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Posted 6/6/09 , edited 8/2/10
CR keeps deleting stuff when I try to add another chapter so I'll just put it as part two which you can find HERE


My Cherry Blossom

By Zozo-chan

Chapter 1

When I was 6, my parents had a huge fight and divorced because my mother found out that my father was two-timing her. It was a fight that I would never forget because…because I saw it right there, front row, a sickening fight that can never be cured out of my head ever.

My father left with that other woman and that was the last time I saw him. His face, his smile, everything about him was long gone. Gone...gone...that word echoed throughout my head a million times as I waved good-bye to my father with a teardrop falling from my right eye. Shocked, more tears fell and I didn’t even notice. My mother hugged me tightly, blocking my view of my dad but her hug was somehow gentle with her soft body. She felt like a comfortable, fluffy pillow.

I could feel her saying to me, “It will be alright, don’t cry now, baby girl, there’s no need to cry.” And I fell asleep in her warm arms.

I never got over it and one day, I missed my dad so much that I ran away from home and searched for my dad throughout the neighborhood. He wasn’t there. I was confused because he never told me where he went. I was a confused 6 year old running throughout the neighborhood and I didn’t even know where I was going. I just kept running about with tears falling from my eyes until I stopped there… There, right in front of my amazed eyes was cherry blossom trees. I thought I was in a dream. The scenery was so beautiful yet so calm and relaxing, I thought of it as my mom and dad when we were all happy. But too late, all of that are long gone, adios, sayonara. Loads of tears ran down my face. I was in so much pain that I felt like dying…

Until a voice behind me asked, “What are you doing?”

I turned around and there right in front of me was a boy. Brown hair, gray eyes and he looked exactly my age. My tears were still running down my face, I couldn’t stop it.

“Why are you crying?” He asked me with a soft, gentle voice.

“I-I’m looking for my dad…” I answered timidly.

“Do you know where he is?”


“Then why are you looking for him if you don’t know where he is?” He stared at me with those soft, worried gray eyes of his.

“B-because I miss him…” I blushed as the wind blew through my long pink hair. My tears kept falling as I stared at him with my pink eyes and kept thinking, what is he up to?

“Silly girl, even if you miss him so much, you won’t be able to find him if you don’t know where he is.” He said as he laughed a bit.

My tears stopped, he somehow calmed me down. I was a bit happy seeing him laugh a bit but in my heart, in my broken heart, I will never stop crying in there for my father whom I seem to love very much. I was kind of happy as well to see him try to cheer me up.

I wiped my tears and said, “Thank you very much for trying to cheer me up but this pain in my heart will never heal. Thank you though.” I showed him my gratitude by curtsying and smiling at him.

“So,” he said, “what’s your name?”

“It’s Sakura, what’s yours?” I replied, blushing and the scenery turned magical, with leafs from the cherry blossom trees slowly falling.

“Kenta, call me Kenta.” He responded with a smile.

“So it’s Kenta, nice to meet you!” I said and held out my hand so we could shake hands.

“Nice to meet you too, Sakura.” Kenta said and held out his hand and shook it with mine.

It was a beautiful day that I would cherish and never forget. That day when I met Kenta, became his best friend, and the day when the cherry blossom trees bloomed. He helped me through the rough and sad times and I always helped him through his life too. We were BFF’s, best friends forever. Until 1 year passed and on that day, Kenta had to move. It was the last time I saw him…

“Kenta, please don’t leave!” I yelled out while crying so hard. This reminded me of when my dad was leaving, I hated it.

“I’m sorry, Sakura. But I have to move because my dad quit his job here and got a new job somewhere else. Please don’t cry…” Kenta said. I felt like I was going to break into a million pieces.

“But, but…” I stammered.

“Come on, Kenta!” Kenta’s dad called out to him.

“Give me a minute, dad!” Kenta yelled back.

My tears couldn’t, no, wouldn't stop running and I couldn’t stop thinking what would happen if Kenta was gone.

“Look, Sakura, it’s not as easy as it seems but…I have to go. Let’s make a promise, Sakura, which we will meet again one day and we’ll be together forever, promise?” He held out his pinky.

“Promise,” I said and pinky swore with him.

“Sakura, I love you.” He said and hugged me tightly with his soft arms and his gentle body. I was so surprised and touched of what he said to me. Is this a confession? I gripped onto Kenta’s shirt, wanting this hug to last forever.


“Good-bye, Sakura.” Kenta said and he let go of me.

I held out my hand to him but he faded away in my tears…I didn’t even have a chance to say back to him, “I love you too…”

Chapter 2

I opened my eyelids and stretched out my arms. I checked the clock and found out that I might be late for school. I hurried and changed into my uniform and ran downstairs.

“Mom, you forgot to wake me up again! Now I might be late for school!” I complained.

“Well, it isn’t my fault, honey; you’re all grown up now. You got to learn to take care of yourself nowadays.” My mom said to me while cooking pancakes.

“Sorry mom, looks like I have to eat something else. Bye!” I said and kissed my mom on the cheek. I got toasted bread from the table and ate real fast. I got my lunch which is a bento my mom made for me and I stuffed it into my bag. I put on my shoes and ran out the front door with my bag in my right hand.

“That girl, now I’ll have to eat her food.” My mom said and sighed, looking at the pancakes she finished cooking.

Hi, I’m Sakura Watanabe and I go to Hokkaido High School. I’m in the 10th grade which means I’m 16 years old. It’s been 10 years since my dad left and it’s been 9 years since Kenta Sasaki left. I’m still depressed that my dad left but I still hope that one day, I would meet him again. I was sad that Kenta left but I got over that because every year, I hoped for him to come back but then I kept learning that he will never come back and that’s when I started a new life without him in it. I know that he was my first crush/love and that I never told him that I loved him, but I think that I still kind of do. But I stopped thinking about him because I have the most popular guy as my boyfriend. His name is Takeshi Yoshida and we’ve been going out since school started, which was a month ago. He’s 16 and also in the 10th grade but he’s in a different class. The school is filled with couples and we’ve been voted the cutest couple ever! But let’s get to the point, I like Takeshi and he likes me, you see? Isn’t that easy to say? W-

“Sakura-chan!” My new best friend named Tomoko Nakamura called out and ran to me.

