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Short Story By: Jana-chan !<3

Genre: [?]

How they met. . .

She was a waitress at a restaurant in town, she was always being treated fair. She had one friend that worked there along side her. Everything seemed bustling with activity at they're newly found job for the summer. But what Kisony didn't know was that should would find summer love. <3

A tall looking man with blond spiky hair walked into the restaurant, and also Kisony's life. Their eyes met for a brief second, her friend giggled at the company of the man, she gestured Kisony to take the mans order, be a little friendly with him. So, she did.

As she walked up to the mans table, notepad in her hand, she asked him what would he like to order. He said 'the usual.' Kisony didn't know what the mans usual was exactly. The man noticed Kisony as a new waitress and said, "Oh, my mistake. It looks like your new here." He smiled quickly, than looked back to the pamphlet of desired appetizers.

He followed his finger to an appetizing meal that looked heavenly. Also known as 'the usual' for him. He licked his lips then. He had chosen the simple yet complex mix of eggs, pork, crabs, and toast squares. I wrote it down quickly in my notebook in hand. "Thank you." I walked back to the counter, sighing. My friend gestured again to take a seat with the man, get to know him better, I really didn't want to embarrass myself any further. I've not known how to flirt...

His meal was finally ready, after a short 10 minutes I walked up to him once more and handed him his meal. He looked pleased all around. But once I made the stupid mistake to sit at his booth, that's when he looked discouraged and I, embarrassed. I could only stare when the words flowed out of his mouth… from between his perfect lips. "I was wondering when you would join me, miss." His eyes honest and tender, "I'm glad." I felt a big relief and all the embarrassment seemed to have went away as he said those words.

Becoming a Couple. . .

It was early in our conversation that he had to leave to work at 12:00 sharp. We said our good-byes and he promised to visit me again tomorrow morning. Though the strange part of it is...I didn't catch his name. Every glance, every movement seemed like it was too perfect to be true. I never felt this way about anyone before...I never felt this way ever...It was just after work was done and over with I could go home and dream about him...the perfect man...

I dreamed...that we would become a couple...the following morning I rushed to work, remembering the mans promise from before. Of course, I cared for my looks, and I began to spend more time making myself look even more beautiful for him. I rushed out of the house, you could say I was completely head over heals. I waited for him at the restaurant, sighing as each second flew by, waiting, waiting...waiting...Then, he arrived, my face glowed then. I beat him to the booth, craving his company. He chuckled and took a seat right next to me.

The close-ness I didn't see coming...but I cherish every meaningless moment. "You came." I pointed out the obvious, not knowing what to talk about with him so near. My friend had come up to our table with a notepad in hand. "The usual, right?" She said, the man looked her way and nodded, than his dreamy eyes set back on me. My friend giggled and left us be. I looked away from him, staring at the window near us. "Nice day outside, huh?" He noted, I smiled gracefully. "I'm rude of me...I was just so pleased by our meeting yesterday, that I didn't give you my name." I shook my head in disbelief, even without his name...I would known how I felt about him...his name...made my heart skip a beat every time I heard it.

"Keitaro...I loved that name." And from that point on I knew what it meant, blessing. He was truly a blessing to me as well. He stretched his arm around the booth, captivating me in his eyes. He had asked me out on a date, to the park on such a lovely day. I didn't hesitate to say yes. Business was especially slow today, which was good that their weren't any tables to attend to. But I knew that would become a bad thing. I would totally forgot why I took this summer job...

It was just after work that Keitaro walked me out of the restaurant, our hands locket together. We seemed like a...a couple. Though my palms were probably sweaty touching his, I always felt like such a person couldn't make me feel so many emotions at once...what did this Keitaro do to me that made me love him so much? Keitaro...was on my mind night and day. When I would awake in the morning...he was my first thought...

The Date. . .

We arrived at the park, serene, peaceful. Just how I imaged my perfect date...we walked along a curved path, than Keitaro noticed two benches un-occupied. We sat they're for the time being. Little children running around playing tag, they're innocent laughter...dogs catching frisbee, there was even a couple having a picnic on top of a hill. We felt that our company should be cherished and every relationship needed communication and trust. The communication, we had. But I'm no so sure of the trust. We sat on that bench for what seemed over 2 hours, talking about our childhood, funny stories, birthdays that we would always remember.

I don't know...I felt so compelled to tell him EVERYTHING about me. It was safe to say I was becoming obsessed...or scary, actually. And it was obvious by now that we're a couple. We're in a relationship. We LIKE each other. There was an Ice Creme stand being set up, customers rushing there like flies. I waited on the bench as Keitaro went to get us some. I wanted Vanilla, he wanted Chocolate. Oh well, I guess we don't have the same taste in Ice Creme. I couldn't believe such a perfect date existed. Everyone was so happy. Was I dreaming?

I sat back on the bench, engraving this moment into my heart, never to be weathered away; never to forget.
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AWWW this is cute >w< I LOVE IT SO FARR!
More more more please and thanks :3

lol but you might want to check your They're-There-Theirs ^^'
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