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[Game] TadasexNagihiko Story

Posted 6/8/09 , edited 6/8/09
Jo: Ikuto, your such a slut.
Ikuto: SHAT AP! *sounding like a chav*
Jo: What the..
Jo: Okay =3=

Nagi's pov
Nagi: *suddenly wakes up*
Nagi thinks: God, what a weird dream.. so glad that would never happen in real life.. I wonder if the girls would ever do that, I certainly would.. *sighs* I'm glad I love Tadase now.
Posted 6/8/09 , edited 6/11/09
Nagi: I feel so bad for the way that I've treated him...I should go apologize now... *gets up and walks over to Tadase's room. Sees a Tadase-shaped hole in the papery door as he exits his room* ah, I see he's entered my room... *sweatdrops and heads to Tadase's room*
Nagi: Huh? He's not here? Where did he go?
*walks outside and sees Ikuto making out with Tadase under one of the trees*
Nagi: *mutters* That wasn't a dream? *pinches self* Nope, still not a dream...
Posted 6/9/09 , edited 6/9/09
Jo: I don't think pinching works, want me to bite you to check?
Posted 6/9/09 , edited 6/10/09
Nagi: Er, no thanks... *looks back to Ikuto and Tadase* But I thought this wouldn't happen again. I don't think I can even count how many times my counterpart got dumped in the NagixAmu game...
Aimz: Don't worry, Tadase's just getting experience, so he can be with you ^_^
Nagi: Yeah right...
Aimz: I'm serious. Don't you want him to be a good kisser?

Posted 6/10/09 , edited 6/10/09
Nagi: Can't he learn from me? Since I WAS girl
Jo: *highlites the word was* =3=
Nagi: So! I should know this stuff! *looks how pretty he is*
Jo: *under her breath: vein gay basterd*
Jo: *gets another highliter and high lites "I was a girl"* Your half straight *sniggers*
Posted 6/10/09 , edited 6/11/09
Aimz: So, are you just going to stand there Nagi, or are you gonna go say something to them?
Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/11/09
Nagi: go say something
Aimz: wha ya gonna say?
Jo: Heffulump!
Aimz: *puts tape over Jo's mouth*
Jo: * mumbles*
Nagi: That the theiving cat should get off my boyfriend!
Aimz: Yes that's right!
Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/11/09
Aimz: Wait! hold on! *takes picture of Takuto moment* Ok, now you can go! *mutters* Since when was he was boyfriend anyway?
Nagi: *hears what Aimz said* Sh-shut up... *looks to Ikuto and Tadase and storms over to them*
Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/11/09
Nagi: Tskyumi(?) (I still can't spell it) IKUTO! GET YOUR DIRTY HANDS OFF HIM!
Jo: Boy, that line's over used.
Nagi: Very, everyone knows that when you say it, it acutally means what your looking at is EXACTLY what's happening.
Ikuto: Over so fast?
Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/11/09
Ikuto: Wait a minute, you stole his copyright!
Nagi: Took you long enough to notice T_T
Tadase: It's a copyright?
Ikuto: Yeah, cause everytime you see me you say it!
Nagi: Who gives a damn? Just get your hands off my boy Ikuto!

Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/11/09
Tadase: Your boy?
Tadase: Nii-san..
Nagi: Nii-san?
Ikuto: I'm his brother so what? Utau used to be in love with me! It's fine that she loves Kukai now.
Nagi: Utau-chan likes Kukai? *under his breath there goes my back up*
Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/11/09
Tadase: What did you say Nagi?
Nagi: Um...never mind... I didn't know you guys were related *raises eyebrow*
Ikuto: *ignores Nagi* Say Tadase, you wanna go somewhere more...private? *smirks*
Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/11/09
Tadase: Nagi, what did you say?
Nagi: Nothing alright!
Tadase: TELL ME!
Nagi: I said that Utau was going to be my back up! FINE!
Tadase: You were going to go back to being straight once we get together and then spilt up
Nagi: Kinda...

In the produers office
Jo: Crap.. have I just killed this?
Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/11/09
Aimz: *enters the producers office, sipping coffee* Nope, it's not dead yet ^_^

Ikuto: Tadase? Did you hear me?
Tadase: *sarcasm* That's nice of you. So I pretty much turned gay for nothing?
Nagi: You turned gay for me?!
Ikuto: Tadase! Don't ignore me you blonde bitch! I know you can hear me!
Nagi: What did you call him? *glares at Ikuto*
Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/11/09
Ikuto: Stay out of it tranvestite, this is between me and the blond bitch!
Tadase: No, I'm platinum blonde you stupid theiving neko!
Nagi: *hugs*
Tadase: Yes.. I realised that I loved you and.. and...
Nagi: No...
Tadase: I'm his, and forever his *kisses Nagi on the cheek*
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