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Buang Hong

The lakorn “Buang Hong” follows the downfall of a high society girl named Pimlapas (“Pancake” Khemmanid Jamikorn), her life starts out rosy. She is a daughter of a wealthy man, she has a great boyfriend, and she is a well-known supermodel. Because fate can be cruel, in one day, she loses everything. Her boyfriend dumps her, her father dies, her stepmother played by “Namfon” Kullanat Preeyawat swindled all his wealth. In a blink of an eye, Pimlapas is penniless and an orphan.

During her desperate situation, she is contacted by a mysterious person, they give her an offer she can’t refuse. Pimlapas is assigned to penetrated a high-end hotel owned by Ramet (Vee Veeraparb) to steal important documents in exchange for a truck load of money.

First, she seduces Ramet. He instantly falls for her, gradually at their relationship progress, she starts to like him too. That’s her dilemma, she falls in love with a man to whom she is assigned to swindle.

On the day she decides to steal the documents, she is caught by Ramet. Though heart-broken and disappointed, Ramet doesn’t call the cops. Instead, he does something different. He blackmails her and makes her a server at the hotel’s dining room. Things were going well, she was paying back her debt to Ramet, then her stepmother arrives and trouble starts to stir in her life again.

* Vee Veraparb Suparbpaiboon as Ramet

* Pancake Khemanit Jamikorn as Pimlapas

* Namfon Kullanat Preeyawat as Mathawee

* Arnus Rapanich as Yosapol

* Ekarat Sarasuk (Ek) as Seehanart

* Fern Thitinan Suwanthaworn as Nara

* Ice Athichanun Srisaweg as Kanda

* Jieb Chompoonuch Piyatumchai as Jintana

* Pipatpol Komaratat as Sia Sanam

* Oliver Pupart as Kittichai

* Thrakarn Phanlertrujee as Thrai

* Rachaya Rakkasikorn as Rojana

* Jarusiri Puwanai as Nongnuch

* Sattawat Doolayawijit as Baworntat

* Ware Soul as Patcharee

* Chalotorn Kalong as Darin

* Tharinda Kannasoot as Kanitha

* Daraneenuch Pohpithi as Wimol

* Tye Chatchadaporn Thananta as Ped

* Noom Surawut Maikun as Noodee
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The lakorn starts off with a runway session. It looks like Pim (Pancake) is a top model and is the middle of the attention. She does her thing, walking fiercly up and down the catwalk. After the show, reporters bother her for an interview. It seems like Pim is an arrogant person who likes things to be her way. Meanwhile, her rival, a fashion designer and ex-step mother watches in disgusts as Pim supposedly lies to reporters about something. Later, Pim goes home to a huge mansion and walks in on her dad reading a magazine about his ex-wife and their divorce and what kind of alimony she took. Pim is digusted and wonders why her father still cares about her. After that, Pim throws a tantrum when her father didn’t agree to buy her a new car. She accuses her father of buying stuff for his ex-wife more than her. And then later, he must have gave in and bought Pim a new car cause, the rival, her ex-step mother finds out and is pissed. She wonders how he was left with mother when she took it all. So she tells her assistant that she has another plan.

There’s another fashion show. Ma, Pim’s ex-step mother invites Lamade (Vee) to watch. I think Lamade is an owner of a hotel who is looking to draw more guests. I think Ma suggest that he does a fashion show at his hotel? (not too sure yet) But anyway, Ma calls up her people to summon a crowd to taunt Pim while she does her catwalk. Pim sees the noisy crowd and is angry. She demands dor someone to do something. She walks off the stage and threatebs to not work there anymore. Meanwhile, Ma meets with Lamade and talk about his hotel business and their partnership. It seems like Ma is going to use Lamade to destroy Pim and her ex-husband. Pim and her fiance were walking out when she bumps into Ma. Pim pushes her down and they get into a catfight. Later, Ma’s fiance’s (don’t know his name yet) has to face his mother about all the troubles Pim has been going through. His mother suggest they break it off cause she fears that Pim’s father has lost all his money and is on the verge of having nothing left. The next morning, unaware of the troubles that are coming her way, Pim wakes up and orders breakfast. She goes downstairs to see her father, but he is no where in sight. She goes and knocks on his door, but no answer. She walks in antway and finds him still in bed. She goes wake him up, but no response. That’s when she flips him over and he is dead! There’s a body of pills and alcohol on his night stand. At funeral, Pim is saddened and cries as she mourns for her father. Just outside the door, Ma arrives and is bombarded by reporters. She gives an interview and is overly emotional. She states how badly she feels and that if they were still together, this wouldn’t happen. Pim is outraged to see Ma and her crew, so she kicks them out.

Ma is happy to know that Pim is sad and suffering. She gloats about how, soon Pim will lose everything. Pim is mourning her father and thinks of a happier time when her father gave her a swan pin. Later, she gives all the servants their last pay cause she’s moving out of the mansion. Ma calls and taunts her about losing everything even the house to her. Pim’s fiance is encouraged to break up with her. He didn’t even show up for her father’s funeral. His mother sends him to Pim to break off the engagement. But Pim knew ahead of time and broke it off first. She tells him that she knows that he and his mother are only after money. And now that she only got herself, she knows his mother will eventually take back the ring. Pim is left with no job to do, so she calls around differenr modeling agency, but all of them refuse her. Ma is very satisfied to find out that no one is offering Pim a modeling job. She says this is what Pim gets for being arrogant before. Before Pim was a brat and always showed up late to work or miss work, but she is desperate for work. Later on Pim is summoned by a business man who offeres her a job. He talks about Lamade, his rival who tries to black mail him. In exchange for free place to stay and money, he wants her to be like a spy and go to Lamade’s company as a worker. She refuses the offer, but already hates Lamade after hearing bad things about him.

Ma meets up with Lamade and sees that he seems to be interested in Pim. She quickly tells him that Pim is a spoiled typical hi-so girl who never helps her father and someone who can’t take care of herself. Later on, Pim is confronted by a guy who insulted her, saying that her ex-fiance told him that she’s good in bed. Pim is pissed and hits him and storms off angry, but bumps into Lamade. She doesn’t pay attention to him, but tells him to watch his back cause people are evil. Later on, the wife of that business man comes to see her and begs her for her help to destroy Lamade for blackmailing them. (Uhmm…. I’m a little confused, but I guess we’ll see) So anyway, Pim reads the newspaper, and hears about Ma doing some kind of business with a hotel owned by Lamade. Pim then decides to accept the offer. She calls up thje business man and says yes. (I think her job is to spy on the hotel giant and steal something) So anyway, she arrives at the hotel, and checks in. When she sees that they put her in a regular room, she throws a fit. All the, Lamade was watching her every move trying to stufy what kind of girl she is. When he sees that she likes to get her ways, he thinks of what Ma told him. So he continues to observe her. In the meantime, Pim doesn’t know that he is Lamade.

Ma finds out that Pim has been missing and vows to find her. She recalls all the times that Pim taunted her when she was her step mother. The more she thought about it, the more pissed she got. She sends her friend to the businessman to see where Pim went, but he didn’t disclosed the information to her. Later, Pim gets all dolled up to go see the hotel owner. She runs into Lamade again and this time she finds out he was the same guy she ran into. Right away, she thinks badly of him, thinking that he is a blackmailer and is not a good business man. She vows to herself that she won’t let Lamade blackmail her like how he did the other guy. Lamade on the other hand is seen smiling and in a good mood after his brief encounter with Pim. Later Pim was told by the businessman that she won’t get pain until she finishes the job.

End of Episode.
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Pim is annoyed that in order to get her money, she has to finish tthe job first. She prepares herself and acts nice to Lamade in order to get closer to him. She talks sweetly to him. In the meantime, her ex-fiance is already being introduced to a new girl by his mother. Lamade’s friends see Pim and is excited to see herr in person. They ask her if she wants to model for the fashion show that Ma is holding. Later, she tells Lamdade that she doesn’t want to participate in the fashio show cause Ma is her ex-step mother and they don’t get along. And she also tells him how Ma only married her father for money. Lamade seems to understand her and invites her to go sight seeing around Chiangrai. The two goes around town and seems to be having a wondeful time together. They even went to the temple together and prayed together. It seems like they are really enjoying eachother’s company.