“Good morning, Tomoko-chan.” I greeted with a smile.

“Good morning!” Tomoko replied with a cheery face. We began walking together and started talking about school.

“Oh and I heard there is going to be a new student in our class!” Tomoko said.

“There is?! Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” I asked, surprised.

“I heard that it’s a boy from rumors. All I know is that he’s in our class, he’s hot, and the entire girls who are boyfriend-less are ready to make him theirs! I really want to know how he looks like and what his name is!” Tomoko said as if she’d fallen in love with him already.

“Well, you can have him because I have the nicest, coolest, and most popular boyfriend ever!” I bragged.

“Thanks! And speaking of Takeshi, look who’s over there waiting for you!” Tomoko said, elbowing me for my attention and she pointed toward the front gate entrance. It was Takeshi waiting for me! I blushed as Tomoko pushed me and said, “Go to him, I’ll be watching!”

“O-okay…” I said as I blushed and walked toward him. I thought to myself. She sure is encouraging…

“Hm? Oh hi, Sakura! I’ve been waiting for you, come on, I’ll walk you to class.” Takeshi said and took my left hand.

“O-okay…” I said while still blushing, I felt like I was going to explode in happiness. We were right in front my classroom door. “Thanks…” I said with my face still red. I’m going to die, I’m going to die, and I am totally going to die… “Well, see you later…” I looked away. I turned around and was about to open the door to my classroom.

But Takeshi said, “Okay then, see you later,” I turned around to face him and he gave me a quick peck on my left cheek. “Remember, I love you.” I was speechless; I didn’t get to answer him before he left. I went inside the classroom with my face all red.

“Good morning!” I weakly said with a weird smile. I walked to my seat and sat down.

“Sakura-chan, are you okay?” My friend named Midori asked.

“I don’t think so,” Midori’s older twin sister named Minako said. “She looks red in the face; do you have a fever, Sakura-chan?” Minako put her hand on my forehead.

“No, I don’t…but…Takeshi kissed me and told me he loves me…” I told them with my eyes wide open, still shocked. Minako removed her hand from my forehead.

“REALLY?! He did that?!” Midori and Minako asked with a curious and stunned voice. I nodded my head, blushing a lot.

“So cute! I wish someone told me that he loves me!” Midori said, daydreaming.

“Really cute, but a kiss? Just before class starts? That’s twice as cute!” Minako said and the twins started talking about how they wanted to be me.

The bell rang, everybody in my class went to their seats and the teacher entered with surprising news.

“Good morning class! Before we start working, I’d like to introduce a new student that will be here until graduation.” My teacher, a guy named Fujikage-sensei, said with a welcoming smile.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that we have a new student. I wonder what he looks like. I thought and looked around the classroom and found out that he will be sitting next to me.

“Let’s welcome, Kenta Sasaki!” Fujikage-sensei said. A boy entered the classroom, but not just any boy, it was Kenta!

Kenta?! Why is here?! I never thought that he would come to this school and especially, he’s going to sit next to me! I never thought that we would meet again, how can this be?! Did he move back?! I wonder if he recognizes me… I thought while staring straight at him, recognizing that he’s all grown up.

“Hey, I’m Kenta Sasaki.” Kenta said with a slight smile.

Chapter 3

The twins, Midori and Minako looked at each other then looked at Kenta and almost fainted because of his “hot” looks. All the girls were talking about him and I was the only one who stood silent in the classroom. The boys were all jealous and it looked like this one dude was staring at Kenta like he was in love at first sight…awkward! I tried my best to look away but seeing that Kenta is back is too thrilling! But somehow, I felt disappointed. I felt a different aura from Kenta, he didn’t seem like himself. What was it?

Hi, Sakura here! It’s been three weeks since Takeshi and I are started going out and about a month since school started. The surprising news is that Kenta is back and I am too embarrassed to see him. Let's cut to the end, even if Kenta is back, my love for Takeshi will never end...or will it? Oh my gosh! I hope I didn’t jinx it!

“Kenta, you will be sitting next to Watanabe-san,” Fujikage-sensei pointed to the seat next to me. I totally forgot that he was sitting to me. Kenta walked towards his seat and I dug my head into my arms so he wouldn’t see my face.

What the heck am I doing?! I blushed with curiosity. Maybe I don’t want Kenta to see the still immature me! But wait, I like Takeshi, don’t I?!

I raised my head out of my arms and saw Kenta sat down. When I looked at Midori and Minako’s way, they were giving me a “Kenta is mine” look. I eyed them in confusion; didn’t they know that I’m going out with Takeshi? But I’ve been friends with them since I was 6. I hit my head with my hand.

Of course! Midori and Minako had been friends with Kenta when we were little! Of course they would remember him! I gave the twins a thumb up and they nodded with glee. The twins looked at each other and fought through their minds for Kenta which I found weird but I guess it’s a twin thing.

Not paying attention to Fujikage-sensei, I stared at Kenta for a second. He was staring at me! I felt anxious, was there something on my face? I looked away in an instance and tried to pay attention to sensei. But strangely, I felt that Kenta was still gazing at me.

The bell finally rang; I quickly got up and walked away rapidly. Class was too long, especially with Kenta staring at me the whole time. Still walking, I looked behind me and saw that Kenta was following me! I walked faster but he did the same.

“Hey! Wait up!” Kenta called after me and I stopped to see what he wanted. “Hey, look out!” What did he mean by that?

“What?” I asked until a cart full of books for the library ran into me. Everybody gaped at the scene.

