● [Graphics] Profile Gfx Request 2
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Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/11/09
Hi Guys! You can ask for avatars here! Just fill out the form and post! Remember to read the rules ^^.

1. You can only request one avatar at time and no double/triple/etc. posting.
2. You can request again only when the previous request is finished.
3. If your request is not done in 4-5 days, repost and tell us.
4. If you fail to obey these rules, your request will be ignored and/or deleted.
5. You must present your BGICR Membership Card or else your request will be deleted.

Fill it ALL out or your request will be ignored.

What you want: Banner/Icon/Userbar/Other.
Post your Membership Card: (Don't put it in a spoiler)
Color Scheme:
Brushes, Border, etc.
Picture: [in spoiler tag; no small or low quality pictures please!]


Please place pending or done on the post and spoiler the whole post except for the Done! sign when done with a request.!
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23 / F / springroll land (:
Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/12/09
What you want: Banner
Name: L...
Username: springrolls56
Membership Card:
Size: whatever's good
Color Scheme: something convincing, whatever matches.
Text: "Join me in the land of springrolls... (beneath it...--> ~springrolls56)
Extras: Brushes

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