The female workers at the hotel gathers around and gossip about Pim. They seem to be jealous that Pim is Lamade’s special guest. Pim is annoyed that she has to seduce Lamade in order to get close to his documents, but she continues to do her job. She goes to the pool deck and tries to lure Lamade in, but he was no where to be found. She got tired of waiting so she gets up to go back to her room, but bumps into him. Her bratty side didn’t want to take his crap, so she was rude to him, but instead he leads her up to his room. At first, she thought he wanted to get fresh with her, but he only wanted to invite her to lunch there since everyone seems to be bothering her in the lobby. She was a little embarrrased, but accepted the lunch. After lunch, she goes to the balcony and admire the scenery. That’s when Lamade confess to her that he is starting to like her. She jokes and says he probably says that to all the girls, but surprisingly, she is the first one he ever brought up to his room. She is annoyed and thinks he is lying, considering all the bad things that she heard about him. Ma calls up Lamade and talks about their business and announces that she will be going to stay at his hotel for a few days. Meanwhile, Ma is overjoyed to learn that already the mother of Pim’s ex-fiance has already found a new girl for him. The mother brought the new girl over to Ma’s shop to design an engagement dress.

Lamade continues to sought out to Pim. He eems to really like her despite her bratty behavior. Pim expresses how big and grand his hotel is and that she probably saw every part of it. Lamade mentions that she hasn’t seen his office yet. That’s when Pim got excited and lied that she wanted to see his office to get to know him better. Lamade was happy to hear that Pim took an interest in him so he takes her to his office. Inside the office, Pim kept on eyeing a safe and studying his office. He begins to tell her the history and his hotel, and its land. That’s when she thought of what the guy who hired said about how Lamade blackmailed him for the land. Pim seemed to feel disgusted that Lamade is such and evil businessman, but little does she know is that she’s working for the bad guys. Pim asked why he has a man for a secretary, Lamade revealed that he used to have a female secretary, but she is now in jail for trying to steal his documents. Pim was stunned and called the man she worked for and complained. She was pissed that he didn’t tell her that the previous spy went to jail. She is now too afraid to continue and said she quit , but the man encouraged her to keep working and reminded her of the money that she desperatedly needs. When Ma arrives at the hotel, right away a jealous female worker gossiped to her and told her that lately Lamade’s been busy with a girl named Pim. Ma is jealous and angry, so she meets up with Lamade and pretends to be a kind ex step mother . She reveals to Lamade that Pim lives in the apartment complex of his rival. So right away, Lamade is suspicious that Pim is a spy, so he tells his secretary to keep a watchful eye on his documents. Ma and her crew are laughing at the evil seed they planted about Pim.

Pim tells the people that she is working for that she plans on getting the job done in 2-3 days. When she return to the hotel, she runs into her ex step mom. There, Ma lies her that she and Lamade has been seeing eachother ever since her dad was still alive, and that he was the one who encourage her to get a divorce. Pim goes back to her room and is very upset, misunderstands Lamade and plans on finishing the job she was hired to do. Ma goes to Lamade and acts like a concerned mother, but plants more bad seed and tells him that she wonders what Pim is up to since she is now a working girl for non other than his rival. Later, Ma’s people calls up Pim and taunts her on the phone. Pim got mad so she threw her cell down, breaking it. When Lamade called her room phone, she mistakenly yells at him thinking it was the people harrassing her. He tries to help her by tracing the call to see who called her, but soon got more suspicious when he didn’t find any known number, thinking that she lied to him. Meanwhile, Ma calls up a perverated old man who always wanted Pim as a second wife. Ma is trying to make the pervert interested in Pim so she could make it so that Pim becomes his whore. Lamade is concerned and shows up at Pim’s door and tries to indirectly get the truth from her, but she refuses to say anything.

Ma checks out of the hotel, but before saying goodbye to Lamade, she pretends to fall so that Lamade could catch her. Pim calls up the business man and tries to get him to wire her some money, but he tells her to finish the job first. She threatens to quit, but he reminds her that she is poor now and told her to go check her bank account. Se goes check and she only has 1,541.94 baht left. She is in a state of panic and decides to do what she got to do. She also hides from Lamade that she is in need of money. The female worker calls up Ma and gives her an update on Pim. So Lamade encourages her to be a model for a designer he hired for the fashion show. The designr shows the fabric to Pim. It os a beautiful golden fabric that Pim thought was very beautiful. She and Lamade have their little moment where he drapes the fabric over her shoulders and brush her hair away. Their eyes met and he tells her that she is beautiful. She tries not to blush but goes to her room. She smiles widely and thinks of him, and even touched the sppot that he touched, and then she snapped into reality and realized that this is probably how he charms girls. So she gets mad at him again.

The phone rings, but since Pim is so annoyed, she unplugs it. It was Lamade calling her. This caused him to be more suspicious. Later, Pim decides to plug the phone back in, but calls the man she works for. She talks business with him, but doesn’t realized that Lamade was tracing the call. When she hangs up, Lamade now knows that she is connected to his enemy. Pim goes to check out of the hotel, but finds out that her charges are $5,000. She doesn’t have enough money to pay so she goes back to her room and complains and curse the hotel for being too expensive. In the meantime, Ma goes and tell Pim’s ex-future mother in law that Pim is gold digging trying to snap Lamade. The mother told them not to tell her son yet, but the big mouthed transexual told him first. So now Pim’s ex-fiance wants to go find her in Chiangrai, but his mother encouraged him to marry first then take his wife too. Lamade invites Pim down for lunch, but Pim is annoyed and irritated. She got more frustrated when a worker spilled liquids all over her dress. She throws a tantrum, but Lamade stays calm and offers to replace her dress. He walks her to her room, and again indirectly tries to have her tell him the truth. He kept asking what’s on her mind, but she doesn’t open up to him.

End od Episode.
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After having water spilled on her dress, Pim became frantic so Lamade walks her to her room.

Pim: You can just drop me off here.
Lamade: Is there something bothering you?
Pim: I just miss home……
Lamade: You miss home, or you miss someone at home?

She looks at him angrily and proceeds to her room. Before she could go inside, he blocks the doorway,

Lamade: Is there something you want to tell me?
Pim: Please Move, I want to get in.

He moves away and lets her in. She closes the door behind her and he decides to call someone, I think his secretary for help on something. Inside the room, Pim calls up the sleezy guy she’s working for. She ask him to wire her some money quick. The guy tells her don’t worry he will. She holds her aching head and tells her self over and over again that she can do this.

After spilling water on Pim’s dress, the female worker goes back to the employee room and talks shit about Pim and how Pim is playing up to Lamade.

Girl#1: What if Lamade marries her???
Girl#2: Then, I quit!!!

Pim comes down and used the public phone to call the sleezy guy about her money. He confirmed that he already wired it to her. The spy for Ma and the head lady talks shit about her in the background saying she probably can’t afford a phone to use the public phone now. Pim tells the bell boy to bring her stuff down stairs and call her a taxi in 10 minutes. Her plan is to steal the documents and leave right away. She goes back to her room and calls Lamade on the phone.

Pim: I don’t feel well, my headaches… Could you come to my room? I can’t take it anymore, I want to go see a doctor.
Lamade: Okay, I’m coming right now.
Pim: Thank you.

Pim hangs up and goes run the faucet in the bathroom to lure Lamade there. She quickly goes to his office and cut corners to avoid Lamade. She gets to his office, but runs into his secretary.

Secretary: Pim.. hello.. Lamade just went down to see.
Pim: Yes.. I met him in the elevator. Uhh… he forgot something in his office and asked me to fetch it while he waits in my room.

The secretary plays along and lets her in. She reaches his office, takes a deep breath and goes to open the drawers that she been eyeing.

She nervously opens the drawer and sees a safe. She takes out the note and tries the combination. After a few minutes of trying, finally the safe is open. She pulls out a yellow envelope and goes through it, but doesn’t find the right one, so she looks through the safe, but is startled when she hears a voice behind her. It is Lamade!

Lamade: Did you find it yet?

She is struck for words and freezes.

Lamade: I asked you, did you find it yet??
Pim: How’d you get here?
Lamade: After I went up the elevator, I followed you back here and waited in the front until I was sure about you. Thanks to your ex-step-mother for telling me that you live with Pitchai.
Pim: I don’t live with him!
Lamade: But you work for him! Are you going to deny it??
Pim: I’m not denying it. If I was brave enough to do this, then I am brave enough to admit it!
Lamade: You’re only admitting it, cause you got caught red handed!!
Pim: You’re no different, you act like a gentleman, but you’ve been lying to me. You act as if you like me, but it’s all a lie!
Lamade: Before you insult me, look at yourself first!!

Lamade: Who’s the one that’s really lying and wearing a mask?? You act so high and mighty that everyone thinks you are.. but a girl like you is just a bird without a home!
Pim: You bastard!

She slaps him, but grabs her and man handles her.

Pim: Lamade! It hurts!
Lamade: I’m the one, I’m the dumbass who believed you.. believed in your pretty face, but your heart is crooked! Do you know that I thought I was a lucky man? But now, it’s all a nightmare!!! Now I’ve got a two faced woman trying to steal my documents! If I hadn’t caught you red handed, I wouldn’t have believed you to be this way!
Pim: Let go off me!

