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Posted 6/7/09 , edited 6/8/09

Okay, so I thought it was time for a new topic because unfortunately, Bishies Love forums are not the most active. (invite more people guys! :D)

So yeah. Here's what I decided to do. I decided to make a cafe lounge for you guys so you can chat about random stuff or ask for advice on anything you're having trouble with (like life problems, etc), or if you wanna share any interesting stories.

But that's not all this cafe is for! I'm adding an graphics request shop in the cafe for all those avi picture makers and/or graphic artists out there. People can request for graphics of specific bishounens, and then the creators of the graphic get to decide what they want in return. Most of the times, graphic artists do these things for free in their spare time, so it's also a great way of socializing.

The goal is to get Bishies Love members more comfortable with each other and make more friends!! This also helps keep the forums active and is a great way to get more members. SOOO. Off you go guys! :]
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