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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
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Bitter Sweet

Reiku: finally! Spring break!
Charice: yeah~ what are you going to do this vacation?
Reiku: dunno, just in the house~
Charice: oh, I and my family are going to Canada. Just a vacation in my aunt’s house.
Reiku: oh. Ah ja!
Charice: ja! See you again!
Reiku: un! Bye!

[At Reiku’s house]

Reiku: tadaima!
Mom: Okaeri Reiku! Do you want t eat?
Reiku: umm, later mom. *went to her room*

[At Her Room]

Reiku: *opens her computer* ahh~ what’s new here,
[Suddenly someone invited her in a comference]
Reiku: eh? *joins the conference*


Babyness: yo guys~ so all of you are JE lovers here right?
Rei-chan [Reiku]: umm I’m new here!
Babyness: oh hello then!
Nameless: hi! So you guys like JE?
Rei-chan: umm yes I am
Nameless: cool~ I like them too!
Rei-chan: nice!
Babyness: haha you guys, Je is the best ne?
Licious: you said so! Especially Jin Akanishi!
Rei-chan: you think so too?
Babyness: Rei-chan seems to like Jin Akanishi too ne?
Rei-chan: ah ma…
Licious: Nameless is a guy ne?
Nameless: yes~
Babyness: wow it’s rare to see a guy who likes JE!
Nameless: well, they are my Idols~ hehehe.

[Nameless Private Messaged Reiku]

Nameless: hi!
Reiku: Hello!
Nameless: you seemed interesting in that chat room!
Reiku: really how come?
Nameless: ohh nothing much~
Reiku: so, you like JE too?
Nameless: Yep. Ne, Reiku-chan you like Akanishi Jin right?
Reiku: Reiku-chan?!
Nameless: well it says in you username
Reiku: oh hehehe. What’s your name?
Nameless: Himitsu!
Reiku: eh?
Nameless: okay I’ll tell you who I am.
Reiku: who?
Nameless: I’m Kamenashi Kazuya!!
Reiku: Eh! Are you kidding me?
Nameless: haha! Got you there!
Reiku: eh? Mou…
Nameless: okay. I’m Akanishi Jin.
Reiku: hahaha funny guy you are.
Nameless: yes I am~ well, it doesn’t really matter who I am right?
Reiku: fine okay. Then I’ll give you a nickname!
Nameless: Nickname?
Reiku: I’ll call you Akame-kun since you said my 2 favorite JE Kame and Jin!
Nameless: haha Akame is okay!
Reiku: ^_^
Nameless: anyway wanna know more about you.
Reiku: sure, then ask me!
Nameless: do you have a sister?
Reiku: Twin sister~ xD
Nameless: really? What does she looks like?
Reiku: well, she is cute like me.. hehehe!
Nameless: ohh really~
Reiku: hmm, she likes Kamenashi Kazuya.
Nameless: really? Nice.
Reiku: then I’ll be the one to ask you now.
Nameless: ehh? What do you wanna know?
Reiku: where do you live?
Nameless: today? Hmm Tokyo.
Reiku: ohh I’m at Tokyo too. What’s your age?
Nameless: Turning 25 on July 04.
Reiku: whoa~ you really are like Jin!
Nameless: haha that’s why he is my Idol. You?
Reiku: Oh, turning 18 on June.
Nameless: wow~ debute?
Reiku: yeah~
Nameless: ok, Well I’m lying. What’s good about him anyway?
Reiku: eh? What’s good?
Nameless: yeah what’s good?
Reiku: he’s super hot! His voice is so angelic like that everytime I hear it I will faint or melt or something like that!
Nameless: and? What if you saw him?
Reiku: if I saw him? Gosh… I wouldn’t know what to do! Or maybe just cover my eyes for me not to collapse by his handsomeness!
Nameless: haha really?
Reiku: of course! I can’t stand looking at it! sheesh makes me melt~
Nameless: hahaha~ ne, can I see your picture?
Reiku: sure! *gives a picture in the Net*
Nameless: suggeee kawaiii!
Reiku: eh I am not!
Nameless: yes you are!
Reiku: no I’m not! Well okay I am~
Nameless: hahaha!

