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Why do you watch anime?
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Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09

Nashayla wrote:

hope it's not a thread I make :O

Like when they are angry, sad, in love or happy they 'make' weird faces. Hilarious

Uzumaki Naruto

Hatake Kakashi

Monkey D. Luffy

Kurosaki Ichigo


Allen Walker

why do you watch anime
Your kidding? -_-
first off you wouldn't believe how much locked threads are there about this topic ._. . Second use the search button next time. -_-

1. Dupe thread
2. Picture thread
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09
oh waw lol luffy wins
Posted 5/29/09 , edited 5/30/09

Nussara wrote:

why do you watch anime?

Why do people love Anime/Manga?

Use one of those threads to discuss

As stated
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