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What do you think of Singapore?

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27 / M / SINGAPORE ` !
Posted 10/24/09 , edited 10/24/09
Singapore is FTW! Racial Harmony -Peaceful and Fun Place to be in !

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25 / F / Mahirah's Home To...
Posted 10/29/09 , edited 10/29/09
it's a small country like duh! haha. i love singapore and i'm proud to be a singaporean.
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27 / F / a place u dont exist
Posted 10/29/09 , edited 10/30/09
Singapore may hav a high cost of living, but at least the government is trying to help those who r in need even tho the things tat they giv r a bit cheap. lol. also, its not as high as other countries.

talking abt hot.. $#%*@%& global warming!! its getting hotter every year in singapore..
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F / Somewhere on the...
Posted 11/4/09 , edited 11/4/09
Seriously...? I can bear with the heat, but for me, education is pushed way too high.

Why? Let's see. It is compulsory for every student to get a CCA(co-curriculum activity). I understand they want to push our experience to the max and all but for those like me who aren't even in the slightest bit interested in ANY of the activities offered or think it's just a chore, this sucks. If attendance gets too low, the teachers will hunt you down, because MOE keeps an close eye on them. If you can't get into a good Polytechnic or JC you are pretty much screwed unless by some miracle you happen to get your hands on a pretty good job.

Then, the government is funding huge bucks to attract foreigners. There are cases where a single HDB flat is crammed up with 30 people. And it''s not very rare either.

Housing? High. Costs? High. I'm pretty much set on leaving the country after education unless the government decides to backup Singaporeans themselves and not foreigners for once. By the way, if I do get on anyone's nerves, , do just let it go. Your PoV may be different, but this is my view of Singapore.
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23 / F / You need that(O>O)
Posted 11/14/09 , edited 11/14/09
great I think...

my Idol lives ther
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Posted 11/14/09 , edited 11/14/09

sum-cha wrote:

Majulah Singapura ! Oh yeah!
I like how people in Singapore speak good English, since its the official language. I also like how its a multicultural place even though its a small city-state. The best part about Singapore for me is the food, Singaporeans take their food seriously! ^_^

One thing that doesn't make sense, why is it called Singapore? "सिंह simha" means lion in Sanskrit and Indian languages.
Maybe someone saw tigers, but didn't know what it was called and decided it was lions? What do you think?

nope. there is a legend (or maybe it's real) about San Nila Utama ( or some other princes with names that sound something like that><) first stepping into Singapore, which was named Temasek at that time, and seeing a lion.

The prince saw a flash of gold in the distance and asked his attendants what it was. The attendants, being more worldly-wise (or in some other cases, the attendants asked the locals), told him it was a lion, and he was struck by how majestic the (exotic) animal looked. Thus, he named it Singapura (now changed to Singapore), the lion city.

P.S. the prince was forced to land in sg due to a sudden storm.

Anyway, to contribute to the topic.

I think that it is a humid, rigid country. People are so lawful to the extent that no one really dares to find fault with the government. Honestly, it is lacking in excitement.

besides, we get forced to join CCAs, to complete 100 hours of community involvement programme AND practically coerced to take higher mother tongue....

On a general overview,
You get traffic jams when entering CBD. You get horrendous parking rates and annoying ERP. You get Singlish.

Still, I like it XD it's MY country after all. and most of the schemes that the government has implemented are beneficial to the country in whole. it has a low crime rate. it has a wide variety of food. it has advanced so much that people all over the world know about it, depite her small size (a little dot.....)

Gosh, this is getting a bit too wordy =.=.
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Posted 11/17/09 , edited 11/17/09
it's hawt and cold at the same time...
hawt being. weelll. plain humid
& cold being the ppl's attitudes.

someone just bite me for those disapproving looks.
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Posted 11/21/09 , edited 11/21/09
Singapore: Best and safest place EVER on Earth.
Although its a RED DOT.
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23 / F / dubai
Posted 11/22/09 , edited 11/22/09
small , little red dot, but an okay government:) ^_^ ! the exams are so hard...and life in singapore is stress..but the rest is GREAT ^_^!!
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27 / M / somewhere on eart...
Posted 11/24/09 , edited 11/24/09
agree. its either too hot or hot nothing else. just 2 season dry or wet. but a interesting island thou.
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25 / F / Malaysia, Singapore
Posted 11/28/09 , edited 11/29/09
singapore is MY country
i think singapore is a very DISCIPLINE country
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Posted 11/29/09 , edited 11/29/09
singapore is a really great country since it teaches english and chinese, two important languages used in the world and its education is recognised worldwide. BUT it could be better because the scenery of singapore is not good and its too boring.
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26 / M / Dreamland
Posted 12/3/09 , edited 12/4/09
I wanna visit Singapore! =D Never been there, but I heard the country is great - clean and disciplined. Certainly a unique country
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28 / F / Earth
Posted 12/9/09 , edited 12/10/09
Heat, heat, heat .....
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24 / M / Singapore
Posted 12/10/09 , edited 12/10/09
You can't grow long hair in school,you need slope -_-
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