~~After a week~~

Nameless: so it’s been a week ne?
Reiku: right! And you haven’t showed me a picture of yours!
Nameless: haha~ oh, it’s 6:00 pm already ne?
Reiku: ahh yeah why?
Nameless: Look outside your window!
Reiku: *looks outside* ah! Hanabi! [fireworks]
Nameless: ne! let’s take a picture of it! Remembrance?
Reiku: sure!
*both took a picture of the Fireworks*
Nameless: it’s cute ne?
Reiku: yes~
Nameless: I think I…
Reiku: you?
Nameless: ohh haha nothing.
Reiku: ne, don’t you think we should already meet?
Nameless: do you wanna see me?
Reiku: of course I want!
Nameless: why? What’s good about it?
Reiku: eh? Of course I wanna see you because… well I’ve been chatting with you for a week and I haven’t seen you yet!
Nameless: well okay. Let’s meet at the Tokyo Amusement park tomorrow at 5:30pm.
Reiku: yatta!
Nameless: ohh yeah, I’m going to wear a cap because I don’t want someone besides you to see me.
Reiku: eh why?
Nameless: well, haha because they will fell in love with me!
Reiku: baka~ hahaha! Ohh can I bring my twin sister too?
Nameless: sure then I’ll bring my friend with me too. I hope your sister likes him too!
Reiku: eh? Muri~ sheesh I don’t even get her.
Nameless: eh why?
Reiku: well, she told me that she swore she will only love Kamenashi Kazuya! Can you even believe that!?
Nameless: hahahaha! She will forget about him when she saw my friend!
Reiku: eh? I wished so hahaha!
Nameless: let’s meet at the big tree there.
Reiku: big tree?
Nameless: there’s only one big tree there!
Reiku: okay!

@ Tokyo Amusement Park 5:15pm

Kazumi: Reiku, what does he looks like?
Reiku: I don’t know too Kazumi, well he said he’ll wear a cap.
Kazumi: *saw most half of the amusement park men wearing cat* geeeeezzzz! It’s like all people here are wearing a cap! Wait, I’ll just buy ice cream.
Reiku: okay.
*someone taps her back*
Reiku: eh? *looks at her back* what the?!! *shocked*
Nameless: Yo!
Reiku: why are you covering half of your face with a handkerchief?
Nameless: I’ll explain it to you later!
Reiku: where’s your Friend?
Nameless: oh on the ice cream stand.
Reiku: ah! My sister too! I’ll call her.
Nameless: me too!
Both: Kazu! *looked at each other* *shocked* Kazu?
Both Kazumi: Chotto matte! *looks at each other* *wonders*
Reiku: ah Kazumi, he’s the one I’m telling you about.
Kazumi: oh, Hajimemashite Kazumi desu.
Both Boys: *bows*
Nameless: anyway, let’s not talk here! Let’s go. *grabs them*

*they went to a carousel and went on the upper part without much people. They rode the one with a roof-like with chair*

Reiku: why are we here anyway?
Nameless: *removes his handkerchief and cap*
Kazu: *same way*
Reiku & Kazumi: USO!!!
Reiku: a-arienai!
Jin: *smiles* so you know me now?
Reiku: there’s no way it’s you!
Jin: it’s me!! *shows his Cell phone with the picture of the Hanabi*
Reiku: OH MY GOSH! Can you believe this Kazumi? Kazumi?
Kazumi: ……..
Jin: ohhh! I know why! Hahaha!
Reiku: aa..aanoouu saa… aheheheh ahehehe…
Jin: I thought you would collapse? Hahaha!
Reiku: ehh!
Kazuya: Yo! ^_^ nice to meet you guys.
Reiku: nice to meet you too! *looks at Kazumi who is speechless and just staring at Kazuya* Kazumi!
Kazumi: huh!? Ah … yeah.. n-n-n-nice to meet you too… *looks down, shy, blushing*
Kazuya: is there anything wrong?
Kazumi: i-iie… betsuni….
Kazuya: *holds her shoulder* you sure?
Kazumi: HAI! *surprised* I mean… h-hai…. *blushed, looked down*
Reiku: *speechless too*
Jin: so Reiku-chan. What’s up?
Reiku: eh? Ah…
Jin: see! That’s why I don’t want to show my face! Because you won’t talk to me anymore! *pouts*
Reiku: no! I mean, that’s not right. I’m just… shock that you are Akanishi Jin…
Jin: haha! Daijoubu! *pats her Head*
Reiku: *blushed*
Jin: are? Iyaaa~ Reiku-chan is kawai! You’re blushing!
Reiku: Eh!! Hazukashi!
Jin: hahaha! *whispers* ne, after this, let’s leave them also! Let’s change route with them!
Reiku: why?
Jin: *winks*
Reiku: -OH MY GOSH! Did he just winked at me? Kyaaaa no! no! I can’t show my blush! It’s so embarrassing!- ah yeah.. okay.