I didn’t remember what happened after that except for fainting and hearing Kenta yelling, “Hey! Are you alright?!”

I woke up asking, “Where am I?”

“You’re in the infirmary,” I heard a voice said that and easily recognized it. It was Kenta and he was sitting right next to me while I lied down on a bed. “You should be more careful, idiot.”

“Idiot?! You’re the idiot!” I angrily said and sat up from the bed. I was starting to get a headache from this dude. It might be more of a headache, maybe a migraine, but I still had enough energy to argue with him.

“What did I do?!” Kenta asked.

“What did you do?! You know what you did!” I responded irritably. “You made me stop all of a sudden and then a cart full of books hit me!”

“And how do you think you got here?” Kenta asked in a stern voice and I just stared at him. “I had to carry you and do you know how heavy you are?”

“I don’t know how heavy I am but…” I sort of calmed down, not finishing my sentence. I sighed as I rubbed my head.

“But?” Kenta asked in a soother voice.

“But thanks for carrying me here…” I smiled at him while blushing.

Kenta turned red and looked away, saying, “You’re welcome,”

“Anyways, what do you need from me?” I asked as I looked at the time.

“Ah, I was gonna ask you what time break ends…until the cart ran into you…” Kenta answered. “But now I know because I asked the nurse.”

“Oh, okay,” I looked at him. I hesitated for a while to say what I wanted to ask, but I got myself into asking it by blurting it out. “Um…do you remember me?”

“What? Sorry, what do you mean by that?” Kenta asked as he was looking straight at my face for an answer. That made me blush a little but I looked down so he wouldn’t see my red face.

“Um…I meant like in the past…Do you remember me from your past…?” I anxiously asked him. I waited for an answer, and closed my eyes tight because the mood in here was too weird.

“Sorry, I don’t remember anything about you…” Kenta laughed a bit, scratching the back of his head.

What?! How can he not remember me?! I was astonished by his response and looked up at his face in a quick second. I heard the door open and the curtains that put Kenta and I in privacy, was opened. It was Takeshi with a worried face. He was breathing hard, was he running?

“Takeshi-kun…” I said his name, surprised by his entrance.

“Sakura!” Takeshi came up to me and hugged me tightly. I hugged him back and he asked, “What happened to you?”

“It’s a long story…” I told him as he let go of me. I laughed a bit and suddenly remembered that Kenta was still here.

“Sorry to bother you guys, but I’m leaving now.” Kenta announced, waved at us, and walked away.

“Who was he?” Takeshi asked after we heard the door open then close.

“That was Kenta Sasaki, the new student.” I stated.

“Oh, the new student that everybody’s been talking about…” Takeshi said in a low, quiet voice. “Who cares about him, I’m so happy that you’re okay. I heard that you were in the infirmary so I came running.”

“Well, I’m okay, so there’s nothing to worry about,” I tried to cheer him up with my smile. Takeshi blushed like Kenta did, wait, what am I thinking? Kenta is not in my love topic! Erase! Erase!

“That’s good,” Takeshi said as he leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead.

“Yeah,” I agreed after he kissed me, and I put my forehead on his. I smiled with confidence of continuing this love. Or will this love end? Of course not! But what I’m curious about right now is about Kenta… How can he not remember me? Why is this curiosity of it important to me? Do I still like him or am I…am I actually falling for him again? Is this old love about to be reborn? I’m jinxing it again, gosh!!!

Chapter 4

After break:

“WATANABE-SAN!!!” Fujikage-sensei called for me for the fourth time.

“Huh?” I turned my attention to Fujikage-sensei. He sighed with exhaustion of yelling. All the students in the classroom turned their attention to the two of us.

“Can you please not space out during class?” He finally asked, staring at me seriously.

“I’ll try my best,” I told him but he didn’t have any confidence in my promise. He sighed again and that made some students giggle.

Why did I space out? Oh yeah…Kenta…how could he not remember me? I turned my head and stared at Kenta. He was following along in the reading for English. I looked away and sighed with disappointment.

Wait, why am I disappointed? I DO NOT LIKE KENTA! I’m just curious about how he doesn’t remember me, yeah, that’s a good objective! Hmmm… Maybe he was taken away by aliens and they deleted his memory… The thought made me tremble. No way, that would never happen… Maybe he just somehow forgot it? I took another look at Kenta. Maybe…

The bell rang and lunch began. I walked around the school, looking for a place to eat my bento and the twins, Midori and Minako popped out of no where which surprised me.

“Hey, Sakura-chan!” they greeted me, but I felt a faint anger in that greeting.

“Um, hi…” I greeted them back with curiosity. I looked at my surroundings. The nice breeze made the weather better; the sun shining down on us students was luminous and hot. Because of the gentle wind, it made the weather warm and cool. I heard students talking and saw couples cuddle which grossed me out even though Takeshi and I were near that point. I saw girlfriends giving their boyfriends a bento which made my stomach growl. I rubbed it in comfort and sighed in hunger. In all this, Takeshi had a student council meeting. I forgot to add that he was a part of it.

“I heard that Sasaki-san carried you to the infirmary during break,” Midori broke the silence, gripping on my arm hard with jealousy. I continued walking as the twins followed by my side. Midori was at my right side and Minako at my left. I took a moment before I answered to what she said but I snapped back into what was happening between us three instead of what was happening to others.

“Kenta? Oh, yeah, he did…” I replied, remembering about the accident. There was one chill that went down my spine but I think that was either the wind or Midori’s aura of jealousy that glowed dark red which I found devastating. I rubbed my eyes to see if it was just a hallucination and I was right. I sighed in relief.

“Why did he carry you to the infirmary?” Midori asked, gripping on my arm even harder with more envy. Even though the aura wasn’t showing, I could still feel it. That made me nervous, especially with my right arm hurting.

