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[Game] TadasexNagihiko Story

Posted 6/1/09 , edited 6/1/09
Tadase: I figured *rolls eyes*
Naqgi: I don't trust you...when we go job searching, I'm coming with you...
Posted 6/2/09 , edited 6/2/09
Tadase: Why don't you just go on your own then?
Nagi: What? You lost my job! You find me a new one!
Posted 6/2/09 , edited 6/3/09
Tadase: What?! Now? But it's late! And my Grandmother kicked me out of the house!
Nagi: That doesn't mean you're staying here!
Tadase: Please...?
Nagi: That look won't work on me...
Nagi: *gives up on resisting* Ok fine! But I'm locking your bedroom door, so you can't come out and sneak into my room during the night!
Tadase: Yay! ^_^
Posted 6/3/09 , edited 6/3/09
Tadase thinks: *has a kieski moment* He may beable to lock the door, but I can walk through thoese papery things! har har!
Posted 6/3/09 , edited 6/3/09

Tadase: *thinks* Nagi is pretty idiotic in this story! What happened to the logical one? Ah well...
*quietly makes a hole in the papery thing and slips into Nagi's room*
Posted 6/4/09 , edited 6/4/09
Lol I'm stuck..
Posted 6/4/09 , edited 6/4/09
Tadase: *watches Nagi sleep*
Posted 6/5/09 , edited 6/5/09
Tadase: Your so pretty..
Nagi: * in his sleep* Go away Tadase *slaps him while rolling in his bed*
Tadase: TT-TT
Posted 6/5/09 , edited 6/5/09
Nagi: *mumbles in his sleep* No Tadase, I don't want to marry you!
Tadase: o.o
Posted 6/5/09 , edited 6/5/09
Tadase: *under his breath* Bitch... *a tear streams down his face*
Posted 6/5/09 , edited 6/6/09
Tadase: But...that means he thinking of me in his sleep! ^_^
Nagi: *hugs pillow tightly*
Posted 6/6/09 , edited 6/6/09
Tadase: yay! he's thinking of me!
Nagi: Rima!!
Tadase: Guess not.
Tadase: Damnit..
Posted 6/6/09 , edited 6/6/09
Tadase: *sighs and walks out of the bedroom. Goes outside for a walk*
Tadase: *thinks* I wish nagi could see my feelings for him...
*Ikuto randomly appears*
Posted 6/7/09 , edited 6/7/09
Ikuto: Yo!
Tadase: Ikuto?
Ikuto: Yes.
Tadase: What are you doing here?
Ikuto: Cool it Kiddie King!
Tadase: *chara changes with Keiski*
Ikuto: Can't a cat just come and say hi?
Tadase: It's you, so no.
Ikuto: *strokes his face* I heard you've become gay
Tadase: Y-y-yes...
Ikuto: Well, well.. Never thought my little bro would become one.
Tadase: nii-san...
Jo shouts: INCEST!
Posted 6/7/09 , edited 6/7/09
Ikuto: Need a little... experience Tadase? I can provide that... *lets his hand trail down Tadase's chest*
Tadase: *eyes widen* I-Ikuto... *drops chara-change* I didn't know you were gay as well...
Ikuto: I am... there's a lot of things you don't know about me...
Tadase: Ikuto...c-can't we save this for the TadasexIkuto game?
Ikuto: Too much in there. It's all about balance Tadase. All about balance...
Tadase: W-what?
Ikuto: *smirks and leans in to kiss Tadase*
Tadase: *despite this being the TadasexNagi game, forgets about Nagi for the moment and gives in to Ikuto kissing him*
Ikuto: *starts unbuttoning Tadase's shirt, while still kissing him*

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