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Post Reply What sort of relationship would you like to share with whom?
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26 / F
Posted 10/9/09 , edited 10/10/09
Chrome as my bff
Haru as a classmate/stalker friend so that we may watch many cute boys
Basil as my cousin
I-pin as younger sister
Yamamoto as my big brother
Fuuta as my younger brother
Tsuna and Lambo as my neighbours (just to see them everyday.)
Ryohei as my counsiler
Gokudera as a cousin
Bianchi as cousin
Hibari as a cousin or as my brother
Dino as my uncle, (best clumsy uncle in the world)
Belphegor as my husband, although we'd have to be dating first I'm to young for marrage
Sqaulo as my dad he'd get me up in the morning with his yelling
Xanxus as my Uncle
Lussuria would be my fake mom, although he'd relly be my neighbour but we'd be very close
Reborn would be my math toutor...and how mnay times I'd be beaten by him would almost be as bad as Tsunas. lol math sucks
Mukuro would be my sadistic bmf (best male friend)
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22 / F / In Millefiore Qua...
Posted 10/10/09 , edited 10/10/09
Kyoko as my close friend
Tsuna as my best friend
Chrome as my BFF
I-pin as my little sis
Futa as my little brother
Hibari as my big bro ( who wants to have a cool and a badass brother?)
Yamamoto and Gokudera as my neighbore/classmates
Ryohei as my senpai
Spanner as my teacher

Fon as my boyfriend <3

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25 / Auldrant
Posted 10/10/09 , edited 10/11/09
I almost listed all of them @[email protected] Sorry for the long list guys.
Me the only Daughter

Xanxus as my Father
Squalo as my Mother
Dino as my Elder brother
Fran as my Middle brother
Futa as my Youngest brother
Lussuria as my Aunt/Uncle(?)
Reborn as my Uncle
Luce as my Aunt
Aria as my Elder Cousin
Uni as my Younger Cousin

Chrome as my Best Friend
Yamamoto as my Childhood Friend
Gokudera as his Best Friend
Tsuna as their Best Friend
Kyoko as Tsuna's Girlfriend
Ryohei as their Good Friend

Hibari as my Boyfriend
Bel as his Step Brother
I-Pin as his Little Sister
Fon as their Father

Mukuro as my Classmate
Chikusa as his Younger Brother
Ken as his Youngest Brother
Mammon as their Step Father

Shamal as my Doctor
Byakuran as my Sensei
Shoichi as my Tutor
Spanner as my Neighbor

Colonnello as my other Neighbor
Lal Mirch as his Wife
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22 / F
Posted 8/20/10 , edited 8/20/10
Tsuna as my close friend
Yamamoto / Gokudera as neighbour / classmates
Hibari as my elder brother ( it would be fun ... )
Chrome as my BFF
Mukuro as my , maybe-closest male friend (?)
Byakuran as my personal sensei
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21 / F / eastigh
Posted 8/23/10 , edited 8/23/10
yama as my bro we are alike looks and personality
haru and kyoko as my cosin
hibari to be my head teacher
adult i-pin to be my sister
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26 / M
Posted 8/23/10 , edited 8/23/10
Gokudera, Yamamoto and Tsuna as friends LOL
and Lambo as an annoying classmate HAHAH
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27 / M / Between light and...
Posted 8/25/10 , edited 8/26/10
haru as my wife
tsuna and dino in an family alliance and brothers
lambo as my lil bro
yamamoto as my bff
hibari as my rival
kyoko as my enemy
reborn and lal as my tutors
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19 / F / Varia HQ in Italy
Posted 8/27/10 , edited 8/28/10
(sorry just started looking at forums and all char are TYL) my list is:

Xanxus-Boyfriend (too young to get married)
Levi:Neighbor(I want nothing related to his ugliness! )
Reborn:Instructor #2
Yamamoto:Swordsman teacher
Lambo:Little bro
and rest are friends!
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23 / F / Why do you want t...
Posted 8/28/10 , edited 8/28/10

kateyness wrote:

Gokudera as my husband XD

Lol! I'd choose the same! xDD
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26 / F
Posted 8/31/10 , edited 9/1/10
Dino as my older brother
Reborn as my Uncle
Chrome as my friend
Yamamoto as my childhood friend
Gokudera as my boyfriend/then husband
Tsuna as my childhood friend
Kyoko as Tsuna's Girlfriend and my 2nd best friend
Hibari as my 1st best friend
I-Pin as my cousin
Mukuro as my classmate
Haru as my childhood friend
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Posted 1/4/11 , edited 1/5/11
kyoya as my bf
mukuro as my broo
chrome as my bff
adult ipin as my bff
lal as my friend?
dino as my teacher
yamamoto as my cousin~
xanxus as my bro maybe, cause he resembles my brother(surprisingly)
bel as my best friend~
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