I tried to break free and I responded with, “Ouch,”

“Ouch?” Midori asked, confused of my response.

“Midori…” Minako said and pointed at my arm that was hurting. Midori looked at my arm and then at my facial expression. I tried not to look hurt but I couldn’t hold it, so there were tears at the corner of my eyes. Midori’s expression turned into guilt and Minako held in her laughter because of how Midori’s face was. She had a sad puppy face that made me giggle quietly.

She let go of my arm and said, “Sorry, Sakura-chan, I’m just jealous of you.”

Minako joined in, “We are, but you still didn’t answer Midori’s question…” They were eager for my response. They looked at me, waiting patiently. I wiped my tears away and hesitated before I told them what happened between Kenta and me.

“Um, it was because, um…it was because he wanted to know what time break ends until a cart ran into me,” I told them and laughed a bit, scratching the back of my head like an idiot.

“Kenta wanted to know what time break ends until a cart ran into you…” the twins repeated what I said with a bored expression. But that expression changed after they looked at each other. They laughed REAL hard.

“That’s real dumb!” Minako complimented about which pissed me off. She laughed her guts off, but her guts didn’t really come out.

“Yeah, it is!” Midori agreed with her older sister and I saw tears of joy from the corners of the twin’s eyes.

I sighed; I was looking forward to a better response. I left them there rolling on the ground, taking a last look of them laughing like crazy. I walked through cherry blossom trees that were blooming around the school. Some of the trees were already fully grown. I continued walking and I spotted a good spot to eat. I sat down under a cherry blossom tree and ate my bento. I felt lonely since Takeshi was at his meeting. After I finished with my bento, I stood under the cherry blossom tree. The scenery of the cherry blossom trees kind of reminded me of when I first met Kenta. Tears came down my eyes, why is that?

A voice near me asked, “What are you doing?”

I looked at the direction of where the voice came from and it was Kenta with a serious face. His face looked a little worried; I wonder…this is sort of like how I first met him.

“Why are you crying?” He asked me as he walked closer to me.

“I-I just remembered a memory that hurts me,” I answered back, just being honest.

“Do you know why you’re remembering about that memory?” He took another step that made me look up at his face. Why was he asking these questions? It made me nervous because he seemed concerned about me. But my answers were confidential but I still told him…I wonder why…

“No…” I told him, looking down at the grass. Tears rolled down my eyes slowly and I could see Kenta’s shoes just right in front of me. I felt like tapping them, awkward, right?

“Then why are you remembering it if you don’t know why you are?” He stared at me with those gray eyes of his. This was TOO MUCH like when I first met Kenta except that he isn’t that worried…I think.

“Well, that happens sometimes… You remember a memory that you don’t want to remember and you don’t know why it pops out of no where…” I responded as the wind blew through my long pink hair.

He sighed and said, “That does happen, I guess… But that never happened to me before.” I looked up at him in an instance, surprised. How can that not happen?

“Why?” I asked, my tears stopped but my curiosity grew more.

“I don’t know…” Kenta said as I still stared at him with my pink eyes. “I don’t really remember about my past…I just hate it…I always wonder who my mom was and what I was like when I was small…”

My eyes widened, that response… How do you forget your past? I was speechless; Kenta saw my expression and laughed a bit. He scratched the back of his head. How can he not take this seriously? Does he think forgetting about his past is a joke?

“To tell you the truth, I’m lying about the unwanted memory that makes you wonder why it pops out… That actually happened to me a lot of times but it’s different…” Kenta told me. Why was he telling me the things that he would keep to himself? “It’s different because I don’t even know if I want to remember it but I still don’t know why it pops out of no where…”

“What is the memory about?” I asked. I felt like a detective getting secrets out of a man. I giggled inside at that idea.

Kenta looked away and his expression became sad. He stated, “I keep remembering about this little girl who was crying right in front of a cherry blossom tree… She had long flowing pink hair with pink eyes… And she sort of resembles you…” He looked at me and I was ready to explode. How…HOW CAN THIS BE?!

Chapter 5

I felt my eyes about to pop out of my face. Why is it? Here is why: Kenta looked away and his expression became sad. He stated, “I keep remembering about this little girl who was crying right in front of a cherry blossom tree… She had long flowing pink hair with pink eyes… And she sort of resembles you…” He looked at me and I was ready to explode. How…HOW CAN THIS BE?! My body didn’t budge at all. I was frozen by his response. I stared at him with wide eyes and he stared at me with a slight red face. No words came out from my closed mouth and the atmosphere suddenly became different. This atmosphere made me scared and I thought, what was going to happen next? Kenta killed the silence with a confused face.

“Watanabe-san, are you okay?” Kenta asked as he saw my face turn pale. I finally got myself to move and reply back.

“I’m okay,” I told him as my heart pumped fast and loudly. Could he hear how fast my heart is racing right now? I bit my bottom lip to try not to think anything stupid, I have a boyfriend, you know?

“Okay.” He said and sighed. “Forget what I told you,”

Forget? Why? I don’t want to forget about this! I wanted to say that so badly but I just couldn’t. Cherry blossom petals fell upon us and the atmosphere seemed to glow.

“Why?” I asked, looking down at the ground so he won’t see how red my face was. I continued to bite my bottom lip, this was ridiculous. If Takeshi found out that I was talking to another guy, he would totally be infuriated. I closed my eyes and waited for something to happen.

“Why, you ask…I don’t even know if that is a memory…” he stated and I snapped. I quickly opened my eyes and looked up at him. This was too much, I couldn’t believe that he said that I looked like the girl in his memory and then just try to leave it behind!

I was so pissed then I rashly yelled at him, saying, “How could you say that?! Do you remember me or not?! I’m that girl in your memory you keep having!!” I figured what I just did when I saw his surprised expression. My eyes widened and I put my hands on my mouth. Oh, I really did it this time! Out of all that, Kenta’s eye twitched for a moment.

