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Unknown Characters Names Revealed
C.C. (Cecilia)
V.V. (Vivian)

Code Geass R3: Gods Wrath
The world is now at peace but a new force has appeared and once again threaten this world... when it seemed all hope had faded away a familiar face has revealed its self and broughthope.
------------------------------------------------- -----------------------
Lelouch once again took the character as Zero and Suzaku once again a knight but his identity is hidden from public so Suzaku is working behind theshadows.
---------------------------------------------- --------------------------
Marianne and Charles comeback with a support of a few people perhaps beyondhuman.
------------------------------------------------ ------------------------
CG r2 Lelouch death explained:
remember the pact Lelouch and C.C. (Cecilia) made that "what ever happens he musn't die) the Lelouch that was stabbed was his maid Sayoko(the japanese girl) Lelouch and that female switch places many times before.

Code Geass R3 - 09 (summer or fall)

(To the people wondering where I got this information please stop!
I'm already in danger of getting sued for revealing this ahead of schedule.)

All Hail Lelouch !!!

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if there is a r3, yeeeeeaaaaahh^^ All Hail Lelouch^^ Go for it man
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