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Posted 5/25/09 , edited 5/25/09
In case you don't know where to put your pics...refer to this thread for more details on the individual albums within the group :

~ Inflight

Inflight Photos are pics taken from the window of an aircraft that is airborne...if you want to post the pics where the aircraft is still on ground, refer to the "Tarmac/Apron/On-Ground" album

~ Cabin/Cockpit Pics

Cabin/Cockpit Pics are pics taken Inside the cabin or the flight deck (cockpit) of the aircraft...

~ Take-off/Flying/Landing

Take-off/Landing pics are where pics of planes on take-off or approach are posted...if the plane is idle or just parked, please post those in the "Tarmac/Apron/On-ground" instead.

~ Tarmac/Apron/On-ground

This album is where pics of aircraft is either parked, or just taxiing (moving to/from the runway/apron)...scrapped aircraft pics are posted in the Miscellaneous section.

~ Airport Terminal Interior/Exterior

As the name suggests, post pics of terminal buildings...interior or exterior

~ Airshow

Airshow is a special event where planes are proudly displayed or are performing spectacular maneuvers...

~ Military Aircraft

As the name suggests also, Military Aircraft are posted in this section...however, planes of this category performing special maneuvers must be posted in the "Airshow" section instead.

~ Misc : (Crash/Off-Airport/Equipment/Runways etc.)

Miscellaneous section is where accident, scrapped aircraft, runways, small airfields and airport equipment are posted.

~ Light Aircraft and Private Jets (NEW~!)

From small Cessnas to Learjets...those type of category are placed here

...this infos here might subject to change...if you need further details, contact the Moderator/Creator...
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