Kenta’s face turned into a hurt expression. He put his hands on his head; it looked like his head was going to explode… What the heck was happening?! I watched him drop to the ground and as he did, my hands fell out of my mouth and I looked at him, not doing anything. I felt useless while he was in pain. What should I do?! I’m just standing here, not helping him at all!! My body won’t move again… I became terrified of seeing the pain he was having. It was horrendous, I wanted to call for help but no one was around and nothing was coming out of my stupid mouth.

From Kenta’s point of view:

I was so surprised of what Sakura said to me. Her eyes widened and she put her hands on her mouth. My eye twitched and my head started hurting a lot. When I looked at Sakura, she didn’t know what to do. I let her see my hurt expression, what a man I am… I put my hands on my burning head and dropped to the ground, landing safely on my knees. I saw Sakura’s hands fall out of her mouth and it looked like she was blaming herself. It’s not her fault that I’m hurting right now… Poor girl, she must feel useless… All of a sudden, images in my head popped out of no where…

I cussed at the pain, I couldn’t take it. That memory popped up again… That little girl cried right in front of a cherry blossom tree…and yet I didn’t do anything… I tried to reach toward her but I noticed that she was going farther away, disappearing and getting smaller by the minute. The pain hurt even more… Not minding the pain, I just wanted to know who that little girl was…

My eyes shot open and the pain was gone. I sat up off the ground and saw Sakura right next to me, crying. My body felt sort of sore but I had enough energy to try and wipe the tears off of her face.

“Don’t cry…” I weakly told her but she disobeyed. She couldn’t take it anymore that she held my hand and kept it on her right cheek. I felt like hugging her until she was calm. I tried to get up but a memory of a car crash shot into my mind and I fell back to the ground, unconscious. I heard Sakura call my name and I closed my eyes.

Back to Sakura’s point of view:

My tears hysterically ran down my cheeks as I stood next to Kenta. Why was I crying? Maybe I was scared that Kenta would die, but how could he? I knew nothing about him, he’s changed a lot. Kenta moaned in pain and all I could do is cry. When I looked at him, his eyes began to open.

He saw me crying and told me quietly, “Don’t cry…” I couldn’t obey to what he said, and I continued to cry. I felt his hand trying to wipe my tears off my face. My crying ceased as I helped Kenta try to get up. But all of a sudden, he gasped loudly and fell right back to the ground and this time, he was lying down unconsciously.

“KENTA!!!” I cried out his name and the sobs were back. His eyes were closed and I didn’t hear him breathe. “This isn’t the time to cry…!” I told myself and wiped my tears quickly. I got him off the ground, his arm around my shoulder. I put my arm around his waist for balance, and I sort of dragged him to the infirmary.

“Where am I?” Kenta asked as he woke up and sat up from the bed he was lying on. I heard him while I was talking to the school’s nurse and I ran to him.

“Are you okay?” I asked him, not answering his question but I guess he figured that out when he looked at his surroundings. It’s been about more than 30 minutes that he’s been asleep. I was relieved when the nurse told me that he was just resting because I didn’t hear him breathe for a minute.

“Yeah,” he told me and I smiled as my worries were gone. What I still worried about was…what exactly was happening to him…?

“That’s goo-” I didn’t finish what I said because I was interrupted by a huge hug coming from…Kenta!!! Oh my gosh… A new shade of red covered my face, I was blushing nonstop. This was so sudden!

Chapter 6

I almost fainted by how much my face was covered in redness. My face heated up and I reached my hand to grip on his shirt…but he finally realized what he was doing. He let go in an instant and I could see a rosy red blush on his cheeks. I smiled, a bit happy. Wait, what?! Did I just think I was a bit happy? No way! I have a nice boyfriend and his name is Takeshi! I mentally slapped myself and Kenta looked up at me. He tilted his head to a side, confused. I noticed that and scratched the back of my head idiotically. He pushed that aside and looked off to a side.

“Sorry about that… My body just did that on its own…” he apologized and I put my hands up in defense.

“I-It’s no problem!” I lied. It was a problem. He stared at me to see my expression. I put on a fake smile as I felt a sweat drop from my forehead.

“I see…” he muttered under his breath. “Is lunch over?” I frowned as I realized that lunch has been over.

“Um…yeah…” I hesitated to say, a bit embarrassed. “There’s a half an hour to go for this period to end…”

“Oh…” he sighed and sat at the edge of the bed. “We should get back to class then.” He suggested as he put his shoes back on. I nodded in agreement and we walked together toward our classroom. It was dead silent throughout the whole walk. I looked down at the ground as Kenta looked off to a side. Before we knew it, we were in front of the classroom door. We were a bit nervous to see what would happen if we entered the class. But Kenta took the initiative and slammed the door open without thinking. The whole class’s attention was turned toward us two. I felt my face heat up as Fujikage-sensei looked up at us slyly.

“Well, well, well…” Fujikage-sensei closed the book he was reading. “Care for an explanation before I give you two detention?” My eyes widened at the last word. Detention? I’ve never had one!

“Um…” I stammered.

“I fainted because of the intense heat and Watanabe-san was kind enough to take me to the infirmary and wait for me to wake up.” He lied. Totally lied. L-I-E-D, lied! Actually, half of the lie was true. Fujikage-sensei looked toward my way.

“Is this true, Watanabe-san?” he asked. I felt everyone’s eyes on me, especially the twins’ glares. I gulped down the lump in my throat.

“Y-yes, Fujikage-sensei…” I muttered a LIE. I knew I was going to regret this soon, I just had a good feeling that I would!

“Fine, fine.” Fujikage waved his hands at us and scratched the back of his head as he sighed. “Return to your seats, please.” I bowed gratefully and Kenta and I both walked toward our seat. I caught a short glimpse of Minako and Midori. They were glaring daggers at me! I felt myself shiver as I sat down.