-After the Carousel ride-

Jin: Kazuya, change route~ *winks*
Kazuya: oh! Haha okay! Let’s go Kazumi-chan?
Kazumi: ah.. hai. *went off with Kazuya*
Reiku: geez, I still can’t believe it was you!
Jin: well, maybe I was destined to meet you~
Reiku: gosh… you really are a Joker Mr. Akanishi Jin.
Jin: haha! And you’re such a cutie Ms. Reiku-Chan~ *pinched her cheeks*
Reiku: ouch! That hurts you know~
Jin: haha~ you are so cute.
Reiku: fine, fine I am! *pouts*
Jin: *smiles* ikkou~ *grabs her hands*
Reiku: eh chotto~
Jin: iikara~

@ teacup ride

Jin: *spins the chair faster and faster* hahahaha!
Reiku: iyaa~~ hahahaha~ im getting dizzy you know! *spins around*
Jin: haha! But it’s fun ne?
Reiku: hahaha yeah!

@ Ferris wheel [that can the seat can be spin]

Kazumi: …. *nervous*
Kazuya: doushita no? you’re scared right? Haha!
*they sit face to face with each other*
Kazumi: h-hai… i… uh… don’t like to stay long in this kind of height…
*suddenly a strong wind blew that the seat wiggled*
Kazumi: iyaaaa!! *teary eyes* mouuu… huhuhuhu! Why are we stopped in the top anyway!!! *shows the Top view of Ferris wheel* *about to cry*
Kazuya: *stood up*
Kazumi: ch-chotto! What are you doing! T-tt-the seat is moving!! *really about to cry*
Kazuya: *sits beside Kazumi* hehe~ *puts her right hand in Kazumi’s shoulder* [hugging her in one hand type] daijoubu! *pats her from her side* I’m here ne?
Kazumi: i-ii desuka? Aren’t y-you s-scared?
Kazuya: mochiron~ how could I be a man If I’m scared like this? *smiles sweetly* ii kara~ *leans Kazumi’s head to his shoulder* don’t be afraid okay? I’m here.
Kazumi: h-hai.. *blushed* -GOSH! Am I dreaming? Geez I don’t wanna wake up! I’m with the person who I swore to Only love!-

~After Several weeks…~
~Reiku’s Birthday~

@Hotel Restaurant

Jin: is it delicious?
Reiku: it is so much delicious! I love it!
Jin: great thing! I’m glad you liked it!
Reiku: ma~ it’s been a month ne?
Jin: yes~ I’m glad that you have accepted me.
Reiku: *smiles* of course~ didn’t even think that you’re Jin Akanishi! Gosh, The real you is really different from you in your Drama. Well there is one that you really are like.
Jin: really? What drama?
Reiku: Yukan Club. You’re so funny you know! And so kind just like Miroku~ *bleh*
Jin: hahaha~

~After Eating~

Jin: Reiku-chan… *serious tone*
Reiku: mm? doushite?
Jin: can we stay here tonight?
Reiku: Jin… Sure.
Jin: thanks! Umm I actually booked already here.
Reiku: oh.
Jin: ja, let’s go?
Reiku: un…

@ Jin’s booked room

Jin: Reiku… I love you.
Reiku: Jin. I love you too.
Jin: *leans closer to Reiku* I will love you more… *kisses Reiku Torriedly*
*Both lays in the bed*
Reiku: J-jin…
Jin: *stops* G-gomen… was I too aggressive? Y-you didn’t like it?
Reiku: n-no. I was just surprised.
Jin: I love you so much Reiku.
Reiku: same as I Jin. *smiles* *hugs Jin*
Jin: Happy birthday… *again, Kisses Reiku* *kisses her from her lips down to her neck….*


~After 3 weeks~

Reiku: yo Kazumi.
Kazumi: oh Ohayo~
Reiku: how are you and Kamenashi-san?
Kazumi: we’re okay.
Reiku: *raises eyebrow* okay what?
Kazumi: fine~ *laughs* we’re dating~ so? As if you and Jin aren’t!
Reiku: haha ma~
Kazumi: so what’s up between you too?
Reiku: we are fi- *covers her mouth* *holds her stomach*
Kazumi: Reiku?
Reiku: chotto, toilet…

@ bathroom

Reiku: *throws up*
Kazumi: Reiku daijoubu? *rubs Reiku’s back*
Reiku: my head hurts. My tummy aches. *throws up more*
Kazumi: Mou Reiku!


