Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ You’re My Princess Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
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24 / F / Under the Cherry...
Posted 6/6/09 , edited 6/8/09
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Chapter 1- The Wind Comes Forth Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

[A girl runs in the forest with a smile full of delight because of the beautiful surroundings but she stops and sees an old woman covered in her filthy cape.]

???: (Slowly walks closer to the woman) Daijobu?

Woman: (Breathes heavily) Da-Daijobu jana-nai.

???: (Stretches out her hand) Is there anything I can help?

Woman: (Looks at the girl) We-Well. . .(Eyes turns red) You can help me make my job easier, Fumiko.

Fumiko: (Slowly takes a step back) Ho-How did you know my name? What do you mean?

Woman: I know you and (Removes her cape and pulls out her knife) I’m going to kill you so just shut up (Charges at the girl).

[Just when the distance between them is 3 meters apart, a guy appears in front of Fumiko.]

???: (Glares at the woman) Don’t hurt Princess Lumière.

Woman: (Stops and puts her hand on her waist) What are you going to do? Glare at me?

[The guy’s blue eyes turn silver and aim his right arm at the woman; a strong gust of wind came and blew the woman away.]

???: Are you all right?

Fumiko: I’m fine but who are you?

???: I’m. . . .

[An alarm clock rings and falls on Fumiko’s face.]

Fumiko: (Throws the alarm clock and rubs her forehead) Ouch! That hurt. (Gets out of bed & stretches her arms).

[In the dining room.]

Fumiko: (Sits down) Ohayo!

Fumiko’s mom: (Smiles) Ohayo Fumi-chan. Oh right I forgot there’s a. . .

Fumiko: (Stands up) Save that for later mom. (Grabs her bag) I’m o. . .(Bumps into the door).

Fumiko’s mom: (Sighs) Oh dear (Looks at the bento). You almost forgot your bento.

Fumiko: (Scratches her head) Oh yeah. (Grabs her bento) Thanks. (Opens the door and runs outside).

[In the gates of Camellia High.]

???: (Waves her hand) Hey Fumi-chi!

Fumiko: (Waves back) Ohayo Hitomi.

Hitomi: (Walks beside Fumiko) Have you finished our homework yesterday?

Fumiko: (Smiles) Yeah!

Hitomi: (Clasps her hands together) Can I copy your homework? I couldn’t understand it at all.

Fumiko: (Sweat drops) I couldn’t understand it either (The bell rings).

[In the school building.]

Hitomi: (Stops and looks at her watch) Fumiko get ready. Hell day begins.

Fumiko: I know, I know.

Hitomi: 5. . .4. . .3. . .2. . .1. . .(Looks around) Huh? Nothing happened.

Fumiko: (Sighs in relief) At last they didn’t do anything (Pulls the door open and flour pours on Fumiko)

[Some students laughed.]

Fumiko: (Whispers) As expected they won’t give me a break (Walks to her seat and wipes the flour on her hair).

Yukiko-sensei: (Walks in the room) Ohayo gozaimas!

Students: Ohayo Yukiko-sensei.

Yukiko-sensei: (Looks at Fumiko) Ikeda-san what happen to you? You’re covered in flour.

[All the students looks at Yukiko but some students gave Fumiko a glare.]

Fumiko: (Scratches her head & smiles weakly) I bumped into a baker and flour fell on me (Embarrassed smile).

Yukiko-sensei: (Confused look) Is that so? Ok then let me introduce your new transfer student. (Smiles) Please come in.

[A guy walks in the room and the girls started screaming.]

Fumiko: (Thought in mind) It’s weird. Why does he seem familiar?

Yukiko-sensei: Please introduce yourself to the class.

???: Ohayo. The name’s Yamaguchi Gavin. I just moved yesterday that’s why I haven’t fit in yet.

Some girls: (Heart-shaped eyes) Kyah! So cool!

Fumiko: (Sighs & whispers) As usual.

Yukiko-sensei: Ok Yamaguchi-san your seat will be (Points at the empty seat behind Fumiko) behind Ikeda-san, is that ok?

Gavin: (Smiles) Fine by me sensei (Walks to his seat but he stops beside Fumiko’s table and his eyes widen).

Yukiko-sensei: What’s wrong Yamaguchi-san?

Gavin: Nothing’s wrong sensei (Sits on his chair).

Yukiko-sensei: Minna! Take out your notebooks please (All the students takes out their notebooks and Yukiko-sensei starts to write on the whiteboard).

Fumiko: (Writes what’s written on the board but then she stops and drops her pen; Thought in mind) Why do I feel that someone’s been staring at me? (Looks at Gavin and then Gavin starts writing; Fumiko continues writing and stops). (Thought in mind) I knew it but, why is he staring at me?

[At Recess.]

