Post Reply do u like Kino No Tabi?! o.O
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Posted 12/25/07 , edited 12/26/07
these days i just found out that there's an anime called Kino No Tabi
even though i haven't saw the anime, cuz it's removed = =" but i watch Kino's Journey - Life Goes On - Movie - Movie 1 that makes me really wanna watch this anime/// so if anyone know where i can be able to watch Kino No Tabi's anime, plz PLZ plz tell me where can i watch it thnq =] o and thnq 4 joining =p
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Posted 12/31/07 , edited 12/31/07
Yea, I liked it quite a lot. I'm reading the Kino no tabi books as well. There's 11 novels out in japan I believe, and I have the first 9 in Korean. They're very imaginative, and they're great. Also, I watched these on youtube, but I don't know if it's deleted right now. I'll get right on it.

Edit: Yea, it's deleted. There's only the life goes on movie, and the 'illness for you' (which is the second movie) Also, the second movie is Raw..... Now I'll try to find it in Veoh...

Edit again: Yep, it's on Veoh.
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