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Minna, hi! this is actually my senpai's fanfiction but she doesn't have an acct. here in crunchyroLL so I decided to post it up for her.. So, if ever you comment *please do. haha* i'll tell it to her right away~ she's my neighboor too~ xDDhaha~


um, this is not actually a CHINENxOC fic if you're looking for a love story~ this fic is actually more on friendship and stuff~
oh, i better shut up now, ne? XP


At Tokyo International Airport~

"Sigh… Where is that girl?" Kamenashi Kazuya asked himself as he walked the entire airport searching for his cousin while sucking on a strawberry lollipop. "Mm.. This is yummy." He thought. "What the heck am I saying?? I should be looking for Aya!!" Suddenly, a boy approached him… "Kame-kun!!" he called out.
"Oh! Chinen Yuri! From Hey! Say! JUMP! Yoshihiko-kun!" he joked.. "What are you doing here?" he asked him..
"I checked out a new manga store. :DD" he casually replied looking up to his tall sempai.
"Aha… Yoshihiko loves manga now!!" Kame teased..
"Haha.. You're right!!" he laughed.. "So, Kame-kun, why are you here?" he then asked..
"Waiting for my cousin who MAY or MAY NOT come…" his senpai replied, about to loose hope.
"From where?" the boy was curious..
"France… Demo, I don't know if I can still talk to her in Japanese since she's been staying in France for more or less 6 years. She only comes here to visit..." Kame sighed..
"Wow~ France…!! Hmm... Is that her?" he asked pointing to a girl who was calling Kamenashi from afar. She was wearing a black beret, white blouse, slacks and white shoes…
"Kame-kun!! Tadaima!!" she spoke..
"Oh, AYA!!" YOU CAME HOME STILL SPEAKING JAPANESE!!" Kame joked once more..
"Well, I could never forget how to speak my native language.." she replied winking her right eye~
"You're right…"
"Kame-sama?" she called him.. "who's the guy?" she asked referring to the boy beside her cousin.
"Oh~ This is my kohai."
"Konbanwa. Chinen Yuri desu. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu." he introduced himself shyly..
"Ah! Ano… It's nice to meet you too. My name is Raiana Subarashi." she replied smiling at the young boy… "Is this like a set up? Meanie cousin gets me every single time!!" she thought while shaking Chinen's hand..
"Chinen-kun, Aya-chan, you guys want to go to my house for some food?" Kame suggested.
"That's awesome! I haven't gone to your house since I was ten years old!!" Raiana said..
"I can't go~ Goumen. Have to go home early…" Chinen answered
"Aww. Demo, your parents won't be mad since you're in your senpai's house, right?" Kame insisted..
"But…" he was still in doubt..
"We have GYOZA!!"
"KAKKOI!!! I LOVE GYOZA!" the two kids both said together..
"Cool! You also love GYOZA!!" they both still said it together..
"Auntie makes one of the best Jiaozuo in the WORLD!" Aya complimented. She was referring to Kame's mother who would cook gyoza for her every time she would visit her cousin.
"Sou desu ka?? And what's Jiaozuo?" Chinen asked..
"Ah! Did I say 'Jiaozuo'? I meant, gyoza! Haha~" Aya corrected herself~ "Jiaozuo is the Chinese version of Gyoza… Gomene… I used to eat it a lot in France so I got used to the word 'Jiaozuo'…" she added..
"Ahh.. Souka… I can't believe Gyoza can be international too!" the 15-year-old boy laughed..
"So, let's go?" Kamenashi asked the two teenagers…

--at Kame's house--
"So that's why it's 'Hey! Say! JUMP'…" realized Aya~
"Aren't you going to ask about Kat-tun?" her cousin joked..
"I've known that since then!" Aya replied laughing..
"GYOZA'S READY!!!" shouted Kame's mother from the kitchen..
She laid the platter on the dining table where a plate full of Onigiri varying from different flavours were also set for them to dig in. There were more than two dozen pieces of Gyoza on the plate and a dipping sauce of simple soy sauce was placed in the middle.
"Mmmmm~ smells delicious!!" Chinen couldn't wait to dig in~
"ITADAKIMASU!!!!" They all said with chopsticks already placed in their hands
"Auntie, which one has the tuna & mayonnaise filling in it?" Raiana asked looking at the plate full of Onigiri…
"It's square one." her aunt answered..