Hitomi: (Goes to Fumiko’s table) Fumi-chi!

Fumiko: Hai (Pulls her bento from her bag)?

Hitomi: (Unwraps her bento) Looks like Arisu and her cliques didn’t give you a break.

Fumiko: (Sarcastic tone) It isn’t obviously, isn’t it (Opens her bento)?

Hitomi & Fumiko: Itadakimasu!

Fumiko: (Eats some omelet) Hey! You know what?

Hitomi: (Takes a sip of juice) What?

Fumiko: (Talks while chewing) Datch guy ish alwaysh stharing atch me.

Hitomi: (Confused look) What?! Fumi-chi swallow first.

Fumiko: (Drinks water & wipes her upper lip) I said Ishikawa-san is always staring at me.

Hitomi: Really? Why (Takes a bite on the fried shrimp)?

Fumiko: I don’t know.

Hitomi: What kind of stare?

Fumiko: Just look at Gavin.

Hitomi: (Looks at Gavin & continues eating) Ooooh, that stare.

Fumiko: (Picks up shrimps using chopsticks from Hitomi’s bento and eats it) Well, what kind of stare is it?

Hitomi: (Looks at her bento) Hey! Those are my shrimps.

Fumiko: You can have mine if you want.

Hitomi: (Smiles) Ok (Picks up breaded chicken using chopsticks from Fumiko’s bento and eats it).

Fumiko: So what kind of stare is it (Eats some rice) ?

Hitomi: (Swallows) Well by the eyes I can tell that he wanted to find the deeper you than what he sees.

Fumiko: (Raises her eyebrow) In short?

Hitomi: (Looks at Fumiko and smiles) He’s interested in you.

Fumiko: (Sighs) What is good about me (Eats rice using her chopsticks)?

Hitomi: Well you’re not ugly and you’re not dumb so what’s the reason he won’t be interested in you?

Fumiko: (Frowns) Because I’m not popular like Arisu.

Hitomi: (Sighs and rolls her eyes) Here we go again.

Fumiko: What? Who couldn’t be jealous of her she’s. . .(Looks at her bento and looks back at Hitomi) You finished my food?

Hitomi: (Embarrassed smile) Gomenasai.

[All of the students stand in front of the bulletin board.]

Hitomi: (Looks at Fumiko) What club are you joining?

Fumiko: (Thinking expression) Maybe book club.

Hitomi: Eeeh? Why?

Fumiko: Its peaceful in there (Someone taps on her shoulder; Fumiko turns around to see who is that person) Akemi? Jun? Hana? What do you guys need?

Akemi: (Gives a piece of paper) Join the sports club!

Jun: Gives a piece of paper) Join the kendo club!

Hana: Gives a piece of paper) Join the drama club!

Fumiko: (Slowly walks backwards with sweat bullets) Maybe later. (Runs the opposite direction) Bye.

Hana: (Points a Fumiko) After her!

Akemi: You don’t need to tell that to me.

[Hana, Akemi, Jun & some other students’ runs after Fumiko and Fumiko runs in the garden & hides in the bushes.]

Girl: (Looks around) Where is Ikeda-san?

Jun: She must be somewhere here.

Akemi: Let’s go that way (All of them run to the basketball court).

Fumiko: Good! They didn’t find me. (Stands up; Fumiko walks while looking behind and trips) Ouch!

Gavin: Hey! What’s your problem disturbing someone’s sleep? (Pulls a book that’s covering his face) Ikeda-san! What are you doing here?

Fumiko: (Slowly stand up) I’m running away from my pushy classmates. You! What are you doing here?

Gavin: Same as yours. (Notices Fumiko’s wound on her knee) Ikeda-san you have a wound.

Fumiko: I have? (Looks at her knees) Oh I have (Walks) I’ll just wash this.

Gavin: I need to bring you to the infirmary.

Fumiko: (Smiles and shakes her head) No I’m fine.

Gavin: (Stands up) Please! I insist.

Fumiko: I’m already telling you I’m fine.

Gavin: (Walks closer to Fumiko and carries her using bride style; Smiles) You won’t listen to me so I’ll force you.

Fumiko: (Blushes a bit and look the other way) Fine! I’ll go to the infirmary.

[In the infirmary.]

Nurse: (Puts a band aid on Fumiko’s knee) You better watch where you’re going, you don’t want to ruin your legs, do you?

Fumiko: (Smiles) No I don’t.

[Outside the infirmary.]

Fumiko: Arigato (Bows her head a bit).

Gavin: Don’t sweat it (Walks away).

Fumiko: (Smiles) He’s not so bad after all (Walks away).

[Under the tree where Gavin lies down.]

???: (Sitting on a tree branch) You still haven’t found her?

Gavin: Yeah but there is a girl that seems interesting.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ End of the Chapter Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
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