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* Movie: Clearness
* Romaji: Kurianesu
* Japanese: クリアネス
* Director: Tetsuo Shinohara
* Writer: Akane Yamada
* Producer:
* Cinematography:
* Release Date: February 16, 2008
* Runtime: 112 min
* Language: Japanese
* Country: Japan


Sakura is a 20-year-old college student who has sex for money to fund her shopping addiction. After her customers leave her apartment, she spends her time spying on Leo, a young, beautiful and (dyed) blond-haired boy, who works at a male escort service across the street. One day, Leo pays her a visit, and so starts an unlikely friendship. But Leo has a troubled past. He is the son of a prostitute who worked for his current pimp and died before she could repay money that she owed. He himself entered the business when he graduated from junior high school. Though Leo refuses to make love to Sakura (he has a policy of not having sex outside of work), the two fall in love and become inseparable until Leo gets into a fight with Sakura's boyfriend and gets him into a car accident. Leo turns himself in, and Sakura moves to Okinawa to wait for him at their dream destination.


* Kiki Sugino - Sakura
* Toshihiko Hosoda - Leo
* Sho Aikawa - Naruse
* Yoshihiko Hosoda
* Kumiko Ito - Mika
* Yu Koyanagi
* Yuko Miyamoto - Mayumi
* Takumi Saito - Ryo
* Junji Takada
* Chigusa Takaku - Erico
* Yoshinobu Yamada - Akira

here is trailer:

At first i thought it was remake of koizora or something. the blond guy reminds me of Hiro ( Miura)
anyways.this movie sounds interesting it it seems that nobody is subbing it.
can please anyone tell few subbing groups to sub this?
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