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If you're Taiwanese, what do you speak (excludes English)?
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25 / F / Taiwan
Posted 3/28/10 , edited 3/28/10
l speak Taiwanese~~
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Posted 4/16/10 , edited 4/17/10
I also hope that the Taiwanese language do not die out. As a speaker of a dying dialect myself (of the same family as Taiwanese), I can sympathize. Teochew (Chaozhou-hua), once very prominent in Southeast Asia and Singapore, are slowly losing out to Putong-hua, mainly because, being practical minded people, it is the language of the majority of Chinese world-wide, and thus, there is a greater future for those who can speak it, instead of some quaint, outdated, hindrance of a dialect. Mandarin is the lingua-franca of the Chinese community world-wide, so why learn something that only a few speakers here and there can speak. But, to lose one language, one's native tongue, is like to lose one's culture, one's past, and turning one's back upon one's people.
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Posted 7/26/10 , edited 7/27/10
I speak both Mandarin and Cantonese.
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Posted 7/28/10 , edited 7/28/10
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Posted 7/29/10 , edited 7/30/10
xiong wen
Posted 7/30/10 , edited 7/30/10
I speak Mandarin.
Posted 10/4/10 , edited 10/5/10

mystic91 wrote:

iluffquincy wrote:

Mandarin, of course.

But I know bits and pieces of Taiwanese from hearing my parents talk.
hey...r u taiwanese? is taiwanese language known as hokkien too/

i think there's hokkien in taiwan. but mostly, people there doesn't know hokkien.
Posted 10/4/10 , edited 10/5/10

pwincee wrote:

taiwanese language is hokkien..
i can speak hokkien ^^
learn it from my mum.
my dad can speak hakka. but i cant..i didnt learn it.

Taiwan original dialect is Hokkien? that would be nice to talk to them in hokkien.

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Posted 10/6/10 , edited 10/6/10
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Posted 10/19/10 , edited 10/20/10
Mandarin...the only other language I know other than English. =(

Sadly, I never really learned Taiwanese, cept for a couple words and phrases my parents used when they talk.
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Posted 10/23/10 , edited 10/23/10
Taiwanese will not die out any time soon. For goodness sakes people, in south Taiwan that's practically what everyone speaks and I'm not talking about countryside. They even teach in Taiwanese. Most of the people who say it will die out probably only think of Taipei. But even in Taipei there are tons of people who speak Taiwanese. Taiwanese dialect is part of their pride. I don't know anyone who is proud to be Taiwanese would choose not to speak it. Hell I speak it.
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Posted 11/8/10 , edited 11/9/10
my mom n dad speaks taiwanese when they r talking about secrets -.- (like a secret channel that kids can't go to O.o)

so they never teach us.....

but i do remember learnning taiwanese in school O.o (when i was still in taiwan...)
if i remember correctly...
there r 8 tones in taiwanese instead of 5 in mandarin O.o
Posted 11/9/10 , edited 11/9/10
.. i guess i would have to choose MAndarin
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Posted 11/16/10 , edited 11/17/10
nice... looks like 30 something percent people still hold true to our culture :)
台灣人加油XD 不要忘記祖先的傳統

ps. I speak all :3
Posted 9/11/11 , edited 9/11/11
taiwanese-mandarin ftw~ HAHA
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