I walked home with my head down. The day felt LONG. When I got home, I did my homework and went straight to sleep, skipping dinner. The next day came and I got ready to go to school. I said my good-bye to my mother as always and met Tomoko at the halfway point to school. We chatted a bit and I met Takeshi at the front gate entrance. My face was red as always and he gave me a chaste kiss on the forehead. When I entered the classroom, I saw that Kenta was in his seat and that Midori and Minako were talking to each other. They looked up at me and motioned me to come and talk with them. I walked toward them, anxious.

“Hey, Sakura-chan!” Midori greeted me as Minako waved at me. I sat beside them, a few desks away from Kenta. I waved at them without saying anything.

“Hey, Sakura-chan, Midori and I came up with this great idea and we want you to help out.” Minako said.

“What’s this ‘great’ idea of yours?” I sarcastically asked that. I could feel the imaginary quotation marks around the word, great. Midori looked at Minako and Minako nodded. They both then stared at me seriously.

“We should have Kenta eat with us during lunch.” Midori suggested.

“So?” I asked.

“So, we need you to ask him to join us three for lunch. Surely, he wouldn’t reject you after what you two have been through.” Minako winked at me and I fought the blush creeping up my cheeks.

“Why do I have to do that?” I fought back against the ridiculous request.

“Because we’re your friends.” Midori stated with the puppy dog eyes.

“We are your friends, right?” Minako asked, putting pressure on me.

“Of course you two are my friends!” I frowned at their question. They smiled, content.

“Then please do us a favor for once.” The two clasped their hands together, hoping for the answer they wanted. I sighed tiredly.

“Fine,” I murmured as they squealed in delight. “But, this is only because you two begged.” They nodded in agreement and I slowly walked up to Kenta. The two gave me a push to boost my speed and I ended up hitting his table with my hand to stop myself from running into it. He immediately looked up at me. Pink tinted my cheeks.

“H-hey, Sasaki-san.” I greeted timidly.

“Kenta is fine with me,” he smiled at me.

“Um…okay…” I played with my fingers.

“Oh yeah, thanks for bringing me to the infirmary yesterday. How can I ever repay you?” he asked.

“No, no. I was repaying you for bringing ME to the infirmary yesterday,” I remembered the bargain I had with the twins and hesitated to ask him but I mentally slapped myself into it. “Actually, would you like to eat lunch with me and my friends?” I closed my eyes, afraid of his answer. I opened my right eye when I heard laughter. Kenta was actually laughing at my question! My eyes widened and I puffed my mouth and crossed my arms. His laughter ceased and he wiped the tears forming at the corners of his eyes. He laughed that hard.

“Sure, I don’t mind at all.” I smiled at his response and bowed happily. I turned around at the twins. They had hopeful faces. I gave them thumbs up and they shrieked in joy. Kenta stared at them weirdly and they stopped, pretending to cough. I giggled to myself and sat down on my seat next to Kenta. The bell rang and class began. Time flew by and it was already lunch. Us four gathered up in the cafeteria and we found a table to eat lunch on. We sat down and the twins talked about a lot of things as Kenta and I listened to their chat. I sat in front of Kenta as the twins sat in front of each other. Midori was next to me and Minako was next to Kenta. They introduced themselves to him somewhere during their chat. Whereas in all their talk, I silently ate my bentos that my mother made for me.

“Watanabe-san,” Kenta said. I didn’t look up at him because I was still eating, but he continued anyways. “Do you want a kiss?” I spit out my food in my mouth to a side and stared at him with my wide eyes.

“What?!” I asked in disbelief.

“Do you want a chocolate kiss?” He held up one Hershey’s Kisses. I sighed, relieved but somehow disappointed. Wait, why am I disappointed? Did I actually want a REAL kiss? No, no! Of course not! I hope…

“Sure,” I reached my hand to take the wrapped chocolate from him. I took out the foil and threw the chocolate into my mouth. Lunch ended by then and before I knew it, school was over. I walked home with Tomoko and she stayed at my house. Weirdly, I spaced out in between conversations, thinking of Kenta’s question over and over. Soon, Tomoko went home after we finished our homework and I ate dinner with my mom. I went straight to sleep after brushing my teeth. Before really falling asleep, Kenta’s question repeated one more time in my head. Soon, I let sleep consume me.

Do you want a kiss?

Chapter 7

I tiredly sat in my seat and rested my head on my arms once I got to school. I thought I went to sleep peacefully but falling off the bed so much times wasn’t on my list. The twins didn’t bother to talk to me since they knew I was so sleepy. All I could do was listen to their loud conversation until the bell finally rang.

“Who’s absent?” Fujikage-sensei asked the class. I didn’t bother to look up and see myself.

“Sasaki-san is absent!” I heard someone shout out and to my surprise, my head shot up from my arms and looked at the seat right next to me. It was empty! Kenta’s gone? Why and how? Wait, why am I worrying about him being gone? He’s just an old friend!

“Well that surprised me…” I muttered under my low breathing.

“What, Watanabe-san? Do you have something to say?” Fujikage-sensei looked up at me.

“No, except that you have to shave you lazy bum. Wait, what?” I asked, shocked to find myself actually saying that. My mouth just moved on my own! Man, this tiredness is driving me crazy!

“Excuse me?” Fujikage-sensei asked in disbelief as most of the girls giggled.

“N-nothing…” I dared not to repeat myself.

“That’s what I thought,” he said and got on with the lesson.

The day was long. I actually found myself sleeping during lunch and the worst thing of all, I accidentally skipped lunch! My tummy growled REALLY loud during class and I was so embarrassed that my face was too red, it put tomatoes to shame. I walked home all by myself after being told by Tomoko that she can’t come over due to a project. And yet, my own boyfriend didn’t have the time for me because of student council work.

“I’m home,” I yelled out, waiting for the response from my mom as always.