--after the dinner-- (a/n: I am so lazy!! xDD)
"Hey! Chinen-kun! I think this is your dad." Kame called Chinen to the front door~
"Hai. Thank you for the dinner everyone! It was wonderful!!"
"Ja, Chinen-kun!!"
"Kame-kun, do I spend the night here?" Aya asked.
"Oh, yeah. You don't sleep in your house until your parents come home to Japan. For the meantime, you can spend your WHOLE WEEK in my house. :DDD"
"NO PRACTICAL JOKES!!" she shouted..
"Yes, yes… no practical jokes, I promise!!"
"By the way, where do I go to school?" (a/n: it was still vacation season.. xD)
"I still don't know about that but I bet it's in Horikoshi. Not sure."
"ahh~ okay… Where do I sleep?"
*Aya glares at Kame*
"Oh, sorry. Did I say couch? I was just joking. I said guest room. Second floor, next one to my room. :))"
She went upstairs without her bag since her cousin told her it was already in the room~
"demo, how do I know where's Kame-kun's room? Super Baka does it ONE MORE TIME…" she asked herself while going up the stairs.. She suddenly reaches the second floor corridor and reaches a brown painted door with.. "Oh, that's right. I forgot his DOOR was painted brown and on the DOOR KNOB are the words.. 'this is Kame's room. HELLO.'" she sarcastically told herself~ "Wait a minute." she paused. "WHICH ONE IS IT? LEFT OR RIGHT???!!!" she shouted at Kame from the stairs..
"LEFT." he answered casually…
"What? It's not my fault I don't have a sign in my door knob reading, 'this is the guest room. HELLO.'" she mumbled.. "And it's also not MY fault my cousin was one-fourth idol.. Or fangirl bait; one fourth actor; one fourth singer and one-fourth… well… baka? Noooo… maybe someone who brings happiness~ Dang~ What am I saying?" she added while she was opening the door to the room…
"COOL~ brown-painted walls!" she forcefully smiled.. "MANY PEOPLE LOVE BROWN!!" her sarcasm didn't stop… xD "it's just too bad I'm not one of them…"
She fixed her things, put her clothes in the closet, kept her gadgets on the drawer, changed to her pajamas and laid down to sleep…

The next day…
She woke up with a note on her side table… It was from her mother..
"Raiana, we'll be back in a week. We just have to finish some things here in France. Enjoy Japan, dear. I hope you're doing fine in your cousin's house~
Good News! We've decided that you should go to Horikoshi. Anyways, you've already did the entrance exams right? Then it's settled…"
She didn't actually finish the letter since she was so excited she's entering Horikoshi~

---let's skip the other unneeded parts.. xD---

In Shibuya, 2:30pm~

Aya just finished shopping for some new clothes she'll wear more often now since her 'luggage' back in Kame's house is jam-packed with berets and french clothes… :P

Immediately after she left the store…
"Chinen-kun! Ohayo!"
"Ohayo~ What are you doing in Shibuya, Subarashi-san?"
"Oh nothing~ just shopping… and please call me Aya. I'm not used to being called 'subarashi-san'"
"Gomenasai, Aya-chan~ Etto… I'm getting ice cream~ It's so hot!! Aaaaaaatsuuuii!!!"
"The sun sure is high up~ Can I come with?"
"It's… 'Kudasai'."
"Nah, I was just kidding. Come on!! I was going to ask you to come anyway~~"
"Well, here I am~ Let's go!"

Ice Cream Shoppe~

"But won't fangirls chase you here?" she asked the young artist while eating the strawberry flavoured ice cream
"Yeah but I only get to visit Shibuya once in a while now because I have school and work… sigh.."
"It's rare, isn't it? Getting to meet new friends?"
"Yup. Usually I don't get to hang with my classmates anymore. I only get to hang with Yamachan and Daichan, my band mates."
"Ooh… Where do you go to school, anyways?"
"Horikoshi. Yes, I know.. I know… the school of the celebrities… Yadda Yadda… I'll be in 2nd year next school year~"
"How bout you?"
"Etto…" she tries to hide it. But, she also doesn't know whether she'll really be going to Horikoshi or not... "My parents still can't decide. Goumene."
"Oh~ Okay. Let's go home then. I don't want to get sunburn when we step out of this café!! Haha~"
"Ah… HAI!"
"Kamenashi-kun's house is a little bit near our house so let's go together!"