He pushes her away in disgusts.

Lamade: What pathetic story are you going to tell me now?? That your life sucks? That your fiance left you or that you sold yourself to that bastard Pitchai!
Pim: I didn’t sell myself!!

He looks her up and down from head to toe and emphasizes on the fancy things that she has on.

Lamade: Oh really? You’re not selling yourself huh?

Pim gasps and is on the verge of tears.

Pim: Believe or don’t believe, it’s your problem!

She tries to get away, but he grabs her again and man handles her some more. She struggles and that’s when he lifts her up and sits her down.

He commands her to sit; she hesitates, but ends of sitting due to guilt and annoyance.

Lamade: How much? How much did it cost to maintain you?

Pim: I tolf you, me and Pitchai aren’t involved! (she sneers and then tells him the deal) He’s paying me 2 million and free rent for two years!

Lamade: Not bad at all, a pretty good deal.

Pim then insults him by saying that he is a bad person so he shouldn’t talk. She then mentions Pitchai’s wife and how he got with her to get close to Pitchai to blackmail him. That’s when Lamade pulls her over to his desk and lets her listen to a recording of Pitchai voice in action. Pim then realizes that the real villain is Pitchai who stabbed everyone in the back to get the land. Lamade then informs her that he’s been trying to hire girls to come get evidence out of his office to cover his own ass. Pim is shocked and stunned. She is speechless and Lamade continues to badger her about working with him and how terrible she is. She cries and talks about how she was born into the lap of luxury and had everything, but now she has nothing. She is literally penniless. Lamade felt sorry for her and told her to leave and never come back. Pim is stunned, but thanks him and quickly leaves. When she got to the lobby, the worker who spies for Ma quickly tells her to pay up. Pim reluctantly gives her the check card thinking that Pitchai wired her some money. When the card was ran through it was declined. Pim calls Pitchai, but the secretary lied that he went out of the country and won’t be back till later. Frantic, Pim runs up to Lamade again.

She tells Lamade that she doesn’t have money to pay him and that she’d have to wait till Pitchai get back to Thailand, cause Pitchai supposedly promised her that she’ll get compensated for the expenses of the hotel. Lamade sarcastically tells her what if he doesn’t come back and what if he doesn’t pay. Pim insist that he will, but La,ade made it clear to her that she just got played, cause he knows Pitchai is in Thailand. He made his secretary call Pitchai and pretend to be a client. Pitchai answers, and then Pim got on the phone and demands her money. Pitchai basically tells him he will not pay if she didn’t get the job done. She hangs up and realized that she got got fooled. She thinks of other ways to Pay Lamade. She ask to go back to bangkok, but he says no. She ask to sell her things to the guest of his hotel, but he says his hotel is 5 stars resort, he doesn’t accept solicitations . When Lamade sees her pin that he father gave her, he said he’ll take that for her expenses, but she holds to it and refuses and says she’d rather work her ass off than sell this. That’s when Lamade suggest she work at his hotel to pay off her dues. She gasps and thinks he insulted her for asking her to do common labor. She tries to slao him, but he holds her off and almost kiss her, but doesn’t. He then tells her, either that or go to jail. She reluctantly accepts and then signs and agreement with him. The spy lady was summoned in to take Pim to her room and watch over her since she is a laborer now. The spy lady was having a good time ordering Pim around. Pim is disgusted when she sees the room that she’ll be sleeping in. Not only is it small and dingy, she also has to share it with someone else. Later, the spy lady informs Ma. Ma and her people then celebrates and says good news like this needs to be known! So I think they will notify the media about Pim.

Pim reluctantly stays in her room and rest, but was quickly interrupted by the head lady. She needed to go check in with the spy lady for work. Pim hesitates, but dresses in her best dress and goes sees her boss, which is the spy lady. The spy lady insults her, but Pim defends herself and insults back. Pim is also mad to hear that she’ll be working for 9 hours a day, but will only receive 200 baht! Pim goes to the employee lounge but was disgusted so she decides to go shopping. The spy lady goes and inform Lamade of Pim’s behavioral. Lamade tells her that when Pim gets back, send her to him. When she got back from buying herself a cell phone, he reminds her to follow rules and work to earn her living. He tells her that she got no business buying a cell phone when she barely even have money to pay him. Pim holds up her dignity and tells him that she is able to do whatever she wants. She storms off upset, goes to her roon and cry. Ma calls Lamade and pretends to be a concerned mother. Lamade believes her and tells her of Pim’s behavioral. Ma then offers to “talk” to Pim for him, and ask for her cell number. Lamade tells her that he’ll find out and get back to her later. Ma hangs up and smiles evily, happy to hear that Pim is in trouble. Pim keeps up her stance and dignity and still acts like a hi-so. She dresses up and goes to eat, but was quickly stopped and told that she is not allowed to eat in the restaurant along with hotel guess. She is pissed, but was taken to the lady that is in charge of the restaurant. The lady tells her that employees are only to eat in the employee lounge. Pim is stubborn and argues back about how employees are human too! (I guess she now realize how it feels to be a regular worker.) The lady informs her that it is the rules cause she isn’t a paying customer.

Pim is informed about the rules and regulations of being an employee. She fusses and argues back, but reluctantly accepts the policy when her job is threatened. She goes to the lunchroom and is shocked to be out of her element, not the usual fine dining. She has to go wait in line for her food while others gawk and makes fun of her. Pim wasn’t used to putting her own plate away so she expected someone else to do it for her. The other workers taunt and insult her about being a demoted hi-so. She takes her plate and toss it angrily in the basket but was soon scolded by the dish lady. Pim quickly got out of there and found a spot to sit alone and cry. There, she thinks of her luxuries days when she was a model. She cries out for her father. She utters out loudly and questions what she is doing here. She goes back to her room and finally meets her new roommate. It happens to be the girl she ordered around. She and the girl bicker and then the girl reminded Pim of the time when Pim ordered her to warm up her soup and then bitched at her for accidentally spilling water on her dress. When she recalled who the girl was, Pim was a little overwhelmed, but the girl just gets in her face. Meanwhile, Pim’s ex-fiance finds out that Pim is now working in Chiang Rai as a laborer. He misses her and wants to see her, so he lies to his mom that he wants to go to taunt her about losing everything. Meanwhile, the secretary manages to get Pim’s cell phone number. He gives it to Lamade cause Lamade intends on giving it to Ma.

Ma takes down the number and grins happily. Lamade has a conversation withNong, a female friend. Nong comments that since Pim had ill intentions, he shouldn’t have given her the job. But Lamade was hopeful and intends on allowing Pim to work for him. Pim and her roomate butt heads again. Pim didn’t know how to do laundry so she asks the roomate to do it for her. This pissed off the roommate greatly. The roomate insults her and leave the room. Pim is clueless about laundry so she tries to weisel her way to making other people do it for her, but no such luck. So in order to get even, she uses the fan to blow powder all over her roomates bed. She goes sit by herself and receives a phone call from her ex-step mother. The step mother gloats about her ex- fiance getting engaged to someone else, and that she is designing the dress. Pim told her off and hangs up, causing Ma to get even more hateful.

End of Episode.
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After receiving the phone call from Ma, Pim goes to Lamade to demand an explaination for tricking her into giving up her number. She barges into Lamade’s office while Lamade was with a client. Lamade insults her for entering the room rudely.

Lamade: Before you barge into my room, please knock first.. and be sure to dress properly too.

The client was going to leavem but Lamade told her she could stay cause Pim is just an employee and not a customer.

Pim:Right, I am your employee, and employee that you tricked and sold to Matawee!
Lamade:Matawee just wants to help you!
Pim: Stupid! Very stupid, I’ve never met anyone as stupid as you before. If you don’t know shit, don’t bug into my business! I may have made some mistakes in my life, but that doesn’t mean I should lose my dignity too. Whenever I’m well off again, I will throw money in your face and I will take this place and smash it to pieces! And don’t you guys forget it!

She looks at him angrily and storms off. Meanwhile, the roomatefinds powder all over her room, so she gathered everyone up to team up on Pim. They start insulting her and ushed her around. And they shoved Pim back into the room to make her clean the mess up. Defeated and sad, Pim could only cry to herself and her dead dad. Matawee calls up Lamade and acts like a concern mother and told him that Pim didn’t want her help, and even cursed him about it too. This made Lamade misunderstand Pim even more.