“Sakura?” my mom called out for me as I took off my shoes and stood by the stairs.

“Yes, mom?” I asked as she scurried down the stairs all dressed up.

“We’re going to the hospital,” she told me as she looked around the room for an object. “Have you seen my purse? I know I put it somewhere…”

“Why are we going to the hospital? And no, mom, I haven’t seen it.” I sighed and spotted a black bag on the kitchen table. “Is that your purse?” I pointed at said thing and my mom looked at it and smiled.

“Yeah, thanks.” She got it and dragged me all the way to the car after I put my shoes on again.

“You didn’t answer my question yet,” I told her impatiently. She looked up at me while starting the engine to her car.

“Um…do you remember that little boy you always hung out with when you were little?” she asked me.

“You mean Kenta Sasaki?” I stared out the car window as she began driving. I watched the scenery change as we past by many blocks.

“Yeah, that’s his name. Well, um…his dad called to say hi to us and I asked him how his son was and he told me that he was in the hospital because he fainted all of a sudden. So that’s why were going to visit him.” She explained thoroughly as my eyes widened when she told me that Kenta had fainted. He fainted? How and why?

“Mom,” I got her attention.

“Yes, honey?” she kept on driving.

“You’re getting old,” I bluntly told her, the boring atmosphere tiring me. My mom laughed like a beautiful song.

“I know that, honey.” She turned her head to me and patted my head with one of her hands, driving with only one hand. I smiled, happy to see my mom in a good mood. I looked up as she parked and a store appeared in front of us. She looked at my confused expression. “We’re going to get flowers for Kenta.”

“Oh…” I said as I got out of the car and walked in the store with my mom. We both walked to the flower section and we looked separately.

“What kind of flowers do you think he likes?” my mom asked me as some purple flowers caught my attention. I walked toward it and smelled it. It smelled very good. I suddenly remembered Kenta telling me he likes those purple flowers when we were little. “Sakura?” she called for me and turned around. She walked up to me and stared at the flowers in my hands. “That’s perfect!” she told me and before I knew it, we had already bought it and were driving again, the flowers in my hand.

We entered the hospital as my mom went to the counter and told the lady that we’re here for Kenta. The lady had called in his nurse for us and she led us to the room he was kept in. Kenta looked up at us as I gave the flowers to the nurse. She put it in a vase filled with water, and placed it on a table next to Kenta for him to see. His dad entered the room and began talking with my mom as they sat down. I automatically sat down beside Kenta as we stared at each other.

“What happened?” I asked with concern. He sat up on the bed as his mesmerizing eyes kept locked on mine.

“I had a car accident when I was little…and because of that, I lost most of my memories.” He said with a sad expression. “And yesterday, my blood pressure rose up really high and mental pictures appeared in my head, and before I knew it, I fainted.” I was surprised when Kenta told me about his car accident…and the lost of memories…so that explains why he doesn’t remember me…

“Do…do you think those mental pictures were…um…memories?” I was hesitant to ask, but I pushed myself to do it.

“I think so…” he glumly said as I started pitying him. He looked at the flowers right next to him and smelled it. “Thanks for the flowers…how did you know which one I would like?” I fought the blush creeping up my cheeks as I remembered the reason why.

“Um…I had a feeling…?” I said, or more like LIED.

“Oh…well they’re great,” he smiled at me as I turned pink and looked away.

“You’re…you’re welcome…” I muttered.

“Oh my…it’s already this late?” my mom checked her watch and said, “Sakura, we have to get going now. Go hug Kenta and tell him that you wish he gets better!” I couldn’t help but feel embarrass as Kenta chuckled at my mom.

“Geez…um…” I looked at Kenta who already had his arms wide open for me. I bit my tongue, trying not to turn red. I slowly came into his arms and hugged him. I actually felt…comfortable. I couldn’t hold it anymore, so I let my face turn red. I wonder if he could feel the heat from my face on his chest. I felt my heart skip a beat, why is it beating so fast? I let go of him and looked off to a side. “Um…I hope you get better…”

“Yeah…” he scratched his head, looking down at his lap, his cheeks rosy.

“I…I better see you in your seat tomorrow…or else I might…um…start worrying…” I whispered the last part and smiled then left. I rushed out the hospital with my mom and when I got home, I lied down on my bed. “I’m so stupid…” I covered my face with my hands. If you were to see through my fingers, you’d see my face heating up.

Back at the hospital, Kenta laid down on his back as his dad told him he’ll come back for him tomorrow for school. Before Kenta fell asleep, he remembered the embarrassing event that happened earlier. He slightly blushed and brought his hand up to his heart.

“I wonder why it’s beating so fast…” he muttered and looked at the purple flowers beside him. He smiled and let sleep consume him, dreaming about a little smiling girl with pink hair and in her hands, purple flowers.

Chapter 8

I walked to school with Tomoko, spacing out during our conversation. Is Kenta coming to school today? Did he get better? When will he finally remember me? Wait, forget that last question…or not. I met Takeshi in front of the gate as usual. He gave me a peck on my cheek before I entered my classroom. No response. Weird…I didn’t blush at all… The only thing on my mind was…Kenta…I wonder why…

I entered the classroom and smiled happily when I saw Kenta look up at me. Why was I so happy? Was it because he’s better now? He waved at me and smiled. I blushed…but why? A single smile and I blush! I get kissed on the cheek by Takeshi and there’s…nothing. I waved back and walked up to him.

“Hey, Watanabe-san,” he greeted me with yet another gleaming smile. I couldn’t help but smile back.

“Just Sakura is fine with me,” I told him and he nodded. “I’m glad you’re better now.” The words slipped out of my mouth and his cheeks turned pink. I blushed in embarrassment but he seemed happy hearing those words.

