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Posted 6/12/09 , edited 12/16/09
Shimoko: Hello! Although I haven't posted this on the internet yet. (I hear it costs money to run a website) Usually I draw SD, or Super Deformed, style comics that at the moment I'm calling "According to an Otaku"...

Akurei: *yawn* *yawn* *yawn* Alright already! When are you going to introduce us!?

Shimoko: Oh right, in said comics, I go by the name of "Shimohi" but here I'm Shimoko. And 'this'... the three of us. From the left to the right: Akurei, myself, and Niyagi. Please excuse the Microsoft Paint-generated picture but that is pretty much how we look like in the comics. And as you can tell from said picture, Akurei and Niyagi are like oil and water; they do not mix.

Niyagi: OK, just what are you doing now?

Shimoko: Starting a thread in the Spammer group so I can actually type these kind of posts without people caring. *faces reader* And believe me, these type of posts can get rather long.

Just in case this wasn't noticed earlier, the stuff I actually say are in purple text. For Akurei, it's in red text. And Niyagi, it's blue text. Black is just used for all other purposes.

Niyagi: ...of course people aren't going to care how you type here! In fact I will be surprised if you get any responses here at all.

Shimoko: Says the one who once spoke of anime as quote "sanity-rotting" unquote. Well that's all I can think of typing for now. Oh and to prove I can post here... *rummages in hammer-space* Here!

It's my Spammer ID card. And I'll be back with some, ZOMG, actual content. This entire first post was just an introduction. Future posts will be about anime, manga, video games, and whatever else I feel like typing about at the moment.
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Posted 12/15/09 , edited 12/16/09
12/15/09 "Pokemon and Epileptic Trees"

Shimoko: Well dang. No one posted here after all.

Oh well, I say a video in the CR Pulse today that inspired me to...go off on a rant. And that is...
"Pokemon, the devil?!" And I assure you it's not. Still, (assuming that Bull**** is true) even if I didn't enjoy playing Pokemon games, my pagan spirituality, support of gay marriage, and appreciation of anthropromorphic animals will 'still' send me to hell. At least according to Bat**** insane evangelists like that one.

Akurei: *ROFL* Oh Lucifer! Does this EEFF-tard actually believe this EEFF! Believe me, I'm a demon and the only thing that's serious to me is the extermination of the human race. So, yes, I 'do' want to harm every single one of you. But not through EEFF-ing Pokemon! The only thing more stupid than that would be doing that through a...CHILDRENS CARD GAME!

Shimoko: Besides, if you want to know where you can find real evil; look no further than 4Kids (so called) Entertainment.

Niyagi: You two! Stop lying to the people! You're trying to draw everyone even further into the depths of sin...
*looks at whoever is reading this* ...and yes, I mean you! I mean you're already wallowing in the pit of sin by watching the faith-rotting filth that is anime.

Shimoko: [sarcasm] Right...! And the reason all the christian priests are preaching against thinking except "Wow, I want to buy CDs of my priest preaching against everything that isn't praying to God" is so the modern world as we know it collaspes, sending it back to the Dark Ages, where the clergy can rule the world again. [/sarcasm]

Niyagi: For one thing A, you just used a run-on sentence. And B, what you just said is just insanely stupid!

Shimoko: Yeah, just like the notion that Pokemon is a tool of the Devil.

Akurei: Oh burn! Hey, is it time to watch Hokuto no Ken today? I want to see some heads explode! "You wa Shock!"

Shimoko: Let me see... *checks the schedule* Oh! It 'is' time to watch Hokuto no Ken today! Episode 30 to be exact!

Niyagi: Wait a minute! Did you two make references to 'that' abridged series earlier in this post!?

Akurei: [sarcasm] No! What 'else' would I be talking about when I say "Childrens Card Game". [/sarcasm]

Shimoko: Well, 'that' is pretty much the only childrens card game I play. And by the way, just in case 'any' of you happen to still play said card game, I play a custom 'Yin/Yang' deck. (focuses on a mix of Light and Dark attribute cards)

Niyagi: *sigh* I still don't think anyone will read this.
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