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Posted 5/26/09 , edited 5/27/09
Hey guys! I been looking around in the internet and I found this site:

I know some of you should already know this site but I'm just saying anyway.

This website is a story-making site! You can make your own story or go as history leads (really, make your own).
You can also read other people's stories and give it a review!
The sign-up is free and easy like crunchyroll!
Also, you can read any fan stories, whether it's Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warrior, or Warriors Orichi.
They have them all!!! Anime to Games, Books to Movies, and even Crossovers like DW and SW together!!

Here are one Samurai Warrior story that I love to read. I hope you will too!

What are you waiting for? Copy and paste on your browser and read!

Unleash your imagination at

(I'm not a recruiter!! I'm just saying that you all should visit this site once! BTW I have just joined myself!)
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wow this site is cooooooooooool
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How about writing here instead of there i know this site but thank you
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