were there, remembering these things. They’re my memories, and I have a right to them, don’t I?

Ember, you have every right to them, but you have to find them on your own. We can’t help you,
said Goldenwing, even more upset now, because Ember looked like she was going to cry.

To her dismay, Ember did start crying, and Pyro ran to her side, and said, “Ember, what is it? What’s wrong?” He couldn’t hear the conversation that had gone on, and knew nothing of it.

“Nothing, Pyro,” sniffed Ember, making a flame disk and stepping on, beckoning for Pyro to follow.

He silently stepped up, and wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her close, trying to comfort her.

Goldenwing made to follow them when they left, but Fang held her back. Let her go. She needs to know that we can’t help her with this. He silently went back to his quarters, and left Goldenwing standing desperate in the large cave. She sullenly went to her cave to lay down and think.

When Ember and Pyro arrived back at the royal house, Ember jumped off, and went silently into her room. She sat on the bed, and stroked the jewel that the dragons had given her.

Pyro sat beside her, and hugged her hard, trying to make her feel better. “Do you want to talk about it at all?” He still did not know what had happened.

“Not now,” she said quietly. She was feeling awfully betrayed. All she wanted to do was lay down and sleep, even though the sun had only just begun to sink in the sky.

“I’m going to go to the waterfall clearing,” she said as she got up. Pyro looked at her questioningly, wondering why she had said “I” instead of “We” and Ember noticed his look. “I’m going alone. I just… need some time to think… And I didn’t want you to worry about where I was,” she added, smiling a bit.

Before Pyro could react, she headed out the door and jumped over the balcony, making a fire disk and hovering above the field. She hovered a bit longer, and concentrated her new-found powers to make a lightning disk to soar towards the clearing in the mountains.

When she got there, she sat on the rock she always sat on, and looked into the water. The two fish swam around each other as usual, but the orange one seemed to take a confused and winding path. Ember had found that the orange fish seemed to act how she felt, and the red one how Pyro felt. She briefly wondered at this, but soon closed her eyes, and allowed herself to drowse a bit.

Without knowing it, she slipped silently into the water.

She stood in the same white forest that she had stood in before, right after the lightning bolt. She looked around, and saw that it was the same area of woods. The same white trees surrounded her, and the same patterns in the earth. Even the clouds in the sky were the same.

'Hello?' She called into the forest.

'Hello,' came her own voice.

Ember looked around her, in every direction, but still could not see the source of the voice. 'Am I still not ready to see myself?' She asked, a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

'You know we don’t like sarcasm,' said the voice quietly.

'Sorry,' she mumbled, and said more loudly, 'Why am I here?'

'Because you need to be.'

'What does that mean? I still don’t understand.'

'I know. You will in time. For now, all you need to know is that Fang and Goldenwing were right. You have to learn more about who we are on your own. If they had told you about your past, the whole point would be lost.'

'What point? And Fang did tell me about my past. He told me about how we had grown up together when he met me in the clearing with the waterfall, where I’m sitting right now.'

'But you already knew that in your heart. You did the moment you saw the speck in the sky on the first day on Flaria, when you laid in the grass. It was one of those things you could feel and knew even if you didn’t understand what you felt. He merely helped you understand.'

Ember shrugged, knowing the voice was right. She had known it was him, in the deepest parts of her heart, but hadn’t understood what it was at the time. She dismissed the argument, and continued with another. 'What about Surtas? I didn’t know about that.'

'But you still do not know, not really. And, as Fang said, it was started before your time. He didn’t give anything away about your past alone there, but the past of this land, and you know it.'

All Ember could do was nod, knowing the voice of herself was right. 'So, you are me? Me before I woke up?'

'Maybe, maybe not.' The voice sounded as if it was laughing.

Ember opened her eyes and flung her arms around, trying to figure out which way was up. She finally broke the surface of the water, and gasped for breath. She stood in the water, dripping and chilly in the wind. She climbed out, and surrounded herself in flames, staying like that for a while.

Pyro sat on Ember’s bed, wondering what had happened. He knew it must have been something bad for her to run off like that. He wasn’t worried about her getting lost or hurt. He was worried about how she felt. If she was upset, there had to be a good reason.
He got up and walked to the balcony. He looked down when he heard a faint scratching noise, and saw the tiger pawing the ground at the base of the wall.

“You want to come up?” He called down to the tiger, and it looked at him as if to say, “No, I’m just scratching at the base of the house for the fun of it.”

“Come around to the front door! You can get in that way!” He called, heading to the glass double doors to Ember’s room. He could have sworn he heard a faint clicking noise as he passed Ember’s bed, but when he looked, nothing seemed out of place. He shrugged it off and continued down to the front door.

He opened it, and the tiger burst in, leaping on him to say hello.

