[Tamil Movie] Padikathavan
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Radhakrishnan alias Rocky (Dhanush) is the youngest son of an auditor (Prathap Pothen) in Chennai. In the family of intellectuals, Rocky is unique. He has been attempting for several years to pass his matriculation examinations. This invites the wrath of his father. Inspired by one of his friend's (Suman Shetty) suggestion that he love a well-educated girl and marry her, Rocky begins his search for one. He comes across Gayathri (Tamanna), an aeronautical student. As usual after 'cat and mouse game', Rocky wins over Gayathri's heart. Unfortunately a group of goons from Andhra Pradesh come after her. Gayathri gets rescued by her father Samarasinha Reddy (Suman), a rich and an influential man in Andhra Pradesh. She is forced to go to her native by father. Meanwhile, Rocky begins his journey in search of his beloved. When he lands in Andhra Pradesh, he is thrown open to many challenges and surprises. He starts to fight unknown enemies. When it looks like he had sorted out all troubles and ready to hold Gayathri's hands, hurdle comes in the form of Kasi (Atul Kulkarni), a dreaded goon from Thirunelveli . How he clears the last hurdle in his journey to wedlock his beloved forms the climax.
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