Post Reply Are these gurls a wannabee ulzzangs?
Posted 6/7/09 , edited 6/7/09
Ok, i just found some of these contestants online. So, if u guys already seen em. Well, just pick which one u think is a wannabee uljiang.

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personally i don't think anyone is a wannabe of this or that
maybe it's all influence or maybe it's just the way they take their pictures
so for example
if an ulzzang takes their camera and takes a picture of them with a mirror
and some regular internet person takes a picture like that
is it consider wannabe? nah i don't think so
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To: yunnielovesme

Thankz 4 answerin the question. But i just want peeps 2 choose who looks like an ulzzang.

Plus, i think u r wrong about the camera part.
Peeps who r good looken & have circle lenses plus the chuu face just like the ulzzangs u see online r basically called ullzang. Peeps who upload their pic online & have those ulzzang style then it means there an ulzzang wannabee. If u search 4 park han byul & goo hye sun. They look normal. No 1 would ever think they were once an ulzzang. these 2 r korean & r celebrities.
I've seen ur pic. & U really r an ulzzang material.
I should say ulzzang material instead of ulzzang wannabees.
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To: bigbang09

Outside the basic definition of what is ulzzang- what do you think is ulzzang or ulzzang material?
I just want to know- u seem 2 have alot of opinions on this subject.
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To: XxSuNniixX

I noe peeps still don't get wat a real ulzzang looks like. I don't personally want my opinion 2 b a thread.
It would b great if some1 on CR can take their real pic. Wat i meant was, instead of fake eyelashes, photoshop, circle lenses, etc. Peeps need 2 just b plain & normal looken. u noe.

Just fresh looken. I am not an ulzzang nor a wannabee. I just like how they take their photos.
An ulzzang material would look normal. No circle lenses. No photoshop well alittle. No fake eyelashes. I think peeps can use cream & some eyeliner. Here r some ulzzang material or real ulzzang:
PS: I don't noe wat's wrong wit my laptop but if u have time, please search for these ulzzangs.

Jang So Hee
Kim Nam Ji
Choi Haneul
Goo Hye Sun
Park HanByul
++++++There are more but i have 2 go 2 skool now.
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Posted 9/11/09 , edited 9/11/09
I can't really say whos a real ulzzang but i like the pictures that have less editing (without all the fake teardrops and stuff like that).
Posted 9/15/09 , edited 9/15/09
To: Yukichan164

That's wat i'm talken 'bout. hehehe
I noe 4 certain that the 2nd & the last gurl is an ulzzang.
The last gurl is taiwanese who's in some model company.
I think the 2nd gurl is korean.

The 4rth pic, a guy. Is definetly an ulzzang in taiwan.
But, if u guys look on this groups profile. U'll noe that ulzzang is a word 4 korean peeps.
Not 4 taiwan, japanese, viet etc.
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