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F / planet earth...
Posted 6/11/09 , edited 7/20/09
Hey everyone, im the creator of !! Anime Girlz !!. In this forum you introduce yourself!!!!

Name (you can use your crunchyroll name or normal name)
Fav. Anime / Fav. Manga
Picture (please put in spoiler)

(you can write anything you want about you, since we are ANIME GIRLZ!!!!)

fav. stuff (likes and dislikes)
description or youself
fav. tv shows/films/movies
where your from/live (it can be anywhere in the world... it doesnt even haf to be from this wold. eg/ mars, anime land, lollypop land


This is an example:

Posted 6/30/09 , edited 6/30/09
Name: waiting_for_my_knight
Nicknames: Bella, or Bell
BDay: july 22
Fav anime/manga: naruto,shugo chara, bleach
intersts: anime,music,drawing,and haveing fun
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Posted 8/10/09 , edited 8/10/09
Name: Jessica
Nicknames: Tsuki or Jess
Bday: January 17
Fav. Anime / Fav. Manga: Shugo Chara!, K-ON!, Toradora!, Special A,
Interests: j-pop, k-pop, drawing, watching anime, reading manga
Picture (please put in spoiler):
Posted 8/14/09 , edited 8/14/09
Name: Hoshiko Sakura
Nicknames: Sakura and Candy
Bday: July 19
Fav anime/Fav manga: La Corda d'oro Primo Passo, Kyo Kara Maoh, Shugo Chara, Loveless, Princess Princess(anime) and lovely baby and check(manga)
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23 / F / Inside a cheese h...
Posted 10/2/09 , edited 10/3/09
Name (you can use your crunchyroll name or normal name): Kimmie
Nicknames: Kimmie-chan
Bday: October 23
Fav. Anime / Fav. Manga: Azumanga Daioh
Interests: Chocolate
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22 / F / Just around the c...
Posted 11/16/09 , edited 11/16/09
Birthday:January 25,1996
Fave anime:special a,code geass,air gear,alice academy..and may more..
Interests:watching anime and collecting anime stuffs
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