[KDrama] Triple
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Posted 5/27/09 , edited 7/3/09
WATCH HERE : Ep 1-8 : http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/triple2

Episode Ratings :
1 : 4.6
2 : 6.2
3 : 6.9
4 : 6.7
5 : 9.3
6 : 9.0
7 : 7.6
8 :
9 :

* Title: 트리플 / Triple
* Genre: Romance, sport
* Episodes: 16
* Broadcast network: MBC
* Broadcast period: 2009-Jun-10 to 2009-Jul-30
* Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
* Director: Lee Yoon Jung
* Screenwriters: Lee Jung Ah (Coffee Prince), Oh Soo Jin (Love So Divine)


* Lee Jung Jae – Shin Hwal
* Min Hyo Rin – Lee Ha Ru
* Lee Sun Kyun – Ch/Jo Hae Yoon
* Yoon Kye Sang – Ch/Jang Hyun Tae
* Lee Ha Na – Choi Soo In
* Kim Hee – Kang Sang Hee
* Song Joong Ki – Ji Poong Ho

The drama will explore four main subjects:
1. Figure skating (”figure skating fairies”)
2. Advertising
3. vVctory & defeat
4. Friends & colleagues.

Ha Ru is a figure skating athlete. Upon her mother’s remarriage when Ha Ru was 6, she became stepsiblings with Hwal. Upon their parents’ deaths in a car accident when she was 13, Ha Ru was separated from Hwal to go live with her birth father. Due to her cheerful personality and mature character, she keeps her pain regarding her mother and stepfather’s deaths to herself. Skates become Ha Ru’s friend and source of refuge (comfort). Ha Ru makes up her mind to pursue skating seriously and takes off for Seoul to fulfill her dreams. There, she ends up going to her older stepbrother’s house where surprises are in store.

Hwal is the Account Executive at Korea Creative (- KP’s note: presumed translation of 고려기획), their workplace and playground. In order to win, he’s willing to bypass laws, morals, and systems. He’s quick to see the strengths and weaknesses of everyone, and just as quick to express them. Hence, he unintentionally hurts other people’s feelings with his lack of social skills. Although he initially tries to ignore his stepsister, she remains on his mind and he can’t help but to take care of her. Ha Ru and his friends, Hae Yoon and Hyun Tae, help Hwal understand what family is like as they live together under one roof.

Hwal, Hae Yoon, and Hyun Tae were schoolmates and are now colleagues at the advertising agency.

Hae Yoon is the advertising agency’s Creative Director. He is simple-minded, yet full of good sense. In general, Hae Yoon is warm, respectful, and well-mannered. Although he has the excellent aesthetic sense (”eye for beauty”) required for his job, he can compromise when necessary. His anger sometimes explodes violently due to his short temper. Uncomfortable with seeing people in bad or awkward relations, Hae Yoon does his best to help resolve the situation and make peace.

Hyun Tae is the Copywriter at Korea Creative – an extremely talented one at that. Although he seems easygoing and simple, he actually has a deep understanding. He has excellent intuition regarding people and objects. With his good looks, he can throw on anything and still look impressive. Hyun Tae is often the life of the party and appears to adapt to any atmosphere; however, he works really hard [to do so]. Hyun Tae excels at his job and is very handy in fixing machines.

Soo In is a figure skating coach who is self-centered yet has a childlike purity. In general, she’s full of laughter and love; in work, she’s stern, focused, and scrupulous. Since youth, Soo In has had an industrious and moderate lifestyle; hence, she’s good at managing herself. From her past experiences with victory and defeat, she has built up strong perseverance and will.

Sang Hee stands out in a crowd with her bright energy. She’s highly sociable and has the gift of listening well to others and matching their moods. Whenever and wherever somebody needs help, she turns up to help. Although Sang Hee doesn’t express her feelings much, she doesn’t hesitate in acting as her heart leads. She’s very free, despite being sort of a “yes-woman”. She’s been friends with Hwan, Hae Yoon, and Hyun Tae for 17 years!

Poong Ho is a national athlete for short-track speed skating. He has the ability to encourage and comfort others with a simple word or gesture. Therefore, he’s very popular with girls and gets along with them as good friends. In regards to the sport, he doesn’t lose focus and sets his own standards. Poong Ho is brave and strong-willed. No matter how tired he is, be doesn’t procrastinate what needs to be done.

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source & credits : kpculture
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38 / F / sabah
Posted 5/27/09 , edited 5/27/09
i like the poster....
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23 / F / world w/out stran...
Posted 6/19/09 , edited 6/19/09
*yay* sounds interesting
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Posted 7/1/09 , edited 7/1/09
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Posted 7/1/09 , edited 7/1/09
this looks ok
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Posted 7/1/09 , edited 7/1/09
Min Hyo Rin ♥♥♥♥
I love this drama, it's really, really good.

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Posted 7/1/09 , edited 7/1/09
hmmm..have to see it..
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Posted 7/3/09 , edited 7/3/09
AH!! i total recommended this drama to people. It's Total worth your time. the cast are really awesome.
Posted 7/3/09 , edited 7/4/09
I'm not big on sports, but I ended up liking this drama more than I thought I would. ^ ^ I look forward to the new episodes every week.
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F / Antique bookshop
Posted 7/6/09 , edited 7/6/09
is it really as good as ppl are saying?
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