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Posted 2/18/11 , edited 2/18/11
Name:Zigis Sulcs
Character Name: Ryuu
Character Age: 34
Character Gender: male
Character Race: Saijin
Bio: Ryuu was born on planet Vegeta and had an extremely large power level. nothing is known of his parents or family. he grew up in a place near Kame house but did not learn of the other saijins existance for he was training. whenever a being of large power such a freeza or buu would come to this planet, Ryuu would just sit back and watch, his mission was being done for him. when Ryuu learnt of gokus existance, he wished to take sides with him. he found out goku had good intentions and ryuu let them into his life. from then on he trained with tarble.
Weapon: saijin fighting techniques
Special Technique: negative kamehameha basically a black kamehameha with the power of at least 10 kamehameha waves.
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