Lamade starts to read his daily newspaper. He was surprised and mad to see that Pim is in the news. It says that Pim is a fallen supermodel and now she is just a worker at his hotel. He demands who reported the news from his secretary, but his secretary was clueless and suggested that it may be one of the guest. But Lamade doesn’t think so cause Pim hasn’t even started her job yet so the guest couldn’t know it yet. Ma calls to act like a concerned mother. Lamade ask about the news paper, but Ma pretends to sympathetic and shocked. She even offered to pay for Pim’s expenses just to show Lamade that she is a good person, but Lamade tells her that he’s not after the money. He only wants to teach Pim a lesson. This caused Ma to wonder what Lamade is really up to with Pim. Meanwhile, Pim cleans the mirror and catches a glimpse of herself.

Pim: I will not let anyone see my weakness!!

After that Pim picked herself up again and puts on makeup to show everyone that they cannot surpress her. She sees a newspaper and picks it up to read it and was devasted to see her story in the papers. Immediately, she thinks the workers reported her news, so to get even with them she rips up the papers and spread it all over the hallway. It turns out that the worjers had to clean it up cause it was their newspaper. Pim asks around for a fabric shop and sneaks out to go sell her clothes. However, the lady that owns the fabric shop doesn’t sell her kinds of clothes so she was out of luck. A minute later, Lamade called the shop lady and told her to stall Pim cause he was on his way to get her. The shop lady offered Pim food to stall her. Lamade arrives and Pim was frightened. She tried to excuse herself, but Lamade grabs her and pulls her to the car.

Pim: Help! help! I’m getting kidnapped!
Lamade: No one can help you cause everyone around here knows me! get in the car now!

A bystander sees the commotion.

Bystander:What are you doing Mr. Lamade?
Lamade: Nothing to worry about, just trying to seize this employee; she stole some stuff!

Pim gasps, and was shoved into the car. Lamade quickly put the seatbelt on her and drove off. Inside the car, Lamade kept driving and driving, which caused Pim worry.

Pim: Hey!! why is it taking so long to get to the hotel??? hey, lamade, where are you taking me???

Lamade looks at her mischieviously and parks in the middle of no where. They get out of the car and start to bicker.

Lamade: Why don’t you behave like a normal human being!
Pim: This is how I am, what can anyone do to me?
Lamade: They can’t do anything, but I just want you to behave better or you’ll get into more troubles.
Pim: Behave?? Behave like those bitches?? Hell no!

Lamade continues to scold her. Pim declares that she will not ask for help and work to pay off her dues. She walks off and he gets into his car.

Pim walks off into the field, very self-absorbed. Lamade didn’t hesitate to start his engine and drive off. Pim notced thathe was driving awayand that she is in the middle of no where.

Pim: hey you!! you!! are you leaving me here for real??! you’re mean! very mean!

She runs after the car. When he tortured her enough, he stops the car and she quickly gets in. Ma is informed on Pim’s every actions and movements. To what she she heard so far, she is very satisfied with it. Meanwhile, Lamade drops her off and she is quickly summoned to that spy ady’s office (I will get her name soon, lol). Since the spy lady is in charge of the employee’s rooms and upkeep of the hotel, she ordered Pim to go clean the room that she messed up. Pim hesitated, but reluctantly gave in. However, she has a bright idea. She bribed an innocent and naive co-worker to clean for her.

Pim: Keep cleaning and I will give you this shirt!!!

The co-worker is dumbfounded at how little Pim knows about cleaning. Pim continues to barhain with her co-worker and bribe her with things if she continues to clean her room forever. Meanwhile, down in the lobby, Pim’s ex-fiance, Tone arrives and checks into the hotel. Later on, Pim checks in with Patchari, the lady who is in charge of the kitchen. Patchari gives her her uniform. Pim refused to wear it, claiming that she only wear brand name and expensive stuff. Patchari threatens to tell Lamade, so Pim reluctantly put it on. After putting it on, she makes a fuss over how ugly it is. Patchari informs her that she also has to put her hair up in a bun. That’s when Pim throw a fit, but again reluctantly accepts it. To m ake herself feel better, she put on her father’s swan pin. Patchari goes to Ganda, Pim’s roomate and ask her to go put her hair in a bun. Ganda refused, but Patchari said she needed to do. That’s when another co-worker tells Ganda to pull some hair out too. lol. So Ganda goes to do Pim’s hair. Pim was particuliar about her when she learns that Ganda will be doing it.

Pim: Hey, did you wash your hand yet??
Ganda: No! I also just came out of the bathroom too.
Pim: Ughhh…
Ganda: Here, hold this and hold still!
Pim: Owwww… stop, it hurts! Oww!!

Ganda puts her hair up roughly while Pim complains and fuss. Patchari calls up Lamade and informs him about Pim, and Lamade is happy that little by little Pim is being taught a lesson. In the restaurant, Pim clumsily knocks over a bowl of soup from another waitress. The soup landed on a bald guy’s head. Pim tried to help and took a cloth and start polishing his head. Everyone watched in shock and Patchari quickly stopped her and apologized to the customer. Pim is scolded, but was released from work for the day. She was overjoyed and left, but ran into Tone.

Tone: Pim!
Pim: Tone….
Tone: What are you doing here?
Pim: Working…
Tone: What kind of work?
Pim:Server…. are you satisfied now?
Tone: I need to talk to you.

Lamade looks pretty pissed or shall I say jealous when he learns that Pim is seen with another guy. Tone pulls Pim aside to talk to her.

Tone: I want to help you.
Pim: I don’t need your help.
Tone: But can you handle working?
Pim: Ofcourse, I can. Others can, so can I!

She walks off and leaves him hanging. Tone goes to the front desk and to speak to Lamade, and tells everyone he is Pim’s lakorn. The workers are surprised to hear this and is more than happy to gossip. Lamade meets with Tone.

Tone: I thought you were older, but anyway… I’m pim’s lover.
Lamade: And?
Tone: I want to know why my girlfriend is working for you!
Lamade: Pim owes the hotel some money, that’s why she needs to work.
Tone: Then I will pay for her!
Lamade: Pim is the one who owes the hotel, she needs to repay her dues on her own. I can’t let anyone else do it for her.
Tone: But I’m not a stranger, I’m her fiance!
Lamade: Ohh.. that’s why you quickly broke off the engagement when she has nothing?

After talking to Tone, Lamade calls Pim in to chat, but Pim took her time andsaid she’ll be there in 20 minutes. The secretary got nervous that Pim will be late, but she came right on time.

Lamade: Employees can’t have a chit chat with customers the way you did! (reffering to her talking to Tone)
Pim: Oyy.. why don’t anyone mind their own business around here?
Lamade: You have to follow rules!
Pim: Your hotel has so many damn rules!
Lamade: Tone came to buy your freedom and bail you out.
Pim: I’m not a slave, no one can buy me.. I don’t need anyone’s help!

She walks off, but it looks like Lamade is pretty impressed with her determination. Pim is pissed at Tone and went looking for his room, but the other girls taunted her and accuse her of trying to sell her body to Tone for favors. She got pissed and stuffed things into their mouths to shut them up. But She was calledin by Ma-bun and got scolded. She goes back in her room to cry and re-think.

Pim: Dad, I miss you so much. If you were here, I wouldn’t be like this.

The phone rings, but she hangs up. It was Lamade. After hearing that she turned off her phone on him, he got mad. Pim decides to call Pitchai to claim her money, but Pitchai suggest her to go be a whore to Lamade. Pim was angry, that she stomped the floor and screamed. She goes to sleep for the night and turns the fan only to her. When Ganda came in the room, Ganda thought Pim was really selfish and turned the fan to right in the middle to be fair.

Ganda wakes in the middle of the night sweating. Pim turned the fan back to herself again. Ganda wakes up Pim, yells at her for being selfish. The fan is Ganda’s in the first place. They made a loud commotion so Ma-bun called them in but they continue to fight for the fan. The next day, Ganda ask to change rooms. They even asked the slow and naive lady to trade rooms, but she ended up crying and sobbing so Gannda has no choice but to share room with Pim. Meanwhile, Tone gets engaged to his new fiance. Ma calls up Pim to rub it in her face, but Pim doesn’t even care cause she didnt love him. Lamade and Nong brings in clients to the restaurant; Pim is assigned to his table .She sees him and is agressive and was rude when she took their orders. He wasn’t even done ordering yet, but she already walked off. This cause Patchari to call her in to scold her.

Patchari: Do you know who Nong is??
Pim: Do I have to know??
Patchari: Yes! She is Lamade’s business partner. You have to treat her with respect!

Pim crossed her arms and ignored what Patchari told her. Pim continues with her duties and served customers all day. At the end of the day, she was so tired that she just slept in her work clothes. Ganda saw her and tried to wake her up to go shower, but she didn’t budge.

Ganda: What kind of hi-so is this?? So dirty!

