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[if you're asking me, if it's true. i dont know.i just saw this and wanna share to all.PEACEOUT]

The TV gods are opening a glimmer of a potential Offical break and into a Season 2….Though I’m not sure if there is a lot to develope. The only thing is that did you guys noticed that Jan di never replies to Jun Pyo’s answer and he closes the box and they turn to face the ocean with the rest of F4….

Today’s ending of the 25 episodes of the popular drama, Boys Over Flowers had obtained large amount of support from the audience. As such, the author of the drama announced a good news : Boys over flowers season 2 will be out next year February. The drama initially did not have high viewership, but because of the raising popularity of the drama after that, he decided to plan a season2 for the drama. The suspense left at the end of episode 25 was actually a hint that there may be season 2 for Boys over flowers. source: jpopasia

you can read more here

The Korean version did a condensed version of the Taiwan and Japanese spins and the only possible plots I thought they could cover are:

1. Jandi and Jihoo’s medical school trials

2. Yi Jung and Ga Eul’s relationship developing more and they become an offical couple finally, and dare I ask, a kiss

3. Woo Bin’s transition into taking over the company, maybe follow my HK movie series (Young and Dangerous with Chicken and his wife) and Woo Bin is set up in arranged marriage with another traid to create a stronger hold in Asia. He needs a strong woman at his side.

4. Ji Hoo needs to have someone come to his side as well. His bond with Jandi is strong but confusing for him because of the complications and feelings Jandi has for him.

5. Jandi doesn’t do well from medical school and takes a break to back pack around asia and to hide (like taiwan version) Ji Hoo knows where to find her and rents a place for them to hide and retreat too

6. Jandi is feeling the pressure building as she tells Jun Pyo to wait until she finished med school to marry, but mom wants them to marry soon…lol…who knew eh?

7. Jun Pyo helps Sang (Jandi’s brother) with his first crush.

8. Ji Hoo takes over the Arts and MEdical center…but when Jandi finishes med school, he gives her the clinic to work in because that is probably what grandfather had wanted and he takes over the Arts becuase his true passion is in Music.

9 God forbid, Jun Pyo pisses off Jandi or they fight break up and Ji Hoo dates Jandi seriously and she returns the feelings now and Jun Pyo regrets and tries to win her back.

10 Jun Pyo get back together and final season is that they marry on New

MULTIPLY [ABS-CBN, kapamilyanovelas]
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how is this related to cars?
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