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Chapter 1: The Manor

She had long wished that this day would have never come. As she stood by the crowd, she wished hard that it wasn't true.
"Princess..." The man beside her spoke," is about time to go."
Murmuring as quietly as she could, she spoke, "They are looking for me, David."
Feeling amused at his master's sudden change, he whispered in her ear,"And, what must we do?"
"We're getting out of here." She decided, her valor slowly returning.
.: :.
"What are you doing, Evan?" he teased his companion who was currently trying to climb the tree he was comfortably perched on.
A hint of sarcasm flashed through brown eyes as he replied, "Just trying to climb a tree," he paused to make sure that he dawdled when he continued, "master."
"Fine," The master replied with equal sarcasm, "as your master, I order you to stop."
"I'm sorry, but I find it very artless of you to be climbing a tree," he paused, "I'll have to disobey your orders, master."

The master was called by the name of Robert von Andrias, heir to the House of von Andrias, a renowned influencial family. He boasted of his beauty by running his slender fingers through his ruffled midnight blue hair.
"You are quite the narcisisst, master."
"Why?" he asked, gazing upon his servant with sparkiling blue eyes, "Is it bad to share to the world this irresistable beauty of mine?"
Irritated by his master's egoism, he sighed in defeat, "What had gotten wrong in your upbringing?"
Robert resolved quickly, "Nothing. It was flawless." he said, along with a gentle flipping of his hair. "Oh!" he exclaimed.
"What is it?"
"Evan, has there always been an old manor there?" Robert asked, pointing to a distance with his index finger.
"Well, I guess so."
Intrigued by his servant's lack of knowledge in the said manor, he offered that they go there. "So, will you come?"
Robert rejoiced. Evan didn't usually give in so easily. He usually had to retort to burning his clothes or depriving him of his all-important tea time.
As they entered it's gates and approached a door, an eery voice spoke out to them saying: "Welcome."
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