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F / at home...?
Posted 5/26/09 , edited 5/27/09
Introduce Yourselves to the Group!

I'll Start!:

Hai Hai!!! My name is Mary, but you can call me Hikari-chan. I'm, obviously, a G I R L and I'm 11 years old even though I'm supposed to be 13 XDD XPP. I like playing sports, listening to music, shopping, hanging out with friends, and i love anime, so buddy me if you like these things too. My fav colors are most dark colors like purple, red, blue, and black (top 4 :3). The animes I watch are usually shonen, instead of shojo. I like to have a kinda goth/punk/skater style. Im sometimes crazy and akward at da same time, but, once u get 2 no me, youll learn 2 4get tat and luv me! And, of course, I’m an anime freak!!! (^3^)

~Anime (of course! XP)
~Watching T.V.
~Playing Sports
~Going To Church
~Scary Movies
~Candy & Other Sweets
~Hanging Out With Friends
~Shop Till' You Drop

~People Who Lie
~People Who Act Weird (*freaks*)
~Things That Are Frustrating
~Being Alone
~Scary Movies (in the end, they give me nightmares!)
~To Much Chocolate
~Bad Grades
~The Color Pink (well i don't hate it, just too much of it)
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 5/27/09 , edited 5/28/09
.i'm mara. :)

.you can caLL me 'mara', 'ecLipse', 'ecLipse-chan'.. hmm.. whatever you prefer. :D

.i'm 16 and i Live in the Philippines.

.obviousLy, i Like detective conan.. XD i aLso Like, schooL rumbLe, naruto, capeta, etc.. i Love watching animés. XD

.i aLso Like watching dramas in tv and movies, hanging out with my buddies and cousins.

.weLL, if you want to know me more.. just add me up!ü [onLy if you want]thanks everyone.
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Posted 5/28/09 , edited 5/29/09
Hi my name is Mimi!I'm 12 years old.My favorite color is Midnight Blue.I love reading manga and watching anime!I kinda have a tomboy character.I's weird,funny,caring.nicest person you'll ever met(haha),notices anyone sad mad anything your emotions you have.Unable to keep a secret unless I'm angry.You can add me as a friend.But I won't accept yet unless you give me a reason!

Thanks ~Mimi.
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22 / F / in front of the m...
Posted 6/6/09 , edited 6/6/09
the name's tenten... actually not. i dont want someone to know my real name =P mwahahahahahahha. loves animes (currently naruto the most) n manga (also naruto the most, its freakin marvelous!) likes orange colour n not orange fruit nor juice, likes biology but always got low scores (except the final test! i got 72/80 woot!) i think i'm kind of loner n i wanna make my self a bit loner in my school (looks cool, nee?) but just cant =P im bit hyper in my school, but sometimes my fren asking me y im so quiet. ahh... i really hate this kind of situation :

my friend's crying bside me but i cant cheer her up. i just let her cry, even though i want to cheer her up. even if my other frens cheer her up, i just stop them by saying 'if u talk like that to her, she's just laying more tears' wtv. i just cant cheer someone n cant start off a topic =P
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