Pim continues to sleep and dreams of her father. In the dream her father appears, but disappearred causing distress in Pim. Pim starts to cry in her sleep. Ganda wakes her up cause she was making so much noise. Pm wakes up and looks at herself in the mirror and tries to stay strong. The next morning she goes to enjoy the frsh air, but was interrupted by Lamade. He starts to taunt her about her behavioral and refuses to accept her offer to let her go and she’ll pay him later.

Pim: What do you want? are you so mad at me, that you’ve been planning on degrading and hurting me? Well guess what? you suceeded! I’ve never been this humiliated in my life before! but I want you to know that I will keep fighting!!!

She walks off crying, leaving Lamade stunned cause that asn’t his intentions at all. He just wanted to teach her a lesson and make her more humble. Meanwhile, Ma offers Tone’s new fiance to model for her fashion at Lamade’s hotel. Ma calls up Pim and tells her that Tone and his fiance will go to the hotel and on top of that his fiance will model. Pim didn’t give a damn, but Ma seize to realize that.

Matawee: I’m just trying to help you here. Hmm… maybe I could hook you up with a poor guy who will acept you.
Pim: I don’t need your help!
Matawee: Suit yourself then, maybe you just want to go back and be Pitchai’s whore.
Pim: Don’t worry, I won’t sooped down to your level.
Matwaee: Good luck snagging another rich man .. I don’t think anyone wants you now.
Pim: So it takes one to know one huh?

Pim reffered to how Matawee married her dad for moneym causing Matawee to shriek.

Ma hangs up and vowed to destroy Pim. Patchari talks to Nong and is concerned about how Pim not getting along with anyone, including the customers. This made Nong concerned that the hotel will lose customers so she goes to talk to Lamade about it. Nong even suggested that they just take her expensive designer bags for her dues, but Lamade refuses.

Lamade: I’m just giving her a chance to redeem herself.. once she is successful, I will let her go.

Nong is confused as to what Lamade is trying to do, but theres nothing else she could say to change his mind. (hmm.. I think Lamade enjoys having Pim around.. that’s the real reason why he’s doing this)

End of Episode.
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Pim is assigned to take orders from a couple who are both fat. They start their order and went on and on, ordering a whole bunch of fattening foods. Pim lectures them about carbs and fat and that they should order less so they can live another day. Chakrit, the host pulls her away and sends her to Patchari. He made up an excuse that that particuliar waitress specializes in health today and was about to re-take their orders, but the fat couple decided to just eat a salad. Patchari scolds Pim about what she did.

Pathchari: Your job is to take care of the customer’s needs, not order them to do do this or that, and act as their doctor!

Pim: Well.. you told me to treat the customers like they were my masters.. well.. I did. I warned those two cause I cared for them like my masters.. plus, if those two died, then we’d lose two customers. I just saved us two customers!

Patchari shows Pim the comment cards and Pim has a 98% negative comments, but Pim doesn’t care. Patchari meets with Lamade along with spy lady and his secretary. She wants to re-assign Pim somewhere else or they’d lose customers. She sgows them the comment sheets, but Lamade wants Pim to continue to work, and if she misbehave he will cut her pay.Meanwhile, Pim continues to lecture customers about their eating habbits. Chakrit tried to beg her to stop by begging her, but Pim is stubborn and will continue her ways. In the lobby, trouble arrives when Ma and her people checks in the hotel along with Pone, Pim’s ex and his fiance.

Spy lady and Matawee talks shit about Pim.

Noodee (gay guy) : I can’t wait to eat today.. !!! Hehe! I want that bitch to serve me.

They have a good time talking about Pim. Ma vows to make Pim’s life miserable for sure. Meanwhile Pone seduces his new fiance, and she gives in and they have sex. Pim goes to go ppick up her check, and is dressed in some daisy dukes . She walks down the hall while guests starts snapping her picture. When she checks her pay, she is pissed to see that it is cut. She goes to Patachari to demand to know hat happened to her pay. Patchari tells her it’s Lamade’s orders. Pim goes goes around throwing a fit, while Nong fears for the worst. Pim runs into Noodee and the other girl. They start taunting and harrassing Pim, so Pim shoves paper int their mouths. Matawee goes to Lamade and tell on Pim and make him misunderstand that Pim is a spoiled inconsiderate rude brat. He calls up Pim.

Made: where are you?
Pim: do I have to check in with you now?
Made: yes you do.. because you’re a stranger in this town, plus you like to dress sexy.. if someone rapes and kill you, then I’ll know where to go pick up your corpse.
Pim: Lamade, that’s enough! Even if I don’t have friends or family.. and someone happens to me, I won’t need your help. Stop bothering with me!

She comes back and gets scolded by Mae-Bun and then Mae-Bun orders her to go see Lamade. She barges in his office with an attitude.

Pim: you want to see me in my work uniform so you can see that I’m lowered then you, then here… are you satisfied?
Made: I’m not trying to belittle you.. I’m telling you the truth… what if one day you run into rapists ? I suggest you wear those skimpy clothes in your room… no one will complain there.
Pim: so profound… are you done yet?
Made: why do you like to see everyone so negatively?
Pim: cause I don’t see them postively..
Made: if you want someone to be kind to you, then you should be kind first.. you smile at them, they will smile at you… if you make trouble to them, they will make trouble to you.
Pim: are you saying I’m evil??
Made: I didn’t say anything.. don’t you ever wonder why you have enemies?? cause you’re there enemy first.
Pim: it’s not all true.. Matawee made herself my enemy ever since she marrie my dad. .. and it takes a conviving man and a liar to believe her!
Made: so you’re not a coniving schemer too? Well what about me? I was your prey.. I almost believed you or else you’d be celebrating your victory with Pitchai right now.
Pim: Hey you!
Made: you can get out of my room now! I hope you don’t cause anymore troubles or else… this is a warning!!

Pim is hurt. She runs out crying and enteres the elevator, but Pome and his fiance happened to get on the elevator too. The fiance initiate to taunt Pim, but Pim yells at her ass.

Tension boils up in the elevator, but luckily the doors open and Pim gets out. Pone wanted to follow her, but his new fiance held him back. Meanwhile in Made’s office, he feels awful about what he said. Matawee and her people goes back to their rooms to talk shit about Pim, while Pone looks like he is going to go find Pim. Ma and her people starts to suspect that maybe Made has got a thing for Pim. So Ma goes to Made and tries to get him to allow Pim to go free just so that he won’t get closer and closer to her.

Ma: I dreamt of her father.. He seems very distressed.. maybe he misses and worries for his daughter.. so I want to help… I’m wondering if I can bail her out? She wouldn’t want my help.. so you should just let her go.
Made: I can’t do that..
Ma: Why?! Ohh.. uhh… I’m sorry, I just want to help Pim.
Made: She did wrong.. so she needs to repay.
Ma: But it’s only about money that she owes the hotel?? Or is there something else????

Ma raises her eye brows in suspicion and goes back to her room to talk with her people. Noodee suggests that Made probably has a thing for Pim. So Ma decides to call the perverted old man to hurry and get Pim away from Made somehow. Meanwhile, Pim is told that she’ll be serving guests that will be at the hotel for the fashion show. She refuses.

Pim goes to the spy lady to refuse the work during the fashion show. The spy lady taunts her, so she goes straight to Lamade:

Pim:You want to humiliate me.. you want to belittle me.. the worst ahnd low I get, the more satisfied you are!
Made: You can think whatever you want, but everything that I’ve assigned you to do is my responsibility as the person in charge of you. Think about it.. if everyone thinks like you? How would the world be like!

They argue some more. She turns around angry and raises her voice.

Pim: Ever since I was born, I’ve never hated anyone as much as I hate you!
Made: Ever since I was born, I’ve never hated anyone as much as I hate you!
That’s because I don’t let you go get your ways. Go back to work! Even if you don’t want to, it doesn’t matter, cause you have to!

The tension is high as they stare at eachother hatefully. Matawee barges in and is annoyed to see Pim, but she puts on her concerned mother face.

Ma: Pim..there you are.. I’m so worried about you.
Pim: Stop showing your two faced around here!
Made: Pim, she is my special guest!
Ma: It’s okay, Lamade.. It doesn’t bother me.. I always understand her.
Pim: You believe everyting she says huh??
Ma: I just wanted to invite you to walk the runway for me.
Pim: Never!! I’d rather wear rags than wear your clothes!

Pim storms off, while Ma acts like a wounded dog, playing up to Lamade. Pim runs into Pone and his fiance, but gives them the cold shoulders and walk the other way. Meanwhile, Pim continues to bribe the nauve lady to do all of her laundry and cleaning.

