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[Game] TadasexNagihiko Story
Posted 5/28/09 , edited 5/28/09
After all the homework is done...

Nagi: FINALLY! *relaxes*
Tadase: so ya know, after the show can I go backstage?
Nagi: Sure why not?
Tadase: I CAN'T WAIT! I'm gonna give you a good luck kiss before you go onto the stage!
Nagi: o.o uhhh....
Posted 5/28/09 , edited 5/28/09
Nagi: ...we'll see ok?
Tadase: *nods*
Nagi: Um... can I please have some privacy?
Tadase: Huh? Oh, sure ^_^
*Tadase leaves the room, while Nagi gets changed*
Posted 5/28/09 , edited 5/28/09
*Tadase peeks through a gap*
Tadase thinks: God.. this is odd.. *looks at his no no place* Crap.. I hope I don't poke a whole through this papery stuff. * looks at his nono place and compairs it to Nagis* DAMN! SMALLER!
Posted 5/28/09 , edited 5/29/09
Nagi: *sighs* I'm not an idiot. I can see you looking at me Tadase
Tadase: If that's so, why don't you turn away or come out here and yell at me?
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/29/09
Nagi: Tadase, your such a perv!
Nagi: Wanna touch?
Tadase: *reaches hand out*
Nagi: I was kidding you idiot.
Tadase: Haha Just playing with ya man
Nagi: Mkay..
Tadase: *punches Nagi on the shoulder lightly in a friendly way*
Nagi: Tadase, you realise I'm nude right?
Yaya: *shows up with a sign that says akward on*

Tadase and Nagi stare at Yaya.

Yaya: Don't mind me, I'm the sign girl APPARANTLY! *glares at Jo*
Jo: *looks innocent*
Posted 5/30/09 , edited 5/30/09
Tadase and Nagi: T_T
Nagi: *looks at time* Shit! If I keep talking to you, I'm gonna be late!
Tadase: Want me to leave?
Nagi: Please. I'm not used to your perverted side yet
*Nagi kicks Tadase out of his room*
*Yaya holds up sign that says "lol"*
Nagi: You! Out too!
Yaya: *whines*
*Nagi kicks her out of his room*
Posted 5/30/09 , edited 5/30/09
Tadase: NO I AM NOT
Nagi: I can see it's you Yaya <_<
Yaya: I'll take a photo, and I'll show you it tomorrow!
Tadase: You'll only photo shop it!
Posted 5/30/09 , edited 5/30/09
Yaya: No I won't!
Tadase: *sighs* C'mon, I'm going to get my seat in the theatre. My front row seat in the theatre... *smiles*

Tadase: *sitting in seat* I can't believe Nagi gave me tickets for the back row!
Yaya: Ah well, at least we can still see the stage! ^_^
Yaya: *pointing at stage* Look! There's Nagi!
Tadase: Ooh, I see him!
Random people in other seats: *hear what Tadase said* That chick on stage now is a GUY!?
Posted 5/30/09 , edited 5/30/09
Nagi: *chara changes with temari* HOTARI TADASE!
Yaya: Ssshh! there's a performance going on Nagi!
Rest of the croud: Nagi?
Posted 5/30/09 , edited 5/30/09
Tadase: *whistles like he has no idea whats going on. Strolls out of the theatre*
Nagi: COME BACK HERE!!!! *pulls out that weapon he gets in his chara-change and chases after Tadase*
Yaya: *holds up sign saying "OMG"*
Posted 5/31/09 , edited 5/31/09
*yaya drops the sign*
Yaya: That was a bit pointless, if i'm gonna do pointless things like that I need a raise!

Tadase: I'm sorry!
Nagi: You've spoilt my carrea!
Tadase: as a cross dresser?
Nagi: yes. i mean NO! As a dancer, do you know how hard it's to find a gig being a boy?
Tadase: No.
Posted 5/31/09 , edited 5/31/09
Nagi: Well, it's bloody hard ok! I know! As punishment, you have to-
Tadase: ...become your um, personal slave?
Nagi: Nope. You have to find me a job!
Posted 5/31/09 , edited 5/31/09
Tadase: My personal seks slave?
Nagi: No... Hell no.
Tadase: I'll give you all my life savings
Nagi: Which is...?
Tadase: Uhh...
Nagi: 10p ?
Tadase: *looks in his wallet* less than that.
Nagi: You doo-doo brain!
Posted 5/31/09 , edited 5/31/09
Nagi: Just go find me a job!!!!!!
Posted 6/1/09 , edited 6/1/09
Tadase: P0RN STAR!
Nagi: No. Screw you!
Tadase: Sorry..
Tadase: Gomene... *relises* not kidding?
Nagi: It's just a saying
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