Character Theme Songs
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Posted 6/12/09 , edited 6/13/09
Hey people. I'm back - again - and I apologize if this is a repeat.

Once more I've got to thinking: wouldn't it be cool if Shippuden characters could have modern theme songs instead of traditional japanese-style ones?

For these characters I picked these songs. Mainly because I thought they went with their personalities. And also, because I like them. X3

Naruto - 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle

Sasuke - Cherry Waves by the Deftones

Sakura - Wicked Game by Giant Drag

How about you?

Note: you don't have to pick Naruto or Sakura or Sasuke, you can pick them or other characters or as many you can think of.

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Posted 6/17/09 , edited 7/17/09
Naruto- Original Prankster (The Offspring)
Sasuke- I'm Not OK (My Chemical Romance)
Sakura- Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne)
Kiba- Givin' the Dog a Bone (AC/DC)
Shino- Insect Boy (Shadow Jack)
Hinata- Why Can't I Breath? (Liz Phair)
Shikamaru- I'm Only Sleeping (The Beatles)
Ino- Don't Cha (Pussy Cat Dolls)
Chouji- Cheeseburger in Paradise (Jimmy Buffet)
Rock Lee- Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)
Neji- World in My Eyes (Depeche Mode)
Tenten- Here for the Party (Gretchen Wilson)
Temari- Baracuda (Heart)
Kankuro- Puppet Master (Cypress Hill)
Gaara- By Demons be Driven (Pantera)
Tsunade- Pokerface (Lady Gaga) or She Works Hard for the Money (forgot who sings it)
Jiraiya- Superfreak (Rick James)
Orochimaru- Serpent Tongue (Cradle of Filth)

Note: These songs are not necessarily my taste. In fact, I don't like some of these songs. I'm just thinking about what the characters might listen to.
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Posted 6/19/09 , edited 6/19/09
Itachi - Goodbye by SR71
Sasuke - Last Resort by Papa Roach

I cant really think of songs for anyone else????
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Posted 7/8/09 , edited 7/8/09

sasuke-if i never see your face again-rhianna feat. maroon 5

garra-dangerous man-foxy shazam

naruto-still waiting (for sasuke)-sum 41
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Posted 7/15/09 , edited 7/15/09
Sasuke- Emo kid song - popular youtube vid(gotta look it up)
Orochimaru- Dude looks like a lady-Aerosmith
Itachi- Bleed it out- Linkin Park
Might Guy- Mr. Brightside- The Killers
Ino- Push It- Salt and Pepa
Hinata- Truly, Madly, deeply- Cascada
Neiji-Milkshake(male version)- popular on youtube
Jariya-Touch my tra la la- popular on youtube
Pein-AGONY-The Gazette
Kakashi-Bad-Micheal Jackson
......Thats all I could think about for now
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