Mom: anou sensei, what’s wrong with my daughter?
Doctor: Your daughter is Pregnant.
Reiku: I’m pregnant?!
Doctor: 3 weeks.
Kazumi: ah! Reiku! *remembers something*

~Flash back 3 weeks ago~

Kazumi: really? Something happened between you guys?
Kazuya: maji de?
Reiku: yeah… tokoro de, what are you doing here at our house Kamenashi-san?
Kazuya: aa… chotto… visit desu! *bows*
Reiku: ohh okay.

~end of Flash back~

Reiku: ah! Are….
Doctor: I will advise you to a great Ob-gyne here at the hospital.
Mom: arigatou gozaimashita.
Doctor: ah jya. Take care. *leaves*
Mom: is it him Reiku?
Reiku: hai okasama…
Mom: *smiles* *pats her head* my daughter has fully grown now ne?
Reiku: y-you’re not mad mom?
Mom: why would I? it already happened right? Besides me and your sister knows that you and Jin loves each other right?
Kazumi: souyo Reiku.
Reiku: Arigatou okasan, Kazumi~

@Reiku’s Home

Mom: dou, Jin? Have you both planned it already?
Jin: *kneeling down* Hai okasan. I will also bring her to my mom and talk about the marriage.
Mom: *smiles* you both have my blessing.
Jin & Reiku: arigatou gozaimashita! *bows*
Mom: ah ja, I’ll leave the two of you. *left*
Reiku: *teary eyes* arigatou Jin.
Jin: what are you saying~ there’s no need to thank me you know! We are going to bare that child together na? I love you and you know that. *kisses her in the forehead*
Reiku: I’m lucky to have you…
Jin: boku mo.
Reiku: ne, mind if I name the baby Miroku?
Jin: eh?
Reiku: *pouts* don’t you want?
Jin: haha~ don’t pout like that. Of course I do!
Reiku: really?!
Jin: yes I do~ *hugs Reiku*

~After few days. At Jin’s Home~

Mom: Nani!? This girl is pregnant!?
Jin: yes Mom.
Mom: didn’t I told you to stay away from her? She’s a bad luck in your career Jin!
Reiku: *looking down*…
Jin: but mom! You know I love her right? And we are having a baby now!
Mom: I can’t believe you Reunited with this… Poor girl! Arg! Fine! I will only accept this thing because of my grandchild! But to tell you Jin, whatever happens to your career, it’s all going to be her fault! *left banging the door*
Reiku: i-is it… really okay? *shaky voice*
Jin: Mochiron! I told you I won’t ever leave you right? Even if that witch is going before us. I won’t let it. Besides, she already agreed with this.
Reiku: d-demo…
Jin: daijoubu Reiku. *pats her* everything is going to be alright. We will get marry.


@KAT-TUN’s Room

Kazuya: so it’s decided?
Jin: yes.
Yuichi: so you really are going to marry her na?
Jin: yes.
Tatsuya: and she is pregnant right?
Jin: yes.
Koki: and you’re going to marry in 5 months right?
Jin: yes.
Taguchi: ahahaha! And to think that your witch agreed with it! Hahaha!
All exp Taguchi: Urusai!!
Taguchi: eeh!
Kazuya: ja, want to go to her house?
Jin: maybe in my house.
Kazuya: in your house?
Jin: yeah, she will stay there from now on.
Kazuya: eh really?
Yuichi: so you really did surpass that witch huh?
Jin: ma…

--Mean while at Jin’s house—

-Jin & Reiku’s room-

Mom: Listen you pitiful girl, I will only let you stay here because of my grandchild. *holds her arms tight* but if ever I heard you being stubborn here, I will definitely kick you out of this house! Understand!?
Reiku: h-haai! *tears flow*
Mom: *lets go of her* good. *left*
Reiku: *fell on her knees and cried* mou…
Jin: *saw Reiku crying* Reiku! Doushita no Reiku?
Reiku: ah, betsuni *wipes her tears* I just remembered my mom.
Jin: mou Reiku~ you scared me. I thought that witch did something to you.
Reiku: hehe *fake laugh* how could it possibly.
Jin: *hugs Reiku* I’m always here okay?