“Why, hello there!” Pyro smiled and ruffled the tiger’s fur between his ears. The giant cat purred loudly, and got up, heading for the stairs. Pyro followed him up, and soon they were in his room. The tiger continued out to the balcony, and settled himself under the swinging loveseat.

Pyro sat down, the seat rocking gently as he did so.

He looked at the tiger, sitting underneath him, and realized that he didn’t have a name. Or maybe he did, they just didn’t know it yet.

“Do you have a name, by any chance?” He looked down at the tiger again, hoping for some sign that he understood.

The tiger nodded, and looked into Pyro’s eyes, as if willing him to think of it himself.

“So, it’s a guessing game, is it?” Pyro laughed a bit, and said, “Are you… Flame?”

The tiger continued to look directly at his eyes, and he assumed that was a no.

“Are you… Sam?” The tiger kept looking him in the eye.

This time, Pyro thought really hard. He searched his mind for a name that fit. “You’re Tomarr.” It was more a statement than a question. For some reason, the name fit.

The tiger’s eyes brightened to hear his name again. He purred, and nudged Pyro’s foot with his giant head.

“Tomarr it is, then,” said Pyro, rubbing the tiger’s underbelly, which was now exposed due to his rolling over.

Then, a memory came to him. He was young, and sat with a tiger cub, in a park in the city. The cub played near him, and he saw on it the same markings as on Tomarr. With a jolt, he realized that the cub was Tomarr, and that he had always been Pyro’s companion. Now he knew why the tiger had been so friendly with him in the city. He wondered briefly how long Tomarr had had to wait for him to come to him. He drifted back to the memory, and thought he heard a faint voice, saying, “What are you going to name him?” He could barely hear it, and it sounded like it belonged to a friend. But he couldn’t pinpoint who that might have been.

Out of his own mouth came the answer, “I think Tomarr!”

He sat for a while thinking of this memory, trying to fit the voice with a face and name, but no matter what he did, couldn’t. When the sun was more than halfway down the sky, he started to wonder when Ember would be back. He sat, and soon sleep overcame him, and he dozed in the warm, fading sun.

Ember sat for a while, thinking about these dreams she’d been having. First they were noting but scenes in a room and diary entrees, then she watched scenes seeming to come from this girl, Fira’s life. Then her own conscience told her things. And she still didn’t know what any of it meant.

She heaved a heavy sigh, and got up to go home. She knew by the position of the sun that she’d been in the clearing for a while, and if she left now, she’d get home just in time to make dinner. The sky was a light magenta color.

She made her flame disk and laced it with lightning. She sped home and landed lightly on the balcony.

She saw Pyro sleeping, and didn’t want to wake him up. She walked into her room, and heard the same clicking noise she had heard when she woke up. She had thought she was still half dreaming when she heard it before, but now it seemed all too real.

She looked over to where the noise had been coming from, but all she saw was her bed, bedside table, and the jewel the dragons had given her.

A slight movement caught her eyes, and she walked toward her bed.

Wait a minute. Something was different.

She picked up the jewel, which she swore she had seen twitch. As she held it, it grew warmer and warmer. She held it up to her eyes, and peered at it cautiously. It was definitely shaking a bit now. It grew hot, but it didn’t burn Ember. Of coarse it won’t burn me. I AM fire, she thought as she held it.

She took it outside to the balcony, and sat down on the floor next to the tiger, who looked lazily at her in greeting.. She placed it in front of her and watched it for a bit.

After a short while, it started to glow, and suddenly a bright white blast of light surrounded the balcony.

Pyro woke up to a blinding white light, and shut his eyes quickly. Tomarr below him started too, jumping up from where he sat.

When Pyro finally dared to open his eyes, he was amazed at what he saw.

Ember shielded her eyes against the light, but it penetrated even that.

She opened her eyes, which she had clamped shut, and saw that it was like being in the white forest. Everything was bright white, but still seeable. She saw the jewel, which had a long crack down its side. She watched as the crack got bigger, and the jewel broke in half.

Unhappy that it had broken, and wondering why it had, she pulled apart the two halves, and gasped.

Inside it was a little bundle of flame-red feathers. Two red-orange eyes looked up at her, and a small red beak clicked open and closed. Small cheeping noises escaped the beak while it was open, and silence when closed. A small plume of the red feathers protruded from the head, and another from the back end, most likely a tail. The little bundle of feathers looked up at Ember, cheeping loudly.

Ember picked up the baby phoenix. She knew it was a phoenix by instinct. She held it close to her eyes, so she could look into its red ones. They looked silently back at her. At Ember’s touch the bird had stopped cheeping and sat silently in her hand.


“Why, hello there,” said a bewildered Ember.

Pyro got up and walked to where Ember sat with the bird. “What is it?”

“It’s a phoenix,” she replied softly, almost afraid to raise her voice above a whisper.

“What’s a phoenix?”

Ember smiled, and said, “This.” She didn’t know what exactly a phoenix was, but she knew this was one. She set it on the ground in front of them.

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