Ganda told Mae-bun that Pim was taking advantage of NuDang, bribing her with clothes and other things. Howerver, Nudang revealed that at least with Pim she gets things cause she also has to do things for Mae-bun , like clean, massage, and do laundrry all for free. Also, Pim says that she is theone losing a lot of cause she is giving NuDang very expensive clothes over a small service. This shut Mae-bun’s mouth up, so she lets Pim go. Pim taunts Ganda for trying to be tattletell. Pim is called into the office by Patchari.

Patachari: Please.. please, I beg you. Stop giving the customer’s advice and stop lecturing them. Your job is to just serve them!
Pim: I will try my best!

Pim goes back to her duties, sees Ma and her griup giving at the table. Ma calls out for Pim to serve them and enjoyed every minute of it. When Pim got to their table, she baluntly announce and raised her voice.

Ma: Hey look, everyone.. it’s the has been model!

Since Pim promised Patchari to be good, she kept her mouth shut and did her duties, however.. Ma and her people keeps taunting and harrasing her, even taking photos of her. When she had enough, she poured water all over then abd then took their pictures. Ma goes to Lamade and tells on Pim. And stupid Lamade was on their side.

Made: I want you to apologize to my special guests right now!

Pim couldn’t believe that he was making her do this. She looks stunned and disappointed in im, but she reluctantly apologized to those bitches. Ma pretends to be modest, but secretly gave Pim an evil grin. She leaves Made’s office, but runs into Pone who admits that he wants her back. He asks to see her later tonight, and michieviosly says yes, wait for her at midnight. He waits and waits, and start to get impatiently when NuDang shows up saying Pim says a man was waiting on her. Pone is pissed and vows to get Pim back. Meanwhile, his fiance Nin finds out that he was waitong for Pim. She consoles with Ma, and Ma takes her to Made to tell him so that he’ll miss understand Pim more.

After learning that Pim supposedly met up with Pone, a very pissed off Made calls her in to get to tge bottom.

Made: Earlier, I thought you were bad already already, but now.. there’s nothing positive left that I see. Where did you go tonight?
Pim: I was in my room.
Made: You’re a good liar!
Pim: Who told you? Did she tell you that I didn’t go??

Pim is pissed that Lamde once again believes others over her. She starts to leave his room, but he grabs her.

Made: Pone swears that you slept with him!

Pim tries to get away, but he man handles her, so she slaps him, but he corners her to the wall and outs in face close to her. She squirms around and tries to break free. That’s when he pushes her away.

Made: Don’t worry, I won’t kiss you… I wouldn’t want to anyway.. so stop slapping my face from now on!
Pim: you and pone are the same… you look nie from the outside, but inside you’re rotten!
Made: What about you?
Pim: My insides are cleaner than you and Matawee!

During the fashion show, Pim had to serve the guest there. Matawee acts like a sweet mother in front of Made, but behind his back, she keeps smirking at Pim. The other fashion designer tells Lamade that she wishes Pim modelled for her. Then later, Matawee gets on stage with her models. Lamade gives her flowers and stands next to her for pictures. During the party, Ma taunts Pim saying soon she’ll die of jealousy, but Pim tells her never! But later on in her bed, Pim cries and couldn’t help thinking about her past when she was a successful model.

End of Episode.
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Spy lady tells Lamade that Pim has been using NuDang to do her laundry and cleaning. He now thinks of another way to descipline Pim. Spy lady informs Ma of Made and Pim’s every move. Lamade’s secretary feels sorry for Pim and tries to tell Lamade that maybe Pim is being set up and being misunderstood, but Lamade doesnt think so. Ma and Rin, Pone’s fiance go and find Pim’s room. NuDang who doesm’t know any better leads those two bitches to Pim’s room. They barge in while Pim is asleep. Ma and Rin looks around in disgust.

Ma: Wow, I’ never thought you would sink down this low. It smells stink in here, like there’s some kind of rat.
Rin: By the looks of it, it looks like she belongs in here.
Pim: Oh.. you must be Pone’s new fiance… Hmm.. no wonder Pone has been trying to ask me back.

Rin shrieks and screams cause what Pim said was true. Pim shoves those bitches out of her room and they fall onto Mae-bun like a bowling ball. Pim shoos them away, but Ma threatens to go to Lamade.

Ma and her people go to Lamade and made up a story that they were just walking in the garden and Pim comes and shove them. Stupid Lamade believes them! Spy lady calls Mae-bun and tell her to lie about Ma going to Pim’s room. Since they all hate Pim, Mae-bun has no problems lying along with those bitches. Pim only has NuDang on her side so she brings NuDang along with her to Made’s office. She arrives and Lamade asks her if she pushed those bitches. She says yes.

Pim: But aren’t you going to let me to tell you? !

Lamade excuses everyone out of his office while he has a talk with Pim.

He informs her that her punishment will be working as a maid on top of serving. He wants her to wake up really early and go clean rooms. She yells at him and tells him that he is only doing this to get her back for trying to steal his stuff. He tells her he is the owner of the hotel and he can do whatever he pleases. Pim is so angry that she grabs a vase of flowers and throws it onto the floor, shattering it and gives Lamade the most hateful look as she leaves his room. She storms off and runs into his secretary.

Pim: Tell your boss that I aint scared of him!!!

Rin noticed that her fiance isn’t being himself. She questions him if he still has a thing for Pim.

Pone tries to lie to Rin that he feels nothing for Pim and tries to play it off. Meanwhile, Ma and her people comtemplate their next move to make Pm’s life miserable. Patchari again begs Pim to not cause any troubles in the retaurant, Pim tells her that she will try. Ma and her bitches goes to the restaurant to mess with Pim some more. Made and his partner and his secretary also goes to eat, but sits somewhere else so they can watch Pim in action. The restaurnt host sees Ma, so he sends another server to her table, but she demands to have Pim. She uses her power and status to get Pim. The host reluctantly sends Pim but begs her to stay calm. She goes there and tries to do her business and take their orders, but again, they start to taunt and harrass her. And ofcourse, Made is sitting on the other seeing this and thinks Pim is starting troubles again. Meanwhile, Pone lies to his fiance that he was going back to his room, but really he went to the restaurant to watch Pim. Lamade sees Pone and suddenly looks pissed to see him there. Pim serves those bitches, but they cause her troubles and complain about the food.

They start to bicker causing commotion. Lamade is not liking what he sees. Patcharo calls Pim back to her office to remind her again that she isn’t a hi-so anymore, but just a worker . Ma gets a phone call from Pone’s Mom that Rin is upset that Pone slept with Pim. Rin goes to Ma and cries about it and vows to take Pone backhome. Meanwhile, Pone is using a different approach. He talks nicely to Pim and ask to meet her to talk about something. He decides to talk to him, that’s when he apologizes and says he’ll tell Made the truth that they didn’t sleep together. Pim says no need cause she hates Lamade anyway. That’s when Pone is happy that Pim doesn’t like Lamade, but hates him. Anyway, early in the morning, Pim is waken up to go do her maid duties. Ma and her bitches are ecstatic when they learned that in a few minutes, Pim will be coming to their room to clean.

Lamade’s secretary is incresingly concerned about Pim.

Secretary: Don’t you think what you’re doing to Pim is a little too harsh, Mr. Lamade?
Lamade: She’s like a child, she doesn’t know what’s right to wrong.. I will be the one to teach her!

Meanwhile, Ma and her girls are excited to see Pim enter their suite. They immediately laugh and start to mock, pushing her so that she’ll retaliate.

Ma: Tonight. we should light some incense for her father, so that he can see where his daughter is now.. then his spirit can be free.

They all laugh at her joke, but little do they know that Pim has got something for them. After mocking her, they start to leave the room, but Pim tripped all three with a broom stick. They quickly run to Lamade, crying their tearless cry. And ughh.. Lamade is starting to get on my nerves cause he always believe them, calling Pim to his office to scold her like a little girl in front of her enemies. Pim ofcourse brings the other cleaning lady as her witness.

Lamade: Who said you could bring someone else?
Pim: Well, there’s 4 of you! I have the right to a witness too.

Ma puts on her other fave and talks nice to Pim, but Pim told her to shut up, causing Lamade to be disappointed that she talked that way to his special guest. Ma acts like a wounded dog, and put on a show for Lamade to believe that Pim is the coniving one. Lamade excuses everyone from the room, so he could talk to Pim.

Lamade: Can’t you see other people’s good intentions towards??
Pim: There’s such things can good intentions?! What you’re doing to me is very evil!

Pim starts to tell Lamade her exact schedule in a sarcastic tone.

Lamade: Don’t dare me!

In the middle of bickering, his friend interrupts, so he excuses Pim. His friend as him if he’s doing all of this cause he has a thing for Pim.

Lamade: There’s no way in hell!

