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Why I Hate the New Star Trek Movie
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Posted 9/5/09 , edited 9/5/09
It was an excellent movie!! The cast was great! Having watched Star Trek from the very first episode, I was very pleased with how true they were to what Star Trek and the characters were all about. But, guess you have to be a true Trekkie to really appreciate it...especially if you know nothing about Star Trek, as is obvious in some of the comments.
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Posted 10/2/09 , edited 10/2/09
Movies are meant to have plot holes...we just have to deal with it and cant it wont make it any better than it is now.
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Posted 10/5/09 , edited 10/5/09
I haven't seen this movie and will never watch! I prefer the original Star Trek - TOS cast.
Posted 12/12/09 , edited 12/13/09

dookie wrote:

Ok so I just watched the new Star Trek, and I Hated it!

Most people seem to like it a lot, to each's own, but here's my top 5 reasons why it was not a good movie, in my opinion.

Please tell me what you think!

1. Evil guy travels back in time, then decides to wait 25 years (not doing anything in the meantime)
Ok, like wtf, wait 25 years? Why not go back home to Romulus, give his future tech to his home planet?
Or what about go pwn3d rest of Universe with uber ship?

(let me wait 25 years doing nothing before taking my revenge)

2. Kirk gets technology to teleport pretty much anywhere from Future Spock, wastes it by not teleporting anywhere
Theres some things I would do with the ability to teleport anywhere: teleport a bomb on enemy ship, teleport my friends out of enemy ship, teleport enemy crew into the sun, teleport myself into girls locker room.. okay maybe not the second one =D

(we can now teleport anywhere... lets not be creative with it!)

3. one drop of red matter destroys planets, a bucket of red matter destroys nothing?
Apparently having more explosives does not mean bigger explosion

4. Oh Hai I can fly faster than light but I'm still fighting with a sword
I'm amazed people didn't fight with clubs and rocks

(i haz mastered space travel but the most effective way to fight is by stabbing you with a blunt metal object)

5. Promoted to 2nd in command of most power ship in Earth's history after graduating from Star Fleet Academy in one day?
Seems kinda irresponsible... don't you think?

(i need someone to be captain... i'll hire the first person i see.... hey you Kirk you are promoted)

1. He wasn't after destroying the world he was after Spock. He couldn't find so he discovered the red matter which Spock used in the past to destroy Spock home planet.

2. Teleport anywhere? No someone controls the teleportation machine and controls how they come back. So he can't teleport wherever he wants.

3. The red matter has to react it with the air around it so only one drop is need to destroy a planet i don't think Romulus wanted to destroy the galaxy!

4. Right I'm pretty sure the captain got asked to come on the ship by Romulus so having anyone with weapons while they were trying to stop the red matter meant they were being tracked so swords are less conspicuous.

5. Did you find anything about the movie realistic? It was meant to display Kirk talent and the Captain's trust within him. The captain knew Kirk had it him to lead them. He was just a bad student.
Posted 10/28/10 , edited 10/28/10
I didn't see it yet. I want to even though I'm not a big fan of Zoe Saldana (although she does bear a striking resemblence to the original Uhura.) I'll see it for my honey Spock. ♥

Oh, and for the people who saw it, you might like this parody. It was on Mad on Cartoon Network.
Posted 11/24/10 , edited 11/24/10
Dude, what is your problem? This movie is the best Star Trek movie I have ever seen. At first, I didn't like the time travel idea. But this makes sense why it should be. Nero has to go back in time to save not just Romulus but also his wife and child. So he destroyed Vulcan to make Spock Prime suffer. I'll point out what you just said here.

1. Do we really need to see what Nero is doing for 25 years? This movie will run long than we expected. Also, Nero's home planet was destroyed by the supernova. How can he go back and give future tech to Romulus?

2. You can't just teleport anywhere without the coordinates. Without the coordinates, you're pretty much teleporting anywhere. Spock Prime used the coordinates to teleport Kirk and Scott to the Enterprise.

3. Even a tiny drop of matter is dangerous. It's like dropping a single bomb that destoyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A bucket of red matter did destroy some of Nero's ship by young Spock.

4. Dude, Sulu is Japanese. He has the skills of a samurai. Is there a problem using a katana in the future? He can't just fire phasers on stun or kill. He has his own skills you know, not everyone's.

5. Kirk proved his command on the Enterprise while Capt. Pike was onboard and held captured on Nero's ship. Capt. Pike said to Kirk that he has the will to become the Captain just like his father. Kirk's father took command for 12 minutes before he was dead. Even a young genius can graduate college at early age. Is one day does make that much difference?

Look, you just can't accept the movie. Either you are a Star Trek fan or not. If you are, then I have something to say to you. I'm a Star Trek fan and I have no problem with J.J. Abrams going with his direction of the movie. He did a fantastic job. Even Gene and Majel Roddenberry would be proud of what he accomplished. This is a reboot after all. This is a must-see movie for Star Trek fans and non-alike.
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