Memories Of A Tomorrow, Memories Are With You, Memories Of Snowfall
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Okay well let me start by saying the story will be building up in the future and becoming RELATED to Bleach ^^ But you don't quite see that in Chapter 1. I have a total of *7 chapters.*

the full 7 chapters :

Here`s Chapter 1!

[ o1 - What an Interesting Person ]

The pipes were making all these noises at night- I couldn't get to sleep in my room. The ice that had built up around the pipes started to drip water every few seconds. Drip drop...drip drop... I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to block out all the noise. But I never succeeded in anything I would put effort in. It was Winter where I lived...and Winter seemed infinitely long here... I pulled up my fuzzy blanket pulling it over my head, groaning in annoyance. Then decided to watch some quick late night TV, maybe that would drift me back to sleep...But if I do that- I'll dream of weird things...I turned on the weather channel- "Oh perfect. Another snow storm will come least school will be closed...right?" The TV kept flickering on in the darkness of the room, I was boredly changing the channels on my remote. The brightness of the TV was really starting to irritate my eyes. I searched for the little red button on the remote, pressing it and the TV shutting off. I decided to go out for a stroll- at 11 at night. Snow still on the ground...and it's pretty slippery outside. But- oh well. I couldn't get to sleep anyway...I had to do something to un-jumble my many thoughts that kept me from my sleep.

As I arrived outside, the moon was out. It was a full moon. The cold breeze was a nice touch. As I walked off anywhere, my footsteps were marked in the snow, someone could find me...Creepy. The sky was hazy and foggy, I could see though. It was only the sky that was foggy. It looked yellow outside for some reason- the snow storm is supposed to arrive tomorrow said on the weather channel. "But are they really accurate?" I asked myself. It was a tad chilly outside. Rubbing my palms together, my breath was seen in the cold air. "Too late to grab a jacket and go back home...I won't be out for long anyways." I said. My eyes laid on a person, laying on a bench facing the moon. Just staring at the moon above...The first thing I noticed, was his black and white kimono...where was he from? I got a little discomforted and decided to go back home. My feet were about to turn the other direction, until the person did something weird. He seemed to have breathed in the air, he kept doing that constantly. It was a nice breath of fresh air, but c'mon. It's kind of freaky how he does it. He lied their flat on his back on his bench, his arms crossed around his head. His body just layed they're across the bench. His head to the side, eying the moon. Was he homeless or something? "Or maybe just lazy." I said out loud accidentally, biting my lip regrettably. Did he hear me just now...? He turned to the side now, breathing in again. His body facing me. Did he fall asleep...? He's sleeping...His eyes are closed, but he's probably just pretending.

He breathed again. His breath whistling in the air. Or something...I heard it. This was getting weird...why was I observing him like this...? I turned around, placing my hand to my cheek. Feeling really nervous right now. I guess in a way I would think his eyes would be opened...and when I turn around...his eyes would see mine...I then got the idea that if I turn around- his eyes would be opened. I hesitantly turned around, my eyes observing the smirk on his face, just now, he smirked? Or has it always been there? His eyes were open! Staring directly at me! My green eyes curiously gazed into his- aqua colored eyes. For some reason, I could not look away...If my eyes could shake...they would be shaking right about now. I mean, if you see what I am looking at right now...! You would feel what I feel...He breathed more air, saying something to me, "Just who the hell are you?" His voice soothing to the ears, but aching to the heart. What am I saying!? It's just a voice...damn it...

"Are you going to answer my question?" He asked, his voice still new to me. And his face remained the same, angry looking. I jumped out of my weird phase. "U-Um..." I stuttered, beginning to regret my stroll in the middle of the night. "Um?" He glared at me weirdly, his lips frowning. "Are you...homeless...?" I managed to say, the most stupidest of questions. He sighed, inhaling breath. I looked up to the sky, an airplane? A bird? was somebody! "Oh good! He's here! Time for some good old fashion ass kicking!" He released his fist that rested on his cheek lazily, jumping off the bench. I never noticed that sword by the bench... He picked it up and laughed wickedly. "WHO IS THAT!?" I gasped, a warning sign in his eyes, I suppose I should hide somewhere, I hid behind a tree. Watching the...BATTLE!? The other person landed his feet to the ground, carrying a sword as well! But this one seemed bigger. ANOTHER sword!? What the hell is going on here...

Kay, sooo what's your opinion on it so far ??
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it feels like a suspense story that's coming up...
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There are a lot of punctuation errors. Periods that weren't needed and this(...) and this (-). Why do you keep adding them in places where they're not needed? Is that suppose to add suspense?
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its the writers choice really but suggesting things is good for a writer as well
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