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Posted 6/7/09 , edited 6/25/09
Hello members and visitors of group!

I just wanted to update the rules for this club.
Ok, here it goes....!


1. Get 100 members!!! But it doesn't stop here!!!
2.15 moderators- people who have responsibility and check club often to update .
3. Upload 500 photos- There will be 5 folders of photo albums and each folder/ album will have 100 photos in it.
4. 200 forums- Let it be interesting ones!
5. 7 translators(Japanese to English)- we need help to translate the manga of Doki Doki! Tamatan
6. 13scanners- Need to have people who can scan the manga and can put it on the site.

For the moderators, translators and Scanners, for more info please check out the Positions forum in the forums page!
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