Lanade’s responded, really sure of himself. Meanwhile, Rin continues to badger Pone about Pim. She knows that he still loves Pim. So his mother shows up and announce his wedding with Rin and that she bought him a tocket home. He doesn’t look too happy. Meanwhile, Pim ask NuDang to room with her, since they are pretty much friends, but NuDang refuses. Pim goes back to her room, and sees that the fan is tied to the closet facing Ganda’s side. Pim takes it off and again, turn it towards her side inside. Pim received a phone call from Pone’s mother wanting to meet her anout something, but Pim refuse to go. And then Pim is ganged up by Ganda and her friends. They are mad that Pim keeps stealing her fan, so they held her back and beat her up! (poor Pim… but I think, she needs to look at herself in a different light and be more humble.. maybe she’ll get along with her co-workers better.)

Pim sits there and cries alone. Spy lady tells Lamade that Pim abandoned her house keeping duties, so immediately he tells someone to go get her. Mae-bun sees that she is all decheveled, but she lied that a bird flew on her. Before attending to her maid duties, Pim goes to her room and cries. She couldn’t help, but think of those girls ganging up on her and beating her.

End of Episode.
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Pone’s mother and Matawee and Pim comes face to face when they were catching the elevator. Pone’s mother looks her up and down and makes a disgusted face.

Pone’s Mom: I thought you were a server, why are you dressed in a maid outfit?

Pim: Because I am very capable. Instead of having one position like others, I have two!

They look at her strangely as Pim walks off, undefeated. She brushes them off and go continue her duties. She is assigned to go clean rooms, so that’s what she did—her way. It looks like a kid did it. Meanwhile, Pone’s mother encourages him to stay away from Pim. After Pim’s fine room service, the guest comes to their roomand got a surprise. Angry, they immediately call Spy lady, the head of house cleaning. She and Mae-bun call Im in to scold her, but Pim got the last laugh.

Pim: I told you I didn’t know how to do these things, but you and you, and you insist that I do it.. so Ha!

She walks out and heads back to her room, leaving those ladies lost for words. In the room, Ganda starts to taunt her, and says if she dares taunt back, she’ll get beat up again. But Pim got the last laugh again, when she threatens Ganda that she’ll go to t he cops for assault.

Ganda got scared, so she tells her friends and her friends got scared so they go to tell Mae-Bun that Pim is going to tell the police on. But before Mae-bun did anything, she asked the girls if it was that they assaulted Pim; the girls were caught in the headlights and didn’t know what to say. The Mae-Bun then tells them, then its fair. Pim goes to Lamade and makes him an offer that if he lets her go, then she won’t tell the authorities that his company harrases people, nut Lamade counter-threatened her and reminded her of her offense from earlier. He then made her an offer that he’ll let her stop cleaning if she stops causing trouble. Pim reluctantly accepts and leaves in a rush. She bumps into his secreaty and Nong and gave them a messsage.

Pim: Tell your boss that he is cursed and one day, it will follow up with him!!!

She huff and buffs and walks away before Lamade came by. The secretary hesitates but gives Lamade the message. To spite Lamade, Pim decides to wear outfit a little shorter and decides to enjoy herself.

To boost herself up, Pim picks a different flower for her hair and wears her clothes differently. Her co-workers tried to put her down and taunt her, but Pim always end up with the last laugh with a smart remark to piss them off. She continues her day and goes to serve some food. She sees the table with Ma and her gang. Pim decides to face them on and boldly takes that table. She starts off with getting Rin jealous by ordering Pone’s favorite meal. She reminds him that she still remembers what he likes ever since they went out. This cause Rin to want to shriek and scream. She continues her terror by taking orders and suggesting some foods for Pine’s Mother.

Pim: As for you, Khun ying Mae.. you should eat salty fish.. salty crab… salty eggs…. it is percect for a salty person like you.

Ma quickly defends the old lady and encouraged her to go to Lamade.

Pone tries to make ammends withPim and tells her not to worry cause he will defend and be her witness. She shrug him ogg and go on with her business. Ma and the old lady tries to get Lamade to fire Pim, but no matter what they say, Lamade won’t fire her. He assures them that he’ll punish her his own way. He goes to see Pim, but sees Pone there. He looks pretty angry and tells Patchari to do something for him. Pim’s usual cleaning person is sick, so she uses her hustling skills and made Ganda her new cleaning person. Pone had asked Pim to go meet him for the very last time since he is leaving to the city. Pim accepts. On her way out to see Pone, Lamade stops her.

Lamade: Where are you going?? Do you know this town enough?? Are you meeting with someone!!!? Matawee is worried about you; she asked me too after you.

Pim: Tell her to mind her damn business!

Pim refuses to listen to Lamade and walks off. Lamade makes a phone call to his security guard. The security sees Pim go in the car with Pone, and gives Lamade a call.

im and Pone goes to a field to talk. POne thinks Pim was giving him a chance, but he was wrong.

Pone: let me repay you by helping you get out of this..

Pim: no, I want to do this on my own, so no one can say I cheated my way out..

Pone: well, it seems like everyone underestimates you, especially that guy, Lamade. It’s like he wants to cheat and kick you while you’re down.

Pim: don’t worry.. I don’t think he’ll turn out like you.

He is lost for words as she walks away. He continues to get on her good side, but she puts him in his place. They return to the hotel. Inside, the woves are waiting along with Lamade. Pim wasn’t scared, she just shrugged and went on her way, leaving whoever to think what they want. Pone chickened out and lied to his mom and fiance that Pim was the one who wanted to see him for moral support. Lamade is pissed when Pone turns to him and tells him to take care of his employees better. Pim is called in and given a new skirt to wear. It is very very long, causing Pim to gave a hard time walking in them. She solved the problem by cutting it and made it into a slit.

Meanwhile Ma and her people are itching to cause trouble to Pim, so they call their spy to have Pim sent up with food. Patchari is suspicious, but sends Pim up but begs her to behave and not cause any troubles.

Pim: If they don’t make trouble first, then there won’t be any trouble.

Pim takes the food up, and immediately the wolves taunt ans mock her, throwing money on the table as if she was a pitiful begger. They keep on pushing and pushing to the point where Pim takes the money and shoves into Noodee’s mouth. She was about to leave, but they pulled her back and tag teamed her, shoving food into her hair and clothes. She is a mess as she leaves the room. Other guests sees her and runs to Ma’s room to see what happened. That’s where Ma asks them to be her witness that Pim threw food everywhere. Spy lady scolds Patchari for siding with Pim. She reminds Patchari that their moto is “customers are masters.” Pim manages to get away from the scene and cleans up. NuDang is summoned by her to wash her hair as she relaxes and tries to forget about the incident.

Nudang washes her hair. Mae-Bun came by to get Pim, but was distracted when she sees that Pim is relaxing having a nice hair wash. Somehow, Pim tricked Mae-Bun into giving her a message!!

Pim: Sit down and wait here; you’ll getyour turn! Oh.. so you don’t waste your time just sitting here, why don’t you message my legs too?

lol… that was funny. Mae-Bun messages Pim’s legs while the wolves and Lamade await Pim. When Pim didn’t show, Lamade decides to go get herself.

Patchari: Hmm.. that’s odd, Mr. Lamade doesn’t usually go find the employees himself.

This comment caused Ma and her bitches to be uneasy. Lamade stumbles upon Mae-Bun and Nu-Dang messaging Pim. They get scarerd off. Lamade sits down and made it known that he is present.

Made: why you always cause trouble for Matawee??

Pim: Is that what she told you??

Made: I believe she is an elder of yours, and she doesn’t have ill intentions!

Pim: but you don’t know the matawee that I know! I hate her, and she hates me!

Made: I think all of this… you made it up yourself! Whatever it is, you should remember who you are, and who she is! She is my special guest, and y ou… you’re just an employee!

Pim: then fire me! Kick me out of this damn hotel.

Made: don’t worry, I won’t fire you. I’ll just send you to jail.

Ma and her girls start to worry when neither Lamade nor Pim showed up to talk about the incident. Lamade walks away leaving Pim wanting to slap him. Later he calls her and reminds her to be nice to his special guest Ma. Ughh.. Lamade is such a punk!

Meanwhile, Pone continues to get bavk on Pim’s good graces. He calls up Pim and tells her that he wants to help her by looking or a job for her. She thanks him and hangs up. At work, she is assigned to serve Lamade and Ma. At the table Ma is on her best behavior. She acts like a concern and kind person, but indirectly insults Pim trying to make Pim bitch at them so that Lamade could see Pim as being the guy. Ma goes back to her room and expresses her feeling to her people that it seems like Pim and Lamade are bickering because of something more! Pim minds her own business and continue to serve at the restaurant. She receives a call from Pone that he got her a runway gig. She goes to Lamade for pernission, but Lamade refuses.

