Davy Back Fight
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Posted 6/13/09 , edited 6/25/09

Davy Back Fight is a game between two Pirate crews to win each others Nakama to strengthen the crew. The basic rules will be changed to fit this group. Here is where you register for games and then use the links below to go to your game. Standings of Crews wins and ties and losses are posted on the group main page.

If there aren't enough people instead of Crew v.s. Crew, it will be every pirate for themselves.

۩ Basic Rules ۩

◄1► The contestants for each event cannot be changed. Contestants can participate in all events.
◄2► If a crew member wins, ties or loses in one event, it counts as a team win, tie or loss in the standings.
◄3► The Pirates that win will receive Berries, Bounty ↑ or a new weapon for their ship or themselves depending on the game.
◄4► Any form of cheating is allowed during the contests, and players may use any special abilities or Devil Fruit powers to give them an advantage.

۩ Davy Back Games ۩

Donut Race; The Donut Race is a race, where 3 team-members from each crew are given materials and must build their own boat using them. Each team then uses their boat to go around the island(or part of the island they are on, if there is a mini-island surrounded by water right next to, or part of the main one) and the first person to reach the finish-line wins. Both team are allowed to use weapons, and to do anything, including pushing the other boat backwards, do damage to the other boat and even kill all the members of the opposing team. The other members of the crew can also support the team.

Groggy Ring; This game is played normally with 3 players. One player is the "ball" on each team, and it is the goal of the opposing team to knock the player that is the "ball" into the opposing team's goal. The goal is a large, circular tube, used in a way similar to a basketball hoop. No weapons are allowed (though if the referee doesn't notice the weapons, they can be used).

Captain's Fight; The Main Event, the Captain's Fight is a duel between the 2 Captains. A cannon is fired and wherever, or whatever it lands on becomes the Ring. While inside the ring, the opponents are allowed to use any object or weapon in the arena. Devil Fruits are allowed. The first person out of the ring loses. This includes being blown to bits and a shred of the person lands outside the Arena, or the opponent throwing a piece out.

۩ Davy Back Extra Games ۩

Roller Skate; This game has 5 rounds if one team gets 3 wins the game is automatically over. The goal in this game is to skate as many laps as you can before the time runs out. When the first 10 sec pass, there would be a signal to call the next group to skate. Players are not allowed to skate backwards or out of the ring or they'll immediately lose the round, although the air is safe as long as they don't touch the ground.

Dodge-Ball; There has been no limit for participants. 2 group chooses which member to be the outsiders and which to be the insiders. The game is like the real dodgeball. In this game you're not allowed to hit another person's face, not allowed step out of the playing field and not allowed to break or eat the ball (this game appears to be prepared for all contingencies). Cheating in this game is against the rules, cheaters are decapitated. No weapons are allowed except for a contraption called Dead Hit-Kun (a giant ball launcher).

Games Links will be coming soon.
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