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Hair // Eye Color:
Picture: (spoiler)

-My C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R-

Username: akari-uchiha
Name: Akari Uchiha
History: Akari's mother died giving birth to her. Her father abused her because of it. Her brother best friend's to Itachi Uchiha, Uchiha-clan's prodigy. They were prodigy's together. One time Her brother went on a mission and never came back. He was announced dead. Soon after Itachi killed the clan. Akari didn't come home from school that night so he didn't get her. Years later, Akari was 17 and sasuke had ran from the village 3 years ago. C.U.R.R.E.N.T T.I.M.E
Personality: Laid back, quiet, keeps to self, cold
Hair Brown//red ~ Shoulder Length
Eye Color: Icy-blue

Akari stands outside the gates of the village on watch for ANBU members to return.
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thanxs for creatingg, <3 random and witout notice o.o, but COOL~


-My C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R-

Username: ay_bay_bay
Name: Lalaby. :] [awesomeee namee]* (:
History: Every night her loving parents would sing her favorite lullaby to put her to sleep. It always did. She would wake up in the morning feeling like a newer person, a better one. Throughout her days later on, She started to refuse it. She ended up hating to hear it's magical tune. She once even sought to erase it from her mind completely. Her parents wondered why. Lalaby was childhood friends with Sakura Haruno, but after Sakura left for a 'personal' mission. She went missing and didn't come back. Lalaby looked all over the place...but Sakaru wasn't found. She had sent out ninja's- she STILL wasn't found. That was at age 10. Lalaby is now 16 and hopes to go on missions just like the rest of the wannabe ninja's- but, Lalaby Isn't at it for fun, this time, IT'S PERSONAL. [Ha >w< that was awesomee~ :p 'ITS PERSONAL' XD]
Personality: Quite, Strong, Reliable >w<
Hair // Eye Color: Long, Brownish. Olive *-*

Lalaby twirls her hair impatiently, staring at the passing of the clouds above.

[ clue if I did this all seemed too sudden for me o-o; But yea anywayy!]
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22 / F / o-o places =3
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lol o-o xD

Username: kintsuchl
Name: Nikoyaka Natsuki. {Nina} {{Smiling Summer Hope :D} {But I looked up and fouund 'na' means full D: But IDK. Smiling full moon ? or Smiling Summer Hope? W?E D:]
History: She was born on a warm sunny day. She was gone the day after. She was nearly killed the next. But how does she remember this? Her clans powers are strange, but aren't really much help. She's able to remember everything in her past. Nothing could make her lose them. And well, let's just say there's only 5 of her people left. {That sucked I'll redo it lateR ^^}
Personality: Lazy, outgoing, a bit crazy, and loves candii
Hair // Eye Color: [will add laterr o-o]
Picture: I'm drawing it [-outlining right now-] ^^ X3

~Rolie Playie~

Nina laid tiredly onto the grass and snuggled into her arm. "IM BORED!" She whined.
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20 / Desert Bluffs
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-will do when not lazy-
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