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Posted 6/5/09 , edited 10/20/09
Hello, all members of Writers Block.

It's time to write and win! Write the best short story you can ever write and post it here! Of course, we have a fixed title. The winners get to win prizes and get the glamor in this very group! Don't worry, we will have this every month! So, what are you waiting for? Start writing!

TITLE: If I were a ...

JUDGES: PurpleSkye |animeprincess94 |animexcool | Kohou | pyrotechnics17

DATE DUE: January 1st, 2010 - Don't be late!

PRIZES: A page just for the winner - with the story post there, interview with the winner, a big banner.


-The scoring system is simple (thanks to pyrotechnics17 for the suggestion! XD). All 5 judges would score each entry on the scale of 1-5 (woots) with 5 being the highest and 1 the lowest. The one with the most (woots) after the deadline wins! If you have any inquiries, you are free to message me or my fellow judges.


*Information above might change. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Posted 11/11/09 , edited 11/11/09

Beautiful Creature

Black is all that is in the sky tonight.Not a single star or cloud in the sky.I have finally ran away from home.I'm out of that terrible place.I carry with me clothes and food enough for only three days.
I lie in the most beautiful meadow I have ever seen.Healthy green grass with tons of wild flowers from every color from the rainbow.
My sack lay aganist a rock,I reach for the bag to get a snack when I hear a beautiful and graceful voice.The voice is singing.
A girl.
I wonder off away from my sack and deeper into the woods I go.
Soon enough I can hear a stream close by.I now see the stream beautiful and blue.Gray,brown, and black flat stones lay at the bottom.I look away and try to find the singing girl then I look back at the stream something isn't right.The stream is now filled with red liquid I only hope its not blood but it is.It is.The smell is terrible.
I must escape the smell the sight.I start to jog back a little.Then a hand touches my shoulder.
I hope it's father and he can take me in his arms and tell me everything is alright.But this is not father's touch.
The hand feels boney and scrawny.I turn around and expect to be looking into the eyes of a beast.
But instead I look into the eyes of a beautiful girl.How beautiful she was.Long black to her feet.Crystal clear light blue eyes.Its like they sparkle.She touched my warm cheek.I look at her and notice she is wearing no clothes fully naked from head to toe.
I should offer some kind of clothing.She kisses my cheek unexpectedly.I jump in shock of her ice cold lips.Then it turned to pain.Then I couldn't move not a finger a leg or any limb.Why would such a beautiful creature do such a thing.The girl pushed me to the ground and climbed on top of me.She kept staring at me with curious eyes.She looked innocent but so evil.She smiled and giant sharp teeth showed all jagged and pointy.I lay there and close my eyes.And let the creature feed from me.Take,my blood my skin.i cried she did.Why would this happen to me I screamed once.The beautiful singing voice i once heard was now evil like and wicked.I don't know what this thing is but it ate me all and enjoyed it.How could such a creature do this.I should have stayed home tucked in my warm bed.But now I'm resting a cold blooded killer.A Killer.Who is cold blooded naked and blue sharp teeth.posinous lips.Don't come near she won't be far.[
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Posted 3/8/12 , edited 3/9/12
as she dances through the night she radiates with a divine elegance.
a celestial being of perfection with silken skin and a gentle fragrance.
she reminds me of the purity of love and its innocence.
and no matter how much i resist or try.
she somehow she seems to catch my eye.
her voice is a seat melody that resonates within my heart.
being unable to hear her again would surely cause me to fall apart.
cuz in my eyes she will always glitter, she always shine.
for as long as i can hold her in my arms and make her mine.
so to her i dedicate this sonnet or rhyme.
cuz concealing my emotions is an actual crime.
(my original work inspired by a love long since lost i wish too meet a girl that could inspire me too say such things again.)
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