Made: You don’t have my pernission!

Pim: But I’m trying to repay you!!!!


Pim: Fine! But I will continue to find other means to pay you!!!

Pim goes to the fabric lady again to see if she has a r unway show coming up. When Pim leaves, that lady calls up Lamade and tells on her. Lamade lectures her, they get into a shouting match. Lamade ends up cutting her pay for 2 months. After fighting with Lamade, she runs into Ma. Ma talks shit to her. The two ladies almost get into a catfight. Later Ma tries to talk Lamade into firing Pim, but failed AGAIN. (uhmm…. lol… I love this lakorn, but holy shit…. this is getting too redundant!!!) Ma goes back to her room, and has a bright idea; a retaliation to Pim.

End of Episode.
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Ma and her people were worried that while she is away in the city working on Rin’s wedding, that Lamade and Pim are going to get close. So Ma wants to ask Khun Nong to suggest that Lamade go to the wedding too. In the meantime, Pone tells his mother not to trust Matawee too much. He brought up how she wed an old man, then he ends up killing himself, then she gets super rich. (Thank you! I wonder why Lamade doesn’t think of this too.) Ganda’s friend, the one who always gets into fights with Pim traded room with Ganda cause Ganda is sick and she worries that Ganda might get worst, having to share room with Pim. The new roommate warns Pim not to mess around, but Pim brushes her off, not letting that girl get to her. Patchari and the host of the restaurant notices that on days that Matawee and her gang doesn’t come by, Pim does okay.

Patchari: When is Matawee ever going to go back home!

Patchariand the host watches Pim work as she serves some farang or “white people.” Pim seems to be getting good points from them, and even got a huge tip. Meanwhile at a night club, Matawee dances with Lamade and tries to get her stinking claws on him.

Matawee: I don’t want to go back home.. I want to stay like this. (and then she leans on his shoulders! Ewww)

Lamade says she can stay and be some kinda contributer to the hotel, but Ma response by saying, I want to be something else; giving him a hint that she’s into him. Pim’s new room mate catches her hide the tip in her pocket. The roommate reminds her that at this restaurant, they share tips, but Pim exclaim that she earned this tip on her own with hard work. After seeing Ma, Lamade excuses himself, but Ma tries to steer him away, but he tells her he got to go see his employees, meaning Pim. lol. So Patchari lectures Pim about the tip, and tells her that she needs to share it, it’s policy. Pim argues that she worked hard for it, but Patchari reminds her that other tips was shared with her too, eventhough it wasn’t hers. Pim argues that she nerver gets the shared tip, but Patchari responded that it went towards her dues. Lamade walks in and demands Pim to give back to the Tip. Pim yells at him but reluctantly had to give it back. Lamade said something to pissed her off even more.

Lamade: Patchari, if I end up dead in the next few days.. Pim is the first suspect!

Pim’s rival roomate tells her that she is lucky to have a serving position, instead of a maid position. That’s like a promotion, cause many people are dying to be a server. Pim disregard what she says.

Pim: I’ve been luckier than this.

Pim strutted out of the room to the washroom. Her rival vows to teach her a lesson. At the washroom, the rival gathers up other girls and they surround Pim.

The rival: Stop walking like you’re a model already!

Pim: I can’t help it, I was born like this… unlike some people who are born short!

the girls got angry and pushed Pim to the ground and takes turn hitting her. Pim mamages to get back up and push them back down and fight them back. The girls were intimidated by her. Even so, the roommate vows to get even with Pim. But Pim got to her first cause when she went to the room, it was locked. Pim is inside sleeping with earphones on. Even Mae-Bun couldn’t help that girl out. The next morning, there was a commotion, and everyone gets into a catfight with Pim. (ughh.. these never ending fights and commotion is getting boring… I want some romance now!) Anyway, Ma gets Rin to call Lamade to invite him to her wedding. Rin makes sure to tell Lamade he has to come and begs him too. When he says yes, Ma celebrates. Nong and Pawone the secrtary learns that Made is going to Gruntep. They are worried that they will not be able to tame Pim, since the only person she listens to is Lamade.

Lamade: Are you guys suggesting that I take her with me??

Pawone & Nong: YES!!!!

Lamade: I’ll have to talk to her first.

Pawone: Should I buy plane tickets??

Lamade: Not yet, but when you do… get her economic class, and for me first class.

Pim is called into Lamade’s office.

Lamade: I decided to bring you to Gruntep with me..

Pim: No, I won’t go!!!

Lamade: Don’t worry, I’m not taking you as my date… I’m thinking about taking you to claim your money from Pitchai.

Pim is happy and hopeful that she may be getting her money from Pitchai. So she thanks Lamade and talks nice to him. She goes back to her room and celebrates with Nudabg, but NuDang is sad to see her go and misunderstood that she is going to go marry Lamade. NuDang tells Mae-Bun, and Mae-Bun tells Patchari, Patchari tells Spy lady, Spy lady tells Ma. Ma is in disbelieved and calls Lamade. Lamade calls in everyone about the misunderstanding to clarify that he and Pim arent getting married.

Lamade and Pim gets ready to go to the airport. He asks her why she cared telling the maid about her situation.

Pim: When I lost everything… no one wants to be a friend to me… even if people says NuDang is not all there 100 percent, I trust her than everyone else.

She is a little upset that she has to sit in econmic class while he sits in first class, but she didn’t make such a big fuss over it. On the way out, Nudang gives her pretty flower necklace and gives herr a big hug. When they got to the hotel, Pim was reluctant to leave the car thinking that Lamade wouldn’t let her stay in a grand hotel like this. He grabs her hand and pulls her out of the car and tells her that she’ll be staying here, but all expenses will be coming out of her paycheck.

Pim: Cheap bastard! (Pim utters to herself)

Lamade ignores her remark and proceeds into the hotel, Pim followed him wanting to ask him a question.

Pim: Hey you… we’re not staying in the same room are we?!

Lamade: Ofcourse not, I don’t want to ruin my reputation. (she gasps and huffs and buffs and follows him in)

When Pim got in her room, she was happy to finally be in a luxury place. She rolls around on the bed to enjoy it, but suddenly she remembers all the other luxuries she had and probably can’t have anymore. She receives a phone call from Lamade.

Lamade: I bet you’re enjoying your room right now, rolling around on the bed.

Pim: Hey, how did you know!!? (she looks around to check if he was spying on her)

Lamade: Relax, I’m not spying on you.. I just know how you are.

Lamade ask her again if she wanted to go to the wedding with him, but she refuses. Instead she rusheed him to take her to Pitchai so she could claim his money. Lamade takes her, but Pitchai won’t give her the money. She tries to go beat him up, but Lamade held her back and told Pitchai to apologize to her or he’d report him.

Pim: I don’t apology, I want money!!!!

Lamade had to carry Pim who is kicking and screaming out of there. In the meantime, Ma calls up Pone and tells him that Pim is in town. Ma’s plan is to push Pone onto Pim. Pone calls up Pim and lies to her that Lamade told him that she’s in town. Pim got mad cause she didn’t want anyone to know she was there, so she goes and yell at Lamade. Lamade denies the allegations. Pone calls up Pim, but Pim yells at him for lying. That’s when he confess to Pim that he loves her and wants her.

Lamade ask Pim again if she wants to go to the wedding, but again she says No. So he taunts her and says she is probably sad that her ex is getting married. Nong and Lamade’s friends try to figure out if he is in love with Pim or not. He seems to really get involve with Pim a lot. Patchari and the host talks about how it’s been so quiet without Pim, and that some customers even ask for her. Pim goes around town, to the mall to window shop. She runs into fellow hi-so people who mocks her. Meanwhile, Lamade goes looking for her and checks if she checked out or not. He was relived when he finds out that she is still checked in. He waits impatiently for her. I think Pim is starting to be more humble when she was happy when Nudang called her on the phone. She tells NuDang that she’s coming home tomorrow.

NuDang: I will buy you a flower necklace when you get back…

Pim: no, don’t.. it’s a waste of money… (she thinks to herself that this is the first time she said this)

It looks like Pim is actually looking forward to going home. The next day, she eats breakfast with Lamade, but Matawee comes by to take Lamade to the wedding. Matawee is sweet and cariing, but Pim calls her a two faced. When Lamade went to pick up a phone call, Matwaee taunts her and offers to buy that pin that her father gave her. But Pim says hell no. Ma and Lamade goes to the wedding while Pim goes home. She arrives home and is happy to be back. NuDang welcomes her, and all chaos and commotion between her and her roommate continues.

Ughh.. I thought there was going to be a little something going while the main characters are away together, but nothing!!!! Boooo!

End Of Episode.
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