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Black Roses :: A Pirate story.

Character List :: COMING SOON 8D

Updates To the Story ::
09.03.09 //:: Part Two added! {{ Int The Brig }}
06.10.09 //:: Helpful Link {{ }}
06.10.09 //:: Part One added! {{ The Dark Rose }}

Part 1: The Dark Rose

“Capt’n! They’re firing!” The call rang out across the deck of The Expedient. Hands and feet moved to prepare for battle as the black flag waved in the wind a hundred meters away.


One young man threw his arms over his head as debris flew over him.

“Capt’n! We can’t hold them off!” The man who was shouting was running across the deck to the wheel. “Capt’n, what are we going to do?” He was panting.

“Let them attack….” He mumbled, and then looked up defiantly. “Open Fire!” He yelled.


The other ship didn’t seem to have a scratch on it.

And now people were screaming. “We’ve been boarded!”

Before the Captain of The Expedient could react, he was hit upside the head with a wooden leg. He toppled to the floor with a slight groan, and didn’t get up again.

“Take ‘im to the brig.” Grunted the burly man who had hit him, as he re-attached his wooden leg. He hobbled to the edge of the deck, and shouted to someone on the other ship. “’EYY! Got tha Capt’n! We’re bringin’ ‘im over now!” The other figure nodded and waved a cloth in the air. A gangplank was hoisted over the edge of the dark ship as it inched closer and closer to The Expedient. When the two ships were close enough, the gangplank was extended, and propped on the railing of the ship adjacent.

Two men dragged the unconscious Captain onto the ramp and over to the other ship. Within minutes he was safely locked up in the brig.

The burly man, who’s name was Al, surveyed The Expedient with a practiced eye. He shouted some orders. “You there! Stop yer dawdling and git yer arses inta tha hold! Take anythin’ what looks like i’ could fetch a fancy price!” Four men stood straight and grinned. They loved the pillaging part of the job.

They hopped and skipped to the cabin door at the other end of the ship, and descended into the murky basements to see what they could get.

When they got to the hold, they rubbed their hands together and grinned mischievously.

“You can take that end, I’ll be takin’ this part,” said one of them, rushing to the barrels of ale.

The others laughed, and each went searching for goodies.

“Ohhh, what ‘ave we ‘ere?” One of them whistled as he moved a burlap sack to the side. “We ‘ave ourselves a young strumpet?”

“Who are you calling a strumpet?” The voice was indignant and female. A girl of about 18 stood up and put her hands on her hips.

The others had gathered ‘round to see. “What, if ye aint a strumpet we got no use for ye.”

The girl scowled, and said, “I snuck aboard because I wanted a ride to Singapore. Get out of my way.”

The men closed the circle around her and grinned. “Oh, me thinks we’re gonna just take ya with us.” One of them grabbed her hands and tied them behind her back, and another gagged her. She screamed indignantly and kicked, but it was no used fighting against four pirates.

They dragged her, along with four barrels of ale and some grain, to the deck of The Expedient and over the gangplank onto The Dark Rose.

The burly man, who was surveying all, grumbled at the men, “Oi. It’s mighty bad luck to be ‘avin’ a lass on board.” He crossed his arms and the girl looked over at him, glaring.

The other men shrugged. “We don’t ‘ave to keep ‘er on board for very long.”

Al frowned. “The Capt’n aint going ta be too pleased wit’ ye.”

Part 2: In The Brig

As the young former-Captain of The Expedient, who went by the name of Nathaniel, opened his eyes, he noticed his nose was itching. He reached his hand up to itch it, but found it tied behind his back.

“What the hell…?” He opened his eyes fully in the gloom of the brig, and swore.

“Let go of me, you ingrate!”

Nathaniel looked up at the sound. A girl?

He watched as the pirates brought a young woman into the brig. They threw her into the cell next to his after flipping up the skirts of her dress playfully. One of the pirates earned a stinging slap on the cheek for that, and grinned.

“Lookie here, Capt’n, ye got yerself a little lass to keep ye comp’ny while you wait to walk the plank.”

Nathaniel glared defiantly at the pirates. “I won’t do any such thing.” He knew it was no use being defiant, but he couldn’t help it. He’d just been made Captain, and he was quite upset about having gotten caught by pirates on his first trip.

“Let me out of here!” The girl reached through the bars, trying to grab one of the pirates. They laughed as they went back up onto the deck of The Dark Rose.

The girl crossed her arms and huffed as she sat down on the seat in her cell.

“Thank you SO much for getting yourself caught by pirates, Captain,” she said haughtily.

Nathaniel frowned and stood up, finding that the bindings around his hands weren’t tight and he could wriggle out of them. Not that it did him much good.

“Excuse me? And who are you to talk?” He walked to the door to his cell, inspecting it for flaws in design. “Seems to me you’re in the same heap of trouble as me.”

“But I’m not the one responsible for his ship and everyone on board being caught and in danger! I wouldn’t be in here if you’d done your job correctly.”

Nathaniel closed his eyes and sighed, running his hand through his short blond hair. “I know… I’m a failure.” He leaned his forehead on the bars. “Wait! Why were you on my ship?! I don’t remember any women on my crew!” He stomped to the wall of bars between their cells, furious.

“Like you said, you’re a failure. You didn’t notice a peasant girl sneaking into the hold, did you?” She smirked at him from the gloom of her own cell.

“What were you doing, sneaking onto a Government sea vessel?” Nathaniel was fighting to keep from raising his voice at a woman.

“Wanted to go where you were going. Don’t like it in London. Would rather be in Singapore. There’s got to be more fun in Singapore.”

Nathaniel slapped his forehead. “Do you even know what Singapore is like?”

She shrugged. “It would be an adventure, a mystery.”

Nathaniel rolled his eyes again. After a few minutes of silence, he ventured, “and what was your name, again?”

“Name’s Margaret Smith. Call me Maggie. Margaret’s too civilized.”

Nathaniel chuckled in the gloom and said, “Nice to meet you, Margaret. Name’s Nathaniel Brown. Call me Nathaniel. I like my name.”

Not so nice to meet you, Nat.”

Arrr, thar be more sailin' this way...
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<3 i'll read wen not lazii :] ok...i read like...alittle AFTER teh second BANG!BOOM!
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27 / F / In my own little...
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lmao the Bang Booms stand out x3
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they...REALLY D0 :D
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