They were walking together, talking and sharing stories all the way; until a fan came.. With her friends too~

"Guys, it's Chinen Yuri!!" a girl said from far away.
"Okay, Aya, you have to run. NOW." Chinen told her seriously~
"Trust me. If you don't, it means your life."

"These fangirls are crazy!!" she was still running for her life. She runs fast but some three to five girls were chasing her~
"WHY THE HECK ARE YOU WITH CHINEN??!!!" they shouted from behind~
"Oh darn. I hope this works.." she thought~ "I'M JUST HIS THIRTEEN YEAR OLD COUSIN!! LEAVE ME ALOOOONE!!!!!!!" she bluffed~
"YOU THINK WE'LL BELIEVE THAT???!!! YOU STEALER!!!" they were still very aggressive at her~
"I should be able to hide over here!" she saw a little space in between two buildings and hid there. She thought it might mislead the fans~ And it worked… "Phew… *pant* *pant* that was so tiring! It was like my arrival at France one time!! Whoo.." she told herself. "What?" a voice from behind commented. It was Chinen!
"Oh! Nice meeting you here, Chinen-kun!" she joked~
"Wait a minute. What do you mean by, 'it was like my arrival at France one time'??"
"Uh~ did I say that?"
"Okay, whatever. Is it safe to go out?"
"uuuh…" she suddenly glances at the outside. Then Chinen accidentally steps on her hand~ "HEY!! That was my hand!!" she whispered angrily~
"SORRY! So is it safe?"
"NOPE. Their still looking for us."
"Ugh… By the way, do you rock climb?"
"WHAT?!! What the heck?!! But yeah, I do."
"Well, there's a wall here and if we climb it, the other side might be the street where my house is."
"It's worth a try!"
"Okay, I'll go first."
Climbs up wall~
[after some time… ]
"Yatta!" Chinen muttered~
"What now?"
"It's our house! Okay, one.. Two… three… RUN!!"

---Chii's front lawn---
"We made it!" Chinen panted~
"What's with you?!"
"I can't believe you have that much fans!!"
"Okay, NOW let's stop."
"Hai~ *pant*" … "Why are we in your garden?"
"Oh, sorry~ Let's go inside…"
"I should better go back home~"
"Fans will kill you."
"Oh yeah, right. But is it okay for me to be in your house?"
"Yeah~ that is… if you don't want to be killed by more fans.."
"Where's your front door?"
"Haha~ Come on, it's over here!"

---Chii's house---
"Tadaima!!" Chinen greeted~
"Okaeri, Yuri." his sister replied~ "Who's the girl?"
"Oh, this is Kamenashi Kazuya-san's cousin~"
"Ah~ Konnichiwa, Aya Subarashi desu. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu." she smiled sweetly~
"Yoroshiku, Aya." Saya replied~ "Chinen, why is Aya here?" she added
"Um, am I too much of a bother? Haha~" Aya joked
"Oh no~ Fans again?" Chinen's sister worried
"YES!" the two answered~
"I see… I'll be getting you some juice~" Saya offered
"Oh, no need. We ate already." said Chinen
"Sheesh, Yuri~ do you even remember when the last time you had a 'normal' visitor was?" asked his sister~
"Okay, Okay~ no need to be rude, onee-san!"
"Take a seat, Aya~ And you can bring your shoes in if you want to." Saya told her~
"Ah~ It's okay… No need~" Aya replied~
"Why are you so nice to her and to me you're so… so!!" Chinen complained to Saya~
"whatever, ototo-chan."

Aya already told Kame that she's in Chii's house. Saya was preparing their snacks~ And as it was getting better, it started to rain after some seconds~ Time? 5:30pm
"Aww. It's raining!" Aya complained~
"Aww… And I wanted to play soccer later too!" Chinen added~
"Haha… Looks like your plans have been dumped."
"You said it." Yuri agreed. "Oh by the way…"
"I still don't get it.."
"The part where you said, 'it was like my arrival at France one time'?"
"Oh that?"
"Does this mean that you're also an artist?"
"Um~ No, not at all, silly." she seemed like she was hiding something~ "It was just… my friends and family~ they were waiting for me at the entrance of the airport having banners and stuff and it started to become wild when they saw me~"
"Oh~ hahaha~"
"Go on, laugh. Haha~ kidding!"

