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Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/12/09
Umm... For those who don't know what's a song fic, it's basically song lyrics used to make a fic. It's good for people who doesn't have inspiration whenever they need it. Like me

A short song fic.

Takaki X Rubi

This is the summer time
Natsu no mae ni kimi ni aeta kara

This is the summer time
I met you just before summer

"Sorry!" Rubi bowed to the person that stood in front of her, crying.
"Why..." Takaki stated coldly. "My mum decided this," She kept on crying, "I didn't know about this too." She continued. "But I'll be back after 5 years!... Won't you wait for m-me?"

Tears were profusely flowing down her cheeks. Just then, she felt Takaki's warm hands carressing her cheeks and he held onto a warm big grin.

"Of course I will. I promise you that when you're back, I would bring you to see the most beautiful sea in Japan."
He replied, pulling Rubi into a hug. Rubi took in his scent, and secretly swore to herself that she would be back and spend the rest of her life with Takaki.

As the day for Rubi to leave came, Takaki went to the airport to send her off. They shared a soft, lingering kiss and parted. Takaki watched Rubi's back as she left.
It was just during Autumn when Rubi left for Europe to study.

As time passed, Takaki didn't forget about Rubi. So did Rubi, and they thought of each other every single moment.

After 5 years had passed, Rubi tooked in a deep breath and told herself "This is it, I guess..."
She took up her pen and started scribbling all over a piece of paper. While at the post office, she told herself "I hope Takaki hasn't changed his address."

After a few days, Takaki received a letter addressing to him all the way from Europe. He opened it up anxiously. I hope it's from Rubi, he thought to himself.

He was indeed right. It was from Rubi.

"Dear Takaki-kun,
I hope you receive this letter. I missed you so much, how are you doing? Wish that you still remember me. Studies are going well here, how's life there? Anyway, this letter is to tell you that I would be coming back the first Wednesday of next month, and I hope that you would still remember your promise, to wait for me. If we still have a chance to be together, I hope that you would meet me at terminal 4, where I would be arriving at. I have to go now. Bye.

Yours Sincerely,
Kato Rubi. "


Takaki panicked and called the company to ask if they could postpone the interview. But to no avail, they couldn't.

So... Takaki was in a total mess.

In the end, Takaki chose to go for the job interview.

[On the day itself]

"What are you doing, Rubi? Let's go." A stern voice loomed over.

"Mum... Give me another half and hour... I'm waiting for someone... Please?" Rubi said, in a pleading voice.

"But Rubi, you'll be la-" Said Rubi's mum as she was cut off by Rubi

"Mum! I said give me another half and hour!" Rubi shouted... Loud enough for her to hear, but inaudible for others.

"Okay... I'm totally washing my hands off you..." Said Rubi's mother, sighing.

On the other hand, Takaki was rushing to the airport. He just couldn't wait to tell Rubi the good news that he had gotten the job.

After he had reached terminal 4 of the airport, he went around, searching for the one he had been waiting for years.


Rubi started to cry. She knew that Takaki wouldn't be there to meet her. Afterall, it took her 5 years! Who would be THAT stupid to wait for such a long time? Huh? HUH?
Well... Takaki was THAT stupid.

"I shouldn't have even held on to the hope that he would be here, to meet me... It's all my naive thinking... I shouldn't have believed him, thinking that he'll be wai..." Rubi trailed off, feeling a shadow standing before her.

The "shadow" that stood before her then gave her a hug, without saying a thing.

"T-Takaki...k-ku-kun?" She muttered

"Ssh, baby... Let's just stay like this for the next 5 minutes." The voice said.

"Nnn..." Rubi nodded while burying her face into his chest, taking in the familiar scent.

Takaki then took Rubi's hand and led her out of the airport.

"Wh-where are we going now?" She said.

"shush. I'm fulfilling my promise to you." He replied.

"Eh? You already fulfilled the promise! You came..." She replied, with a gentle, warm smile on her face.

"No. It's not really done yet. I have one more promise. The one which I promised to you before you left for Europe."

"Huh?" Rubi said, giving Takaki a are-you-sure-coz-im-not face.

"Just follow me? I promise you'll be safe." Takaki said, reassuringly.

"Okay..." she said, blushing.

Saikou no nami ga kiteiru no sa
I want you to know my sweet emotion

The best wave is coming soon
I want you to know my sweet emotion

"Wow... It's beautiful..." Rubi said, her voice chimed in the wind, like music in the air.

"I told you didn't I," Takaki held up Rubi's chin and pulled her lips towards him. "I would bring you to see the most beautiful sea in Japan."

Kakeashi de semetemo iin janai
Machi kirenai yo beautiful days

Isn't it okay if we speed up our attacks
For the Beautiful days that we have been waiting for

Their lips touched romantically, causing Rubi to blush different shades of red.
Rubi then threw her hands over his neck causing them to fall on the sandy beach. Takaki's serious face then broke into a smile.

After a few seconds, they finally broke the kiss and stared deep into each other's eyes. Takaki then broke the silence and said "You know what? Let's make our days forever this beautiful and passionate that depicts this summer that we're in now." Said Takaki as he helped Rubi to stand up.

All Rubi did was to nod her head shyly and say nothing.

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Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/12/09
this is really nice!!
I really love Takaki and Rubi together..
such a cute couple ^^
anyway.. I'm glad this fic ended up good!!

btw.. I'll just add some stuff to the title okay??
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Posted 6/12/09 , edited 6/12/09
this is really nice!!

[LOLZ haha gomen jessee-chan =))]

Anyway, I LOVE it dear!
it's short yet, romantic~

aww *T_T*
yeah, some would think that who would wait for that long ne?

but if that person really loves you he will ne?
gyaa~ ^_^ kawai!
i love this fanfiction of yours! sugoi ^_^
keep it up~
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Posted 6/17/09 , edited 6/17/09
yay! love is so powerful!
the length of time doesn't count when you wait for someone
special to you!

kyaa! sugoi!
i love their passionate moments in here!
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