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Posted 5/28/09 , edited 5/28/09

If you're a StarCraft fan fluent in Korean, this week offered up several new details about the Blizzard's high-anticipated follow-up StarCraft II. For English-only readers, we had to wait for those details to be translated. Thankfully, posted a comprehensive list of new features.

GameMeca reports that after playing a build of the game, there's no load time. While it wasn't detailed if this was only in single or multiplayer mode, the prospect of getting into the game faster is very attractive to fans of the series. The site also reports that the speed of in-game units, such as Zerglings has also sped up (or as we joked, they'd have to be faster in order to keep up with Korea's world-renowned mastery of StarCraft).

Given the beautiful pictures that we've seen of the game, there were no details about the machine used to play the pre-release version. As more details are translated (or revealed in our native tongue), we'll bring it to you.
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All I know is saranghaeyo shinji! Does this count? Can you bring this too? xD
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