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Posted 6/4/09 , edited 6/4/09
I'm on the two week trial, trying to figure out if the full membership provides enough value to buy into.

One thing I'm interested in is being able to download an episode so that I can play it on the TV in the main room instead of on the computer (not to mention that I vastly prefer using my own video player program to the clunky flash plugin). At the moment, not all series seem to have that option. I saw it on one series, which is why I signed up for the trial membership (actually, I was going to sign up for the pay membership, but finding proper info on it was too much of a pain so I just went with the free trial). However I then found that the download option wasn't present on several other series, which was rather disappointing.

The actual question I have, though, is the cost of the download. I can understand charging free members for the option to download. What I want to know is, if I get the pay membership, do those charges still apply to me? Having paid a good chunk of money already, are you going to try to continue to charge me for one of the main benefits that I expected to get with the pay account in the first place?

And a secondary question, why are some recently added series still in low-res even with membership access? One that caught my eye in particular was Air Master, added just last month. There seems no good reason for it to be run at 320x240. Pretty Cure as well, even if it is an older show.

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Posted 6/4/09 , edited 6/5/09
You just broke several rules. :(

Please check the sticky threads about rules and FAQ.

It's probably a duplicate too.
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Posted 6/4/09 , edited 6/5/09
Crunchyroll does not fully explain all the details in a membership.
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I'm not sure on the downloading part because I don't usually check it a lot.

About Anime Membership, what you get when you purchase it is the following:

● You'll get early access to most anime titles available on Crunchyroll
● You will get High Definition (HD) 720p and 480p-quality videos
● You will never be shown any in-video advertisements.
● You will have a color-customizable star next to your name
● You can have a customize wallpaper
● You will receive 1000 cr points as a bonus for each month
● You can post a Forum Topic without having 500 CR points

Those are the only option you get for purchasing Anime Member. Besides those benefits, everything will apply to both regular and Anime Member.

For further question please use the Site Support/Help (Ask technical questions here) thread
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