“Well I’m glad you’re smiling now because you didn’t smile at all yesterday,” he said and he was totally right. I really didn’t smile a single smile yesterday! He seemed embarrassed by what he said but didn’t care at all. I was…happy I guess.

The bell rang and class began. I took several glances at Kenta for…SOME particular reason before lunch started. I couldn’t help but stare at his bored expression which seemed to make me laugh. Wait, what did I just think?

“Hey, Kenta-kun!” the twins greeted said person as we sat down together in the classroom and ate. I listened to their interesting story about yesterday when they ran into a hobo while walking home. Those two just amuse me in a weird way. I noticed a girl staring at Kenta in an unexplainable way. Perhaps she had feelings for him? I think she’s in my class… I forgot but maybe because I don’t pay attention. She got up and walked toward our way. Before I knew it, she was standing beside our table, slightly blushing.

“Um…Kenta-kun…can you come with me for a bit?” she asked and he got up.

“Sure,” he said and followed her outside. The twins and I watched them leave. What were they going to do? Wait, why am I wondering about that?

Midori noticed something and said, “Hey! Look! There they are!” I couldn’t help but look at what she was staring at. I looked out the window and my scanned the ground below. My eyes stopped on Kenta and the girl, just right outside. Wow, what a nice place to take someone.

“Looks like someone’s going to confess!” Minako sang in her sing song voice. For some reason, my chest began to hurt. I gripped on the part that hurt. Wait, it wasn’t my chest. It was my heart. What…? Why?

“Um…Kenta-kun…” the girl gripped onto her shirt, hesitating to say those three words. “I-I like you! Please go out with me!” She bowed as I stared down at her, seeing what Kenta would say.

“Sorry, I have my eyes set on someone else.” He told her and my eyes widened. What did he mean by that? Who was that person he was talking about? When did he start liking such a person? Why are these questions rambling on in my head?

“As I thought, but can you answer a question I’d like to ask?” the girl stood up straight with a sad face rejected girls have.

“Sure,” he agreed and I listened with interest.

“Is that person you have your eyes on…Watanabe-san?” she asked as I spit out the water I was drinking. The two looked up at the window and saw nobody. Thankfully, I pulled the twins and myself down to the ground. We got up and watched again as they continued with their…chat.

“Ah…” he hesitated. Why was he hesitating? I felt my face redden as the twins stared at me, confused. But Kenta walked up to the girl and whispered in her ear. What did he whisper? The girl had no reaction, perhaps he said no? My heart began to hurt again, why does that keep happening? I think I have chest pain or something. I looked away with a sad expression, the reason unknown, and I continued to eat my food. The twins continued to stare at me and I looked up at them. They had sly looks on.

“Ne, ne, Sakura-chan. Do you like Kenta-kun?” Midori asked as I fought the blush creeping up my cheeks.

“N-no,” I stammered. Why did I stammer? It just made it worse because the twins seemed more interested.

“You know, I don’t really like him anymore.” Minako stated. Midori looked up at her, surprised.

“Eh?! Why?” she asked her older sister.

“Well, I lost interest in him and I’m more mature, so I’m going to let Sakura-chan have him.” Minako told her little sister and Midori frowned.

“You are kind of true…” she said with a sad face. But all of a sudden, she smiled and took my hands. “That means we’ll support you with your love for Kenta!” I blushed, embarrassed and stunned at what she said.

“Eh?! But I don’t like him!” I said and there goes my heart hurting again as Kenta entered the room with the same girl.

“You’re in denial, Sakura-chan. You just don’t know it,” Minako said and winked at me as Kenta approached us with a confused look.

“What’re you girls talking about?” he asked, interested as the girl went back to her seat.

“The person Sakura-chan likes,” Midori told him and I stared at her with a face. Wait, why did I make a face?

“Oh, you mean Takeshi-kun?” he questioned and I frowned. Why did I frown?

“Speaking of Takeshi, I’m going to find him.” I got up and the twins glared at me for making an excuse to leave. Wait, did I just make an excuse?

“You should go help her, Kenta-kun.” Minako said or at least told him to.

“Sure, if that’s okay with her,” he looked up at me like he was expecting me to say yes. Same with the twins’ looks, geez those girls.

“It’s okay, you can come,” I said and he smiled brightly. Mesmerized, I blushed and looked away. I walked out of the classroom, Kenta silently following behind. I blushed as I felt his breath behind me. Can he see me blushing from there?

“Here goes!” a guy shouted and shot a banana up in the air, aiming for the garbage can. Wow, a banana? I didn’t notice that it fell right in front of me…until I slipped and fell…right on Kenta!

Our lips, a few centimeters away, almost touched. My heart began racing all of a sudden…I wonder why. But that’s when it hit me, and I finally came to realize: I’m in love with Kenta.

CR keeps deleting stuff when I try to add another chapter so I'll just put it as part two which you can find HERE
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AHHH >w< I want more please ^^
Did Kenta lose his memories or something?!?! D:
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ember1116 wrote:

AHHH >w< I want more please ^^
Did Kenta lose his memories or something?!?! D:

Lol, and u said to take my time. ^_^
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lmao I know ^^
Maybe I should have said, "I want more please, WHEN YOU HAVE SOME TIME ^^ "
I'll wait patiently ^^
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ember1116 wrote:

lmao I know ^^
Maybe I should have said, "I want more please, WHEN YOU HAVE SOME TIME ^^ "
I'll wait patiently ^^

lol, ill see if i can do it tomorrow ^_^
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Oooh, Aweshum :D
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I really love this story!

I'll wait patiently as well for the update.
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Angelonius wrote:

I really love this story!

I'll wait patiently as well for the update.

thank u! Finally someone said they would be patient *cough*Ember*cough* jk
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lol, I never said I was IMpatient >w<
I just forgot to add the in your own time part :3
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lol, I never said I was IMpatient >w<
I just forgot to add the in your own time part :3

lol, i said jk
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O_O.......-side step-
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