wierd job!
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Posted 6/10/09 , edited 6/10/09
i found an acting job on gumtree so when i expressed an interest about it this is what i received

"Thank you for your interest. This is the Job, not exactly a public performance, but one where acting skills are needed.

I broke up with my girlfriend one month and a half ago because she wanted to marry ASAP. I did not get to the decision on time and she went away. However, I realize now that I do want to marry her with all of my heart but she is adamant to see me at present. I think she still loves me though. Let’s see.

The point is that I need a reason to see her, she will move soon and they are making viewings at her place. I am arranging a viewing for late Friday or Saturday early. (She does not know its me of course).

The mission, if you decide to accept it is the following: There will be two of you. One pretending to be a lettings agent, and the other, a client. You will visit the place, and whilst in the visit you have to place a passport of mine and a small photo album. (I will provide plans of the flat and placing places in detail) We would meet 30 minutes before the visit in central London, I will explain you the flat, and then it is a 15 minute visit, you place the two items and it’s done. I’ll pay £50 before and £50 after the placing. Easy money.

Are you willing to help me out. I think it is an easy job. Maybe not so nice to let two strangers into my ex’s house, but I am of those who think that love justifies a bit of madness.

Let me know if you are up for it. Of course, the outfit would have to be that of a lettings agent or a serious tenant. And please, if you go for eat, go with all might. Don’t leave me hanging in this one.

If interested. Please send me a pic.


Thank you very much. Rafa."

I'm thinking i might call the police
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Posted 6/10/09 , edited 6/10/09
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