The day how everything went wrong !
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Posted 6/12/09 , edited 6/12/09
imagination time!

Write a short story about a person nd how his day gets screwed up. Make it funny, sad, scary anyhting!
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why put this in the general discussions section? there's nothing to discuss.

try putting threads like this here next time:
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Mark's feet couldn't seem to take a first step towards his house. Today was the day... his grades were released....Earlier, he devised many plans to make his mother forget his grades. He cleaned the whole house, accompanied her mother to shopping... making conversations with her, just avoiding THAT dreaded topic. For he knew, that he'd see bright red marks on that white piece of cardboard. On the way home, it's almost lunch time.. he was so happy and proud of himself, that he have made her mother forget, he knew that his mother had a meeting with the church choir after lunch and he would be able to escape the DREADED judgment. His smile widened with every step he make to their home. He proclaimed a loud "I'm home" when he step into the front door, just to have his heart leaped a zillion times to see his homeroom teacher waiting at their sofa.

it's a lil' short..
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Posted 7/12/10 , edited 7/12/10
When mark saw his teacher on the sofa, mark ran to his room jumping into his bed covering himself with his covers.
Mark herd foot steps coming up the stairs slowly, His heart pounding, The foot steps stop in front of his door... mark waiting for his teacher to open the door to punish him for running away. But he hears the front door open and the teacher walking down back to the front room. he secretly walks down to see who it was. and he see's his friend 'tadase'. since tadase's in the house he see's the teacher. she looks at him and asks "why are you in marks house!?, you did not even knock or ring the door bell. How unmannerly."
"sorry, mark always lets me in without doing those..." tadase says...
So tadase slowly walked up the stairs... as the teacher watchs him, thinking of how un mannerly it is to go up without asking.
So marks teacher goes up after and tells tadase to leave... he does and the teacher goes into marks room, but mark isn't in there *cuz he came out to watch tadase*
The teacher it stunned!
marks down stairs and slowly and quietly opens the front door and starts to run as fast as he can, but runs into his mother. spilling her grocries and paper work from church.
"MARK! "
That night mark was grounded and punished. he couldn't eat his dinner. nor lunch. and no friends could come over for a month. or either call friends.
Mark ended up killing himself because he hated his parents. and his teacher. so when his mom came in to say sorry and stuff, she saw his neck, sliced and a knife in his hand...

His mom faints...
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"noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" shouted mom, when she woke up, she kept on slapping herself to see if it was a dream.
she tried to stop the bleeding, even though she knew it was no use.
"hey!" called Tadase he contineued .
"what happened to mark?"

linda(marks mom) grabbed the knife from his hand.
"honey, do you love your parents?"
"what happened to mar-"
"JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION,FOR GODDAMNS SAKE!" she clutched the knife tighter.
"n-no not really..........i dont see why i have to answer this" his hands started to shake.

lindas eyes lit with fury, she grabbed tadase and shoved him against the wall. she took the knife out.
"what did your parents do to you! no kid deserves to surive, see ya in hell buddy! hahahahahaha!."
tadase screamed........
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