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Blah blah blah~ xD joke.


---the next day---
Aya was still sleeping when Yuri called Kamenashi that day~
"Oh! Yuri! Why did you call?"
"Um, I would like to ask something about Aya from yesterday~"
"Why? Could it be??"
"It's not like that!!"
"Oh~ *dang.*"
"Um, do you know any background of her being, you know, a singer or whatever~"
"Of course! Don't you know? She's a major superstar in America! Nah, just kidding. But she IS a singer. She has released albums in America, France; and currently, she's working on her Japanese for her first Japanese album."
"Uh, didn't she tell you??"
"No~ actually."
"Hmm~ she must have forgotten~"
"Will she even forget THAT?"
"You have a point. Maybe she just doesn't want you to know for some reason~"
"Oh, Aya's awake~ Want to talk to her?"
"Uh, no~, Kame-kun. Thanks anyway."
"Sure. Anything for my JUMP kohai~ Ja~"

"Aya! Ohayo!"
"Yuri just called.."
"Sou desu ka??"
"Hai!! He asked me about YOU!"
"Ah~ Souka~" she rubbed her eyes lazily and walked down the stairs… "AHH!! YOU DIDN'T TELL HIM…"
"I went to Japan not to train but actually, to escape the showbiz world! Uuggghhhhh~"
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"I thought you KNEW!"
"Oh~ want to call him before he spreads it?"
"I dunno his phone no."
"JOKING! Here it is~"

Aya calls Chinen~
"It's Aya Subarashi."
"Ahh~ doushite?"
"PLEASE DON'T TELL ANYONE of whatever idiotic things Kame told you about me, PLEEEAAASEEEE!"
"Phew… for a while there, I thought I was dead."
"ehehehe~ um, Aya-chan?"
"Can I see you later, in front of the Ice Cream Shop we ate at yesterday?"
"Um, is it about my showbiz thing?"
"Well then, what time?"
"Afternoon~ Maybe 4:30?"
"Okay. Ja~"

4:30pm that day~
"Aya! You’re here!"
"Ah~ Konnichiwa."
"You told me we weren't going to talk about that, Aya-chan!"
"Haha~ jokie! xD But you didn't tell anyone right?"
"I didn't. I promise!!!!"
"Okay~ haha~ that's good. Arigatou~"
"Chinen, please do your best to keep it to yourself~ please?"
"Sure. But why are you so--"
"It's because I went to Japan to escape from the showbiz world~ And posing as a normal kid would teach me to realize who my real friends are and so I did that. I'm sorry to be so selfish!"
"You're not selfish! That was the right thing to do... I'm glad you said that."
"Nowadays, people are being more dishonest and more stupid. More and more people are being too selfish, like those fans yesterday. I'm glad there's someone like…"
"YOU!" they said pointing to each other~
"Ahaha… thanks, Yuri~ For everything! I'm like your fan!! >___<"
"Haha~ OH! YOU'RE RIGHT! Hahahahaha~ So, we're okay now?"
"Of course!! Why wouldn't we be?"
"Um, maybe you're--"
"You didn't have to answer that!!" Aya laughed… "I'm going to introduce you to my most wonderful senpais!!"
"Hai. And By the way~"
"I want to annoy you for some reason."
"Is that your REAL personality? Annoying people them leaving?" Chii teased~
"Hey! I'm not like that!" Aya countered...
"Oshiyosete hito nami~~~~~"
"Tobira no Mukou~ Kimi to yukou!!"
"Wahh~ You have an annoying side, you know??"
"Yeah~ I do… I also remember…. Ookiku na re…"
"BOKU!" Yuri exclaimed~
"demo, how'd you know our songs?" he asked~
"Because of Kamenashi-san!" she answered. She took a glance at her watch... "OH!! We're late!"
"For what?"
"I wanted you to see my senpais, remember? And so I asked them to wait for us somewhere… AAH! WE'RE LATE!"

-end- x3
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haha this is kinda funny!
i'm expecting for a sequel for this..
this left me hanging! xDD

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