~After 3 month~

Mom: see? I told you nothing will happen if you marry that girl! Your guestings are reducing already! What will happen to your career now! *slams the news paper on her table* Son, I know how much you love your career! And you know that too. If you don’t want your career to end, better stay out with that girl.
Jin: ……
Mom: listen Jin, you love your career. Please don’t give it up so easily. Can you at least do it for me? You see, I have a plan, she can have an abortion so she will stay away from you now!
Reiku: *was listening in their conversation* *tears flow* -he must have thought to stay away from me. And no! I will not let them harm my baby!- *her ball pen fell down* ah.
Jin: R-reiku.
Reiku: J-jin… *Ran outside the house*
Jin: Reiku! *going out but her mom stopped her*
Mom: give her space. I know she understands how you feel.

~After a few hours, it started to rain very hard~

-Reiku’s Side. @ Playground-

Reiku: *cries* I won’t let them do anything to you Miroku. *plays with a sand and curving it into a baby but the rain drowns it all off* No! *cries so much*
Jin: Reiku!
Reiku: N-no! don’t come near me! Don’t hurt my baby!
Jin: Reiku no!
Reiku: *ran to the road*
Jin: Reiku! It’s dangerous!
Reiku: *ran up to the middle and stood there* I won’t let you guys harm my baby! I won’t ever let you! *ran to the other side of the road*
Jin: *saw a car going towards Reiku* REIKU!!! No!!
Reiku: *dumped by a car and she bleed too much* my…. Baby…. *fell unconscious*
Jin: Reiku!! *went to Reiku and shakes her* Reiku! No! Reiku! Somebody! Help us! Anybody! No, No, No! Reiku! *cries*


[sound of bed wheel is heard loud]

Jin: R-reiku… *heading Reiku to the emergency room with the Doctor and Nurses*
Doctor: we have to save her.
Jin: please do!
Doctor: but we have to let go of the baby.
Jin: w-what?
Doctor: it’s the only way to save her! Please sign this paper. *gives him the paper*
Jin: *can’t decide* R-reiku. I have to save you…
Reiku: *became conscious* no! Jin, Please! *cries* please don’t let them take the baby! Please!! *grabbing Jin* Jin! No! No please No!
[Plays in slow motion]
Doctor: it’s the only way to save her.
Reiku: No! Jin! I beg you! Don’t let them take our baby! Don’t let them take Miroku! Jin please don’t do it! *stopping Jin from Signing*
Jin: *let’s go of Reiku* *doesn’t stop from crying too*
Nurses: *brings her to the Emergency room* please excuse us.
Reiku: Jin!! No! No! Don’t let them take Miroku!!! *already in the emergency room*
Jin: *cries and signed the paper* i-i-is this… o-o-okay? *give the paper to the doctor*
Doctor: this will definitely save her.
Jin: *sits on the bench and cried* forgive me… Reiku…

@Reiku’s Room
[Jin is about to enter the room]

Kazumi: mou Reiku Daijoubu?
Reiku: m-my baby? Where is my baby?
Kazumi: Y-your baby…
Reiku: No! No! Don’t say it! No!!! Give me back my Miroku!! *cries* Give me my baby back to me!! Nooo! They took my baby away from me!
Jin: *slowly enters the room* R-Reiku…
Reiku: Jin! Where is our baby? Jin! Please!
Jin: *cries and Hugs Reiku* gomen Reiku. I have to save you!
Reiku: N-noo!! *cries while hugging Jin* Jin! They took away our baby! H-how could you accept that!
Jin: They had to save you Reiku.
Reiku: B-but… my baby… *remembers something* ah! Y-you… *pushes Jin away* don’t come near me! You wanted to hurt my baby too right! Don’t come near me!!!
Jin: t-that’s not true Reiku! I wouldn’t do that to you!
Reiku: No!
Jin: you know that I also hate that witch right?
Reiku: but you hesitated! You’d also thought of your career! *looks down* it’s… important to you… ne?
Jin: it’s true demo!
Reiku: get out… *low voice*
Jin: R-reiku?
Reiku: Get Out! You wanted to… you wanted to abandon the baby too! Get out!
Jin: Reiku…
Kazumi: Anou… Akanishi-san.. it’s better if you leave her first now. Give her time to think.
Jin: d-demo… hai. *left*
Kazumi: what are you doing Reiku? You know that’s not true. Jin would never do that to you.
Reiku: I know. That’s why.
Kazumi: eh?
Reiku: I have to leave him now. You see, his career is going down because of me.
Kazumi: what are you going to do now?
Reiku: I have no choice…


[A night that is Raining cats and dogs… Reiku went to Jin’s house to pack things up. Jin isn’t there. And at the same time, Jin decided to go to Reiku’s House but Reiku isn’t there.]

