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Posted 6/6/09 , edited 6/6/09
etto, I just found out a song by one of my favorite teen-actresses -- Jennette McCurdy~ she's "SAMANTHA PUCKETT" in iCarly~
the song is entitled, "So Close"

so why did I put this HERE?!
it so relates to the situation of current fans and how they really love their idols even though they're far away from them~
also, because of updates, vids and other media, it just appears that their idols are so near yet so far~

especially these lines:

"He's got a face straight out of a magazine. Gotta pinch myself to prove he ain't a dream… And we've never met I bet you don't know my name … Am I outta my mind? I think that I might be goin crazy"

oh, just read it for yourselves.. xD and you'd probably want to think of Chinen while you're at it! :DD

care to comment on the song, meow? xDDD joke.
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