Mom: so you’re already going to leave this house?
Reiku: Hai. Thanks for everything…
Mom: you don’t have to mention it since I want you out of this house.
Reiku: … *went outside w/o an umbrella*
Kame: Reiku-chan… do you really have to leave?
Reiku: *tries to smile*un…
Kame: Demo Reiku-chan!
Reiku: don’t worry about me… I’ll be okay.. *cries*
Kame: …. Reiku-chan…
Reiku: *keeps walking*
Jin: R-reiku! *soaking wet in the rain*
Reiku: J-Jin…
Jin: ano ne, you see a… m-my hair looks cool when it’s wet ne!? ah.. and--
Reiku: let’s end this… Jin.
Jin: huh? R-Reiku Bu-
Reiku: Owari… Jin. Mou… I can’t be with you anymore.
Jin: But Reiku! *went closer to Reiku*
Reiku: *tries to smiles but crying* mou… *walks and faces Jin’s back* you can live the way you want now… you can still be the great Akanishi Jin without me. *Pushes him* g-gambatte ne? Jin… *walks away* *cries*
Jin: Reiku… Na Reiku…
Reiku: *stops from walking*
Jin: have you… have you ever thought of me as a separate individual? Have you ever thought of living with me with a normal life? Have you ever though how much I cared for y-
Reiku: Mou! Yamete kure! *shouts* things aren’t going to be the way it used to be now. And… it’s better this way since you mom doesn’t want me too.
Jin: But Reiku You know how much I Lo-
Reiku: mou ii… akirameta. The baby is gone anyway… there’s no reason to be together now…
Jin: Reiku!
Reiku: Sayonara… Akanishi Jin… *walks away crying, soaking in the rain*
Jin: *fell on his knees* doushite? Doushite!!! Why does this have to happen!! AAAAAAAAARRRGGGGG!!!

@ Reiku’s House

Kazumi: Reiku! *gave her towel* daijoubu?
Reiku: un…
Kazumi: what happened?
Reiku: Kore wa saigo dayo… kyou wa, owari dayo…
Kazumi: Reiku…
Reiku: *fell on her knees and cries* I can’t do this anymore! I’ve felt so bad… especially when Jin doesn’t want this to be over. But.. but.. it’s for him..
Kazumi *hugs Reiku* don’t worry Reiku.. I’ll be always on your side… it already happened ne?
Reiku: arigatou… Kazumi

Please wait for the Sequel ^^

-This is especially for the 18th birhthday of my Precious anee-chan Geh-san!!-


gomen ne if i hadn't made 18 gifts~ T_T

Comments are highly appreciated! ^_^ <3
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cant wait for the sequel
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24 / F / Yuto's BED!!!(:
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me too cant wait for the sequel(:
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huwaa!! i thought this is going to be a hardcore fic!!
I was wrong!!
it was so nice!!
what a great b-day gift for Geh-chan!!
hope she likes it the was I LOVED it!!
post the sequel immediately!!
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
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azn23 wrote:

cant wait for the sequel

wuaaa~ thankchuuu!!

xiaoqian94 wrote:

me too cant wait for the sequel(:


hsj9392 wrote:

huwaa!! i thought this is going to be a hardcore fic!!
I was wrong!!
it was so nice!!
what a great b-day gift for Geh-chan!!
hope she likes it the was I LOVED it!!
post the sequel immediately!!

wuaa~ [anu ba ung hardcore? =)) ROFLMAO]
thankss youu ate je~!!!
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Posted 5/31/09 , edited 6/1/09
UWAAA!!!~ That was so brilliant!!!! It's just simply AMAZING
Can't wait for the sequel...
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Posted 6/2/09 , edited 6/2/09
deen chan!
hontoni sumimasen for just reading this now!
i loved it so much you know that!!

that was really touching..can't wait for the sequel!!
i hope there's going to be a happy ending between me and
JIN..i mean reiku and jin!
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Posted 6/4/09 , edited 6/5/09

are you EmO or what?!
*sniff sniff*

you even killed their baby...
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Posted 6/19/09 , edited 6/20/09
woow. can't wait for the sequel it's so nice!!
Posted 6/27/09 , edited 6/27/09
as per usual you are super again!! ;P please write quickly I really wonder what will be happen in the future?!
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